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Why You Should Stop Using Homeopathic Medicine

This is a true story.A few years ago i fell down and i hurt my ankle really badly.Like i had to call my mom and say can you pick me up from my apartment cause i can't even walk.And so she picked me up, took me back to my parents house.And when i was there, she gave me this medicine, this thing i was supposed to rub on my ankle and it was this ointment that she had used on me when i was a kid, and i got hurt.

She'd rub it on me it smelled really nice.And i remember it was, like, after she put that on me, i felt a lot better and so, here i was much older.But now she was rubbing this thing on my ankle and i'm thinking, oh this smells nice, this is gonna help me.And i'm looking at the bottle.And it said on there homeopathic.That word was in that, on the label somewhere.And now i knew what that word meant.It basically meant that there was nothing in this ointment that was actually gonna make me feel better.Nothing.

It was all in my head.It had always been in my head.But my mom, she genuinely believed it was going to help me.And for the longest time, so did i this sort of medicine exists for everything.Headaches, arthritis, even adhd.And its all fake.Here's how homeopathy works.They take a supposed active ingredient like a mineral or an herb.And then they mix it in to a lot of water.And they stir the thing.And then they take that mixture, and take a little bit of it, and put it in even mor water.And mix it.

And then they take a little bit of that and put it in even more water.And they keep doing this.Eventually the ratio of that actual ingredient is to the water is, like, a raindrop compared to all the oceans of the world.It's nothing.It's not enough to have an impact on you.In fact, the more diluted it is, the more useless it is.Some homeopaths will tell you that the water has a memory of the active ingredient.As it affects all the water that it touches.Which is just not true.

Have you ever been to the beach and you see a kid, like a mile away peeing in the water and you're, like, that's disgusting.I'm glad it's happening there because it won't affect me over here.Now imagine just one drop of that.And homeopaths are saying it doesn't matter if it happens over a mile away.Its totally going to infest the water that you're in.Get it.It just doesn't work that way.Now the people who sell this medicine to you, they make it look real.I mean, the packaging is really nice.The bottles look legitimate.The pills look like they're real pills.

But it's just a placebo.A very expensive placebo by the way.People in the us spend about three billion dollars a year on this fake medicine.Now why do they buy it well, sometimes it's cheaper than real medicine.And people who take it will tell you, they swear to you, that it totally works.Because they don't understand science.And they believe anecdotes over evidence.You could literally swallow a whole bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills and you would be ok.People have actually done this as a demonstration of how useless this medicine is.

Yeah, you could try it yourself and you would see nothing would happen.Just make sure that it is actually homeopathic, otherwise you're in for a world of trouble.Now maybe you're thinking.Who cares, if it makes you feel better, even in your head, isn't that the point.Isn't that ok why is this such a big deal the problem is that there are so many people out there who use homeopathic medicine instead of going to a real and getting real medicine, that could actually help them.You know, my ankle was gonna get better over time.But what if the problem was a lot more serious.

If you're taking homeopathic medicine for an infection or cancer.Or swine flu yeah, that actually happened.You're making the problem much worse and you're putting yourself in danger by not getting real help.You may be putting other people in danger.And you're throwing your money away too.Walgreens and cvs sell these medicines, by the way.Even though they don't actually help there have been people who started online petitions to get them to take this stuff off the shelves.But it hasn't worked.You should know better, though.

So, if you see this stuff, don't use it.And if you see anyone using this stuff try telling them its bullshit.Not that telling them will actually do anything.When i pointed out to my mom that this medicine was homeopathic, and it was actually not going to do anything, she just told me to shut up and keep rubbing it on my ankle.But at least i know not to take this stuff seriously.My name is hemant metha and i write at friendlyatheist what do you want to see a tutorial about let us know on the comments below and we'll be sure to check it out.

What Is Homeopathy And Is It Real Science

Homeopathy, beloved by the royal family and millions around the world.But does it actually work hey guys julia here for dnews homeopathy.A very.Contentious form of alternative medicine practiced by millions all over the world.The national health service in the uk spends about 4 million pounds a year on these kind of treatments.And some estimates place that number as high as 11 million pounds.So it's more than just a fringe movement.In fact even the royal family seems to be fans.The queen's physician, peter fisher,.

Recently called for more people to use it.He says that it's safe, popular with patients, improves clinical outcomes without increasing costs, and reduces the use of potentially hazardous drugs, including antimicrobials.Although in the us, the national institute of health says that there is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment for any specific condition.So what is it homeopathy isn't a new idea.It was introduced by the german physician samuel hahnemann over 200 years ago.Homeopathy's premise is based on a few interesting ideas.According to the national center for homeopathy, the first idea is that like cures like.

And that's what homeopathy means in greek, same suffering.Or that something that produces symptoms in a healthy person, makes a sick person healthy.So like caffeine, a molecule that keeps people awake, might be used to treat people with insomnia.But only if caffeine is diluted to very small amounts.And that's the second premise.The more dilute the remedy, the more potent it is.And thirdly, that the illness is specific to the person.Homeopaths take into account a holistic view of a person.So how is the medicine made well let's go back to that caffeine example.A bit of.

Caffeine goes through the process of 'potentization' which involves dilution and succussion vigorous shaking, so all the toxic effects of the extract or compound are removed.And when i say dilution, i mean a lot of dilution.Something might be diluted 1 in a hundred 30 times in a solution of water or sugar.Medicine doses are based on the centesimal or c scale.A 2c dilution requires a substance to be diluted to one part in one hundred, and then some of that mixture being diluted again to one part in a hundred.So basically.

You wind up with one part of the original substance in 10,000 parts of the solution.And so on and so forth.This process can be repeated.Basically the plant or animal extract is so diluted that there's almost no molecules of it left.But according to homeopathic theory the more diluted it is, the more potency it has.Homeopaths believe that water retains the memory of that extract.The idea is that after each dilution the extract and water, sugar, or what ever the dilution is, goes through succussion, which activates the.

Vital energy of the extract.Alright so that's the process but what does the science say about it well one study published in the journal rheumatology found that homeopathy helped arthritis patients over the course of six months, when added alongside conventional medicine.Buuuuuuut it was because of its unique consultation process,.Basically homeopathy treats the patient, not just the symptoms.So it was really the one on one, patient focused appointments that helped, not the homeopathic medicine.Well the national health and medical research council of australia found no evidence.

That homeopathy is effective.In a report published last year, the nhmrc looked at 57 systematic reviews of the treatment.They found there were no health conditions for which homeopathy was effective, that no good large scale studies found that homeopathy was better than placebo.And edzard ernst, emeritus professor, at the university of exeter wrote in an opposing letter to the queen's physician, that homeopathy is implausible and that it flies in the face of science.So it looks like science isn't on the side of homeopathy.But you know what science.

How To Buy Homeopathic Medicine Tutorial

How to buy homeopathic medicine tutorial,Iherbrcodegig216 tutorial title how to buy homeopathic medicine tutorial this tutorial clip demonstrates how to buy homeopathic medicine. Why you should stop using homeopathic medicine,Why you should stop using homeopathic medicine hemant mehtafriendlyatheistpatreonhemant. You wont believe what happens when science babe swallows 50 homeopathic sleeping pills,Learn what homeopathic remedies are and how they interfere with public health by existing sidebyside in the largest drugstore chains in america sign the.

Preparation of homeopathic medicine,Preparation of homeopathic medicine online news 24x7. Homeopathy medicine,Homeopathy medicine for sore throat homeopathy medicines online homeopathy medicines in usa homeopathy medicine homeopathic medicine homeopathy. Homeopathic medicine,Homeopathic medicine for weight loss homeopathic medicine mitchell and webb homeopathic medicine homeopathy homeopathic medicine in hindi.

Homeopathy medicine or bluff en subtitles,Tutorial describing the validity of homeopathy in the treatment of animal and human diseases documentary by the south german br television.

Homeopathic clinic by nikku sarabhai 9300410722,Homeopathic medicine list homeopathic remedies best homeopathic in indore list s indore fertility homeopathic s homeopathic physician. Scientist gets smashed on cvs brand medicine,Homeopathy is total bullshit most of the time its just sugar pills in the case of this cvs brand homeopathic constipation relief med that was labeled safe and.


Homeopathy system of alternative medicine,The section is all about the books which deal in conventional yet the best medical treatment for curing the books in this very category will help you in nurturing. Production of homeopathic medicines,This is a tutorial courtesy of similasan homeopathic manufacturer on how homeopathic medicine is made and some of the different sources from which. Online homeopathic courses enlightenment education,Onlinehomeopathycourse lector by dr sunirmal sarkar on topic differentiate fever and cough through modalities part 2 for fellowship and.

Sulphur homeopathic medicine tips for beginners,American medical college of homeopathy amch is a leading homeopathic college for classical homeopathy with national international students. Homeopathy online learning study courses advance qwuat pathy homeopathy membership course,Homeopathic classes homeopathy course homeopathy tutorials for homeopathy definition of health welcome to online homeopathic courses homeopathy. Online skype homeopathic consultation india by drjoy,Drjosy joy has won the prestigious jankalyan sadbhavna award health excellence award and rashtriya udyog pratibha award for his outstanding.

Magic or medicine homeopathy and the nhs part 1 of 2,Aired september 13 2010 on bbc one samantha poling investigates how homeopathy has penetrated the heart of the nhs and asks whether prescribing. Debate about homeopathy mere placebo or great medicine,This question has been harshly argued for more than 200 years and for more than 200 years the two positions in this conflict have remained in a complete. Thuja occidentalis homeopathic medicine tips for beginners,American medical college of homeopathy amch is a leading homeopathic college for classical homeopathy with national international students.

Nux Vomica Homeopathic Medicine Tips For Beginners

Nux vomica homeopathic medicine tips for beginners,American medical college of homeopathy amch is a leading homeopathic college for classical homeopathy with national international students. Sources of homeopathic medicines how are homeopathic medicine prepared by life force,This presentation explains the sources of homeopathic medicines and the procedure in brief homeopathic medicines are prepared or obtained from resources. Top 5 homeopathic remedies for hair loss tutorial homeomart,We present the top 5 homeopathic herbs and products for hair loss in this tutorial homeopathy presents a natural safe alternative treatment for hair loss that.

How to treat piles in homeopathy,Hemorrhoids or piles can be treated naturally without any surgical procedure homeopathy provides safe and effective treatment for piles without any side. Homeopathy courses online enlightenment education,Onlinehomeopathycourse lector by dr l m khan on topic understanding of polychrest remedies part 1 for fellowship and certificate courses. Homeopathy cure or con marketplace cbc,Cbcs marketplace examines homeopathy in this weeks episode homeopathic remedies take an ingredient from a plant animal or mineral and dilute it.

What is homeopathy and is it real science,Homeopathy is practiced as a form of alternative medicine in many parts of the world what does science have to say about it read more homeopathy is. James randi on homeopathy alternative medicine thats proven to work is called medicine,James randi on homeopathy alternative medicine thats proven to work is called medicine homeopathy listenihomipi also spelled. Lycopodium homeopathic medicine tips for beginners,American medical college of homeopathy amch is a leading homeopathic college for classical homeopathy with national international students.

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