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Traditional medicine homeopathy herbal medicine truth! sick of being sick thespottydoggreviewtraditionalmedicine traditional medicine also known as indigenous or folk medicine comprises knowledge systems that developed over generations within various societies before the era of modern medicine.The world health organization who defines traditional medicine as the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine created in 1796 by samuel hahnemann based.

On his doctrine of like cures like similia similibus curentur, whereby a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.Homeopathy is a pseudoscience, a system that asserts itself to be a set of scientific doctrines but that is not effective for any condition.Largescale studies have found homeopathic preparations to be no more effective than a placebo, suggesting that positive feelings after taking homeopathic medicines are due to the placebo effect and normal recovery from illness.Herbalism herbology or herbal medicine is use of plants for medicinal purposes, and.

The study of such use.Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through much of human history, and such traditional medicine is still widely practiced today.Modern medicine recognizes herbalism as a form of alternative medicine, as the practice of herbalism is not strictly based on evidence gathered using the scientific method.Modern medicine, does, however, make use of many plantderived compounds as the basis for evidencetested pharmaceutical drugs, and phytotherapy works to apply modern standards of effectiveness testing to herbs and medicines that are derived from natural sources.The scope of herbal medicine is sometimes extended.

Grow Medicinal and Edible Herbs in Your Garden

Alright! this is john kohler with growingyourgreens.Today we have another exciting episode for you, i'm so excited for this one! once again, i'm traveling, and i'm here outside austin, texas, actually in manner, texas.And this is for a very important reason.I'm here visiting a plant nursery and a little farm here and herb emporium, like something i've never been to before, so i'm so excited to be here and share with you guys.Where i'm at today is i'm actually at garden of the ancient and it's described as an.

Herb emporium and nursery.They got many herbs here, if you know what i mean, but none of those illegal ones, only the legal ones.But they also have ones that are smokeable herbs, so i'm interested in learning about different herbs, medicinal herbs, and all kinds of stuff, and the main reason why i'm here today is to pick up some plants from my girlfriend.I'm going to try to get her started with a little garden so i need some little small plants we're going to put in a container garden for.I'll have another episode on.

That one for when i do it.So anyways, the sun is going down, so let's go ahead and check out this nursery inside.All right, so this is the main nursery area, as you guys see, it goes up to the herb emporium that maybe i'll do a shot on in a minute.But you know, i'm here for the plants.I mean you could buy the dried herbs in the shop, which is really cool, you know, all for all kinds of different herbs, medicinal, edible, and culinary herbs.I think they're all great.But more than just taking herbs in.

Their dried form, it's much more powerful to get them in their full living form and so what we're looking at here is a little walkway where they have all the different plants they have available for sale.And here at the nursery, they actually have many of the same plants that they're selling here in the ground, because this is their mother stock.One of the cool things that i really like about this nursery that's not happening for the most part in the whole nursery industrywhen you go to a plant nursery to buy a plant,.

80 percent of the plants of the plants you're buying at that plant nursery, they didn't actually grow themselves.They're getting smaller and smaller that main growers that then sell to the nursery, and then nursery these days are now resellers.Which i think, you know, nurseries should grow their own stuff, number one they could make more profit, number two they could grow a wider variety because when it's in a supplied chain, they're not growing diversity, and saving the seeds, like they're doing here, growing year after year, and they know which plants will do well in this area.So i mean, you guys live anywhere.

In austin, even houston, you know, central texas, i'd recommend coming out here, getting some of your plants, because they're definitely going to be good ones.So they grow the overwhelming majority of the plants that they're selling herethey actually grew here.And you can see some of the mother plants that they took the cuttings or they go the seeds from.They also save the seeds here.So anyways, let's go ahead and highlight just a few of the plants that i really like that are here.The sun's going down so i'm running out of time, but.

I'm going to show you guys and pack in as many as i can in a short amount of time.So one of the main reasons why i'm here today is because i really love the herbs.There's all kinds of herbs, there's medicinal herbs, which i had tutorials on, different medicinal.And there's also herbs that are quite edible and other useful herbs that they grow, you know they focus on edibles, herbs, and useful plants at this nursery.And of course, if you're looking for culinary a herb, which is what most people usually think about, and.

Of course they've got those, they've got rosemary and basil and all the standard herbs.Rue.You know, they're propagating in one of the green houses here.But they also have some more unique and interesting and more unknown ones that i've actually never seen in the ground.I've seen them in the dried, powder form in herb shops.And they're offering some of those today too, so, let's go ahead and share with you guys some of the herbs.And they do a lot of research here, which is something i really like a lot about different.

Unique varieties of plants that literallyyou're going to be hard pressed anywhere else here in austin.So my favorite kind of herbs, or i would call simply a vegetable that they're propagating and offering here are moringa trees.And these guys are huge! i mean, this is a smaller one gallon pot they're offering for just 10 dollars.And always when picking the plant you're going to buy, i always encourage you guys to get the smallest pot size with the largest plant.And let me tell you, you know, some of these one gallon plants,.

Man, pushing like three four feet.Amazing deal for 10 bucks.Now the moringa is a very cool plant.You can actually eat the drumsticksno, these are not chicken legs.These are the pods that actually come out of the moringa.After it goes to flower you could eat those or use in indian cuisine.But more importantly than just the pods, i want you guys to be eating the leafy greens.After all, my channel is called growing your greens for a reason.I mean, greens are the source of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.This.

Literally fuels the planet, the greens, and the chlorophyll, and the photosynthesis that's occurring inside them.Mmm.Moringa is known as one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables on the entire planet, and you could get them here.So here's another plant you actually don't see too often.I mean, i've seen them before in my travels, but this is an amazing specimen.What we have here is a curry plant.Look at that, that guy's nice and bushy.My girlfriend got to try some of this at the farmer's market today and.

She loved this stuff.You know, before there are curry powders with all the different mixtures, they just have the curry plant.And literally you could use this instead of curry and for unique flavors in your dishes.So besides just eating your greens, you know, a lot of them can be used for added flavors.You know i believe you guys should get out of adding things like salt and all these artificial flavor agents.And everything's artificial these days, packaged and processed foods.But before there's all these packaged processed.

Foods and flavor additives that aren't even food, you know, we had plants! and i want you guys to get back to growing some unique plants with unique and different flavors.And they're offering a ton of them here.So i was really relieved actually to find this plant growing at this nursery because this is one that i've been growing for many years now and the name always escapes me.So now i have a tutorial about so i can remember.I originally bought this plant in vista california at the local farmers market down there.An.

Asian lady sold it to me and it was labeled leaf ginseng, and even to this day it's still labeled leaf ginseng, but the name of this plant is actually called the talinum paniculatum yeah, i'm not latin.So, but english name, jewels of opar.It says, in traditional chinese medicine, it's known as turenshen and is used to tone digestion, moisten the lungs.It is rich in iron, good for anemia.Also useful for treating headaches, pneumonia, diarrhea, and the roots are useful for impediments.Yeah, hear that guys the.

Juice from the leaves is used to treat ulcers, increase appetite, and you can eat the young leaves in your salad too.Very easy to grow and care for, does well in hot, dry areas with full sun and self seeds readily.So yes, this one does not like the frost in an unheated greenhouse in california.It grows year round for me.And it's now going to flower in seed stage.I love picking the little baby leaves, just like this, i mean, they are so delicious and so mild.Mmm.Just eat those in a salad, all day long.All right, so besides.

That main entry breeze way that goes to the herb emporium, they have several different hoop houses on site, which they have additional inventory in as well as do some of the propagation of the plants that you're seeing here.Now we are here in the fall time, and they're getting ready for the frost.That is imminent soon, so a good time to come here would be in the spring when everything starts to bloom and they're all ready to set and offer plants.You know, once again, for people, so they could get them in their garden.That being.

Said, i encourage you guys to visit this place any time of year, because you're going to get to see what is actually growing at that point, at that time of year.In your local area.Here in austin texas area, you could grow year round, man, and don't think, oh it's the winter time, i can't garden! no, there's always something you could grow, and if you come here, you're going to definitely learn that.Anyways what i want to do next is taking in some of these hoop houses and share with you guys some of the cool stuff.

Growing inside.So in every one of these different hoop houses they have all different kinds of plants.I feel right at home here.They're propagating many different varieties up top there.And here's the new variety they just started growing that i've been growing for a couple of years now.It's one of my favorites known as the longevity greens, aka gynura procumbens.You know, in the philippines they call it ashitaba, but to me, ashitaba is a different plant from japan.Very healing, and you know, i was talking to one of the.

Guys here and it said that this plant heals the modern diets problems.I commented in my opinion, you know, the cure for the modern diet which is you know, processed foods and junk foods, is not a gynura procumbens, which i believe everyone should eat, and i eat it mainly in the summer time as my main summer leafy greens vegetable.The solution is truly just eating nature's foods and getting out of the processed foods.So i'm glad for you guys here in austin and central texas, you guys have a resource like the nursery.

Here that provides all these rare, unique, and exotic plants.Man, i'm looking at bananas and they've got cardamine and they've got ginger.They've got all these cool rare things that can be quite hard to find.Not everything is fully labeled or marked easily, so if you're coming here and you're looking for something, you want to ask some of the helpful staff here and they'll be able to share with you guys where in this whole place they have.Because they've got plants all over the place, man! i think i'd probably.

Love to work here.So what we're looking at now is just one of the many aquaponic systems they have growing here.I mean, these are just mainly made out of the standard ibc totes.You may be able to find these on craigslist.Depending on where you live, they may run between 100 to 200 dollars.They may basically cut off the top and they've got the fish in the bottom.And they pump the water up into some of these plants up top.One of the cool things i've learned about here is that they're growing the dragon fruit and actually.

They started from seed.Underneath the aquaponics, it's growing faster and more vigorous than the plants in pots or even the ones in the ground.So you know, while i'm a big fan of growing things in the pots and in the ground as nature would, i always like to embrace new technologies when some plants will like certain conditions better or worse, right so you gotta mash the plant with the growing style.So in general, for aquaponic systems, let it seem to do fairly well under aquaponics, and now i know that the dragon fruits will.

As well.Another thing growing up here is actually, or right here, is actually known as the water spinach.And this is really cool, how they get some of the plants starts that they grow.Some of the actual mother plants.They actually just go to the market.So the water spinach was actually gotten from a local agent store.They just got the water spinach and they sell the vegetables, right but you could bring them home and root them and plant them out and grow your own water spinach and now they could sell you plants here.And once.

Again, that's how the dragon fruit was started.So i always want to encourage you guys to utilize your resourceslocal stores that sell vegetative matter, you may always be able to take a cutting, or start some living plant tissue.So what we're looking at in this hoop house here, really cool.It reminds me of being back in las vegas! they have all kinds of different cactus in here.And before you think, john! why are you making a tutorial on cactus! i just want you guys to know that all cactuses are edible! yes, you can eat.

Them! if you go to a local mexican market, they often sell nopal cactus pads, or the leaves of the cactus, and they're eaten much like a vegetable.Now, all the cactuses are edible, although i wouldn't necessarily recommend eating the spines, and there are some varieties that are more edible than others.In addition, one of my favorite fruits in the world is the cactus fruit.Cactus is a drought tolerant plant, it needs very little water.It's an amazing succulent, and with the coming years with less water and drought,.

You might want to start growing some cactus to eat, not only for the vegetable pads, but also for the delicious fruit.So what we're looking at now, in another hoop house here, is yet another aquaponic system.I think they have a total of 4 different aquaponic systems here that they're growing.And one of the cool things that i've learned about here today is the main way they use the aquaponic system here.Not to grow plants out full term, but how they use it is for the plant propagation.I mean, after all, they are a nursery here,.

And they are in the business of propagating and selling plants to you guys.And once again, like i said, they propagate 99 of the plants they're selling here.You know, they did it themselves.And one of their secrets, and i'm sharing it with you guys, is the aquaponics.So one of the things they like to do in the spring time is they take cuttings of bails, pop it in the aquaponic system, come back in just a week or two, and they've actually rooted them up, and they could transplant them out and then put them up and sell them.

To the customers that come in.So they take all the different kinds of cuttings, put them in the aquaponics, and it works great for that specific instance.I think just because of that i might have to start an aquaponic setup at my house.So now we're outside in the garden and this garden is where they actually do a lot of the plant propagation, or growing the mother plants that they will get the seeds from or take cuttings from, to keep them going to they can have inventory to offer to the public.You know, one of the.

Cool things i've learned about today, i've always heard about tulsi, or the holy basil.And the thing i've learned about today is there are different varieties of holy basil! and the variety that i like the most is this variety.And i'm not sure what variety of the holy basil it is, haha.Mmm, really good flavor.Nice and strong.And holy basil is probably one of the most medicinal basils and it's the one i believe you guys should be growing.You want to be growing this one.I also heard this one has a high cannabinoids.

Content.And yes, cannabinoids is what's in another popular herb as well.But yeah, this one tastes amazing, and i think i'm kind of addicted to holy basil now! so one of the plants that they specialize at the nursery here is what you guys see behind me.And it's the horseradish.The horseradish looks like it is growing amazing here.I mean they got all this horseradish growing and it' some of the easiest crops you could be growing.I mean, one of my favorite things to eat back in the day that i don't eat.

Anymore was, like, a horsey sauce, like a horseradish sauce.Mm! so delicious.But they told me the easiest way to propagate the horseradish is to literally go buy some horseradish from your local grocery store, where you could buy it.As long as its fresh horseradish and not super dried out and shriveled and old, right, no longer viable.You could take that, just chop it up into pieces, and put it in some dirt, water it.And it's going to come up, like horseradish, i mean.The stuff could actually spread out, and horseradish is in.

The same family as the brassica family of plants.And you know, you could also, besides eating the roots, you could actually just eat the leaves and small bites of the leaves.Mmm.Spice up your salad! so another thing i recommend you guys to grow if you have acreage, they have like 2 acres here at this nursery.They grow some fruit trees, and as you guys could see, this is a beautiful persimmon tree, and this american persimmon that needs to basically get soft before you eat them.I love the persimmon, it's definitely one.

Of my favorite fruits, and it looks like, to me, this has, just another month or so before you could start eating these guys.Fruit trees are far easier to take care of and manage than herbs or vegetable plants because literally once you get them established properly in the ground, you know, they almost take care of themselves depending on the variety of the tree gets.So if you want to be able to grow your own food with the least amount of effort, get a fruit tree! they rock.So i don't have much more time here, the sun's.

Pretty much down.I got a few more minutes of light.And they have a lot of different edibles here.I can't possibly cover it all in this short tutorial, so i'm going to have to recommend you guys come out to the place here if you live anywhere in the area.Definitely cool.And you want to come earlier in the day so you have some time to walk around and learn about all the cool plants.Both the edibles and the medicinal, that they're offering here.One of the last ones i'll be able to share with you guys today before.

The sun goes down is this one here.It's actually called the wild dagga.And this one is actually used to smoke, actually, in replacement of you know, some of those other herbs or one of the most popular herbs that you smoke.I mean, the flowers, wow! don't recommend it, man, it tastes highly medicinal.I mean, that's probably something that happens when you smoke them.But i guess the guy from cheech chong, when he was in jail and couldn't get some cannabis he was smoking the wild dagga, because it says it's going to kind.

Of mellow you out and relax you and all this kind of stuff.And interestingly enough in african language, the dagga means weed! haha! so figure that one out.So i guess with this last medicinal herb, i wanted to kind of transition and show you guys really quick, the store they have on sight.I mean, i've been to a lot of herb stores before, you know, and this is one herb store that blows every other one that i've ever been to out of the water.They have more herbs than i've ever seen in one place.I mean, if there's.

An herb available, let me tell you, it's probably at this store.So i'm walking in on my way to the herb store and i just wanted to show you guys this because it's an excellent example of what you guys could do.I mean, they're into a lot of different green technologies here.You know, they sheep mulch, and they spread leaves and wood chips on the ground to increase the soil microbiology and increase the organic matter and reuse materials that would otherwise go to the landfill.The thing that they're doing here, like really hardcore,.

Is that every building has multiple ibc totes next to it to catch all the rainwater off of roots.So many of the plants that they're growing here are grown with rainwater, which in my opinion, is some of the best water you could be growing your plants with, because i mean, after all, rainwater is what nature waters plants with.Not tap water out of your spigot that has been treated with chlorine and chloramines and all kinds of other chemical contaminants, right rainwater is one of the best things you could do, and the rain is.

Free, although in some localities, it may be illegal to collect your rainwater, which i think is b.S.! but anyways, here it looks like it's completely legal, and once again, these ibc totes available on craigslist, you know, store like 300 gallons, approximately.Cost you about 100 bucks.You get them once, you set a system up, and literally, you have free water, some of the best water, for your garden, at all different times of the year.I mean, by the size of it, they've probably got like over 10,000 gallons in rainwater.

Catchment, probably at any given time here.It's insane! so just beside the nursery here onsite, another place you're going to want to check out.You know, i like live plants more than dried plants, but you know, i believe herbs have a place in the human diet and health for us! i mean, before we had all these medicines and pharmaceutical drugs, right, what did people do before they had the viagra pill to get it up, right well there's natural herbs that'll help you get it up too, that in my opinion, are a lot.

More beneficial than taking viagra, and i would never subject myself to viagra! but i would definitely take some of these herbs in here to help me get it upif i had that problem! anyways, let's go ahead and show you guys a quick tour of the herb emporium and actually some of the other gardening items they have inside.So now we're inside the herb store, and besides being a store, they have a little library here with books! lots of different books on herbs and gardening and stuff, and some nice cozy chairs.So you.

Come inside, just hang out, read some gardening books and learn about all the different herbs that they're offering here.In addition, they also have a whole section of organic fertilizers and pest controls for your garden.Now, you know, they mostly focus on the plants and they got some cool things.Not really going to go over them today, but what i really want to go over is just this wall of herbs that i'm seeing in front of me.To share with you guys some of the cool, unique herbs that they have.So while i'm not a big fan.

Of smoking any herbs myself, they actually have an area here of smoking blends that have been traditionally been used for smoking that have all different kinds for properties and can do all kinds of stuff to you that i have no idea about.But they've got, like, wormwood, mullen, mexican dream herb! that sounds pretty interesting.Shaman smoke, all these different kinds of things, and you know, once again, these herbs are natural plants.Think about ittobacco.That's a natural plant you would grow, right nothing made in a chemical.

Laboratory or anything like this.Just nature's gift for us, whether you want to smoke them, or like me, i like to eat them.So let's check out all the crazy edible herbs they have here on site.So here's the amazing herb wall, check it out.Each one of these jars has a different herb in it.I mean, there's well over 300 different varieties of herbs, this herb shop has more herbs than i've ever seen in my whole life! but, no.They don't have that kind of herb, sorry.So anyways, i mean, they have all kinds of culinary,.

Medicinal ones that are culinary and medicinal.And what i want to do at this point is actually just maybe share just a few of my favorite herbs with you that you guys might want to start including in your diet for some of the health benefits.So one of the herbs that i like to take as often as i can and i'm actually even growing this herb in my garden is turmeric.Once again, you know, i believe you guys should be growing your herbs and eating them fresh as possible, but of course, if you can't grow it, because turmeric is.

A tropical root crop.Definitely better to get it dried than to not have ti at all.There's a lot of research on turmeric that it is antiinflammatory and anti all kinds of things as well as very high antioxidant potential and so this is something that's going to, in my opinion, keep young and keep you healthy and keep you going all night long.The next area i want to focus on for you guys is that they have here with all the herbs are some other very powerful foods.They're basically the algaes and the seed vegetables, and this is something.

That most americans are not aware of and not including in their diet.It's something that i've been including in my diet for probably like the last 20 years now, things like the spirulina and the cholera, which are very high in basically pigments and once again, more antioxidants in all kinds of different beneficial nutrients.In addition, they have all different kinds of seaweed including the popular red algae marine seaweed which they say is good for things like viruses and outbreaks, if you know what i mean.And they have all.

Kinds of different other seaweeds that are really good.Now think about it seaweeds are pretty much like green plants grown in the ocean, but they're algaes.I mean, they basically convert the sun energy through the photosynthesis to make nutrients to make the plant.And you know, i always encourage you guys to eat at the lowest part of a food chain as possible so the plants that you could growleafy greens, plants, vegetables, and fruits, lowest on the food chain.And you know, same thing with the algaes and the seaweeds in the ocean.

They're the lowest on the food chain.I mean think about it, the land animals eat things like the grass and the herbs and the vegetables, and then we eat them, right well, what did the fish eat well they eat things like the algaes, and the seaweeds, and then bigger fish eat the smaller fish and all up on the chain.So eat the lowest on the food chain for the most amounts of phytochemicals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamin minerals.And of course, they offer almost all the different seaweeds i've ever seen.

Here.So besides all the different medicinal and edible herbs, they also have the big culinary herb and seasoning section.And you know, just because you want to eat a more natural diet, fruits and vegetables out of your garden and all this stuff, doesn't mean your food has to be boring, right for thousands of years, people around the world have been using different herbs and spices to make their food taste good! now, not only do these herbs and spices that we consider, culinary, will make your food taste good, they'll also add beneficial.

Nutrients for you.You know, i've seen studies that show people that live in italy, you know that eat lots of herbs like from the mountains, are healthier than people who aren't.And so, you know, i want to encourage you guys to use some of the different herbs to flavor up your dishes to make them taste good, plus get additional nutrition.So i mean, they've got all kinds of different herb flavors that i've never seen before, like one of these over here was like, a japanese style herb flavoring, they got like a cajun one, they.

Got a mexican one, i mean all these different herbs blends, you could just go through one of these a day, and you probably wouldn't even get to all them at the end of the year.And of course, you're going to learn that you like some better than others.Some of my favorite herb blends are like the pizza seasoning blend, the taco seasoning blend, and of course, i also like the fajita seasoning blend as well.So of course, i cannot leave this herb emporium until after i share with you guys the tea blend area.I mean there.

Are so many different kinds of tea blends here.Once again, there are so many kinds you could try them all.They've got a peaceful sleep tea! so if you can't sleep at night, you might want to try the peaceful sleep aid tea, so you could sleep just a little bit better.I mean, herbs throughout history have been used for many different reasons.They have a little bit different formulations that may help with certain conditions you're having.Another thing is i always want to encourage you guys to drink your teas before.

You drink your coffee.In my opinion, teas are much better than coffee, although before either of those, i'd rather juice some of the greens out of my garden, including some of my herbs to get the beneficial properties out of them and into me! so i'm sad to say my visit here at gardens of the ancient is over.It's dark.I think they're closed, and i gotta get out of here, i gotta go eat dinner and all this kind of stuff.But before i leave i want to recommend you guys to check out their website, gardensoftheancients,.

And if you're anywhere in the austin or central texas area, it's definitely worth a visit out here.You want to come, maybe earlier in the afternoon, so you could check out all the different things growing as well as the amazing herb shop with all kinds of cool stuff that you literally won't find anywhere else.And the one thing i would recommend to you guys is people who are into gardening and growing food is you want to come out here on one of the saturdays, because check it out every saturday, they have a weekly.

Plant walk from 2 p.M to 4 p.M and the class fee is from 5 dollars to 20 dollars on the sliding scale.I got here right at the end of that plant walk today, and you know, i've met the guy giving the talk, which is one of the groomers here.He's an awesome dude, full of knowledge, full of information.I've learned a whole bunch of things myself from him.So if you come out, you want to come out on a saturday to go on this tour and then.

Chinese herbal medicines new life

Pingnan is a typical small town in south china.It is style is both traditional and modern.It is busy, lively and active.The local people are young but not conservative.Like any normal morning in pingnan many people do exercises on the street. Huang is one of them.He likes running before he start working and the fresh smell of morning, which fills him with energy.He always runs to the centre of the bridge he likes to watch the river going far.It is the third largest river in china.

He told me he has seen the town and that the river has changed, every thing is changing, including his business.As a respectable huang's pharmacy is usually full of patients in the morning.Like many s in chinese pharmacies, Huang provides the option of traditional or modern medicine to patients.This old woman chose to use chinese medicine.Why is it that some people prefer chinese medicine and the others choose modern drugs huangwhy do people wants to take modern medicine because it is convenient, you just take it with water,.

And the effect is quick.Some people prefer chinese herbs, it is usually the elderly, because it has fewer side effects.The young prefer not to take it, unless they are suffering from a particular condition a chinese herbal medicine prescription is made up of different kinds of herbs it needs time to be prepared.Then these herbs are boiled for 30 to 60 minutes in a boiler.Many people don't want to spend much time preparing a herbal remedy, especially young people.The appearance of the herbs doesn't look attractive.

And they taste strong and bitter.This is why people don't like it for Huang, purchasing herbs is one of the most troublesome chores he has to face in the past, but things are now changing.Now i purchase the herbs form a local medicinal agency.It is owned by a big herbal company.The government encourages us to use these agencies, so that traders like me do not go to the herbal market, especially for these s in pharmacy.This is because herbs in these agencies are check by government department.

Huang welcomes these new rules for medicine stock, because these rules allow him to save a lot of time.It only takes him 5 minutes by motorcycle to get to the local agency.In the past, it took 5 hours by car to get to the original herbal market, which is in another city.Huang said the change is due to the development of economy.Huang shows us how the appearance of the town was changed.He said these changes are good for the town.The pier has become the flood control embankment.

It is in progress now, once it is finished, the town will be safer huang and the manager are friends, due to huang's regular purchases from the store.What huang needs to do is give his shopping list to the manager, he only need to make sure that he gives some stock detail so that the manager will prepare everything well.Manager xia gu herb, what i can give you now is xia gu ball huang xia gu ball is fine for me as well, i need ball, i am using it now.

Huang this is chuang mu ga the manager you want to buy the hard one or the soft one huang you can make the choice for me the managerwith leaves or without leaves huang with leaves the managerthe one with leaves is a bit more expensive.Huang the hard one is cheaper the manager yes, it is cheaper.Ok, no problem.There are hundreds of herbal medicine on the shelves, the assistant ming told us that they are all come from different places.Ming these materials are from different places, every area has its own product.

It decided by the local environment who supervises the quality and safety of these medicines ming there are many department responsible for medicine sales and safety test.These include the medicine control department, medicine test centre and business management they all supervise these medicines huang takes some of the stock back to the pharmacy these are herbs he needs immediately.The manager will deliver the rest of them within 12 hours.Huang heard that the original herbal market will be closed at the end of this year.So at the following day, Huang decided to visit the market again,.

The market he has been visiting for 20 years.This may be the last time he visit the market, this market is the biggest herbal market in the south china, all pharmacies and hospitals purchase herbs from this market.I used to wake up at 6 am and take 5 hours bus journey to get there.I need to bargain with dealers check and deliver herbs by myself the whole processes would mean spending an entire day.It was hard huang hasn't been to the market for 2 years since the local agency was established.

Huang'assistant the market doesn't change too much, does it huangno, it doesn't.It will be changed soon this herbal market was built in 1988 it is the oldest herbal market in china, and it is also the biggest in the south.But now the government is going to demolish it and replace it with a modern herbal exhibition centre which will be built nearby.This is the trading network of the market.This network covers all over the country, including shangdong, fujian and xinjiang, far to tibet huanghey, how much is it.

Feyhow many do you want to buy huanghow much will it be if i want to buy 10 kilograms fey15 rmb per kg huangwhat about this feythis values 22 rmb.I offer you 22 rmb.Huangthat's expensive.Can you lower the price on this fey and her sister yun are from gansu, a north china province.It takes 4 days by train from their home to this city.They've run this store for 6 years.Huangyou plant mass herbs by yourself in your hometown , don't you feyyes, i plant herbs on a huge scale.

We don't plant wheat in my hometown, we plant herbs.Huangit is like a planting base feyyes, it is like a base.We make a living by planting herbs.These herbs are definitely cheaper than those from the agency.Because the agency will treat and pack the herbs, these herbs are original materials and without treatment and packaging, this is why they are cheaper,you have to treat them yourself, you have to check the quality yourself, if you think they are good enough, you can then use them.In order to control the safety of herbs,.

The new herbal centre will require companies to reregister with the medical department, and the herbs will have to be package well.But all the cost for these processes must be paid by the store owners.How will fey deal with new centre's policies will she stay or leave feiwe will go home, the cost is too high, you know, you need to employ more workersfor packing medicine.We will go home and then decide what we can do.I can't afford the cost in the past, huang was busy for buying stock.

But this is the last time Huang visits this market, so he decided to have a look in some of the stores which he had never been in before this is the highend medicine store.This store sells rare medicines, they are very very expensive.This is caterpillar fungus.It worths 3000 british pounds per kilograms this is a type of epiphyte.It is ascospore.In winter, it is an insect in summer, the herb will be born from the insect.The herb is leafy, has a seed in summer,.

It becomes insect in winter, it moves.This herb is very rare this is glossy ganoderma.This is quanchong.It is from the deep mountain this is dried placenta the market manager they all are rare medicine.The source of some medicine not clear, they may be from deep mountain, or from some underground channels, i don't know some of them.The government doesn't encourage selling them, but doesn't ban as well.Some of these medicines are difficult to reregister and package, what will the store owner do after the market close.

The owner doesn't have an answer. Huang is looking forward to the market's move.He is happy that he no longer has to travel so far, and will have worry less about the quality of the herbs, but he also feels nostalgic when he looks back at his hard work over the past 20 years.After leaving the market, huang goes to an herbal exhibit store nearby.This store is established as the model of herbal exhibition centre in it.There are hundreds of herbal medicines and healthcare products.All these products must be checked by medicine control department,.

Which means that they were need to go through strict production processes and packaging well.Look, here are the healthcare products, which are packed.They are little a bit more expensivethan in the market, but not too much, just a little bit.Because it was packed already, the quality is guaranteed.This is longan, my town's product it is from my home town. Huang decided to buy some packaged medicine, he says the patients like the herbal medicine which are packed well.It looks beautiful and safe.Some medicines can be used directly without prescription and here they are popular.

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