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hi, ladies.Some of you have been asking about how i treat mastitis naturally.It's an oldtime remedy that was given to me by my mom, actually.My mom did it, her mom did it, all my sisters did it.I tried it, and it works like a charm, honestly.My niece, a couple of my friends have tried it.It really works naturally, and you can avoid antibiotics and i'm just going to say this.If you have been taking antibiotics, you really wanna get yourself some good probiotics.

I think the most therapeutic grade that i know is called biokult, or you could get pb8.The letter p like peter, b like boy, eight.It has eight different strengths, probiotic.Or whatever you can get a hold of.So, you do need to recolonize your gut so that your immune system can be functioning.80 of your immune system is in your gut.So you do wanna put those, i call them good soldiers , that's what i call them to my boys.You need the good bugs, the good soldiers,.

so they can fight the bad ones.You want to get some probiotics for sure.And avoid sugar as much as possible, which is very hard to do, when you are on antibiotics or you have been on them.Okay, let's get to it.First, you wanna get some camphor oil.Link below.You wanna get some camphor oil.That's basically what treats the mastitis.And you wanna catch it before it gets too bad.So if you feel pain or tenderness inside, like you can totally tell that in some area.

It hurts a lot, and you can feel a lump.What i do is, i get into the bathtub with hot water, as hot as you can get, so get in when you start pouring, not when the tub is full, so you can adjust the temperature and increase it as hot as you can, get in there.Pour some epsom salt, get some epsom salt at costco or walgreens or walmart, fred meyer.Get some just pure epsom salt, pour that in.What it does is, it pulls toxins out.

It relaxes your muscles and things like that.It's very healing, actually.So what you want is, you want a hot tub, hot water in your bathtub, with epsom salt.And you wanna lay there with your chest down, so it can be covered in heat, and you want to warm up your breasts as much as possible.And then try to massage it down.I also do in circles if i can find the lump, i massage the lump.But then you just wanna massage it down and get as much milk out as possible.

When you come out, nurse your baby, so the baby can finish emptying your breast.You want it as empty as possible.Then what you do is, you get this camphor oil, or camfore oil, and you soak a tissue paper in it completely, like soak it.You don't want it dripping, but you want it entirely covered.You can make it smaller depending on the size of your breast.But basically what you do is, you soak this in this oil.I'm not gonna do it right now because i don't have a problem right now, i don't have mastitis.

But you wanna do that.And then basically, what you do is, you take the soaked napkin, and you wanna cover your breast completely, from top to the sides, everything has to be covered.Basically wrap it, like gift wrap it.Laughs so like that.You want it entirely, all the way.Oh, and when you massage the breast, make sure you get it all the way from the armpit area, because your milk ducts actually go pretty up high.And then you get yourself plastic wrap or saran wrap, whatever.

You get it basically as big as the napkin.You wanna protect your clothing.And it has this kind of strong smell.Not a bad smell, but a strong smell.But it washes off really easily.And this is what you do.You cover that all the way around.You want it all covered, and then you need, i guess i should've showed all the supplies.But this is basically all you need, is the plastic wrap, the napkin, the camphor oil, and a piece of fabric of some sort, maybe like an old towel or flannel.

This is cashmere, you can get cashmere.Go to goodwill, get yourself a cashmere sweater.Who cares what color it is it keeps the heat in wonderfully.So you just wrap it all the way.Just like that.And hide it.Hide it back in your bra.Just like that.Doesn't look pretty, doesn't smell pretty.Who gives a crap if you can avoid antibiotics and be done with this the next day or the day after.So this is what i do.If you feel something going on, like if you feel any pain happening,.

And it's morning or night, any time of day.Just start doing that, empty the breast entirely, warm it up, or, i should say warm up your breast, empty, do the compress, and then what you do is you nurse the baby on this side.When the baby needs to nurse on the other side, or when it's full, you take it off, take everything off.Wash your breast with soap, the smell goes away.The baby nurses just fine.And then you put it back on.So you keep it like that on for like 24 hours,.

Maybe even a little bit longer, just depending.So i do this at night, usually.Well, usually sounds like i do this all the time, but when i have a problem, it usually hits me towards evening.I feel almost sick, weak, just miserable.I feel miserable.And so i do this at night.And then in the middle of the night, i wake up, i nurse the baby, i put it back on.In the morning, i'll pump or nurse or whatever.I have to do both, 'cause there's too much milk.

So basically, that's how you take care of it.And you will feel the reduction in pain the next morning.If you had a fever all night, your fever will probably break by morning.So it's really, really effective.And there is this neighbor girl that had an issue, and i told her, go to the store, pick up some camphor oil, and do exactly as i tell you.Don't skip a step, don't think that you can just do this for two hours, or not empty the breast, or whatever, do it exactly like that.

So empty it all the time, as much as you can.And it should be fine by the next morning, or after 24 hours, or maybe 36 hours.And the next day you might still feel a little pain.That is because, it's like a bruised feeling.It'll just feel like it was bruised.But you won't feel sick like you're coming down with the flu or something, so that's it.You can massage it in the shower, in between, or before bed, but i think the first step is very important,.

Where you take an epsom salt bath and you just massage it and just get all the milk out.The heat will work.And also, ladies, try to cover up as much as you can.Especially when it's a little chilly outside or raining.You don't want your boobs to get a little cold and your milk will harden, and that's the beginning of a problem.Yeah, i hope it's helpful.I hope some of you try it.Yeah, i have not had to take any antibiotics for any of this stuff.

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