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Hey everybody! happy thursday! and today is another episode of coffee and a chat.Mmm.Does a body good.So today's question is actually one and the reason i thought it was coffee and a chat 'cause it was something that i just want to talk about with you! and the question says what is your view on natural therapies for mental health over medications and in parentheses, mainly antidepressants or as other reliable treatment options i went to a massage therapist slash neuropath last week and she seemed to scrunch up her face when i said that.

I was on antidepressants.She then linked my headaches and tight muscles to probably being symptoms of the medication.She went on to talk about all the importance of eating only organic foods, having only natural cleaning products in the house, and the use of herbal medicines and aroma therapy stuff.So then she went on to say that i'd be off those antidepressants in no time if i went down this natural road to health.And i'm just doing that 'cause that's what it says in the queston.I felt a little invalidated and that all.

Of my problemsi struggle with ptsd, anxiety, and depression will simply dissapear if i just change a few things.But then it got me thinking.Why doesn't therapymental illness talk about more natural treatment options all they seem to produce is talkbased therapies and medication.Very true.Um, and then she says, just wondering your thoughts and i'm referring to what she's talking about and what they've told her about i'm referring to treatments that people such as Joe dispenza, the food matters documentary, and Bradley nelson, who, that's what they talk about.

So any insights i thought this was a really good question.And the truth of it is that i, personally, in my own life, subscribe to the whole organic natural cleaning product bandwagon i've jumped on that bandwagon, and not to do with my mental health, just because i believe that things should be grown naturally in general.Why in the world did we ever use such nasty things like pesticides and why are some tomatoes like this big yet taste like shit that's not normal! it bothers me.I don't understand it.

So i personally pay extra and deal with it to buy organic meat, produce, everything, and natural cleaning products, for the most part.I still really like bleach.Is that considered natural probably not.But ithe smell just makes it seem so clean! so, for the most part, i totally get behind that.But do i go to restaurants and and be like is that cauliflower organic no.I'm not that kind of person, not that there's anything wrong with that kind of person.Those are just my kinds of thoughts about.

The organic, natural living lifestyle.Can natural living and healthier cleaning products and overall treating your body better help things for you definitely! it cani've heard stories, and i don't know the studies because there aren't really any studies.There are, like case studies, like, one at a time, which unless you have a whole bunch of people i don't really you know believe that much about what they've found.But in some case studies with certain people, they've found that ailments they used to have, such as, you know, cancer cells or, you know,.

Diabetes, heart disease, all of those things, we know can be improved through diet, exercise, organic eating, nonprocessed foods, we've all heard this whole, like, clean eating shinanigans has been going on for forever.Right those things we find to be true, and i'm sure there's a ton of research.If any of you find research supporting it, 'cause i believe it, you can leave it in the comments and let us know.So with regard to that, yes, it can improve your life.It can improve your physical health, which we know, healthy mind, healthy body,.

If any of you have been forever, my og viewers, you guys really like that phrase, og viewers, you know who you are, we know the the healthy mind, healthy body, they're linked.One can't really exist without the other and visa versa.So, yes, treating our bodies well makes us feel better.Then, we go into what this person's actually asking.She struggles with ptsd, anxiety, and depression.Would those things just dissapear if we subscribed to this, like, neuropath healthy lifestyle my thoughts, because this is a chat, right you leave your thoughts below.

I don't think so.Does healthy eating, you know, whatever, vegetarian, vegan, lifestyle, clean eating, natural path, neuropath, whatever you want to call, whatever, anything in that vein, homeopathic pharmacies.Will any of that stuff get rid of the trauma, make it cease to exist no.And that's my belief.Do i believe that getting out of the house, getting sun on your face, eating well, treating your body right could maybe lift your mood and help alleviate some of your depression while we're working together definitely! i prescribe that to a lot of my clients.

I always tell them that they need to get out, they need to see friends, they need to eat better, they need to do all of these things, right drink a lot of water.Um, there are things we can do to help ourselves feel better moodwise and improve the way our bodies function.So if there are things that you can do to help with that, do it.But don't let someone who pretty much there's a lot of people who see things in black and white.We know that.

That's not good.I live in the gray.Right eating organic, treating your body right is good, but does it remove mental illness no.Would you say that to a person who's had paranoid schizophrenia for 25 years that if, oh, if you'd just stopped eating processed foods and meats and ate organic and stopped taking any medicine then it would have gone away i'd have to argue no because we know in the brain that there are actual structural differences, and things are actually different.We also know that there are things such as.

Dopamine and seratonin, and when those aren't in balance in a certain way then we can feel different.We can feel better or worse.That doesn't mean that it's only that that affects what's going on with us, but that's a huge portion of it and we can't discredit it.And you, i mean the person who wrote this question said they felt a little invalidated.I would have, too! mental illness is not a joke.It's not something that we can just snap fix with, you know, eating clean and.

Dadalada.That's not why it started.It could make it worse because we feel like shit, but those are just my thoughts about it.I think it's great to treat your body well i'm gonna end with this.I think it's great to do that.I also think it's great to take mental illness seriously, and by telling us that maybe by taking an herbal supplement and getting massages and eating clean or organic or whatever, that we'd feelthat it would make it go away.That just seems to go a little bit.

Too far for me.But what are your thoughts what are your experiences i know that, like, melatonin has sometimes helped me sleep.That's natural.Sleep can make me feel better, can make my mood better, and that's about it.So, what are your thoughts what do you think what has been your experience share it in the comments, and give this tutorial a thumbs up if you liked it because i think these coffee and a chats are kind of cool and it gives us a little bit more time to just get to know.

Horticultural Therapy Natural Therapy From the Garden

Imagine planting a seed, providing the right soil, sunlight and water and caring for that seed until it grows into a lush tomato plant or fragrant flower.Imagine the sun on your face, the interaction with fellow gardeners, the learned and practiced skills and the patience involved in this timehonored activity.Horticultural therapists assist people in developing the physical, cognitive and psychological functionality necessary in the garden.But the benefits don't stop there.All of these skills have real applications in the world at large.By engaging in light exercise, practicing fine motor skills.

And absorbing vitamin d from the sun, overall physical condition is improved.Concentrating on the task at hand improves the ability to problemsolve, reduces stress and elevates the mood.Feelings of pride and accomplishment lead to confidence in everyday life including horticultural therapy or ht in a treatment plan can benefit people rehabilitating after physical injury, dealing with social isolation or mental illness, facing declining ability, or recovering from addiction, stroke and other challenges the longlasting effects of ht could mean a better quality of life it may be just the thing to plant a seed of hope.

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4 HOURS Natural Sounds Morning Birds Singing No Music

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