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Hey guys so i've gotten a lot of comments and messages and just questions in general asking how i got rid or at least improved my acne on my arms and my back and my chest and it actually wasn't that hard of course it's not something that's easy that's gonna happen overnight.I've had back acne and acne on my chest and my arms and shoulders since middle school and i really didn't pay attention although i still have the scars and i'm working on getting rid of them to help it get better.I know there's a lot of you.

Out there who don't show your arms or don't show you back because you're ashamed i used to feel like that too and i actually used to get not picked on but little smart comments from other kids because i showed my back acne but, i don't care you only have one life to live so i'm gonna show you what you could do to at least make it better for those of you who aren't so confident showing it.Okay so here's some things you may need you know you guys can get this from any supermarket.Some witch hazel.

Which is my best friend a glycolic acid peel, cotton balls or cotton pad a exfoliating scrub with benzoyl peroxide tea tree oil some stridex salicylic acid wipes and now it's time to fight that back acne.Let's get started! now when you're in the in the bath you need to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis now i repeat your skin, your back acne your shoulders, your chest your back.This does not apply to your face.Your face is much more sensitive but you need to make sure that you exfoliate so you can.

Remove the dead skin cells which will prevent the clogging of your pores that leads to back acne.The next thing you can try is teatree oil now this is one of my favorite methods.You can get teatree oil at the body shop there are other places that sell 100 percent teatree oil this isn't 100 percent i believe this is 10 percent but it still works.Now you just want to find the areas where you are breaking out or you already have inflamed acne.And apply teatree oil to it.

Tea tree oil kills bacteria so this is really good for helping inflammation of 10 percent but it still works.Now you just want to find the areas where you are breaking out or you already have inflamed acne and apply the teatree oil to it.Tea tree oil kills bacteria so this is really good for helping the inflammation any of the pimples you have and it'll help get rid of them suckas! now witch hazel and apple cider vinegar is another great thing that you can use because apple cider vinegar.

Brings the ph in the skin back to normal which will help prevent acne and it kills bacteria and witch hazel draws out access oil and dirt without drying out the skin.Bam! salicylic acid wipes.You can get these wipes from target or cvs.They're just basic acid wipes with salicylic acid in them 2 and this also helps get rid of bacteria and acne and helps it from forming.I will admit it does does sting a little bit.Now the next thing you can use is the glycolic acid peel.

Glycolic acid peel could be used supercharged the skin natural cell renewal process by gently loosening the outer layer of the dead skin cells on the skin surface revealing smooth radiant skin.Yes, i read that because i wanted to make sure i told you exactly what is does.This is something that you can do once a week.I would not recommend doing it more than that because this exfoliating peel is a little stronger than the old fashion way you i what exfoliate.You can potentially harm your skin.

If you do too much trust me i have done it.Just get a qtip or cotton ball or a cotton pad pour a little bit the glycolic acid peel on it and wipe it over the area that you want to exfoliate or that you want to peel leave it on for the most i say five to six minutes and then you can get some baking soda so that you can neutralize it will not stop processing on its own so make sure you get baking soda and just put that on your skin rinse it off with some cool water.

To cool down the burning sensation and there you go.I hope all of these tips can help you i know they have helped me.Just be patient and find a routine that works for you.Of course i don't want you to do all of these things at once because you'll probably end up destroying your skin.Just choose one method that you think it will work for you and continue doing it.Stay dedicated.I hope this help you guys and i want you to post in the comments below any routine.

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