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What we're going to do well we're going to make a flu shot that has so many crazy ingredients in it, it's practically going to blow your head off.We're going to put in some garlic, some ginger, some chili, some lemons, limes, oranges, cayenne pepper, and some apple cider vinegar and we're going to blend it all together.It's seriously going to kick this cold in the head and you'll feel amazing after it.So we're going to start off with two cloves of garlic.You can eat these on.

Their own if you like.But we're just going to throw them in.Word of caution, you're not going to like the taste of this and definitely don't talk to anyone for the next 12 hours after drinking this.It is definitely going to, you know.Your breath is going to stink.So with the lemons there are four times the amount of vitamin c in the lemon skin than on the inside of the lemon.So we're going to leave the whole, everything in.Same thing with the limes.All right, whole lime.Chuck it in there.Lemon, i mean,.

Sorry.Orange.And i'm going to leave the white pith on as much as possible.This white pith is really good for us.Really high in vitamin c and calcium, all the flavanoids.It's that white pith that's like really, really good.It's like 100 fiber as well, that pith.So chop it up, put it in.Now i don't know how hot these chilis are but for the hell of it i'm just going to throw the entire thing, okay so even the stem, everything is going to go in.It's going to blow my head off, that's for sure.Ginger.

Big bit of ginger as well.Okay, throw it in.Now some cayenne pepper.This cayenne pepper is really going to obviously give it a big, big kick on top of everything else.But i'm not going to put that much in.I'm probably going to put in about 14 teaspoon.14 teaspoon.Apple cider vinegar.About a teaspoon, tablespoon worth.And some water.About two cups, about a cup and a half.Now also a cup of ice would be good as well but i've got no ice left so i'm going to turn it on, blend it all together.

All right.I don't know if i'm ready for this.But look, if you have a cold or a flu or whatever this is seriously going to knock it out of the park.I'm not going to have a whole glass of that just yet.But yeah, you guys.Awesome.Look, at the end of the day you can really only taste the big bits that jump out is the garlic and a little bit, the cayenne pepper, and obviously the chili as well.But they all kind of stand out.But it's the.


Home remedies i'm going to show you five simple remedies that i use in my own home to help soothe ease our cold and flu symptoms when we get sick i am not a so please see a do you think you need one.Ginger honey tea is a great way to boost your immune system the ginger and honey combination is amazing honey acts as a natural antibiotic and ginger helps the pain and inflammation which is great ! the lemon is also loaded with vitamin c can help boost your immune system so this is a great.

Cocktail to kill a cold and flu.So i used about 1 cup of ginger root but you can use less he can handle the taste much and i peel the skin off and then i cut it into little cubes, like this once you cut it into cubes you'll want to set it aside and grab some lemons i used about two lemons in this recipe but you can use more if you'd like.Then you wanna take about a half a cup to a cup of honey depending on your.

Desired taste and add it to about 45 cups of water just put it all in the pot together.You can add the honey afterwards if you like but i like to add it while it's boiling then bring it to a boil and let it boil for about twenty twentyfive minutes and then you're ready to pour it into your cup it'll make a whole pot that's enough for everybody in the family or have lots left over throughout the day natural cough syrup, this is just one of my recipes but this is the one that i am.

Going to make today.So this one is super simple it only has a few ingredients the first ingredient is an organic lemon or lemons! you'll need multiple.Raw organic honey cold pressed organic coconut oil , and optionally cayenne pepper.So one and a half cups of honey raw organic honey half a cup of coconut oil and then you'll want to strain it any seeds so however you want to do this i used this to strain out any seeds, and just squeeze them in i used about three to four lemons and you'll notice it won't combined very well.

So you'll need to place it on the stove on lowmedium heat, you're not trying to boil it you're just trying to combine ingredients and you'll notice the consistency will change and it will be combined! that is all you're trying to do! and then pour it into your jar and it's ready for use you can add your cayenne pepper at this point by the way! but i'm leaving it out for the kids , and then your done! peppermint tea! now this is kind of a natural remedy because its natural but.

Peppermint tea is amazing to help with reducing fever nausea cough's um it has many other benefits but it's just a really simple easy way to help relieve some of those cold and flu symptoms, so i thought i'd add it in for you guys! oregano immune booster! oil of oregano is known to be antibacterial,antiseptic antiviral, and immune stimulating its high in omega3 iron and antioxidants which makes you great super set up to kill those cold and flu symptoms it'll give you instructions on the back of your bottle but this one says three.

To five times.Three to five drops three to four times daily.Garlic honey on a spoon this is more of a quick tip than anything but it's just crushing up half a clove of garlic putting it on a tablespoon adding some raw organic honey and then taking it just like that it will help boost your immune system take it once or twice a day give this tutorial a thumbs up if you would likevto see more subscribe, like us on facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter this is last week's tutorial and i'll see.

How to Cure a Cold Fast

Hey guys, Axe here, of functional medicine, nutritionist.In this tutorial i'm going to share with you my top seven home remedies to cure a cold fast.I know when you have a cold there is nothing you want to do more to get rid of it really quickly.So what i'm going to share with you right now could help you eliminate your cold in 24 hours or less, if you follow it exactly.So i'm going to go over my top seven home remedies along with a few diet tips here over the next couple of minutes.

The first thing you should start doing if you want to kick a cold fast is start consuming echinacea.In fact there are studies showing that echinacea can help you cut down your cold and flu time by more than 50, cut it down by a whole day and a half.So echinacea is very, very effective.So i would find a good echinacea supplement, starting using that right away.The second thing is elderberry or elderberry syrup.Elderberry syrup is load with antioxidants, vitamin c and immune boosting properties.So again, elderberry extracts or elderberry.

Syrup is the best of the best.And when you're buying elderberry syrup look for a brand that doesn't really have much added sugar or any added sugar, it should just be, black elderberry syrup is the best thing you can consume and actually of all the things i'll talk about that elderberry syrup maybe the most effective.This third thing you need to get in and if you want to cure your cold fast is vitamin c.I recommend a 1,000 mg, five times a day, and vitamin c improves circulation, boosts.

Your immune system.There are so many studies out there showing that vitamin c is highly effective.I'd look for a natural brand, a quality brand when you're getting that vitamin c, but again, a 1,000 mg, five times a day of vitamin c is highly effective.The fourth thing you want to consider doing in order to kick a cold fast is getting some garlic.Now you can do garlic capsules but, i found the most effective thing to do is actually simply bite down on a garlic clove once or twice and then swallow it or cut it.

Up in small little pieces and then swallow it.You typically don't want to swallow the whole clove without biting into it or without cutting it because then those compounds aren't released as well in your system, and garlic contains a compound called allicin which is a natural antiviral, natural antibacterial and antifungal.So garlic will actually kill off the bad bacteria, the virus and the fungus in your system, helping your body heal quickly.The fifth natural remedy you should consume when you're wanting to kick a cold fast is.

Oregano oil.If you've heard of oregano oil, also called oil of oregano, oregano is one of the most powerful essential oils in the world that can help naturally heal your body.And again, oregano is similar to garlic is going to help kill off the viruses, the bacteria, the parasites, those things in your body that are causing you to be in the disease state.So again, oregano oil, what i typically recommend is about four to five drops in water, three to four times a day, drinking that right down with a big glass of water is the way you're.

Going to want to use oil of oregano.The sixth thing you want to do is add in zinc.So we talked about vitamin c earlier as a vitamin, well the best mineral for boosting your immune system is zinc.So i'd recommend a 100 mg of zinc, probably 50 mg twice daily of zinc.Zinc can really naturally boost your immune system, supports your gut health, but the big thing is it's going to support that immune response in your system.So, getting some zinc in.And last but not least, along with zinc is consuming apple cider vinegar.I recommend.

Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in your water three times a day, and apple cider vinegar has a cleansing and detoxification benefits.In fact, i mentioned this earlier, echinacea.When you do echinacea along with apple cider vinegar, both of those improve lymphatic drainage and that's part of what the issue is, if you have a cold or flu you may notice that your lymph nodes are swollen.And when you can start doing the apple cider vinegar and the echinacea both, that's going to really improve and speedup your lymphatic drainage, and that's how for some people,.

If you don't follow these tips i've give you, you may have the symptoms of a cold anywhere from three days to two weeks.If you can follow these tips i've given you, it may cut it down to 24 hours or probably at the max it will cut down your total cold and flu time by a lot of times, by 7580.You're going to be feeling better that much faster.So remember those seven home remedies if you're looking to cure cold fast.They're just some good home remedies and in terms of diet, eliminate the sugars and grains.I recommend a real.

Vegetable soup every single day and ideally in the crockpot.What i'd do is actually get chicken broth along with vegetables and a little bit of chicken.Go ahead and do that, along with some citrus fruits like an orange or grapefruit or lemon throughout the day.But pretty much, i'd consume those steamed or those slowly cooked vegetables and chicken in the crockpot so we'll have real vegetable soup every meal along with maybe like one orange for breakfast.If you do that along with those seven home remedies you are going to cure that cold really,.

Home Made Cold And Flu Remedy

Home made cold and flu remedy,How to make cough sweets great natural cold and flu remedy help soothe your throat and cure you if youre becoming ill a natural medicine recipe 1 cup of. Effectively treat the flu influenza with natural medicine dr patti kim nd,Thenaturalguide natural medicine effectively stops the flu influenza and prevents it from returning on a regular basis by helping to create a. The worlds best flu cure a natural home remedy for cold flu,Snapchat zacdeane whats in this video zac shares a recipe for a flu shot this is an intense drink that will kick the cold or flu right out of you your head.

Hydrogen peroxide simple trick to treat the cold or flu,Articlesmercolasitesarticlesarchive20101222alternativecoldremediesaspxxcid natural health physician and mercola founder. Natural cold and flu remedies,Tomato tea recipe video swatchvypmoggt8wxs golden milk recipe video. Flu influenza natural ayurvedic home remedies,Dont forget to check out our brand new website hmvdesc flu influenza is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus that attacks the.

How to natural cold flu remedies,Here are some of my favourite natural cold flu remedies to keep you healthy xoxo follow me instagram instagramholistichabits shop my.

Natural cold flu remedies,Before turning to your medicine chest try some allnatural cold and flu remedies they wont make ya loopy and theyre sure to help with sore throats and runny. Diy 5 natural cough cold and flu remedies home remedies attic anatomy,These are 5 natural remedies that have been used for centuries to help sooth and shorten the duration of common illness such as cold and flu symptoms.

How To Cure A Cold Fast

How to cure a cold fast,Draxe in this tutorial im going to share with you my top seven remedies to cure a cold fast these specific remedies can help you get rid of your cold in. How to cure a coldflu bronchitis tonsillitis chest infection pneumonia or gastro naturally,Ive been using this recipe for years and it really works please consult your pediatrician before attempting to give this to your child as i am not a please. How to prevent treat the flu naturally,Did you know there are natural things you can do to both prevent and treat the flu virus for more information go todrcolbert call 4077326952.

Muco coccinum natures best homeopathic coldflu remedy,The golgi clinic is a big fan of muco why because it works and its safe for children adults and elderly it tastes good so its easy to take and only once a week. 9 flu hacks thatll make your life better,No more saturday night fevers like buzzfeedtutorial on facebook onfbme18ycf0b music backatcha licensed via warner. How to get rid of flu fast and natural flu home remedies,In this tutorial you learn how to get rid flu fast easy naturally as the herpes virus is dangerous it should be treated in a natural manner you need to know.

Cough home remedies fast relief,You must try top 3 home remedies that will help you to get rid of cough fast naturally also dont forget to check 7 more remedies for wet and dry cough at. Natural home remedies for cold and flu,The influenza virus when it infects the respiratory system causes what is commonly termed flu symptoms are generally those associated with the common cold. Onion in sock how to break a high fever with natural remedies,Adventuresofrileymadison because we do tutorial blogs we were able to catch this sad moment on camera we hope it helps some of you the next.

7 Home Remedies For Stomach Flu

7 home remedies for stomach flu,Read more information visitlifemartinihomeremediesforstomachflu. Cough and cold home remedy,This delicious and effective home remedy will help your cough and cold. Homeopathic remedies for colds and flu,Homeopath gabrielle traub discusses homeopathic and natural remedies for colds and flu on san diego living channel 6 news learn how to prevent and.

Asthma cold and flu remedies naturally part 1,Natural remedies. 9 home remedies for stomach flu,See more remedies atsearchhomeremedyhomeremediesforstomachflu. Natural homeopathic treatment for cold flu with burke lennihan,On this episode of healthytarian living host evita ochelevitaochel features returning guest burke lennihan greenhealing to share.

How to treat a stomach flu or virus stomach problems,You already love spotify but do you know how to get the most out of it here to learn all the spotify tips and tricks you never knew existed. Natural home remedies for cold flu love raw vegan,Learn about natural cold flu remedies and how to make a master tonic note i am currently in the process of opening up a holistic wellness sanctuary in. Homeopathic remedies for the flu season,Our homeopathic practitioner nicholas mazzoli shares two remedies which may help with cold and flu symptoms tutorial by pedja naturesemporium.

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