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5 Step Process to Treat Anemia Naturally

Hey, guys. Axe here, of functional medicine.Today i'm going to share with you my fivestep process to treat anemia naturally.If you want to know the best anemia cures, you're going to find those in this tutorial, including the best diet, supplements, along with triggers, things that can trigger anemia you absolutely want to watch out for.The first step in overcoming anemia is really nourishing your spleen.Your spleen is an organ that is responsible for red blood cell production, as well as keeping fluids together in your system.If your spleen isn't healthy, that's one of the first factors that's going.

To cause anemia.There are specific foods that will actually help nourish your spleen, helping you overcome anemia naturally.That first food group would be squash, specifically things like pumpkin, acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, those bright orangecolored foods.Think fall harvest, those sort of foods are going to be fantastic for nourishing the spleen.So step number one is nourishing your spleen.I would recommend getting one to two servings of squash in your daily diet.If you want some ideas, you can check out some of my recipes.

There on draxe.The other thing that's very important for nourishing your spleen and red blood cell production are going to be green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and chard.Doing one serving of those a day, something like a kale salad or sauted spinach, is also very nourishing to your spleen.Last, but not least, our bitter foods are good for the spleen, specifically things like romaine lettuce, arugula.You can even do bitter herbs before a meal as a supplement.But anything that's sort of a bitter food is very, very nourishing to.

The spleen.Step number two to help you naturally overcome anemia is you need to start getting your gut healthy with probiotics.Now, listen to this principle.It's not, you are what you eat, it is, you are what you digest.If you're not digesting properly and absorbing and assimilating nutrients properly, you're not absorbing iron.So for a lot of people, you might even be taking iron supplements, and they're not working.The reason is that you're digestive system isn't healthy, and you probably have a condition called leaky gut.Leaky gut doesn't allow.

You to properly absorb iron as well as certain other vitamins, like vitamin b12 and magnesium and zinc.So you could be deficient because you don't have a healthy gut, and probiotics are really the first key into restoring your digestive health.In fact, a recent study out of stanford found that when somebody supplements with probiotics, all of their b vitamin levels go up along with their iron.So listen, treat the root cause, not the symptom.So many s today say, hey, just go and take this iron tab..

It's not fixing it.You've got to be able to absorb the iron tab for it to work.So for that reason, you want to add in probioticrich foods like real homemade yogurt, goat's milk kefir, sauerkraut, and other probioticrich foods.Then taking a probiotic supplement, typically 50 to 100 billion ius daily, can definitely help support your iron absorption.Step number two in overcoming anemia is getting those processed and junk foods out, especially excess sugar and anything that can cause candida.Oftentimes, candida and anemia are linked.So if you ever notice a white color on your tongue or in the back of your throat or if.

You ever tend to get any sort of yeast issues, you know that's candida.Candida will block iron absorption.So diet is key.In order to really overcome that, you've got to support the spleen, like i talked about earlier, but also eliminate processed sugars and grains.So again, if you are doing a lot of sugars, pastas, breads, cereals, any type of grain product or sugar product, that's going to feed yeast.Replace those with healthy fats in your diet.Or if you're going to use a sweetener, raw local honey in small amounts,.

A tablespoon at most at a time, or stevia is the best option in terms of sweeteners.The next step in helping you overcome anemia is going to be actually consuming ironrich foods.Some of the best include foods like liver.In fact, beef liver and chicken liver are by far the highest.That might sound gross to you, consuming liver.But i'm telling you, if you buy organic chicken liver at your local farmer's market or at your health food store, you can put it in a crock pot with chicken in equal ratios, or about a third liver, twothirds.

Chicken, and do a big crock pot with vegetables like carrots, celery, onions, sea salt.Do a big crock pot with some liver in there, and that is the perfect meal to help replenish your liver, as well as liver is very high in iron, as i just discussed, which is important, so again, getting liver in your diet.Also, other ironrich foods you want to be getting in your diet.Look towards meat, specifically grassfed beef.Bison is fantastic and lamb.But think organic, grassfed red meats are some of the highest foods in iron.Also, spinach and kale and chard, getting those green leafy.

Vegetables in.So again, an ideal meal might look like that crock pot soup i talked about earlier.Another idea would be a bison burger with a side of spinach.Fantastic for helping you overcome anemia.And last but not least, lifestyle and reducing stress.If you're emotionally stressed out, if you struggle with unforgiveness, anger, or have chronic worry and anxiety, those things really deplete your spleen and your liver and will exhaust those organs.So really make sure that you are scheduling in times of relaxation, times of fun during your week, getting plenty.

Of sleep at night.Those things will really help recharge your system and body.If you do those things, you're going to see fantastic results in overcoming anemia.Last little bonus tip here.In chinese medicine, again, anemia is very closely related to the spleen, and certain herbs actually help support the spleen, especially ginseng.Ginseng is known as an adaptogenic herb that helps your body better deal with stress.So adding in a supplement like ginseng may also help really in supporting healthy blood.Then beets, another super food.They really help with a healthy circulatory system and healthy iron levels.

Home Remedies For Thalassemia II II

Welcome to health care at home one of our viewer has emailed and wrote us to share some home remedies on thalassemia first of all we have to understand that what is thalassemia thalassemia is a combination of two words thalass and emia thalass itself if a greek word which means sea samaudra and meaning of emia is blood that means meaning of thalassemia is sea of blood or blood of sea what happen in thalassemia itself is actually where the red blood cells of our body which has hemoglobin hemoglobin itself is a protien which provides oxygen in the complete body.

When the problem of thalassemia happens then your hemoglobin starts reducing.Due to this we suffer from enemia and when this disease starts increased then the change of blood procedure starts so, for this what you have to do.You need not to eat iron rich food if you are consuming any multivitamin then before asking your if that multivitamin contains iron you need not to consume it one more major problem is seen here, bones get very weaken those who have thalassemia, it is observed that their bones gets very weak.

So, you have to eat calcium rich food along with that vitamin d is also required for taking vitamin d very simple remedy is there as soon the sun is risen or about to rise, you must take sun bath or else you can stand infront of sun for 5 minutes then also you will get vitamin d in sufficient quantity.Apart from that you must consume food which is enrich with vitamin d as far as home remedies are concern, for thalassemia the most important remedy is you have to take minimum 100150 ml juice wheat grass.

Empty stomach in morning and similarly empty stomach in evening.It is been noticed that those who has to go for blood change in every week with the usage of wheat grass juice the duration of the blood changing gets very very low with the usage of wheat grass juice along with this consumption of juice of 4 leaves of basil is mandatory.That also you can take either before or after the meal.So consume the juice of 4 spoon of basil leaves this will also give you relief in the thalassemia.

Along with this you have to be careful that you must eat food enrich with folic acid folic acid like you can take lentils,banana,soya products ,sweet potato in beetroot also folic acid is also found in good quantity so you start consuming them, so that the hemoglobin may start generating in the body and you may get relief in the problem of thalassemia but most importantly you have to consume the juice of wheat grass how to prepare the wheat grass juice that i will tell you nothing to do, take 7 small pots.

Fill them will the sand and soak the wheat overnight so the soaked wheat grass that you have to put in every pot day by day on alternate day, put the wheat grass but down to 12 inches of the sand and make sure you give proper water you need not to put these pots in sunlight you can place them in shadow on seventh day you will found that grass has risen.When the grass rise as equiliant to 1 finger or almost more than 1 12 of finger.

On 7th or 8th day then you may tear it from the roots cut the portion where the wheat is, and wash the grass wisely and put it in the blender, add some water and prepare the juice of it and stain this and after straining the juice comes out that is called wheat grass juice you have to use the fresh juice, that also within the 15 minutes because it starts loosing its nutrients value after 15 minutes and almost in 3 of hours its completely lost its nutrition value.

So while preparing juice you must consume it immediately and you will notice that you are getting relief in the problem of thalassemia so, isn't it was an easy remedy rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us.Wo meet us you have to subscribe this channel.Tell to your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel.Get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in out motive.Our motive is that maximum number of people may get health benefits while sitting at home only.

5 Step Process To Treat Anemia Naturally

5 step process to treat anemia naturally,Draxe today im going to share with you my 5step process to treat anemia naturally including the best diet supplements and triggers 5step. 15 best natural cures for anemia,Read more remedies hereayurvediccure15effectivenaturalcuresforanemia. Home remedy for anemia diabetes cholesterols ii ii,Home remedy for anemia diabetes cholesterols ii ii anemia is usually defined.

Anaemia natural ayurvedic home remedies,Dont forget to check out our brand new website hmvdesc anaemic patients have low red blood cell count these cells are responsible for delivering. How to treat iron deficiency anemia naturally how to cure anemia fast,Homeyog the tutorial shows how to treat iron deficiency anemia naturally and how to cure anemia fast anemia is caused by many reasons but the most. Top 10 home remedies for anemia,Best 10 home remedies to cure anemia.

7 cures to anemia,Read more at searchherbalremedynaturalcureforanemia.

Anemia irondeficiency symptoms causes home remedies ayurvedic treatment,Planetayurvedaanemianaturaltreatmenthtm anemia care pack of planet ayurveda is a combination of ayurvedic herbal based products. Anaemia natural home remedies of anemia,Homeremedies9commonremedieshomeremediesaanaemiahomeremedies anaemia is a disease which arises when red blood cells in your.

Natural Treatment For Anaemia Anemia Health Tips

Natural treatment for anaemia anemia health tips,Anemia or anaemia is usually defined as a decrease in the amount of red blood cells rbcs or the amount of hemoglobin in the blood it can. Anemia symptoms and treatments signs of being anemic,Howdinihowdinitutorial66381 anemia symptoms and treatments signs of being anemic many women suffer from anemia which can be. Home remedy for anemia,Natural homemade remedy for curing anemia this homemade treatment will help to cure anemia naturally.

Best home remedies for anemia,Easy and effective natural cures for anemia. Anemia iron deficiency anemia home remedies for anemia,Approximately three million americans suffer from anemia a condition that occurs when the bodys red blood cell count is less than normal red blood cells. Anemia juice or herbal remedy,Melissawestanemiajuiceorherbalremedy for show notes click the link above please subscribe here wzz8nr heres my website.

Top 10 foods to increase hemoglobin levels fast naturally,Induswomen home remedies for anemia home remedies for anemia anemia is a condition in which there is a decrease in the amount of. Natural methods to cure aplastic anemia lowhigh blood platelets baba ramdev,Visit hindiayurvedablogspot for ayurvedic tips from acharya balkrishna ji subscribe for more yoga tutorialsthanks. Natural treatment for anemia anemia treatment options,Trckmespirulinabenefit a natural treatment for anemia is spirulina among anemia treatment options spirulina ranks at the top there are not many.

Dioscovite Yam Vitamin A Sickle Cell Anemia Natural Remedy

Dioscovite yam vitamin a sickle cell anemia natural remedy,This tutorial is about dioscovite a natural remedy for sickle cell anemia control disclaimer the information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute. Anemia treatment in hindi by sachin jaipurthepinkcity,Print anemia treatment in hindi isrpsx watch anemia treatment in english sokvneu watch anemia treatment in hindi by. Ayurvedic home remedies for anemia,Going to the is something that no one really enjoys substances avilable in kitchen and surrounding area many times offer effective solutions for many.

Treatment for anemia at home natural treatment for anemia how to treat anemia,Treatment for anemia at home natural treatment for anemia home remedies of anemia swatchvtzwxpf3yqi. Sickle cell update natural remedies,Ive been taking these remedies and i feel better every little bit helps so check them out and see whats best for you i love my youtube audienceyall. How to treat anemia naturally how to cure anemia naturally,How to treat anemia naturally how to cure anemia naturally how to get rid of anemia prevent anemia anaemia is a disease which arises when red blood.

Healing my sickle cell anemia,Danny vierra interviews daniel thomas who came to bellavita lifestyle center with sickle cell anemia incredible improvement using gods natural remedies. Yoga natural remedies for anemia,Yoga natural remedies to prevent or cure anemia asanas pranayama helpful tips. Home remedies for anemia,Here are some home remedies for anemia remedy 1 almonds are a useful remedy for anemia as they are rich source of copper soak 7 to 8 almonds in water.

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