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What Really Caused The Ferguson Riots

The protests in ferguson, missouri, and the use of excessive force by the local police department is a major news story.Racial inequality is at the heart of this conflict and there are numerous ways that this inequality can be measurably illustrated to prove that.One way is to look at inequality of representation, which is the relationship between the demographics of a community and how they are represented in government.If the majority of your community is african american but the majority of your elected officials and police officers are.

Not, that is inequality of representation.And right now it is a huge problem in ferguson.67 percent of the residents are african american but the positions of authority are almost entirely held by white people.94 of the police force is white.5 out of 6 city councilman are white, the mayor is white.And every single member of the school board is white.That is a huge disparity in representation and gives african americans little to no direct input into how their community is run.It also establishes a pretty terrible us versus them dynamic.

A dynamic made worse by an enormous financial divide.In predominantly african american ferguson, the median household income is $37,517, which is around ten thousand dollars less than the median household income in the rest of state and much lower than the median household income nationally.This is inequality of resources and it doesn't just affect personal income, it also affects things like education and health care.Low income communities have a high school dropout rate 4.5 times higher and a level of health care that is 80 worse than that of high income communities.Two factors that make it much harder for a community.

To work its way out of poverty.Another factor at play here is the inequality of enforcement.There is ample proof that law enforcement profiles african americans, which is a polite way of saying that they actively target african americans for investigation and arrest solely based on the color of their skin.This point is central to what is happening in ferguson right now.Last year, more than 85 of all drivers stopped by ferguson police were african american.And 12.1 percent of those drivers were searched.This is important because white drivers were.

Only searched 6.9 percent of the time.Contraband was found 34 percent of the time when the driver was white and only 22 percent of the time when the driver was african american.And that's not even the biggest disparity.93 of the people arrested by ferguson police last year were african american.Which some would take as proof of a huge disparity in how african americans are treated by police.Add to all of this the the murder of oscar grant by police in oakland, the murder of eric garner by the nypd and numerous other similar incidents, and it's easy to see.

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DR RAY HAGINS Religious Miseducation Council Of Nicaea And The Christological Creation Of Jesus

Dr ray hagins religious miseducation council of nicaea and the christological creation of jesus,Dark matter paradigm darkmatterparadigmblogspot man know thyself ancient afrikan proverb in the following tutorial dr ray hagin. St louis park chiropractor in minneapolis 9523458245,St louis park minneapolis chiropractor gives a tour of mittag holistic chiropractic in minneapolis st louis park mn 952 3458245. Dr david bone st louis chiropractor webster groves missouri djinn removal,Dr david bone is a chiropractor in webster groves missouri st louis and practices alternative healing my grandparents were his patients and believed he.

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