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Well, welcome everyone, this is Nikolas hedberg, and tonight we're going to be talking about herbal medicines for depression.A large number of americans are taking antidepressants or some kind of medication for depression.I believe it's getting close to about 50 percent of the population.So it's a big issue, and i just want to shed some light on some of the causes of depression.We'll talk about some of the herbs that can work well for depression.I'll have some different nutritional and exercise strategies, so i think you'll get some good ideas tonight about what's best if you're suffering.

From mild to moderate depression.Okay, so i'm going to talk for a little bit, and once we're done, and even during the presentation, you can type your question into the chat window and click send so i can see that, and i'll be able to answer your question.Okay, so of course the first thing we always do is we talk about the causes any condition we're talking about we want to focus on what's actually causing the condition.And depression isn't really the main thing that we're looking at.Chronic inflammation.

It's interesting because the scientific literature is filled with papers connecting inflammation to all kinds of psychiatric disorders, especially depression.But the treatment really doesn't focus on inflammation, even though the literature is filled with that as a causative factor.Genetics of course, that can be things like defects in enzymes that metabolize and break down neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine.Amino acid deficiency, like tryptophan, which is the precursor to serotonin, and tyrosine, which is the precursor to dopamine.Hypothyroidism, one of the really big ones with depression, probably one of the most overlooked aspects.

Of course.Lack of exercise, various environmental toxins, adrenal imbalances and then gut inflammation.What happens in the gut usually happens in the brain, so if the gut is inflamed, the brain will be inflamed as well.So if you tuned into my herbal medicines for fatigue webinar, you'll see some overlap.It's interesting, because a lot of the herbal medicines for fatigue actually work quite well for depression as well.So ashwagandha, also known as indian ginseng, is a pretty good mood elevator, it can help with depression.One of the reasons is because it enhances.

The conversion of inactive t4 into active t3, and we know that hypothyroidism can be connected with active depression.So a lot of other positives here helps the body deal with stress, increased strength and stamina, improves memory, it is an aphrodisiac, can provide deep and restful sleep, it is an antioxidant, enhances the immune system.If you have a reaction to nightshades, which are like tomatoes, eggplant and potatoes, then use caution with ashwagandha.And about 5002000 milligrams a day is a good dose.So rhodiola, we also talked about in the fatigue webinar.A lot of the same properties as ashwagandha,.

And we'll talk about siberian ginseng here in a minute, but rhodiola will increase serotonin levels in the brain, and one of the common imbalances in depression is low serotonin levels.So serotonin is kind of that feelgood neurotransmitter.It's really what makes you enjoy things, like the taste of your food, just events or activities that you like, just the feeling of enjoyment comes from serotonin, so when serotonin's low, people get very blue, they get depressed, they don't really like things as much as they used to, so it's.

Really important to get those levels up.Rhodiola can help that.It will also improve dopamine levels, and dopamine is also kind of a feelgood neurotransmitter, so when you accomplish something and you're recognized for that accomplishment, that good feeling that you have inside is dopamine, and so imbalances in dopamine and serotonin can lead to depression and other issues like anxiety, sleep problems and things like that.So rhodiola has a lot of great properties here that you can see, about 200 milligrams two to three times a day works.

Really well to improve your energy levels, you stamina, it helps you adapt to stress.It'll also help your mood.And then eleutherococcus, also known as siberian ginseng, this was also in our fatigue webinar.Now, specifically eleuthero is an antidepressant because it has properties that inhibit monoamine oxidase.And that's an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters in the brain, so it inhibits the metabolism of serotonin, so you have more serotonin sitting in the receptor, and so that's how it works as an antidepressant.A lot of similar properties to rhodiola and.

Ashwagandha.You can do the russian protocol, which is a tincture from herb form, one teaspoon three times a day, or in the capsule, and that can work really well.You can take eleuthero, ashwagandha, and rhodiola in combination, or you can take them individually.So here's a new one, st.John's wort, also known as hypericum perforatum, and st.John's wort, probably the most popular natural antidepressant remedy that you've heard of.So a cochran systematic review in 2008 found that st.John's wort was found to be just as effective as antidepressant medication for mild to moderate depression.So, some.

Good research there, it's highly effective.It's actually also antiviral, more specifically for the herpes viruses, so it can work well for herpes infections.St.John's wort also promotes relaxation, so it may help with sleep.It can work well as a capsule or a tincture.You definitely don't want to combine st.John's wort with antidepressant medication, that's definitely a major contraindication.So you want to do approximately 900 milligrams a day.Usually it'll come in about 300 milligram capsules, 0.3 percent hypericum standardized extract, so that's about the milligram dose and the percent standardization you want to.

See.St.John's wort.Some people will notice a difference right away, but sometimes you have to take it for a while, like up to four to six weeks for it to really start to kick in, but very safe, very effective, just don't combine it with medication.Okay, let's talk about maca, or peruvian maca.It is known as peruvian ginseng.So you're probably seeing some commonalities here in the ginseng family, because ashwagandha is indian ginseng, eleuthero is siberian ginseng, and now we have peruvian ginseng.And so in.

The journal menopause in 2008, they did find it effective for anxiety and depression in postmenopausal women.Another study in the bmc complementary and alternative medicine 2006, they also found it beneficial for depression in everyone who took it, so that's men and women of all ages, and maca's also been known to improve memory, stamina, energy, so again you're seeing some commonalities with the other ginsengs.Menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, and maca is extremely popular to increase sex drive, improve libido, it can also help with erectile dysfunction, and it will increase sex drive in both men.

And women.And it will also enhance function in men.It doesn't work for everybody, some people it works really well, as will all herbs, some will work well and some won't.But maca, about 1500 milligrams, up to 3000 a day is a good rule of thumb for maca, also known as peruvian ginseng.So those were kind of the main herbs.We talked about the adaptogens that we went over in the fatigue webinar, and then we talked about st.John's wort and maca.I just want to go over just a few bonus ideas for you.

The first is omega3 fatty acids from fish oil.There's a lot of studies on fish oil, it has a lot of wonderful health benefits, and one of them is that it does work quite well on depression and enhancing mood.And fish oil can be taken in capsules.I prefer the triglyceride form, i use a high potency triglyceride form from moss nutrition.It's called epadhahp select, so that's a high potency epa and dha, which are both omega3 fatty acids.Okay, same, also known as sadenosyl methionine.This is just a really interesting compound.

It can help support the liver, it can help with joint pain, but it's highly effective for improving mood, so very very beneficial for brain function and improving mood.Most people who take it, they'll notice relatively quickly and improvement in their mood overall.Folic acid.It's important to get tested for what we call mthfr, the methyl tetra hydro folate reductase, it's a genetic polymorphism.If you have it, it means you have difficulty metabolizing folic acid, so you have to take the methylated form of folate.It usually comes in the form of a 5 mthf, 5 methyl tetra hydro folate, and so basically the methylated.

Folate is already activated, so it doesn't matter if you're able to activate folic acid or not, if you take the methylated form, because it's already activated for you.So, if you've tried a lot of different things, if you've tried the herbs, you've tried the dietary changes, you've tried exercise, and you've tried supplementation, it's worth getting the mthfr test, because taking methylated folate can really turn some people around very, very quickly.5htp, also known as 5hydroxytryptophan.And so 5htp is a precursor to serotonin.The pathway starts with tryptophan, and the tryptophan is converted to 5htp, and.

Then 5htp is converted to serotonin, and then serotonin is converted to melatonin, so you have to have b6 to properly metabolize 5htp, so if you take a lot of 5htp and you're not taking b6, you'll actually deplete your body of b6, and that's not a good thing, so they need to be taken together.And vitamin b6 is also a good supplement for depression, and that's because it's involved in this pathway, so it's involved in converting 5htp into serotonin.And then magnesium, probably one of the most overlooked antidepressants, but with such.

A large population of people in america who are magnesium deficient, if everyone got their magnesium levels up, there'd probably be a lot less depression, a lot less mood disorders.Magnesium also just kind of calms down and relaxes the nervous system and the muscles, so it just helps everything kind of calm down or relax, but it can help with mood, if your mood is low.So we have people do p.H.Testing, and if their p.H.Is very acidic, then we supplement with magnesium glycinate, and potassium bicarbonate, to get their p.H.More alkaline.

So of course, with any condition, you want to identify the underlying cause, and we mentioned some of those in the beginning.Is it hypothyroidism is it chronic inflammation is it a genetic defect in folate metabolism is the digestive system inflamed because of gluten or other food sensitivities, or because of infections, etcetera etcetera.So we want to find the underlying cause first, because taking these remedies, it's really not fixing the problem.These are just bandaids.They're good as helpful shortterm solutions, but they're really not longterm solutions.A study out of duke university, this was many, many years ago, i think back in the nineties,.

They compared exercise to antidepressant medication, and it was just as good.So exercise.As mentioned before, you definitely don't want to combine these with antidepressant medication.They can interfere with that, because some of these are quite powerful, they work so well that if you combine them with medication that can cause problems.Talk to your about trying any of these remedies, and there's a whole book written about the connection between hypothyroidism and depression, so there's a strong connection there, and since thyroid is very, very often overlooked, or misdiagnosed, because the diagnosis is just.

Based on a blood test, looking at tsh, thyroid stimulating hormone, many people with hypothyroidism are just overlooked and depression is a consequence of that.So just kind of a simple way to see if your thyroid's really functioning well is the basil body temperature test, and i have a guide on how to do that on my patient resources section of the website.It's a nice explanation of how to do it and a chart, and so look at your chart over about a week or two.If it's consistently low, then your thyroid is probably.

Low and needs support, or if you see a lot of peaks and valleys, a lot of ups and downs, ups and downs, and it's low, then the adrenal glands are probably the primary cause of the thyroid imbalance.That's just kind of a little trick that you can look at on your own, because some people's thyroid issues are related to adrenal dysfunction and not the thyroid gland.Okay, so i just want to open it up for questions.If anyone has a question, all you have to do is type your question into the chat window, and i can answer.

That.And we'll just wait a minute for those to queue up, but we may not have any questions tonight.This webinar is being recorded, so it will be up on the website drhedberg, and it will also be put up on youtube.Okay, here's our first question.How does hypothyroidism cause depression it's a really good question.So, number one, thyroid hormone controls the metabolism of neurotransmitters in the brain, so we can trace this all the way back to amino acid metabolism, because thyroid hormone, basically what it's doing is it gets into your cells, and then it controls metabolism.

Of sugar and fatty acids and amino acids, so it's like the core of everything.So if you have say a protein deficiency, or you're unable to metabolize protein well, then you may have some amino acid deficiencies, like tryptophan, or tyrosine, and then that will lead to low serotonin or low dopamine, which can lead to depression.And that's kind of the main thing is we're looking at amino acid metabolism as the core issue with hypothyroidism.Okay, so if you have another question just type that into the question box of the chat.

Sustainable Green Home Grows Food Medicine and Fiber

Alright this is john kohler with growingyourgreens.Today we have another exciting episode for you, and, once again, we're coming at you from suburbia.But this is not just any suburbia.We're here in honolulu, hawaii.And so, just like any place in the us, honolulu is probably the most developed, and they're just standard houses like everywhere else.Everyone has their lawn, and their place and most people might not even maintain their yard too well, depending on what part of hawaii you're inbut what we're gonna show you guys today is a different waya way to be more sustainable here on the islands.

Literally, hawaii is a big rock, and it's an island in the middle of the ocean.And if any place needs to be selfsustainable, it needs to be hawaii, but i think any other place can also be sustainable and definitely you'll learn something in this tutorial on how one family is being sustainable and teaching sustainability here at their home in honolulu.So here is the home that i'm gonna be sharing with you guys today, and unlike other homes that have lawns, this actually has no lawn.I would recommend actually the first thing.

To do to be more sustainable is remove your lawn.It's an incredible waste of resources, takes lots of water and most people use chemical fertilizers which is not so good.What they're doing here instead is actually growing a lot of not only food crops, not only medicinal crops, but also crops that they can make paper and spin fiber, and that's what i'm here to share with you guys today, some of these cool plants.I'm sitting here and i'm standing in a patch of sweet potato vine, actually right.

Next to the sidewalk in a little section between the sidewalk and the street, and if we walk into their place, you can see they've got banana trees and a whole bunch of other things growing in their front yard.So anyways, let's head inside and show you guys what's growing on.So before we go in, i wanna kind of give you guys a summary of what has transpired already today.I came here, showed up out of nowhere with my camera in hand, and saw that they had a website, thegreenhousehawaii, where.

They promote sustainability and have classes and all that kinds of cool stuffand i said hey! my name's john kohler and can i make a tutorial here to share what you guys are doing with the world cause i think it is so important to be as sustainable as possible.And one of the first things they said oh, the garden looks so bad because we've been away! or something like that, and we've been busy teaching classes and doing stuff.And i want to let you guys know that nature is not perfect.You guys don't have to be.

Perfect.I always want to encourage you guys to do the best you can.Recycle the most things you can.Grow as much food as you can.This is not an all or nothing in life.It's not about growing all your food or no food, right.We all have, at this point in time anyways, the grocery stores to fill in our needs that we cannot grow, but i always encourage you guys to grow as much food as possible.That's why i make these tutorials for you guys, to show.

You guys real world examples of what people are doing so you can glean and learn some things from the tutorial here and use them at your home to increase the amount of food you're growing for you and your family, so you can also eat that food and be healthier because of it.Any case, with that let's actually head into the garden.So now we're in the garden and we're looking at many different kinds of crops growing.They've got things like the lavender that's growing here.Smells so good.I also like.

To eat the little lavender flowers, sprinkle them on a salad for nice lavender flavor.And behind me, they have some radishes growing, some japanese radishes.You can also eat the leaves on the radish.They're a little bit spicy maybe, and just add a few baby leaves to a salad to give that salad that punch that you like.In addition, they got things like squashes growing here.They got some eggplants over there.They also have a sweet potato vine back over there.You're seeing a big kind of bushy looking thing and that's actually.

Asparagus after is goes in the asparagus stage, so that's cool to know that you can actually grow asparagus here in hawaii.In addition, they have nice large bushes of basils, from variegated basils to the tulasi, or the holy basil.The holy basil, i got only wish i had a nice basil bushcause this thing's a bush.It's like that big around.And very simple and easy to grow here in the mild, tropical weather.So one of the fruits that they're growing here, and probably their favorite fruit, that.

I've seen the most trees plantedalthough banana trees are not necessarily a tree, they're an herbaceous shrub kind of plant because they don't have that wood like a tree would havethat was a jokebut you can see they have a nice banana patch on the other side of the yard.And they have bunches and bunches of bananas, many different varieties growing, and i always want to encourage you guys to do what's really easy.Bananas are really easy.You plant them, you have a good soil so the bananas can be very healthy, and they're.

Gonna produce a ton of fruit for you to eat.Next we're gonna share a few more things growing in the garden with you guys.First, they got some hot peppers growing right here.Looks like they're doing quite well.They got some lemon verbena.I like lemon verbena to make a nice lemon verbena water, so you just take the leaves and kind of crinkle them up and put them in a jar of filtered water and put them in the fridge overnight, the next morning you'll wake up with a nice lemon verbena essence water.And some stores.

Will sell water essences for a couple bucksyou can make your own with herbs.You can do the same with basil and other things.Mint's another good one to do that with.Behind, they have the comfrey.Comfrey's a great plant to grow for medicine or actually to pull nutrients like minerals out of the ground and then to compost or make comfrey teas to spray your plants with to provide them more nutrition.But besides that, they have some amaranth over here that they're actually growing for the leaves.Yes, i know.

Many people may eat the amaranth grain but they prefer to use the greens here because the greens are more nutritious than the grains.My channel is called growing your greens and i want to encourage you guys to grow and eat your greens.Greens not grains.They're alsogreens are very simple and easy to grow and they're gonna provide you with the move amount of nutrition to that you can be healthier.Another one that's really cool and interesting that i learned about today, and i'll show you guys in a little bit, isas i mentioned in the intro, they grow food, they grow medicine,.

But they also grow fiber.Fiber's very important with what they grow here, and i've never really been to a place that grows fiber.So they were telling me that the ginger, all the way in the background, i'm not sure if you guys can see thatbut the ginger plant that has the edible root or even nonedible gingers can be used for the fiber.They process the fiber to make the salose that then they can actually make paper out of, so this is really cool.They also said you can do the same with the banana stalk and many of the.

Other plants that they're growing.So besides just having the food, they're growing many other things.Let's take a look at one of the other crops they're growing for the fiber.Another plant they're growing not for food, not for medicine, but for the fiber is this one right here.This is actually the hawaiian cotton.So thy have some hawaiian cotton here that they actually grew and the hawaiian cotton actually has long fiber in it, so it's actually easier to spin and it actually spins nicer than the standard cotton that grows more like a little lanky shrub.This is kind of more like a big.

Tree actually.They get a lot of cotton from this that they've actually spun their own garments with.So that's definitely really cool.Not only growing food, growing medicine, but growing your own fiber so you can make your own clothes.So besides teaching about gardening here, they're also teaching sustainability.They give kids classes on all the different topics, including using recycled things to make art projects, and actually even things like milk cartons can be used to cut down and grow plants in.And they want to encourage everybody to reuse instead of recycle, of course recycle.

Instead of sending things to the landfill, and many containers that you have in your home, once well washed out, you can cut them down and use them as little containers to start your plant seedlings.That's what i would do with them, although i'm sure they do many different art projects, and here's one of them, so that kids can learn to reuse and recycle instead of throw away.So of course associated with sustainability is recycling, but also reusing, so what i like to do it compost.So they have compost.

Piles around the back.In addition, they have worm composting, which is something even people that living in cities and apartments can do to turn their food into garbage, because it's the worms that eat the garbage to make the worm castings and they love it, and i love the castings that it creates because it's one of the best resources to put in the garden.Now, if you guys are hearing a chicken, something up above, that's because one's sitting above me.They actually like to roost in the tree that i'm belowand hopefully i will.

Not get rained on with the chickenstuff.But another think i learned about today is how they're using bokashi.They're using bokashi to spread around the chicken poop down below to help break down the chicken poop and then they'll actually wash it off into the area to the side where they have plenty worm that's gonna break down all the rich nutritious chicken poop that's been basically neutralized by the bokashi.This can help reduce the smells and make this area safe so you slip on it as well.Alright, so now what we're looking at is a really nice example of a technique called.

Air layering.Man, that sounds like fancy words.Sounds like some spaceship thingair somethingi don't know.Anyways, what air layering is, it's a very simple technique where you take a branch of many different fruit trees.So we have a citrus tree right here, and what the air layering does is basically what you do is scratch away a little bit of the root, you put some rooting hormone on there, then you put some dirt around in a plastic bag and you tie it off.And what happens is you leave it for manyi don't knowmonths,.

Depends on the type of plant you end up cutting off right here behind, and the part that you put in the dirt will actually start to grow roots.So then you can actually take this cutting, stick it in dirt, and you'll have a new tree, so this is an easy, inexpensive, and free way to basically clone your plants or make some for friends and neighbors or even to sell.The one essential component of the air layering is the rooting hormone in many cases, and one of the cool things i learned about today is a new plant you can.

Actually make rooting hormone out of.This will probably be most beneficial to people who live in hawaii because, as many of you guys know, they often use willow for hormones to do the rootingnatural rooting compound, but here's another plant that i'm gonna show you guys next that i learned about.So the plant that i learned about that you can make rooting hormone out of naturally is this guy right here.It's grown in a big old big tank, and it's actually called the water hyacinth.I think i said that right.

And what you're gonna do is you're gonna go aheadyou guys can see the bottom down here there's all the root in herewe're gonna take that out, put it in a plastic bag for about a month, and it'll turn into this weird jelly stuff that then you can use for rooting your crops.I think that's amazing, using naturally occurring plants to make what you need.And if you're growing things like food, medicine, and fiber, what else do you really need so here's one of my favorite edibles that.

I would plant if i lived in hawaii.It's a tropical, so if you live in a nontropical area that does get freezes, this guy will not make it.But in hawaii, you can grow it year round, and as in northern climates you can grow it in the summertime, and it's a really fun plant.It's known as the roselle, or edible hibiscus.It makes these little flower buds that you can use to make a lemonade.Once you sweeten the water, it has a nice tart flavor.Here's one of the little buds there.In addition, you can also eat the little.

Greens on the plants.They're excellent to use in salads and whatnot.And the cool thing today that this plant is currently flowering and it's actually in its seeding stage, so i'll show you guys what the seeds look likeand maybe even have some seeds to bring home with me to plant for this upcoming summer season.So when the seeds are ready, what happens is this little flower bud kind of dries up and it actually kind of opens, and then if we open it up and put my hand down therealright.

There we goyou'll see some of the seeds right there.So i'll be able to grow some roselle in this upcoming summer season.So what we're looking at now is that casaba plant.So they're growing some casabas here for the edible tuberous root that can be eaten.It's kind of bland like a potato, but she was explaining how they flavor it up, either savory or sweet, to make it taste real good.In addition, i learned that the casaba leaves can be eaten only when cooked because they have a white, milky sap.So this would be.

Another excellent food to grow if you live in hawaii, along with the sweet potatoes which are much more commonly grown and i think a little bit more useful than the cassava.So what we're looking at now is their fence line.And they're doing an amazing thing with the fence line.They're actually growing things up the fence line.So they're growing these guys which is the green malabar spinach.I personally like the red or purple malabar spinach, so it actually looks a little bit more decorative and i think it grows a little.

Bit faster, based on my experience, but these guys are great to fill up a whole fence and you can grow them in the tropics, pretty much year round.But if you live in a northern climate where it does get cold, you can grow them in the summertime, and let me tell you in the summertime these guys are gonna grow a lot, makes lots of edible delicious leaves for you do eat as well as the nice pink coloring, or antioxidant rich seed pods that i'll just basically squeeze out the purple coloring and spit out the seed to grow into new plants.

So what's behind me now, one of my favorite plantsand probably one of yours too after i tell you what it isit's the sugarcane plant.And you're like john, i've never had sugarcane! but yeah, you probably eaten the sugar that is derived from the sugarcane plant.I always want to encourage you guys to eat foods as found in nature.So in nature, we wouldn't be eating white, powdered, processed sugar crystals, we'd be gnawing on whole stalks of sugarcane or maybe even juicing it with our teeth or maybe wringing it out.

And getting all that sweet, juicy, delicious goodness out of it sogrow some sugarcane if you are able, whether you live in hawaii or even in places like southern california, sacramento, you can easily grow some sugarcane over the nice summer and spring and fall months.Now we're looking at their compost pile.Composting is an essential part of being more sustainable and taking responsibility for the waste you're generating, whether they're the food scrap waste or whether they're the yard and garden clippings that you're making with all your luscious plant growth.I definitely encourage you guys to have a.

Compost pile or a compost tumbler.I like to use a tumbler.But here in hawaii, just having a pile if you're layering your carbons and you nitrogens, it's gonna work great.So every time i come to a new garden, i always learn something new.And what i learned today is what this thing is.So i look down and looked at very carefullyis that a bomb is it a special device that's gonna allow your plants to grow better what is it and what it is, it looks like a little rubber ball with pennies glued onto it.So i'm.

Like what the heck is that i was trying to wrack my brain to think about what it is, then asked the gardener here.And they said oh, my grandson made it and basically they tape pennies onto here to have copper and they said it would repel the slugs.Now, is this the cure all for slugs i'm afraid not, but it's quite cool.But i suggest it probably would work quite well for slugs that your grandkids could also make for you, and what you could do with all those pennies in that big penny jar probably.

In your bureau.What you want to do is you want to take a nice piece of pvc tubing pipei'd probably do maybe like three inch diameterand you're gonna get a wedge about that long.Then you're gonna take a hot glue gun and glue the pennies on all the way around.So instead of a ball, now you have basically a cylinder with pennies all the way around and what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a plant stem.So here's a plant stem, and say this is planted in the ground, you're gonna take that little circle thing that you.

Made and put the plant right in the middle so now all around it is the copper pennies.And it's saidand i believe it and i've experience itthat slugs and snails can't go over pennies because the copper.They get shocked.Now is this gonna work in all cases i don't know.But it something worth a try that's maybe gonna help you with your slugs and snail problems probably so.I do know that they make some sort of copper steel wool type stuff made in a ring, a circle, that you do put around the base of your plants.

That is effective against slugs.So i can't see why my copper penny idea wouldn't work as well.So that brings us to the end of this tutorial, the suns going down, i'm getting a bit hungry.Gotta head back home and make a nice delicious dinner for myselfactually i smell they're cooking dinner right now inside.But i hope you guys enjoyed this episode, learned a few things along the way.Not only can you grow food at your house, if you want to.To me food and medicine are probably the most important.

Things.If you have some extra space, probably grow some fibrous plants like some cotton and some other ginger and banana and other plants that can be used for its fiber to make paper.And i wanted to show you guys an example of what she does.So here's a little basket full of the paper she's made here.Now this is not all the fiber from the plants.She does use recycled paper plus the fibers of the plants, and it makes some really cool looking paper here.Also presses leaves in,.

So if you got kids or you're a lady and like arts and crafts, this is something maybe great to do.I can imagine making christmas cards out of plants and fiber that you grew in your own yard.That's kind of special i think.We've lost that craftsmanship, and when we need paper in this day and age, we just go to the store and buy it! well, how about making it and it is really simple.Basically what they do is the get the fiber, break it down in a blender with water, and use some lye to get all the ligament off,.

And then they got the fiber only and they add it with the recycled soaked paper, and then they just screen it out and make their own paper.So it's definitely good to think about sustainability in the day and age where we live where we're pretty much all consuming.What i encourage you guys to do is to think about how to become more of a producer, whether you're growing your own food, whether you're growing your own medicine, or whether you're making your own paper, or growing your own cotton for clothes.I want you guys to be.

Producers instead of consumers.And i know this change isn't gonna happen overnight.Do it a little bit at a time.Start growing your food.Start growing some medicine.And start growing some fiber, and think about how you can use some of the fiber of your vegetables to even incorporate into the paper to become more sustainable, and that's what they're teaching here at the green house hawaii.So be sure to visit them if you live in hawaii if you want to attend some of their classes, whether it's the permaculture and.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine,Watch the full interview herenaturalpartnerstvshowlistingschineseherbalmedicinetabid788defaultaspx dr dan wen from honso usa. Chinese herbal medicine with dan wen md,Dan wen md president honso usa inc wenhonso 888 4615808honsousa dan wen has nearly 20year experience in clinical and. Herbal medicine science vs tradition,Herbal medicine is widely used and often promoted as a safer alternative to conventional medicine there are many misconceptions regarding the use of herbal.

Herbal medicines for depression webinar,Drhedbergherbalmedicinesfordepressionwebinar well welcome everyone this is dr nikolas hedberg and tonight were going to be talking about. Modern herbal medicine newspart 2,Related keywords modern herbal medicine newspart 2 modern herbal medicine news modern herbal in bangla modern herbal. Herbal medicine home remedies storing fresh ginger root,When storing fresh ginger root place it in one or two small brown paper bags to keep them dry as well as to keep them in an environment with circulating air.

Asmr outlander herbal remedy series 1 lavender,Hello and welcome this is my very first attempt at an asmr tutorial and im so excited to be jumping into this community of tingly sleepseekers i wanted to.

Further explorations of herbal medicine transfer across medieval central asia,This is a presentation at the joint meeting of the society for economic botany and society of ethnobiology the energy of people places and life cherokee. Modern herbal medicine newspart 1,Related keywords modern herbal medicine newspart 1 modern herbal medicine modern herbal in bangla modern herbal bangla.

The Way Of The Dragon Submerging Inside The Water Vita Revelli USH Matei Georgescu

The way of the dragon submerging inside the water vita revelli ush matei georgescu,Vita revelli is the founder and director of aom art of oriental medicine and has been living and working in greece since 1991 at present she is researching. Sars outbreak prompts surge in sales of herbal medicine,1 low shot of tea kettles boiling 2 wide shot of shop 3 writing prescription for customer 4 writing 5 close up on prescription as being written 6. Sustainable green home grows food medicine and fiber,John fromgrowingyourgreens visits the green house hawaii to share with you some of the edible vegetables fruits herbal medicines paper.

Chinese herbal medicine on cancer prevention 4,Prof li has over 40 years of teaching practicing and researching in chinese traditional medicine he has been invited to singapore malaysia japan korea. Chinese herbal medicine on cancer prevention 2,Prof li has over 40 years of teaching practicing and researching in chinese traditional medicine he has been invited to singapore malaysia japan korea. Uprooting the uks leading causes of death with dr michael greger,How not to die dr michael greger md offers practical nutrition advice on how to prevent and treat the 14 leading causes of death in the uk dr greger.

The burden of proof in herbal medicine,Herbalism works and i see it work all the time its dramatically counterintuitive to suppose that it doesnt and its not backed up by evidence herbal remedies. Chinese herbal medicine on cancer prevention 1,Prof li has over 40 years of teaching practicing and researching in chinese traditional medicine he has been invited to singapore malaysia japan korea.

Herbal Solutions For Children Namma Paatti Vaiththiyam 03 Herbal Medicines

Herbal solutions for children namma paatti vaiththiyam 03 herbal medicines,Namma patti vaiththiyam sgg9mxs eat rich. Chinese herbal medicine on cancer prevention 3,Prof li has over 40 years of teaching practicing and researching in chinese traditional medicine he has been invited to singapore malaysia japan korea. How to remove stretch marks permanently using home remedies diy skin care tips,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteradduserehowbeauty watch more ehowbeauty removing stretch marks.

Cardiac protection of b307 in doxorubicintreated mice tutorial abstract id 82936,Tutorial abstract of an original research paper oral treatment with the herbal formula b307 alleviates cardiac toxicity in doxorubicin treated mice via suppressing. Namma paatti vaiththiyam herbal medicines,Tn election 2016 full coverage 1tz2ya3 celebrating vijayakanth scvxl4j election.

Herbal medicine manufacturers,Contact hishimo pharmaceuticals pvt ltd athishimoherbalmedicinea leading herbal medicine manufacturers suppliers and exporters. Herbal medicine costus igneus natural remedy for diabetes,Herbal medicine costus igneus or insulin plant natural remedy for diabetes siddha medicine natural remedies herbal or natural health remedies. 3 easy quick home remedies for weight loss,How to lose weight fast at home know best home remedies tips for safe quick weight loss weight loss tips for women how to lose.

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