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How to Cure Vitiligo Natural Vitiligo Treatment THAT WORKS For Me See My Progress

Hi all, if you are looking for a way to learn how to cure vitiligo naturally than i am sure you will find the following tutorial very helpful.I have struggled with living with vitiligo and the mental warfare that comes with living with this disease for the past 20 plus years and have tirelessly searched for the best information and science based research on how to cure vitiligo over the past 10 years or so.I have recently, over the past 4 and a half months began to achieve what i believe to be a potential cure to my vitiligo by applying.

A few simple changes that i have made to my diet and lifestyle.Today i will share the exact details of the natural vitiligo treatment protocol that i am using to achieve my vitiligo repigmentation which is happening at quite a significant rate.In this tutorial i will show you the scientific research that i have based this natural vitiligo treatment on and show you a tutorial of the vitiligo repigmentation results that i have achieved so far, 4 and a half months in.I will also share some specific dietary tips and supplements.

That i have been using to help stimulate my melanin to come back.I hope this tutorial will help you be able to take the steps required to treat vitiligo and perhaps may even cure your vitiligo once and for all.This tutorial will help you learn how to treat vitiligo from home in a completely natural way.It may a take a while to get through everything in this tutorial so grab a pen and paper and take some notes or bookmark the tutorial so you can watch it again later.

Ok guys so i just want to show you the vitiligo repigmentation results that i have achieved so far.First of all my arm was almost 80 white from my wrist to my elbow only a few months ago and as you can see here in the tutorial the spots are starting to fill in and many areas with vitiligo spots are completely returning to the normal skin color.What's happening is the spots tend to start filling in with a bunch of very small dots that gradually get bigger and then join to fill in the area.As you can see where my arm used to be a vivid.

White it has now more of a freckled look.A bout 4 months ago my hand was complelty white with no colour what so ever and as you can see now my hand is about 30 repigmented.This is exciting to me though as most research shows that the hands and feet are very difficult to repigment but it seems to be coming back on my hands just as fast as on my arms and neck.Again here on my shins i now have only small dots left where the patch used to be.

About 2cm wide and pure white.My shins and neck have cleared up the fastest since changing up my diet and using supplements.My feet and my knees are so far are not responding anywhere near as quickly as the other areas on my body.Spots on my face are also filling in at a slow rate.But i don't really care how fast it happens as long as i'm making progress.Let me show you what i have been doing to get these results.Alright, so my natural vitiligo treatment protocol is based on scientific journals and.

Books i have read and a little bit of trial and error from living with the disease over the past 2 decades.It is very difficult to tell exactly what components of my vitiligo treatment protocol is helping me to reverse, or cure my vitiligo, so my plan is to continue to follow all of the following dietary and lifestyle changes each and every day until i achieve full repigmentation of my vitiligo.As you just saw in the tutorial at only 4 and half months in i have achieved some exciting results.

So let's get into the specifics of the vitiligo treatment protocol and delve into the studies from which i based my vitiligo specific lifestyle changes on.Firstly, i found an interesting study by montes et al, outlining the improvement of vitiligo after treatment with b12 and folic acid in combination with sun exposure montes et al, folic acid and vitamin b12 in vitiligo a nutritional approach.This particular study was undertaken on 100 people with vitiligo.Results of this vitiligo treatment study indicated that repigmentation occurred in 52 patients with 6 people achieving full repigmentation.

Over the course of the study which i believe was around 6 months.So from this research , and other things i have read it looks like some people with vitiligo respond better to b12 and folic acid supplementation than others.But i think it is definitely worthwhile trying out b12 and folic acid supplementation to see if you are one of these people who tend to respond well to the treatment.Patients in this study took 1mg of a specific type of b12 and 5mg of folic acid 3 times per day.Initially i found the specific variations.

Used in the study of these supplements hard to find locally specifically in soft shell of this particular version of b12 which is supposed to be more easily absorbed and effective, but i have managed to locate the correct type online.I will provide a link in the description below to the exact b12 and folic acid supplements that i am taking so you guys can easily track them down if you want to.Interestingly another study i found by karadag et al showed that many people with vitiligo have a b12 deficiency so supplementation of b12 for vitligo definelty.

Made sense to me.The second interesting vitiligo treatment study that i incorporated into my natural vitiligo treatment protocol was that of prasad et al 2003 effectiveness of oral ginkgo biloba in treating limited, slowly spreading vitiligo who found that a specific blend of ginko biloba can induce repigmentation in people with vitiligo.Ginko bilioba is one of the oldest living tree species and has been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years.Basically the researchers found that ginko biloba is a strong antioxidant that can limit oxidative stress which is believed.

To lead to further depigmentation in those with vitiligo.So basically we have to do everything we can to stop this free radical damage in our bodies by reducing oxidative stress.There are a few other dietary changes that i have been trying to reduce free radical damage which i will share with you later in this tutorial.But back to the ginko biloba study on vitiligo repigmentation.In this study patients were given 40mg of ginko biloba extract 3 times daily.In this study a number of people achieved significant repigmentation of their.

Vitiligo.To be more precise 10 people achieved complete repigmentation of their white spots.I found these vitiligo repigmentation results to be very exciting and knew that i had to implement ginko biloba into my own personal vitiligo treatment.If you want to try ginko biloba supplementation for yourself be very careful to purchase the correct type as some are much better quality and much more effective than others.After a lot of research i found a product that i use that matches the ginko biloba used in the prementioned research.

The supplement contains all the required leaf extract properties in the correct amounts.I will link to the ginko biloba that i am using in the description below to make it easy for you to track down.Thirdly, another thing that i have incorporated into my natural vitiligo treatment protocol is the use of copper and zinc.I started to try to get more copper and zinc into my body based on based on some interesting research by zeng et al, 2014.The study is named decreased copper and zinc in serum of chinese.

Vitiligo patients a metaanalysis.Basically in this study the researchers discovered that people with vitiligo tend to have lower levels of copper and zinc which may lead to the onset and progression of the disease.I have taken the advice of the study and have begun to take a high quality zinc supplement daily you can check out the tutorial description below for more details on the one that i am taking.Just remember zinc is most effectively absorbed and utilized in liquid form.Copper supplementation is little bit different as it is believed to be best absorbed through the skin form what i have read.To achieve.

This i have begun wearing two copper bracelets to bed at night.Of course if you wanted to try this you could wear a bracelet during the day but i don't like the way they look so i don't.If you can find a high quality copper bracelet and wear it for a few hours of the day you will get a steady supply of copper through your skin.If you do want to purchase a copper bracelet make sure that you get a 100 pure medical grade copper bracelet.When i was looking for one i noticed that many manufacturers say these bracelets are.

Pure but they have contaminants in them on closer inspection.I will provide a link to the quality bracelets that i wear in the description below.They are not that expensive.I think i only paid around $20 each.Another thing that i try to help to cure my vitiligo is to get more sun.In the past i have tried to avoid the sun as i tan very easily and it really increases the contrast of the spots.However, research suggests that sunlight can play a very important role in vitiligo repigmentation plus it has many other.

Health benefits such as bone, heart and muscle health.In the past i have gone through periods of time when i have avoided the sun like the plague to not get tanned but i have come to reliise that i cant keep sacrificing my health just to keep my skin as pale as possible.These days i try to get at least 515 minutes of sun here in australia between 103pm most days of the week.Of course here in australia the sun can be brutally harsh so depending on where you live you may need less or more.If you can't get to the sun daily perhaps.

You could try a home uvb lamp.I haven't used these uvb lamps myself but it may be worth a try.Just be careful when out in the sun or using uvb treatment because as you know we burn very easily.Whenever i go out in the sun for longer i always wear a natural sunscreen that has no nasty chemicals.Some chemicals found in popular sunscreans are believed to increase free radicals in the skin which is definelty not us people with vitiligo want.I will put a link to the natural sunscreen that i have found that is void of.

These nasties if i can find it online.Check the description below for details.I buy it in my local chemist but if i find it online i will put a link in the description for you guys.Sometimes a natural sunscreen can be a pain to track down but i think it's definetly worth doing everything we can to try to prevent the spread of vitiligo while in the process of treating the disease.Of course if you get sun you will get tanned and the contrast of your spots will get worse.

At certain times in the past this has bothered me so i have opted on using products to cover my spots when i have a special occasion to attend.I have sometimes used a vitiligo complexion blender in the past to cover my spots ill put a link in the description if you want to check it out i have found that the complexion blender it works really well on the large spots on my neck and face but i would rather avoid it as it contains some ingredients that i don't really want to apply to my skin anymore.These days if i want to cover my.

Remaining vitiligo spots i use an organic fake tan lotion that i found.It produces similar results as the vitiligo complexion blender without the nasty chemicals plus it tends to last for a week or more without fading.I have tried a heap of fake tans to cover my vitiligo in the past but i have found that this organic version looks, smells and performs the best out of the lot.I will place a link to it in the description below if you guys want to learn more about it.I like the idea of using the organic tan as i implement other.

Healthy lifestyle and supplement changes in my life.I try not to cover my vitiligo too much anymore as i am slowly learning to live with it.But to be honest i think it is the repigmentation progress that i am making with my natural vitiligo protocol that is giving me a sense of been in control of the disease rather than feeling like the disease is controlling me if you know what i mean.I feel more comfortable with my spots at the moment as i now live with a sense that they won't be around for.

Much longer and i must admit it feels great.I just try to remain positive and focused on the fact that i am treating my vitiligo with success.Taking the supplements daily is a bit of a pain initially but after a few days you get into a habit and it gets a lot easier to remember.The final thing that i believe has helped me start to repigment my vitiligo spots is incorporating certain vitiligo specific dietary changes in my life.I used to eat a quite unhealthy diet but have definetly turned that.

Around recently and i think it is playing a large part in my potential vitiligo cure.Not only am i repigmenting since i made these dietary changes but am also feeling much better and have lost quite a bit of belly fat in the process over the last few months.Basically the diet changes focus on restoring the autoimmune system and reducing free radical damge.All of the dietary changes that i am implementing are from an interesting vitiligo ebook that i found online.The book is written by a vitiligo researcher and certified nutritionist who.

Actually has beat vitiligo himself.The book gave me access to a heap of awesome vitiligo diet specific recipes and tips on what to eat and when.I cant remember the name of the guy who wrote it but i will track it down when i get home and put a link to it in the description.I think the book cost me about $30 and then vitiligo cookbook addition which they offer was around $7 extra.I believe that this vitiligo specialist who wrote the book also offers a few months of free one on one email consultations when you purchase.

His book.I haven't worried about taking up his offer but maybe some of you would find his one on one advice helpful.He seems to be very knowlegable on the trials of living with vitiligo.His book also touches on the psychological side of vitiligo which i found to be a worthwhile read also.There are also some nice audio tracks that are helpful with the mental side of living with vitiligo.I found it helpful in finding a happy perspective and overcoming depression which i know many of us struggle with at times living with this.

Disease.The vitiligo cookbooks gave me some great tips on what to eat and more importantly what not to eat.I could talk about the changes i have made in my diet for hours and unfortuntly i don't have the time right now to go through it in enough detail that will actually help you.I believe that the ebook that i am referring too comes with a 60 day money back garauntee so if you really wanted to you could buy the book print the diet info out and then get.

A refund.I think its definetly worth the money though and nice to have to refer to know and then.The book gurantees that it can cure vitiligo within 8 weeks which i think is a bit of a stretch.But like i said i'm four and a half months in and seeing great results so i'm not complaining.Although i must admit i havnt completely followed the diet to an absolute tee.Whether the repigmentation results are from my supplementation regime or from the dietary changes from the book i am not sure.I will definetly strictly stick.

To both for now.I think consistency is the key as i had one or two bad weeks where i started eating badly and forgot to take my supplements everyday and it seemed to slow my progress.So yes it does take some effort to beat vitiligo but i am proof that it can be reversed in a relatively short period of time.Basically on the vitiligo diet you eat specific foods and herbs that help support the immune system and reduce free radical damage.If you guys really want to know more i might.

Make a detailed tutorial in the future about the dietary changes i made.In the mean time i definitely recommend checking out the ebook.It doesn't cost much and is very professionally designed, easy to follow , print off recipes to keep in the kitchen, definitely worth it.I will place a link below when i get home so you guys can check it out.I found it super helpful in getting me to eat healthier in a vitiligo specific way and hopefullt you do too.In a way vitiligo has made me a much healthier person as i probably wouldn't.

Be eating this well if i wasn't trying to save my skin.Thanks for taking the time to watch this tutorial today to learn about my natural vitiligo treatment that i am hoping will soon lead to a full vitiligo cure.I have tried to implement all of these changes into my life at once so it is hard to tell exactly which ones are leading to the changes but for know i am happy to continue doing what i am doing as my spots are disappearing and am generally feeling much better than ever.Hopefully you have.

Found these studies and resources helpful in allowing you to learn how to cure your vitiligo and or at very least stop your vitiligo from spreading further.For any of you youngsters who are in the early stages of vitiligo i suggest doing everything you can to stop the spread of vitiligo as soon as possible.I wish i knew what i new what i now now about vitiligo when i was young as i believe it would have saved me a lot of stress and anxiety.I think that taking a preventive approach to your vitiligo treatment or cure is always.

A much better way to go if your vitiligo has not yet spread to much.When you don't look after yourself vitiligo can spread very fast so definetly look after yourself as best you can.I have learnt a lot from living with vitiligo and am probably going to end up been a lot healthier because of it.So take control of your vitiligo by using the evidence based tips and tricks.Good luck on your journey to overcoming vitiligo.It is a relatively slow process but i'm sure that if we keep doing the right things we can overcome and.

Cure this annoying disease.If you found this tutorial helpful be sure to give it a thumbs up below.If you have had any success treating your vitiligo.I would love to hear your story about living with vitiligo and how you cope, so please comment below.Don't forget to check out the links in the description for the exact products that i am using to help repigment.If you have any questions feel free to ask.I will try to make some more helpful tutorials on my experiences of living with vitiligo in the future and keep you updated.

Effectively Treat Psoriasis Eczema with Naturopathic Medicine Dr Shannon Sinsheimer ND

Psoriasis and eczema are both skin conditions.They present very similarly on the body.Psoriasis presents as large, scaly, white patches of skin that itches, and when you scratch it, will produce pinpoint bleed marks.Eczema will start out as smaller bumps that are vesicles that when you scratch, they ooze and, over time, will create larger white plaques on the skin.Conventional medicine treatments for eczema and psoriasis are most often topical creams, such as hydrocortisone creams.When these creams are applied to the skin, the plaque diminishes in size over time.However, when you stop using the cream, the plaque.

Can return.When a patient comes into my office for eczema or psoriasis, i first begin with a medical intake to find out how long they've had their symptoms and how severe they've been.I take a look at their skin, and then i order a blood test to find out about any food sensitivities, their liver function, and total cholesterol levels.Diet plays a significant role in the development of psoriasis or eczema, therefore, based on lab results.My first step is to eliminate foods the person is sensitive to, and instead, i recommend.

Whole, organic foods that are nutrientdense and are less likely to aggravate the skin.Stress or high stress levels are known to increase inflammation in the body.Psoriasis and eczema are both inflammatory conditions of the skin, therefore, unmanaged or highstress levels will increase the problem of psoriasis or eczema.Stress management is necessary to help deal with psoriasis and eczema, therefore i prescribe stress management techniques, such as exercise, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.I'll also prescribe a number of supplements.They include fish oil for its antiinflammatory properties and ability.

To support the skin vitamin a for its skinhealing properties milk thistle for its ability to detoxify and support the liver and vitamin d to support the immune system.Depending upon the symptoms, i may also prescribe a topical ointment, such as a homeopathic cream to decrease inflammation and increase healing time, or a vitamin and mineral infused cream with vitamin a and zinc to support the skin's healing process, or a calendula ointment, which can decrease the appearance of plaques and decrease the itchiness.Naturopathic medicine is about treating the root cause of disease, so when i treat the root cause of eczema or.

Psoriasis, i see significant to complete reduction in my patient's symptoms.For example, i had a patient come in who had psoriatic plaques covering nearly his entire back, the backs of his legs, and almost all of the backs of his arms.After three months, we saw a significant reduction in the size of the plaques, and after six months, the only symptoms present were some light pink discoloration on the upper part of his back.Another example is a young child i saw who had such bad eczema on his feet and inbetween his toes, he was.

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Ginkgo biloba leaf circulatory stimulant and brain tonic,The ginkgo biloba tree and its leaves have been studied extensively in the past several decades as one of the top super herbs for improving cognitive functions. Last week tonight with john oliver dr oz and nutritional supplements hbo,John oliver outlines what exactly is problematic about dr oz and the nutrition supplement industry then he invites george rr martin steve buscemi the. Ginkgo and a womans libido how this herb can help with 2 other benefits,Utahtexans on the above link for a free tutorial guide to buying dietary supplements and alternative medicine tutorial talks about the herb ginkgo.

The truth about erectile dysfunction and 3 uncommon cures,Erectile dysfunction 3 uncommon cures boost your sex drive with spartagen xt 1pgtnja read more erectile dysfunction. Ginkgo biloba brain food duality in unity harmonic arts,Join father and son herbalists dr terry willard phd and yarrow willard in learning about the oldest tree species in the world how it can be used to help brain. Ginkgo biloba the hidden dangers beneath the health benefits,Free ebook download comprehensive guide to herbsmeschinohealthbooksginkgobiloba in this tutorial dr meschino explains risks and.

Congestive heart failure crash medical review series,Pretty heavy on the pathophysiology of this one at the beginning keep your ears open though its important to grasp it in order to understand the treatment plan.

Afib treatment traditional medicine and alternative options,Utahtexans on the link above for a free tutorial guide to dietary supplements and alternative medicine today im going to be sharing with you. 10 health benefits of ginkgo herbal medicine,10 health benefits of ginkgo herbal medicine the benefits of the use of ginkgo biloba ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest surviving tree species on.

Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits Health Tips

Ginkgo biloba health benefits health tips,Ginkgo biloba also known as the maidenhair tree is a unique species of tree and is the only extant taxon in the division ginkgophyta it has various uses in. Ginkgo biloba freestyle w nomad blackk rose and that kid era,Nomad freestyles about ginkgo biloba and and encourages that kid era to take 2 black rose spits a quick verse some fly shit just b4 the cam shuts off. Benefits of ginkgo biloba reviewed by naturopathic ,Yournaturopathy gb24 dr kimberly wiseman board certified naturopathic reviews the benefits of ginkgo biloba and the.

Adrafinil modafinils little cousin,This tutorial reviews awakebrains adrafinil supplement called noofon from awakebrain each noofontm capsule contains 300mg of adrafinil and 40mg of. Ginkgo biloba benefits and dosage review from absorb health supplements,Sabsorbyourhealthproductginkgobiloba24flavone500mg100capsulesmemorynootropicgingko.

How to make ginkgo tea the alternative healthy energy drink,In this tutorial i go through the steps in making ginkgo tea it is a natual energy boost that is great for your health as well it is a much nicer way to get ginkgo extract. Is ginkgo biloba the miracle memory vitamin mental health guru,Youve heard that ginkgo biloba supplements can improve memory and may decrease alzheimers risk so can you believe the hype. Ginkgo biloba 6000mg review protect brain improve memory blood flow,Join our facebook group for weekly discount codes s8me01w get up to 40 discount code in my new tutorial s. Ginkgo biloba review,Ginkgo biloba is a herbal supplement that can aid memory function and delay the onset of dementia for more info. 1 allnatural brain function booster super ginkgo biloba complex neuro clarity,Supports less stress and anxiety by improving the efficiency of your brain power all natural formula supports cognitive function memory and.

Health and vitality center los angeles reviews holistic and naturopathic medicine,As las leader in functional medicine chelation and iv therapies health vitality center is unique in southern california whether you are facing. 6 natural herbs for anxiety,Stopanxietypanicattack if youve been trying to stop your overwhelming anxiety for any length of time youre probably already familiar with. Ginkgo biloba herbs found heavily contaminated with toxic lead,Breaking news from the natural news forensic food lab ginkgo biloba herbs from china have been found to be heavily contaminated with toxic lead see full.

3 natural herbs for erectile dysfunction natural treatment for erectile dysfunction,Getyourcopytodayedreverser take a look at these 3 natural herbs for erectile dysfunction natural treatment for erectile dysfunction 1 panax. Veo natural think product review brandon b,Get more information on veo natural think hereveonaturalonlinetodoproductthink think supports an alert mind by supporting blood flow. How to make a tincture herbalism basics 3,Herbalism basics 3 how to make a tincture this is one of a series of 6 youtube tutorials explaining the basic principals of making various herbal preperations.

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