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Holistic Holiday At Sea

Holiday Vlog What I eat to stay lean toxic relationship advice

Hey everyone, welcome to bombshell health.Today's tutorial is a quick vlog about my holiday season.So it was the first time that i spent christmas with my parents at home in a few years since moving to barbados.My husband and i went and it was fantastic.What was different about this christmas is that i went home for the first time since i went vegan.I was a little nervous about this but to my surprise as soon as i arrived, i opened the fridge and they were actually a couple of vegan.

Options from me try so thanks mom! so i tried vegan egg nog for the first time vegan cheese.However, of course the focus was on the more traditional types of foods and in my culture and in my upbringing that entailed my father making his own sausages and ham and so he did that again this year but i was very happy that both of my parents were incredibly supportive and respectful of my decision to not eat meat.Yes, i was more flexible with myself but for the most part i was able to effortlessly sick to my own approach.

To food so at any meal if there was something that was potato based or noodle based, something with vegetables or rice.So i would just make my plate and load up on those things instead of focusing my calorie density on the animal products.Further than that i was so surprised that i was actually able to enjoy some of my favorite holiday foods so for me pierogis which is a polish dumpling typically stuffed with potatoes and cheese, among other fillings you can really put anything in there.My parents had ones that were with potatoes and mushrooms as well as.

Sauerkraut and mushrooms so i was more than adequately taken care of in terms of my favorite holiday fare so that was great.Now another thing that i was nervous about was having the conversations for the first time with other people who maybe have never come across another vegan.These were mainly some of my parents friends.I knew this message might be a bit foreign to them but again to my surprise everyone i spoke with was open to the idea that perhaps meat isn't the healthsupporting food that we seem to see it as.Unfortunately, that's a result of very strong lobbying and.

Marketing efforts and it's going to take a long time for that mentality to shift but i was pleasantly surprised with the openness of others even ones who were from very different walks of life.I think that's signifying a global shift in general so a shift of mentality away from vegan being this bizarre hippie person.So happy to see that.Unfortunately there were a couple of bittersweet moments over the break that made me lose my faith in humanity a little bit, but i'm back with positivity and with everything that i.

Stand for the same optimism and the same don't let any setbacks get you down mentaily that i hope beams out of me i'm sure there are people who suck the energy out of you.Who every time you interrupted them you feel worse or weaker or less than you did before.The reality is that life is very short.The best thing that we can do is to find our tribe.To find the people that build us up.I urge you, and it is my intention to do the same to focus on those people who cheer you on with your victories who.

Hold you up when you've fallen down.Who are really there for you in the moments that matter.Not the ones that are there for you when it's convenient for them the other thing that i focused on this holiday was spending more quality time with my parents.In the past, i haven't been as familyoriented as i should have, could have, would have been.That was a big priority for me this year and maybe make 2016 that i year where you focus on the relationships that really count.I hope that you had a fantastic.

How to Cure an Ear Infection Fast

Hey guys, Axe here, of functional medicine and nutritionist.Today, i'm going to share with you how to cure an ear infection fast.I know ear infections, whether it be adults or more commonly in children, are something that.We don't want children living with that pain, dealing with that issue, but we also want to be all natural in that treatment and really help support their body in healing in the correct way.There are four things you can do to help heal an ear infection fast, and.

There are four terrific home remedies that you want to consider.The first thing you want to do, and you want to do internally in the ear, is doing garlic oil.You can buy garlic oil at almost any health food store.Garlic actually has natural antiviral properties, and the majority of the time when a child has an ear infection, it is a virus, not usually a bacteria.This is why antibiotics are completely ineffective against ear infections.In fact, if you go to your primary care physician and they recommend an antibiotic for an ear infection, i would.

Consider if you should use that or not.Because they really probably don't know what they're doing, unfortunately, because most ear infections are viral.Again, garlic oil, a few drops in the ear is an effective treatment.The second thing you want to be doing is taking something called tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, not putting that in the ear but rubbing it all around the outside of the ear.Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties.It's been used for hundreds of years for the natural treatments of wounds and infections.

Again, i would do tea tree oil a few drops.You can mix it with a little coconut oil as well.Rub it all over the ear and all around the ear area.Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca, is a very, very effective natural treatment.The third treatment is actually chiropractic care.Chiropractic has been shown to be very, very effective in the treatment of ear infections.What can happen is the spine can misalign in the upper neck, and that can actually affect the way the body heals and those nerve signals.

Getting from the brain to that area and just affect the overall healing.We've actually seen.Bring your child to a wellness or a pediatric chiropractor.They can do a very light manual adjustment to the child.Often sometimes they even just do some light tapping or use an instrument.That can actually heal an ear infection quickly as well.Last but not least, you've got to get to the root cause of what is causing the ear infection in the first place.One of the most common things is food sensitivities.If your child.

Is allergic to gluten, to certain things like lactose or casein in dairy, to nuts, to citrus, to a load of things, that is actually one of the biggest causes of ear infection today.What i would consider doing is getting your child what's called an i.G.G.Food sensitivity test and actually getting them tested for food allergies, food sensitivities, or food intolerances.That's one of the big things to look for.You can get those tests done.They're fairly inexpensive.Or, if you don't want to do that, then just really watch and listen to their body.Notice if they're consuming certain.

Types of conventional cow's milk or gluten that can cause the ear infections.But just in general for almost everybody out there, if your child is getting ear infections, you should get them off gluten and off conventional cow's milk.If they want to do a little bit of goat's milk yogurt, or something like that, or goat's cheese, most kids do fine with that form of dairy.Again, the conventional cow's milk, the gluten in grain products, those are probably the two biggest culprits when it comes to causing ear infections.

Again, remember those four things if you want to help remedy your child's ear infections.Number one, garlic oil, number two, tea tree oil, number three, chiropractic care and number four, address those food allergies.If you do that, i think you're going to find that those ear infections don't come back in the first place and that they will heal very quickly.Hey, if you want to learn more about these natural tips on how to heal your body, you can subscribe to our youtube page here.Again, we encourage you to subscribe.

Vegan Travel Holistic Holiday At Sea Vegan Cruise

Vegan travel holistic holiday at sea vegan cruise,Holistic holiday at sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind body and spirit share the experience and wisdom of some of the worlds leading authorities and. Vegan cruise holistic holiday at sea 2016,Ill share my thoughts on this cruise in another tutorial and ill be uploading the parts i recorded of the gmo lecture the leaky gut lecture and the statins lecture. Vegan health cruise hits the caribbean conscious living tv,On this episode of conscious living we ventured down to the caribbean with holistic holiday at sea for some islandhopping rr health education with top.

Holistic holiday at sea cruise thoughts experience and expectations,For new tutorials every week dont forget to subscribe to plantsmart living w farmer fred 1qcvjem story fred. Vegan cruise holistic holiday at sea,Meet sandy pukel and john bellame the organizers of the holistic holiday at sea they organized a cruise to the caribbean with an allstar vegan cast. Holistic holiday at sea vegan cruise 2015 raffle selection on msc divinia,Watch as sandy pukel the host of holistic holiday at sea and captain scala select the winner of the free cruise for 2015 from the guest surveys collected during.

Holistic holiday at sea vegan cooking class,Nancy montuori is a leading proponent of a plantbased diet and its ability to prevent and reverse disease in 2011 nancy became a vegan chef and advocate.

Book your voyage to health holistic holiday at sea vegan cruise feb 27th mar 5th,Join us and over 1800 likeminded individuals on the 13th annual holistic holiday at sea cruise aboard the luxurious msc divina enjoy inspiring lectures. Holistic holiday at sea talent show,March 3 2016 the holistic holiday at sea talent show is a very wonderful cruise with beautiful people feel free to join us next year contact information.

Vegan Travel Holistic Holiday At Sea Vegan Cruise

Vegan travel holistic holiday at sea vegan cruise,Holistic holiday at sea presents the ultimate gift for your mind body and spirit share the experience and wisdom of some of the worlds leading authorities and. Acro flow yoga with koya on holistic holiday at sea,Beginner and first time flier intro to acro flow this isnt one of my strongest demonstrations but im posting to show different variations and how this practice is.

Bridgette kossor holistic holiday at sea 2010,A musical love fest holistic holiday at sea 2010 aboard the costa fortunaatasteofhealth. Talant show holistic holiday at sea msc divina,Western caribbean cruise march 2015. Kristy hamlin ludwin tenorio holistic holiday at sea salsa 2016,Kristy hamlin and ludwin tenorio perform a salsa dance onboard holistic holiday at sea 2016 choreography by jose luis gutierrez and salsa karibe studios.

Ife dancing holistic holiday at sea,This tutorial was uploaded from an android phone. Dr blyweiss on gmos on holistic holiday at sea 2016 excerpt,This is just a few clips from dr blyweiss talk there was plenty more detail but this is all i could get on my phone vegan couple strength conditioning. Blair karsch holistic holiday at sea,This is a short freestyle clip from the holistic holiday at sea talent show in which i have hosted many years it is the most marvelous group of people with.

Koyas carrot beet celery ginger pow salad,I was inspired to make this salad after looking at the recipe book for our upcoming holistic holiday at sea cruise coming up march 18th the recipes are. Msc divina vegan cruise 2015,Via youtube capture. Green hare mud espresso double shot model tani legleu rockin the boat on holistic holiday at sea 2,Green hare mud espresso double shot model tani legleu rockin the boat on holistic holiday at sea 2016.

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