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Treatments for bipolar disorder

voiceover bipolar disorder is treated with medication and with specific psychological interventions.In terms of the medication the most common treatment is also the oldest one and that's treatment.With lithium salts.And, this has actually been the primary treatment for bipolar disorder for the last 50 years.And, that's because it's still the most effective treatment that we have.It's still the most effective at managing manic episodes.But, as it turns out researchers still aren't 100 certain why it's so effective.They're not certain about how it works on neuronal level.

One theory is that lithium enhances serotonin release by increasing production of the components that make up serotonin or maybe that it increases serotonin release in other ways.But, there are also theories that focus on other neurotransmitters.So, there are some theories that say lithium enhances the reuptake of norepinephrine and in doing so it would decrease the effect of norepinephrine over time.There are other theories that state that lithium actually exerts it's effects on areas of the neuron other than the synapse.So, one theory is that it influences the sodium channels.

Along the axon, the ones that help move the action potential down the neuron.And, who knows, maybe in a year or two research will lead us to a newer, more accurate hypothesis and then i will have to remake this tutorial.But, for the time being know that whatever the mechanism is it is a very effective mood stabilizer.It has other things going for it as well, it's also relatively fast acting, so it starts to work in as little one to two weeks.And, it also avoids some of the worst side effects.

That we might see in other bipolar medications.Specifically, it doesn't bring about a depressive episode or cause general sedation.And, you can see why this might be a concern for bipolar medications that in bringing people down from mania they could inadvertently push them too far down or too far in the other direction.But, with that said lithium does have other side effects.The first one i want to talk about isn't so much a side effect as it is a problem with mood stabilizers more generally, and that's that individuals sometimes.

Treat lithium the same way that they might treat medications for a headache.So, if you have a headache you might take something to make it go away and once you feel better you don't take any more of the drug.But, lithium and also other mood stabilizers they don't work this way, individuals need to keep taking them for the medication to be effective.They can't just stop taking them once they feel better.In terms of side effects of taking lithium specifically a big one is the effect that lithium can have on memory.

It can cause memory loss and can also cause problems with creating new memories.Another side effect is that lithium can sometimes blunt normal mood changes and this can lead to a huge decrease in quality of life.So, imagine not being able to feel happy at your own birthday party, or not feeling sad when a partner loses a job.These kinds of mood changes are a part of everyday life and it's very apparent to people when they're missing.Some individuals might also be hesitant to give up their manic episodes because they see them as something.

Positive, even though they can be incredibly destructive they can also increase a person's productivity and their creativity.So, individuals might be resistent to taking medication to stop something that they don't believe is a problem.But, maybe the biggest side effect of lithium has to do with toxicity.Lithium can effect kidney and thyroid functioning, and this can become even worse when a person is dehydrated which is something that lithium itself causes.So, individuals who take it have to be very careful about staying hydrated at all times, even more so than the rest of us.

And, because of this toxicity problem people taking lithium need to be carefully monitered by s.The last side effect i want to talk about isn't really a side effect at all, it is actually more of a limitation.And, that's that lithium doesn't treat depressive episodes.So, it helps with mania, but it doesn't help with the depression part of bipolar disorder.And, because of this individuals taking lithium generally have to take an antidepressant as well.And, this can lead to two problems.One is that some antidepressants like ssris.

Which are the most common treatment for depression they can actually trigger manic episodes for some individuals with bipolar disorder.And so, this can limit treatment options.And, the second point is that in addition to the side effects from lithium the patient will also have to deal with any side effects for this additional antidepressant.I wanna point out that there are some other medications that people are using to treat bipolar disorder.There has been success with treatments that involve anticonvulsants and antipsychotics, and also some benzodiazepines.But, at least in the short term, like i said before,.

Lithium is still the preferred treatment.So, now i wanna move on to talk about psychological treatments.And, you might remember from your psychology class or from other tutorials in this series that there are some psychological interventions that are very effective for treating major depressive disorder, sometimes as effective as medication.But, the same is not true of bipolar disorder.Psychotherapy in all forms from psychodynamic therapies to more modern forms of pychotherapy, they are not effective in treating bipolar disorder.Talking about bipolar disorder and trying to find the cause isn't very helpful for this disorder.

One type of therapy that is very effective in treating depression is cbt, or congnitive behavioral therapy.And, this type of therapy addresses problematic thoughts and behaviors.So, it's a very action oriented therapy.But, even though it is effective in treating depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder it is not effective in treating manic episodes.But, even if these psychological interventions don't help treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder directly, they can still be a very important part of the treatment of bipolar disorder more broadly.For example, cbt can provide support for.

An individual after a manic phase has ended.So, it can help them to fix the social and financial situations that might have been brought about from the manic episode.But, it turns out that the most effective type of therapy for bipolar disorder is actually family therapy.There's a lot of research that shows that stressful situations can trigger manic episodes for individuals with bipolar disorder.And, we know that this is especially true for social stressors.And, because living with someone with bipolar disorder might be stressful for the family that family might.

Natural Treatments For Depression

Hi, guys. Axe here, founder of draxe and of natural medicine.In this tutorial, i'm going to share with you the top tips to beat depression for good.I'm going to talk about the depression diet as well as depression natural treatments and supplements, and these will work fast.In fact, in working with thousands of patients, i've found that some people can start experiencing a decrease in depressive symptoms in as little as 24 hours if you follow these tips.So let's start off with diet.And let me share with you what not to do.The first thing,.

When it comes to depression, there are certain foods that can recirculate in your body, causing depression.And there's a condition called leaky gut and that's where you get holes in your gut lining, and certain proteins like gluten and bad bacteria, and even toxins can leak through into your bloodstream.Once they get into your bloodstream, things like gluten can circulate and cause inflammation of the brain, and lead to symptoms such as depression, anxiety, or even bipolar disorder.So again, it's very important that you change your diet and do what i call healing and sealing your gut lining.

In order to do that, here are the foods you want to stay away from.Number one is sugar.We know sugar feeds candida, which in turn will eat away at the gut lining.Stay away from the sugar.Also stay away from processed grains, especially glutencontaining grains.Those will cause inflammation and also they pull nutrients out of your body, causing depression.The other things you want to stay away from are hydrogenated oils and packaged foods.We know those are also highly inflammatory.The biggest thing you want to stay away from is artificial sweeteners.If you ever consume.

Diet soda, any type of aspartame or splenda, or nutrao, or sucralose, those fake sugars, they're not even really sugar, in fact they're neurotoxins, will absolutely cause major issues in terms of depression, bipolar, anxiety, and other forms of mental illness.And so stay away from those.Now, here's what you want to eat.Number one, go for omega3rich foods.Omega3 fats support the brain and nervous system, and other healthy fats as well.But you want to be getting salmon in your diet on a regular basis, also tuna, halibut, mackerel, sardines, or any type of.

Fish.But omega3rich fish are the best.Also grassfed beef and omega3 fats that are found in chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts.Load up on the omega3s.You want other healthy fats as well, like omega9 fats, which are found in avocados, olive oil, and sprouted nuts and seeds.So i recommend doing a salad on a daily basis, sprinkling some olive oil on there.Also, avocado is amazing.An avocado a day will keep your psychologist away.But again, avocados are great because they contain the healthy fats, magnesium, potassium, loads and loads of nutrients that are fantastic.

The other thing that's important in terms of diet and other healthy fats are getting healthy saturated fats, like those found in coconut oil.So making coconut oil a part of your diet is critical for depression.And then, you want to load up on nutrientdense fruits and vegetables.In the fruit category, you want to go with the berries.I recommend you do a lot of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, and cherries.Those are going to be the best for you.And then, also, loads of green, leafy vegetables and cruciferous.

Vegetables.So spinach, and cabbage, and broccoli, and cauliflower.Some of the best, those are going to get you certain vitamins and minerals you need.Last but not least, doing bone broth on a regular basis can help in healing your gut lining, and help treat depression.So doing a chicken broth soup on a regular basis, one of the best meals you can ever do.Now, in terms of supplements, here's what you want to consider.There's a supplement, my favorite, called vitamin d3.Now, vitamin d, you can obviously get vitamin d from the.

Sun, so i recommend if it's sunny out, and warm enough out, get outside to where you're showing a little bit of skin and get 30 minutes of direct sunlight every single day.But vitamin d3, if you're not getting sun that day, you want to take 5,000 ius of vitamin d.The other thing you want to get is magnesium.Take 500 mg a day.That can actually help in fighting depression.And then take a good b complex supplement.Go and look for an organic b complex.It can definitely help fight depression.

Now, there are other supplements out there such as st.John's wart, which is good.I recommend essential oils, such as ylang ylang.Ylang ylang essential oil has been shown to lift your mood and spirits so i recommend that essential oil to naturally fight depression.And then, last but not least, exercise.If you've ever heard of a runner's high, well, a runner's high happens when you're out running or doing any form of exercise and your body starts releasing serotonin and good endorphins that actually help lift your mood.We were.

Created to move and for hormone balance purposes, you've got to move.And even if it's just three days a week for 20 minutes, that's it, you're still going to benefit.So, listen, you don't have to go to the gym and do an hour a day and just work out like crazy.But 20 minutes, three days a week.So i'm not asking you to exercise an hour a day, one hour total a week, even that can really help you in naturally fighting depression.And this goes to my last point, is that an important part of depression is that depression.

Doesn't always start in the mind.Oftentimes it starts in the gut.And this is why you want to work to heal and seal your gut.So adding in more probioticrich foods, looking for an organic probiotic supplement can be great at healing and sealing your gut lining.So consider that as well.And then, last but not least, it's also, too, important to take care of the mental side of things.And i'd get out a sheet of paper draw a line down the middle.And on one side, write down all the things that are stressing you out or causing you to be depressed and.

Figure out how to manage those things differently.And the other side, i want you to write all the things that bring you joy.Maybe it's lunch with a best friend, or going for walks in the sun, or reading a certain book, or whatever it is.Write those things down.I want you to start scheduling in things you love to do every single week because, oftentimes, we're just not scheduling in things we love enough, and that can also cause depression.So that's another thing to consider.And also having good community, connecting with friends on a regular basis, or joining.

Im Quitting Meds Bipolar Confessions

Hi everyone! thank you for joining me in another tutorial.So this is just going to be a really quick tutorial to kind of give a confession.If you don't know, i talk about mental health on my channel, and how i've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and social anxiety disorder, and i talk about my experiences with that.Anyways, when i first started making my channel i was taking 300 mg of lamictal.People ask me all the time what medication i am taking, and i was taking 300mg of lamictal, which is an anticonvulsant mood stabilizer medication.

Most people know that, if you've been watching my tutorials for a while, but my confession is that i have been weaning myself off that medication and i am the biggest hypocrite ever, because i would always tell people you know, if you they were going to do it, they should do it under the guidance of a sigh psychiatrist, but i just moved to another city, so i don't have a psychiatrist anymore, and so what i'm doing is i'm just seeing if i will be okay without it, so i'm not really planning on, you know, being medication free for the rest.

Of my life or something, that would be awesome, but before, i was like a huge advocate of taking your medication, staying on your medication.I think that it is very important if you need it, and this is the first time i've ever tried to go off medication, since my mental breakdown, and i just want to see if iwould be okay.Like, i might not be perfect, and i've already been feeling more emotions and stuff like that.Like in one of my last tutorials i was saying how angry i was and i feel like that definitely would not have happened if i was.

All drugged up like i was before.So, currently i'm taking half the dose that i was taking so i'm taking 150mg and i wrote a blog post when i went to 200mg, and you know, in that blog post i talked about how i was going to get off that medication and get on another one, but as i'm doing it and i've kind of realized, hey.Like this might be a good time in my life to see how it would be like without medication, because i am out of school.

And i haven't gotten a job yet, so i'm at an in between point where i can test the waters, because i don't have to be at a job in the morning, and i don't and not get fired for that joband i don't have to pass my exams, so i don't have to like make sure i'm not too depressed to go to class or something.So, i know a lot of people aren't going to agree with this, and there are a lot people who will be supportive of this, so there's.

Going to be like conflicting attitudes toward this, but you know, i'm monitoring myself very well, and i'm definitely going to keep you guys updated on what it's like, especially once i'm not taking anything anymore, and yeah, and as far as the ativan, i was only taking that as needed, which is rare nowadays, um, because i don't go out that much, i dunno.I only take that as needed, and it will be kind of a bummer when it runs out, but hopefully i'll be okay without it.I just wanted to let you guys know that i am testing out what.

It's like without medication sigh.So yeah, that is all for this tutorial.If you have any questions about his please leave it below, and yes i am feeling more feelings, i am having moods, and more of my personality is coming back, but i will talk to you more about all of this in another tutorial.I'm about to tear my 150mg pills in half, so yeah, and i'm doing.I'm not quitting coldturkey disclaimer, i am responsibly doing it myself.I'm just using up the rest of what i had prescribed, and um, cutting them in half slowly, so do.

Not get off of any medication coldturkey, make sure you wean yourself off it, preferably under the guidance of a medical professional.I don't recommend anyone else do this, but i just wanted to be honest with you guys, because that's what i do, on my channel.So, thank you so much for watching, and please check out my other tutorials.Okay, and.I haven't given a shoutout to my patrons in a while, so since this is a shorter tutorial, i will go ahead and do that.I just got a new microphone, so thank you so much to my.

Patrons who donated to enable me to improve the quality of my tutorials.Thank you so much.It means a lot to me, and i know that i'm very lucky to be getting support from people to improve my channel.So, thank you so much to david, casey, greg, leonard, patrick, orion, and tyler, kevin, and john.Thank you so much to you guys all of my patrons, and please go to my patreon website, and there will be a link below.Also, i have a new p.O.Box if you want to send me mail.You don't have to send me anything, you don't have to be.

How To Treat Bipolar Disorder Manic Depression Naturally

How to treat bipolar disorder manic depression naturally,For more information on bipolar disorder and manic depression visitmarsvenusblogjohngraywhatisbipolardisorderormanicdepression. Treating bipolar disorder naturally with q96,Greyhawkgroupca for years bipolar has been treated with drugs and medications which cause adverse effects and even death we now have a. Bipolar or waking up bipolar disorder alternative treatment interview the truth talks,Circle us on google plus splusgooglepsychetruth bipolar or waking up bipolar disorder alternative treatment interview the truth talks in.

Natural remedies for bipolar disorder,This short and sweet tutorial gives a few great examples of some natural remedies for bipolar disorder bipolarrollercoasterfree. Suffering from bipolar try 7 herbal remedies for bipolar,Read moresearchherbalremedyherbalremediesforbipolar. Top 10 natural remedies for bipolar disorder,Top 10 natural remedies for bipolar disorder please remember to like and subscribe if you like this tutorial and remember that suggestions are always accepted.

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Bipolar curebipolar herbal treatment bipolar ayurvedic treatment bipolar home remedies,A 20 year old guy who was being treated for bipolar for two years and still no result and got more than 90 percent better in just 5 months of dr ravi paneri he. 7 top herbal remedies for bipolar disorder,Read more remedies hereayurvediccure7bestherbalremediesforbipolardisorder.

Herbal Remedy Herbal Treatments For Bipolar Children

Herbal remedy herbal treatments for bipolar children,Herbal treatments and dietary supplements can help bipolar children reduce symptoms and side effects of medication with advice from an acupuncture. Advanced nutrient therapies for bipolar disorders with dr walsh natural treatment for bipolar,Our present dependence on psychiatric drugs will gradually fade away as brain science advances learn how brainchanging imbalances occur in bipolar. Natural remedies for bipolar,Natural remedies for bipolarmyholisticremediesblognaturalremedies this product will not only help you in overcoming bipolar through.

Natural cure for depression bipolar adhd schizophrenia,This alternative therapy employs vitamins minerals and amino acids to create optimum nutritional content for the body as well as the right environment and. Natural cures for bipolar disorder,Natural cures for bipolar disorder. 4 how to heal bipolar mania,Bipolarorwakingup bipolar disorder is not what your psychiatrist says it is it can be healed.

How to heal your brain from bipolardepressive disorders,At bergmanchiropractic and ownersguide we strive to educate people on natural solutions to health skypepackage for online. Bipolar cure depression ayurvedic treatment depression cure herbal treatment for depression,Name vikul from ahmedabad gujarat india when i came to see dr ravi paneri i was suffering from chronic bipolar depression disorder since 2012 causes. Jennifers story healing bipolar maniadepression naturally,Jennifer is an average girl from small town usa whos powerful story has helped transform and empower people whom she meets her struggle with depression.

Weed Cures Bipolar Disorder

Weed cures bipolar disorder,In this tutorial i answer viewer questions to subscribe tinyurllyymlu4 facebookfacebookrawsammi tumblr. Natural treatment for bipolar disorder,Fightbipolardisordernaturaltreatmentforbipolardisorder. How to reverse bipolar disorder naturally,Mmedeirosmy90forlife israel in tennessee has been bipolar since he was a teenager dr glidden tells him to note what symptoms improve while.

Treatments for bipolar disorder kay redfield jamison,What medications and treatment is available to help treat bipolar disorder kay redfield jamison is a clinical psychologist with a unique story she is a world. Part 3 the use of natural supplements in the treatment of bipolar disorder,In this tutorial series drs russ federman and j anderson thomson jr authors of facing bipolar the young adults guide to dealing with bipolar disorder. Natural remedy for bipolar disorder helps mother of two,Empowerplus a natural remedy for bipolar disorder and also other mood disorders helps a mother of two to become medication free and live a normal healthy.

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