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How I Healed My Tooth Infection Without Antibiotics

Hi guys! it's adelle with authentista.I hope this tutorial finds you well.If you're watching this, based on the title you might not be feeling so great but i wish you a speedy recovery.I have a quick question for you do you know what this is this my friends is a prescription for antibiotics that i was given not too long ago.I was experiencing some radiating pains in my jaw.It was also accompanied by some shooting feelings going through my head and my neck on one side.So i ended up going and seeing a bunch of dental.

Specialists one day to get some opinions.Basically what was going on in my mouth was that there was an infection likely underneath an old root canal.There's a lot of controversy coming up now about root canals.Having a dead essentially body part still remaining in your body is what that works out to.It can open your body up to bacteria which is what happened to me.There was nothing wrong with the tooth, there was nothing wrong with the gum tissue um but there was something going on, some type of infection underneath.

He pretty much told me that the only thing he'd recommend was just for me to take antibiotics for a week and move on with my life.And i was just like no no antibiotics because i, i have been learning more and more about the effects of pharmaceutical antibiotics on a person's system.Now there's no argument that antibiotics have save some people's lives and they are entirely necessary in some situations.But if we're using a systemic antibiotic to treat something that's going on in our jaw, we're going to be running into side effects,.

Serious problems in health down the line.Now i'm not here to convince you whether you should or shouldn't use antibiotics for your particular situation, that's entirely up to you.I told him i would take the prescription he gave me, think about it, but i was going to use natural methods to overcome my infection.And i did it in one day! so i basically used five things to get over my tooth infection in one day ahcc, ionic silver, olive leaf extract, candex and i also used probiotics which i don't have out because those need.

To be kept in the fridge.So the first one, ahcc.Ahcc activates your own immune system to fight the formation of abnormal cells.I heard from a reliable source that this is actually something that they use to help fight the anthrax concern that we had when we had that anthrax breakout, so i mean this stuff is no joke.It's now also being used to treat things like cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and there are many in vivo, human clincal trials you can find online about ahcc that show the effectiveness.It's not cheap,.

It's about two dollars a pill.I took it on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, again on an empty stomach so you kind of want to wait about two hours after having eaten.I know that's like a bit much but i like to be super certain.And then again i took it before bed.I took two of them each time.Now the second thing that i took was this product i've got here called candex.Now basically what candex is,.

Is it's an enzyme that eats through fungal walls.I know it sounds really gross but let me explain for a second.We all have a natural level of candida and certain amounts of yeast in our body.They produce different b vitamins, they're part of our natural ecosystem.But if we're messing around with the bacteria in our body on any kind of level, the bacteria that normally keep the candida in check are wiped out and you risk having them start to proliferate.That's why sometimes a lot of people who take antibiotics they may experience.

Gastrointestinal problems, yeast infections.So i took the candex with during the treatment just in case.So there's no harm in taking this if you don't have that issue.All it does is digest certain types of cell walls.So if you were to take it and eat a salad, it would break down the salad, basically.Now i also took this on an empty stomach so i would take the first pill and then wait about an hour and a half and then take the candex.I took this in the morning and the evening as well.Now this is definitely one.

Of the stars of the show.This is ionic silver.Now silver is found in the soil, in plants that we eat.It's found in nature.The studies that show the effects of silver on human health are tremendous.There's a story floating around online about how richer families way back in the day were protected or immune from certain you know bacteria and viruses that were killing other people because they were constantly eating off of silver plates with silver utensils.I'm not sure if that's true or not but i thought that's kind of interesting.A great thing.

About silver is that it only has an effect on single celled pathogens.Talking bacteria, viruses and fungi.Now when you're looking to buy the silver, you'll find there's kind of some controversy over the different qualities about what's out there.I thought i was purchasing colloidal silver when i bought that but the truth is that real colloidal silver is really difficult and expensive to come across apparently.Most of them are colloidal silver knockoffs like this which is ionic silver.But the great thing about that is it is still effective.

And it's more cost efficient.What i did with the silver was, i put a small amount in my mouth and i swished it through the affected area for as long as i could, multiple times throughout the day.And it was interesting because when i first put it in there, i started doing that, i could feel a pain coming in the area where it was kinda like it was doing something in there so i don't know it was kind of a good feeling.All right so let's talk about olive leaf extract.Olive leaf extract is like another one of those things.

That's like a miracle supplement that does amazing things.I don't know what else to tell you but this stuff just basically kills the hell out of any kinds of bacteria and fungi.I'm talking complete destruction, annihilation, instant death.If you have something in your body that's not supposed to be there, it's going to be royally.I used the olive oil extract again to swish and hold in my mouth over the infected area multiple times per day.So i would kind of alternate between the silver and the olive leaf extract.So.

The final thing i used were some probiotics.This is probably just running a little bit paranoid because the ahcc helps your body to recognize things that aren't supposed to be there so it technically shouldn't be killing off your bacteria but i love probiotics.They're super good for you and if you're having any kind of bacterial imbalances in your body, it's kind of a good idea to load up on some of the good, friendly faces.Maybe try a couple different kinds.I take them three or four times a day, a couple of pills, it might sound.

Like overkill, i can't say if it works for everybody but it does miracles for me and definitely something you might want to consider.Thanks so much for watching.One thing that i've really come to learn is that you can encounter the deadliest pathogen on the planet and some people will contract the illness and other people won't.There are a lof of things that can affect that! stress, diet, the thoughts you think about yourself and your life.There's also an extended amount of research on the effect of parental bonding and attachment.

With children affecting the development of their immune system.Now for myself, that's something that i struggled with in childhood.I've had a number of immune related disorders and issues throughout my entire life.The great thing about realizing something like that and doing the research is that you can find ways to heal yourself and move on from that.So just be thankful that you had your attention drawn to an area of your body that needed looking after.And then just try to look at places in your life that could use.

A bit of balancing and i'm sure you'll find some wonderful healing benefits from doing that.If you're interested in more detailed information about the supplements i talked about, please subscribe to my channel.I'm going to be posting a lot more things about that.As well as the different links between childhood attachment and illness, mind and body healing, those things are all coming up and things i love talking about so if you have any questions or any comments, leave them below or visit my website, send me an.

MRSA Wound Treatment

Okay so in this tutorial we will be discussing the national treatment methods for your mrsa staph infections and how you can permanently cure your even chronic mrsa infections before his ass national bureau most fashions yes witnesses that while mother a and water and must lead and the ball paths in band yes back to your multiscreen all stop at atm muaaa boss who are because it is resistant to many antibiotics name and sm saturn the beach area sure the most yeah the that remains home mosque in fashion sang and said.

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What Is MRSA Infection And Its Natural Treatment

What is mrsa infection and its natural treatment,Visit mrsatreatmentsconf to completely get rid of your mrsa skin infection naturally and for good natural cure your recurring mrsa staph infection. Mrsa infection treatment natural cure for mrsa that works,Tinyurlp3gu9s3 click the link to find out more information for hemorrhoids treatment youtube7blfgds3hxa mrsa infection treatment. How to natural cures for mrsa and staph infection hospital gyms stores,Free healing booklet visit here for more infonutriforceacademymrsahealth stop mrsa and staph infection.

Top 12 natural cures for mrsa,Read moresearchherbalremedytop12naturalcuresformrsa. What is mrsa infection and its natural treatment,Visit tinyurlkxbe5l3 to completely get rid of your mrsa skin infection naturally and for good natural cure your recurring mrsa staph infection using. How to treat mrsa infection without antibiotics natural treatment for mrsa skin infection,Visit mrsainfectionnatural55 how to treat mrsa infection without antibiotics natural treatment for mrsa skin infection mrsa is the.

How to treat mrsa at home how to get rid of mrsa naturally,How to treat mrsa at home how to get rid of mrsa naturally get it haveatrialmrsatreatment if you are a chronic mrsa sufferer you are definitely.

How to treat mrsa infection naturally mrsa home care,How to treat mrsa infection naturally mrsa home care get it haveatrialmrsatreatment this presentation introduces you the natural treatment options. Top 10 home remedies for mrsa,Read moresearchherbalremedytop10homeremediesformrsa.

Periodontal Gum Disease How To Cure Naturally Health Tips Education

Periodontal gum disease how to cure naturally health tips education,Periodontal pathology is a science or a study of periodontal diseases periodontal diseases can affect one or more of the periodontal tissuesstructures eg. Mrsa could there be a natural cure,Lubecki wellness center sacramento ca 91696675 in this amazing testimony you will hear the story of connie k from oregon and how she dealth with. Mrsa infection treatment health tips education,Methicillinresistant staphylococcus aureus mrsa is a bacterium responsible for several difficulttotreat infections in humans it is also called.

Natural cures for mrsa cause antibiotics dont work,Take these steps like share linknutriforceacademymrsa after two rounds of antibiotics the mrsa kept coming back it was making me. Staph infection secrets cure staph and mrsa without antibiotics,Staph infection secrets is your complete resource for staph and m r s a tinyurlcurestaphinfectionmrsa it is more than just a complete guide to. Mercer staph infection ole time remedies,On this episode of ole time remedies we invite mark with flutes flies and feathers to the show to speak about his bout with mercer and how ole time.

Natural mrsa cure boil cure staph infection remedy,I outline what i have used to overcome and get free of recurring boils caused by mrsa. Natures antibiotic colloidal silver kills bacteria cures mrsa malaria tooth decay,Anousta none of us really like antibiotics im sure it has been shown that if this new form of colloidal silver is kept on a site of infection for. Acne mrsa lupus solution they dont want you to know,173203113248simpleindexpageacnehivcurencbookz any product with 1benzethonium chloride will cure 99 of usa skin.

MRSA Wound Treatment

Mrsa wound treatment,Visit mrsatreatmentsconf to start you healing today get permanent relief from your repeat mrsa infections in 12 days or less beat mrsa skin infection. How i healed my tooth infection without antibiotics,Check out my ebook how to make money on youtubecreative use code 20 for a discount get the products mentioned here. Sinus infection home remedy breakthrough you have got to see this sinus tutorial,Sinusinfectiondiscovery new sinus infection home remedy stops your sinus infection in minutes made from 100 organic plant extracts discovered.

How to cure ear infections without antibiotics natural treatment for chronic ear infections,Visit earinfectionnatural55 how to cure ear infections without antibiotics natural treatment for chronic ear infections what are the. Best natural antibiotics effective in treating various diseases and health conditions,Best natural antibiotics effective in treating various diseases and health conditions should you go to the and purchase conventional antibiotics when. Heal swollen legs ankles feet naturally edema cure fix heart disease kidney liver walking help diet,Update 612015 after my feet continuing to swell for almost a year i got health insurance and went to the and did an ekg blood work etc showed no.

How to cure hpv naturally,How to cure hpv naturally is discussed in detail in this book thank you for hpv if you have an interest in how to cure hpv naturally you can find all about how. Lyme disease holistic alternative medicine treatment options,Please take the time to read the associated webpage for more information before you ask questions thanksdrhiraniyourconditionlyme patient. New mrsa treatment breaks infections cycle,For more information tinyurlmrsatreatments breakthrough mrsa treatment stops 3 years of repeated mrsa attacks without antibiotics discover.

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