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Indoor Kitchen Herb Container Garden and Seedlings Growing under LED Energy Saving Lights

This is john kohler with growingyourgreens, today we're on a field trip.We're actually at a subscriber's house, i'm actually travelling here in las vegas, got an inquiry the other day or a couple of weeks ago from somebody in las vegas about building raised beds and i answered some questions and i thought, hey i'm going out to vegas for convention, let's check out and see if we could visit this subscriber of my youtube tutorials and check out what they've built, what they're doing and how they're growing your food so you.

Guys out there could see what each of you guys are doing.And may be if i'm in your city, i'll be stopping by real soon.So i flew out here to las vegas, and i brought one of my prized plants with me, and these are some tree collards and this was actually in my suitcase on the carryon, and definitely it's cooking here in the vegas heat, it's not looking optimal, but you know what, it's still alive and hopefully, with any luck he can get this back and grow tree collards here in las vegas.So, it's a nice desert landscaping.

Here in las vegas, interesting place to grow some foods, let's go inside and see what he's got growing on.So now we're in the kitchen, and he's growing in all the different spaces of his house and right in his kitchen, his kitchen sink and stove and everything, and he has a herb bed, herb garden right in his kitchen, all in these little planters with these fluorescent tube lights that are really bright.Looks like a full spectrum, he's got all kinds of things growing, chives, basil, rosemary, dill, parsley, thyme, greek oregano, cilantro, and he's placed magazines and other boxes.

So some plants will get closer or more far away from the light depending on how tall they are.So jason you want to tell us about what you're doing over here yeah, basically we just wanted a nice way to just be able to grab our herbs real quick, my girlfriend's actually a chef.So she likes to use this stuff all the time.We're still going to have hour herb garden, our herb bed outside also, but this was just another fun way to do it just to compare indoors and outdoors and see what happens.This is actually.

The first thing we set up here before we even thought about putting beds outside.So, this was the beginning of it all right here, and that's pretty much it, i have to raise and lower the lights here every once in a while depending on how high things grow, i have to switch the orders around a little bit, but it's pretty fun, and we can cut them and dry them, i have some organic liquid fertilizer that i've been experimenting with, so, yeah that's pretty much it.Cool, looks good.So did you try to grow this.

Without the light and how would it do, or did it not work too well, or did you really think you just needed the light or could you put it by a window, i mean this is in the middle of your house, so it's not getting too much ambient light as it is.Yeah it's, i didn't even try to grow it without the light, because unless we have all the lights on it's naturally pretty dark in here.So, i think if i tried to grow something by that window, during summer it gets so hot it might just get fried, so i.

Figured this would be the most efficient area to do it right here with the light, and this light is actually a twobulb t5 setup here, and i think i got it from cyclegardeners, but it wasn't that expensive, and it's working really well so far.Yeah the fluorescent bulbs, next to led bulbs are the most efficient, so you're doing it the right way and those are t5s, so they don't use too much power.Now do you leave these on all the time or are they on a timer system where they go on eight hours a day.

And turn off or they're actually on a timer just like the ones upstairs are on a timer, these are also on a timer, it's on the other side, goes behind the couch, so they're on for 16 hours a day, and then it turns off automatically at night, and then when i wake up in the morning it's already on again, so.Alright, so we're going to go upstairs because jason is growing in every area of his house from his kitchen to upstairs and let's check this out, his hallway upstairs.Man and check.

Out those cool lights, i don't know how well this is going to show up on the tutorial, but man, those are some led lights.Led lights are the most efficient lighting, and those are called glow panels.I've actually never seen them in use, they look really cool, look at all those colors, and he has all these plants, so he's going to tell us more about what he's doing over here.Alright jason.Alright so, basically this is something i just set up, i'm doing a few different experiments here.This is inaudible matting, it's.

Sitting on this waterproof film which the matting came with, and then i made platforms for it here.This is just some green styrofoam that you can get at any type of craft store, and then under that it's sitting on just these cake pans, they're 50 cents at the grocery store, and then i use those as a reservoir, so the capillary mat just lays in the reservoir there and soaks up the water, and then it brings it up here, and this is moist, if there's something that causes pressure it will stay moist like this, you can feel the moisture.

There.Oh wow, so right there where the plant was it's really moist and you go over to here, and it's dry.That's pretty amazing i never heard of this stuff.So you pressed your finger along there and then all the water comes up.So basically what want to wow, look at that you can draw your name.Yep.You see i don't know if they can see that on the tutorial, but i'm just pressing it and you can see where the water, and otherwise it's dry.That's amazing.

So my idea was, this is a threeinch abs pipe, i actually bought tenfoot lengths of this and cut them into four inch tall segments.So what i'm going to do is i'm going to put them on here and fill them with soil, put my seedlings, these are just pea pellets, i put the seedlings in here and i fill it with soil, and then just let them sit here on the capillary mat, and then they're just going to stay just perfectly moist all the time, and then all i have to do once in a while is just lift this up and fill the reservoir.

Under there.And then, so it goes from the pea pellets it goes into here, and it'll just sit there for six to eight weeks.And the benefit of this is that when i take this out to the garden, i can dig the hole, set this in there, and just push it right through, and it comes out the bottom i don't have to disturb the roots or anything, just pull this out.Right.Wow that's cool.So these plants in here look like they're really purple, now they're not really purple or anything,.

It's just because the lights make it look like a funny color right because these leds are like, i don't know if you can see this on the tutorial, but they're blue and red.And the idea for that is blue and red are the primary spectrums that the plants use during different stages of the growth.During the seedling stage it's mostly blue, and then as they get older and closer to flowering, it uses more red.So that's why they're so efficient, because it's just the perfect spectrums all the time.Each of these panels.

I believe is only 28 watts of power.Wow.So this whole thing is like a little over 200 watts, where if you got just a hps lamp or something, those will take up to 1000 watts of power.So i figured if i was going to have this whole setup here, this would be the best way to do it to save the most electricity.And you can see it's pretty efficient, i mean look at this, this is grown from seed under these lights, and it's getting pretty big now, it's about ready to go outside.

Yeah that's really cool.So i see you lined this with some foam stuff or just for some paneling, is that to reflect the light or to just make sure your walls don't get splashed or yeah well it's dual purpose, it's to help protect the walls from splashing, but also, i made sure it was flat white because flat white will reflect the full spectrum light back into the plants, it'll do a much better job than the brown paint.How about putting tin foil or something to reflect the light you think that would have worked or a mirror.

I actually thought about using mylar, which i have down there i'll show you.It's the same thing, the same type of film that i'll be using for mulch on top of my beds.It can reflect light but i figured for this, not really necessary because i'm growing plants to full fruit here i'm just starting the seeds.I see.So i figured that would be efficient enough.Cool.Yeah the ambience of your lights, they're definitely really cool but how much did one of those set you back if you don't mind me asking.

Each one, i got them from amazon, each one's about a hundred, they change in price a little bit so it's about anywhere between 114 to 120 or so.Yeah so i mean wow.Yeah $100 light man.But definitely they're going to pretty much last forever, the leds really don't burn out, really long life expectancy and they'll save you money in the long run.Really cool, i'm going to have to maybe pick up one of those to play with.Alright great, thank you jason.So i hope you enjoyed part one, seeing what.

Container Gardens Herbs

Hi, i'm tricia, a california organic gardener and i love to cook with herbs and they're really easy to grow in containers for a yearround supply or for those of you with limited space it's important to start out with a really good organic potting soil one that retains moisture really well since containers dry out faster than garden soil as far as containers go, herbs will grow in just about anything i'm using these environmentally friendly pots some of these are made out of bamboo and others out of rice hulls.

Herbs generally have a small root system and don't mind drying out in between watering so you can get away with putting them in a small container in fact some herbs like, thyme and oregano, won't be as tasty if they get a lot of water don't worry about fertilizing your herbs most herbs are very sensitive to over fertilization and some will die completely if they're overfed herbs don't care to be fussed over and voil! i'm planting two types of mint in this container, pineapple mint and spearmint for my friend stephanie.

Herbs don't really mind being snug with regular harvesting you'll end up with bushy, contained herbs with herbs, the more you harvest the more you get voil! it's good to plant mint in containers because it can be very invasive it makes a great moroccan mint tea and it can stand partial sun basil is one annual that does mind crowding and that's because it's susceptible to mildew so it's important to have good airflow between the plants not everybody has six or more hours of sun but that's ok there are some herbs that you can plant in containers that like partial sun.

Container Gardening Top Tips for Success

Music container gardening is becoming more and more popular as people appreciate the flexibility and extra growing space it provides.It's not just about flowers either you can grow your own tasty produce right outside your door and many speciallyadapted plant varieties are now available.But growing in containers does come with its own special challenges and if you want to succeed it's important to plan ahead.Let us take you through the essentials.Where to site your containers is the first thing you need to consider.Most vegetable plants like lots of sun, so it's important to choose a place.

Which will provide 6 hours or more of direct light south or west facing locations are the best.Placing them as close to your house as you can will mean you have easy access to your plants great for harvesting and easy for you to take care of them.Choose a sheltered spot for your pots so your plants are kept out of cold, drying winds.Walls, fences hedges are good locations, or try to screen the pots.Using your window ledges and balconies is a great way to get started if you don't have a garden.

But make sure your pots are properly secured to prevent them from blowing off when the weather gets windy.Watering is the number one priority for containers as the plants won't have access to moisture below ground.On a hot sunny day they can dry out within hours and plants might not recover from serious wilting.On hot days giving plants a thorough watering in the early morning and evening will be required, making sure that you don't just wet the surface, but allow it to soak down to the roots.

For added convenience, drip irrigation can be installed particularly useful if you'll be away from home during part of the summer.Containers come in all shapes, sizes colors and materials.Plastic and wood are tried and tested materials, but you can unleash your creativity just make sure they are clean and won't leach harmful chemicals.Large pots can also be used to grow plants that aren't native to your area for example they can be filled with an ericaceous soil for blueberries, which like acidic conditions.And for heat loving plants such as dwarf citrus trees,.

Containers enable the plans to be moved to a warm conservatory or greenhouse during winter months, protecting them from the worst of the winter weather.There are plenty of options available for using vertical space too, and if you have a warm sunny wall which absorbs heat during the day this will radiate the warmth during the night, protecting the plants from cold snaps.It's essential to provide good drainage.Plants are easily killed if their roots are waterlogged.Make sure there are adequate drainage holes and that they're free from dirt or blockages.

Adding a shallow layer of stones or broken pottery to the base of the pot often helps to improve drainage.The aim is to cover the drainage hole so the soil doesn't leak out while still providing gaps for excess water to drain through.Fill the container with a purchased potting soil or your own homemade compost.Don't use soil from your garden, as this is likely to be heavy and to contain weeds and soilborne pests.Using a lightweight and moistureretentive mix is the best for containers, and it will need topping up each season to replenish nutrients which have been used up.

Which container is best to use will depend on what sort of crops you are growing, so let's take a look at some of the best veggies to grow in containers.It doesn't get any easier than growing salad leaves.They only need a shallow container a few inches deep.If summers are hot in your location, choose an area that gets morning sunshine and afternoon shade to avoid the plants bolting running to seed before they're ready for harvest.Cutandcomeagain type salad leaves often come in packets with several different varieties,.

Providing an exciting mix of leaves that will only take weeks to grow.Tomatoes can be grown in several different types of containers, but they'll need plenty of soil to supply the nutrients they need right up to harvest.Many varieties, such as tumbling tom, can be grown in hanging baskets, and look great as they trail towards the floor.Other varieties can be grown in grow bags or soil bags, or you can use large pots at least 10 inches in diameter.Make sure you use a stake and tie the plants to it to keep them upright.

Tomatoes are very thirsty so will need lots of water at least twice a day in hot weather.Potatoes can be grown in large pots, or bags and sacks designed specifically for the job.The seed potatoes are layered with potting mix and left in a sunny spot, watering as required.As they grow you can layer more soil around the stem of the shoots, gradually building it up over a few weeks until the top of the container is reached.Many other vegetables, herbs and edible flowers can be grown in pots.

Take a look at our extensive grow guides for more information.Our garden planner has a range of specially designed garden objects to make planning and managing your container gardening easy.Starting with the basic outline of your garden, balcony or patio, you can then view garden objects in the selection bar.Once to pick one up, move to where you want to place it, and click to place, rotating or resizing if required.As you add the different containers that you'll use to your plan make sure you leave enough space so you can water and harvest.

The parts list will provide a useful summary of all the containers and other objects, such as drip irrigation, for the plan.Adding plants is as simple as clicking to place them in the relevant containers with the coloured area around each plant indicating how much soil space the roots require.For example, we can easily see how many tomatoes will fit into this grow bag and hanging baskets.Add potatoes into the potato sacks, and choose which salad leaves to include in the grow frame.The plant list then shows you a complete summary of what you were growing.

Including when to plant seeds indoors and outdoors, and when you can expect the harvest, specific to your location.Twice a month you'll also receive email reminders so you know what jobs need doing and when.Gardening in containers is an easy way of growing your own and you can expand with more containers to fill the space you have.Whether you have one simple pot for herbs, or a mini farm full of plants, its easy to get hooked on the taste of growing your own fresh produce and the convenience of having it right outside your back door.

Container Gardening Container Herb Garden

Container gardening container herb garden,Container gardening is a great way to grow plants vegetables and herbs without needing a lot of space herbs do especially well and can be grown right. Container herb garden container gardeninginsightful nana,Detail instructions on how to make your own container herb garden from selecting the containerto planting the herbs and caring for the garden see more. How to grow herbs in containers for beginners,Growing herbshow to grow herbs in containers container gardening container herb garden for beginners how to plant herbs in pots growing herbs for.

How to make a container garden vegetables herbs,Michaels gardening tips for growing vegetables and herbs in containers for beginners containers are great for the urban gardener wanting to grow organic. Herbs for beginners,If youre interested in gardening but not sure where to begin try planting herbs theyre extremely easy to grow and perfect for a beginner most herbs really only.

Container gardening with flowers annuals perennials and herbs,Campbell ferrara plant expert dodi turney will help you learn how to choose and combine the best plants for your container garden planted containers.

Cottage living planting an herb garden container gardening,Cottage living container gardening this week in the garden were building a raised vegetable bed planting an herb garden container planting tomatoes in 5. Container gardens herbs,Tricia shares tips for planting your very own herb garden in containers more about herbs at our site groworganic and in our blog post about planting.

Container Gardening Top Tips For Success

Container gardening top tips for success,Whether youre planning to grow a small kitchen herb garden or to produce enough food to feed your family containers can add the flexibility which helps make. Building a bottle tower for container gardening,Plastic bottles stacked into a bottle tower can be recycled to set up a vertical kitchen garden at home the bottle towers are used for container gardening of. Container gardening starting herbs indoors,I decided to start some herbs indoors im trying perilla again this year hopefully they will germinate the herbs ive started are basil thai basil thyme rosemary.

Garden tutorial container herb garden,Keep flavor at your fingertips by planting a container herb garden for the patio amy grisak shows you how to plant a container garden filled with useful delicious. Container gardening salad green and herbs,This is a tutorial on our container garden lasagna garden for salad greens. How do i start a container herb garden gardening basics w william moss,The master gardener william moss shares his gardening secrets in this 14part tutorial series new tutorial posted every tuesday subscribe to lowes youtube.

Container gardening tips for herbs,Skip the grocery store when it comes to using fresh herbs to spice up your cooking container gardening combines all your favorite flavors in one compact area. Smart pots container gardening herbs vegetables flowers,My newest discovery for herbs and producesmart pots grow healthy plants produce with healthy roots air and heat flow right through unlike conventional. Herb container gardening for the apartment owner how to have a garden without a yard,Tutorial at herbfest on how to have a simple herb garden using containers how to control the microclimate and watch your herb plants flourish herbfest is the.

Container Gardening Olive Tree And Herbs

Container gardening olive tree and herbs,Chriss herb and vegetable container gardening project hunt down a good semi dwarf fruit tree or this case a mission olive tree no it is not semi dwarf but the. April lets talk about the container garden tips for lettuce herbs,Herbs herbs herbs in this episode i will show you how i tend the container garden about 3 weeks before my last frost date we will also revisit how i start. Grow a lot of food in small spaces with container gardening,Grow a lot of food in small spaces with container gardening if you have access to a patio balcony or deck these small spaces are great for container.

How to plant an herb container southern living,Start a windowsill herb garden for your kitchen to enjoy fresh flavor thats just steps away want to see more tutorial like this subscribe to our channel. Container gardening hugelkultur bed cucumbers herbs nettles and zucchini,Container garden update i sowed a hugelkultur bed container garden with cucumbers and transplanted culinary herbs and medicinal herbs to containers as. The container garden light tending and tour of herbs cuban oregano cilantro more,I will show you some of the cool season herbs and greens i started last month from seed i like to toss out seeds and thin them this makes it easy to grow from.

Urban container garden mother load vegetables greens herbs and citrus,I went up this morning and had to harvest the good news is i still have plenty join me. How to grow herbs in a container,Grow the freshest herbs for dishes and seasonings right on your deck porch or patio. Companion planting vegetables container garden update,Companion planting vegetables and herbs in a container garden companion planting cole crops salad and stir fry vegetables in the square foot garden i dont.

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