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Qi for healing qigong healing powers simple qigong for health on it on it and uh in hours everybody awesome that's amazing did you get goose bump in tingley something i could do from a distance and the whole crowd i get a radiant arts the lights something i think i i think i'm i buy on i can say also i love she hugs everybody that she had her now and she jobs it takes a little while to sink in we're gonna have achieved job today okay so just be ready for that on.

You guys wanna give each other hard let's let me show it she have you give each other a hug it's going to be i decided this just after the exercise mission did when you give somebody had i want you to tell whisper in their here i'm an amazing she gone master okay because we can give compliments but sometimes it's hard to give ourself a compliment as well so everybody give somebody next you a hug and whisper in their an amazing too young master will get set up for this amazing experience.

A oh yeah you gotta own yard she you know in a little kids can on their own energy and and complement themselves really well i have a i have twin 4yearold and they're looking at it at themselves in the mirror gone i'm so amazing i'm so awesome in there the mayor's right here i'm so beautiful i'm some credible and then they my little oneyearold walks up to the mir and gets right up those two and then goes and kisses ourself gotta try that this look look in the mariners i'm so amazing.

Because you guys are eye can see i'll my kids are out little too young masses are ready there you know i heard him up stairs and one on the saying que le camere i'm gonna open your third eye like that's pretty good for a fouryearold so i sneak up stairs and she's lying on the bed and the other one has a hand over the top her forehead and their to doing energy honor and then she holds her neck and then choose is going now to me crack your neck.

Like okay now i'm gonna stop there no fouryearold chiropractic and you know they're sitting my lap sometimes and they one of them stood up really quick you know how kids do and she clock me in the channel bit my tongue as like all my guy you know no sorry no nothing she is one we put some chi on it so i think it's good to stardom early a little cheesy she masters um so today we're going to have you know an experiential transformative i talk and experience you know learning can happen in two different ways we can.

Learn by information gathering information and making our minds wiser we can also learn through transformation and she and she gone is a work on transforming on taking us kind of where we are inside ourselves to where we want to be gives us tools and resources and the power to actually go through change and transformation with effortless power with gracefulness and so this is what really led me into this practice it's just an amazing way to tap into our own energy access the qualities that we're all seeking.

Right we all want she whether we go about getting energy by manifesting a new house a new car new relationship what we really want is the sensation the feeling that have some energy some experience right we won a new house for maybe security we won a relationship for love but love and security our energies and they're inside you so the way to access and she can we say the way in is the way out weigh in is the way out when we move and work with our own energy.

It's a way to create these sorta energetic concentric circles to bring and attract the kind of energy you want so first work on your own energy then it starts to resonates into what you want to create a manifesto the way in is the way out right and a you know i i did.I made some chick on dvd's and i just had some friends and i said i think would be cool to do chi gong in the middle of the stream you know and and have nature be nearing the movements and i'm doing on this.

Little platform and they're like are you can't do that there's the you know the lighting we all have the right camera and mic i just have this vision that if i make the movements and the setting match in mere what the experience will be like for the bureau real really work well and so we did that i put this plank you know had five guys were carrying a down the singletrack trail as big huge plank and you know the rangers are just like what the heck is going on and we put it in the middle this player in the middle.

The stream and i did all the movements and it came out really well and i sent it to a a senator public television they said will try it try it will try one shell it's not getting the lady said will try one show it's not going to work because it sounds funny nobody knows how to pronounce she gone so but i like the way founded in let's try it so i got down to san diego i just thought i would be this one that'll show and as said i'm scan open up and just.

I want this to be something where i can reach lots of people and help them get in touch with their own inner resourcefulness and their own internal energy right so i get there and i'm on right after wayne dyer like mister pbs right now my car man so you with that the open for me that's right at school all the yeah and so i do the show and it went really well and you know they give you the numbers right afterwards you know how well it depends on how well the pledges.

If it makes money than they put it up on the pbs satellite and then it goes everywhere and so they came back in the ladies like this must be some kinda mistake she was like chai agung it it out pledge wayne dyer house like as i course i want to win a in your face wayne at so we had it she often were you know so is it was actually really great it was really well received because when people what's this crazy like i and the middle river doing all kinds of cool.

Movements like on a track that you know people would call in their i woke up in the middle of the night because they're airing at like 2am at first and i start doing no silly exercise and then i could sleep better or the my neck pain went away on my back pain away and by the way i mean i really need help from people in here because on my website i before i even knew that it that it would spread so went from san diego the texas arkansas and tennessee.

So just it just aired like crazy and those three states and on my website was my home phone number so people i was getting calls i got fifty 30 to 50 calls every day i saw your char gun show on tv and i united hello in there and their it was so weird for people because the guy on tv this column at his house that i i maybe that's a cool way to do you know internet marketing right so a then i got calls like honey the guy from tv's on the phone and i had to talk to him out there you know.

Grandpa's irritable bowel syndrome you know grandma's arthritic knee i got everybody on the phone the kids and i cells really had a fun people didn't believe that i i does it's one of those credit card scams as you know you just don't get to talk to the person on tv so being that it is a transformational the workshop what we're gonna do i will have you stand up i will have easter now to go ahead you guessed it down the upper section size alright how many people have done she gone yeah fantastic.

See guys are incredible cheat on masters okay the first exercise that we're gonna do what i like to do you know is making on very accessible very practical for modern life it doesn't have to take a long time we can tap into our own internal energy in a short amount of time and you know the main thing that she gone does little help to clear stress it'll help heal your body and give you more energy right and help you feel connected in top 10 i the first exercise i like to do is something called spinal cord reading.

Because it awakens your nervous system and wakes up your spine so this exercise is this going to take a stance with your feet about shoulderwidth in your hands come a buyer shoulders and then you can inhale and look up xeon around you backed up your tailbone under jane goes down to your chest and in hell look up nice deep breath and breathe energy into your spine and into your nervous system xe around your back one way to move energy is to synchronize movement and breath synchronized movement and breath exhale round you back.

And then feel into your spine your spine is this power generator has tremendous energy around your back inhale lookup exhale round the back synchronize breath with movement this helps to calm and relax a nervous system so if you've ever had a stressful day you can do this exercise just as one exercise will take you from being stress and tights into more relaxed more centered more balanced it's also just a great way to open your spine open energy through the back to your tension at the muscles okay relax as i feel.

Good now another good thing about young makin me rats dance moves but i saw so many guys dancing was like okay we need a we need some help dance move lies in a liquid on dance all the time so you can you know just just you know give it a nice funky beat with these exercise too and then you like niigata repertoire dance moves still this one if you're around your back and squeeze the buttocks we can do some internal energy work with it so try this round your back and will open the sacrum which is a really.

Important energy center not going to just give you the basics them to give you some juicy chick on tips okay now here squeeze your buttocks okay cuz this is going to be on the new program she gone for buns of steel lookup and then round the back squeeze your buttocks gonna have been go around and check to make sure everybody's doing this right is getting a little so in hell lookup now round the back squeeze the buttocks to open your sacrum one more time squeeze and relax how's that feel.

Good opens the energy right squeezing the buttocks opens the sacrum this energy center right here you know sacrum and sacred or come from the same words the sacred bone so we can start to open the energy through the sacrum up to this fine and then energies gonna move through the whole body okay we're doing some nice warm up so you can have a nice strong cheap experience now we also in chi gong li 10 clear lines attention where we chronically whole tension and tightness like neck and shoulders right when you get home.

Holder stress neck and shoulder even in cancun now yeah okay so press palms out like this is a cult spreading your feathers to spread the feathers if you wanna fly push your shoulders down spread your fingers elbows straits and then lean here towards the shoulder chicken nice the breath and then roll the head to the back at the shoulder and then roll the head to the front of the shoulder and just like a nice lowell massage working out tension and tightness deep within those muscle you can clear tension with you stretch.

Move and breathe at the same time so take a deep breath in through the nose exhale out to the mound in st.Brett in through the nose out through the mail and then go chi into the chest cross over to the other side role the head back in for had slowly back and forth take a deep breath when you exhale clear tension tightness any energy that you're sort of hanging on to that no longer needs to be with you transform old energy to new energy or transform stress into vitality.

Okay coach into the chest relax your hands down your sides now close your eyes and notice how your hands feel not to say your palms feel if you can feel this flow love energy and circulation down to your meridian lines into your palms to close eyes and tune into your own internal energy i feel that wanting glee so we either holding energy as tension or we can hold energy at flow flow feels much better so we want to become when we work with she can we want to become.

Experts at working with our own internal energy so either hold it as tension tightness restriction or stagnation which leads to not feeling so good not feeling so resourceful or we get this energy to circulate inflow and create a powerful resourceful internal state okay so this will help the attention at the neck and shoulders all right let's do another one this one is and instance clearing stress into vitality it's a fantastic exercise its it shaking so we're going to start with the wrice the elbows in the hands is ready to feel some she.

Shaking as a great way to release and transform stress or stuck energy into vitality buddy i see do this kids and athletes right at the olympics it goes watch the olympics athlete before an event you know there's a tensecond race i've been training for four years two billion people watching that's that some stress and pressure right you better shake it out now we're going to give it a a better check on feel gonna bounce and your heels bounce and you'll see what i mean about the dance move.

Just get a little over by are you that the dual eyebrow raise generator you doing she gone and dancing okay arms here this is the responder tus like the wrist like this now the other pump that we want to do is cranial base here and the sacrum you get to do anything i say how this is amazing okay cranial base and then take a nice deep breath again excelled along sigh up to the mouth yeah in health through the nose you can't do this and feel stress at the same time next time you're in a board.

Meeting in line at the bank this i'm you're standing in line anyways it a the and another great thing as people move outta your way new goal right to the front get through that line so fast not stressful at all release are you go ahead alright take a nice deep breath inhale through the nose long exile slow it down and now close your eyes and dentists turn your mind and your awareness inward and feel the electricity in your body feel the life force energy feel your she buzzing and tingling improved.

Nerve current improve circulation and blood flow body in a state a relaxation and power i feel yet sachi congo's from flowing movements energetic activations like we did to stretches and then so we want to give you a little sample have all these don't you go hands here like this k palms face down knees kinda bent and inhale an excel k now these movements train you to move with relaxation to move with water like power inflow so here relax your shoulders when you take that the breath don't tighten.

Move with know muscle tension relax and soften in hell are just load up on your breath move with energy as opposed to for sir tension you can move through life with energetic flow and effortless ease as opposed to force intention me stay softly band arms as float up and down use this movement now just a drop in to the present moment so body relaxes and mind relax how you drop into the present moment you feel the air moves through your fingers if you're feeling your body you're not thinking.

If you're feeling your chi you're not thinking you're in the present moment feel the air moves through the fingers in a cross your arms feel your clothes sliding up and down on your skin your feet on the floor breath is full andy drop into the space where you are drop into your energy nothing to think about just droppin feel their move through the finger crossed arms you know feel that this cultivates a deep sensor internal strength and power k now come down now with that with that energy moving an opening in your body i want you to just.

Bring your hands toward each other little closer together and just poll and create this she ball nice ball of energy back and forth a little bit you have amazing cheap power in your body amazing energy feel that when you go back and forth we create a palavra de allende young belair rd now when we have enough energy we can utilize it to manifest what we want we we we drummed up the energy we've got its circular we got our body to a nice internal state on a show you when this one's called the aero was really fun.

Its or it's a bowl in a row so we use that as a metaphor for building energy setting clear intention with the mines and then gathering the energy back to ourselves right since we've talked a lot about manifesting at that this would be a nice want to do so bring your arms up here by your heart center and then just take your right hand push forward our dear mary image a pusher right and forward read like an archer and take you right here push forward and inhale and open.

So here you're gathering energy and then exhale you taking your energy back out into the world same side holst energy in hell i can archer now look through your fingertips and set your clear intention and then release so to manifest and she can we talk about to forms of energy one energy for the mind when energy for the body the body energy is like the the fuel in the tank right if you wanna go somewhere you might have an amazing car but if you don't have any gas.

You can get anywhere so we fill up our body with more energy bought more vital life force with this deep breathing take a deep breath and then he set clear intention if you don't have clear intention then you can have a great car full tank but you just turning go around in circles so here we set that clear intention take a deep breath and then release go both hands forward and feel like looks look past me look look into the horizon and connect to the universe connect to the energy.

And then slowly drop it down all that she ball we bring that energy into ourselves right to empower ourselves to make our lives more amazing and then we also really set up to the universe so that our own personal energy is good and in service to all the energy around us and we circle around back to the center and then do the other side left and forward and we poll three inhale we fill out excel he began to gain little deeper breaths so here we've done some goalsetting work this week.

One she does have that intention in your mind while you do the movement's a power up that intention with the breathing with your chi it clear bring it into action bring it into action nice deep breath powered up get clear set your sights it focused the wrath and then release both hands come out all that intention drop the hands down fill yourself up with that intention and energy and then be in service share your gifts out into the universe up over the head out to the sides holding a cheapo.

And now back and forth back for feel that energy hand now just hold the hands about six inches apart and do a slower movement kal just a half an inch for their part half inch closer and see if you can really feel this electromagnetic energy in your hands and relax and down to the side may bring your hands down your sides close your eyes turn your awareness inward go in to go out genuineness inward feel your energy what we're seeking is some kind of energy it's already inside you.

It's already there so hold and feel at life force energy that she that electricity inside your body reason to experience it this is your power your tea this is your connection from inside to the whole rest to the universe and relax as i feel is something at just 510 minutes are starting to feel some energy go ahead and sit down what you guys think thanks good yeah so we had an experience a vanity i what you think glass half full or half empty all halffull all the way for.

Now you know it's full half a water ha all the way for what she right water and energy so she your body it seems physical but mostly it's empty space right we play attention to the things we pay attention to the stuff we forget to pay attention to the energy like even in this room you're paying attention to the things to the people but if you also if you expand your vision you can also see that most this room's empty space and empty spaces where the cheers.

It's the vibration at the electricity so it's the yin and yang we have stuff we have material and immaterial we have the heart right we also have love for the heart is the physical the lovers them energy and what we wanna feel and experience your life is this internal energy and we can access already really directly inside herself alright another quick she tip is you can change your energy immediately by changing your pasta your face facial features right so if where in a state that we're feeling depressed.

We can change that really quickly to feel to feel more and live in a more positive so for example the smile right you smile and raise your eyebrows they say that you it's been almost impossible to feel depressed right now in my kids are when my kids are cranky may get my car cranky and that somebody took their toll way and they got you know that lip mike raise your eyebrows raise your eyebrows in a holding down on all and then they start laughing so if you wanna feel better you can do some chick on really quick things like.

The healing power of nature

We are preoccupied with ourselves in unhelpful ways.The clouds, however, know nothing of us, they float by utterly unaware of our concerns.These vast, quiet things are always to hand.There is a constant drama above our heads collisions, fractures, swirls, separations human life is no less active, but it can be a moment of relief from our particular involvements to look up and be returned to a broader perspective, from where the agitations of the here and now seem less significant.It will all pass, even the current nastiness and anxiety, like the clouds that seemed so.

Fixed and heavy but an hour ago and yet have now moved on, leaving behind only two or three of their numbers, apologetic and timid before the victorious sun, like the cowed remnants of a scattered army.They are an image of patience, and resolution.Their gnarled, worn barks speak of the hundreds of seasons they have endured.They have bent and lost branches in winter winds, they have been gnawed at by worms and beetles across the airless days of summer, they have been knocked and hacked at by farmers and children.

But they endure as we might better learn to do through their examples.All those leaves, resplendent in the summer sun, will soon be gone.Human life is as terminal, but it is the example of trees that best and most gracefully introduce us to the inevitable facts of the life cycle.Nothing will be forever, say the trees.Enjoy these precious days, whisper their leaves.They are always communicating whispering, exclaiming, arguing with a rock or twig, confiding in a quiet vortex, dozing in midsummer or shouting in rage after a heavy.

Shower.Like fires, they provide an ideal object of contemplation.Their constant activity enlivens the imagination.They don't stare blankly back at us, like pieces of paper on a desk.They distract our minds just enough that the good ideas, the ones that we hate to ask ourselves directly, can feel relieved of pressure and slip out and we can make progress with ourselves.We need nature not just for physical health, but as importantly for sanity.No week should be counted complete if it does not include one or two minutes given over to the.

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