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Home Remedies For Vomiting During Pregnancy II II

Welcome to health care at home.One of our viewer mr.Bhepender singh from london.He had written , his wife is pregnant and having too much vomiting.For that he is asking a home remedy.See, why does she is having vomiting let us understand this hormonal changes are happening within you during pregnancy due to hormonal changes vomiting is happening,what happen with hormonal changes that , you get more of saliva in your mouth.So there is very simple method to get rid of this.Brush many times, 24 times and spit out the extra saliva.

Then there will be least chances of having vomiting.The major reason of vomiting that being hungry for long hours.So don't be hungry for long hours eat small meals in short gaps when you eat then saliva get into your stomach along with your food so so, if you will be hungry till long hours then you will have vomiting along with this one more precaution is necessary to be taken where you have acute smell of spices or any type of smell you don't have to sit at those place, as with the acute smell.

Then also there are chances of having vomiting let me tell you very simple method to get rid of vomiting this is followed from ancient time.Why women wear bangles it's a kind of acupressure.I will tell you simple method.That's your wrist press it one, in case you want you can wraps a cloth over here this way press wrist of both the hands with this also you will control over vomiting during pregnancy and rest are very methods to do take a glass of water squeeze juice of 1 lemon add 56 drops of ginger juice in it.

Consume this water,problem of having vomiting will be sorted out.Along with this press the skin of lemon just smell it out, then also you will get relief in vomiting.Even if you will crush and smell the mint leaves then also you will get relief to get rid of vomiting during pregnancy you must consume citrus fruits take oranges, sweet lime.What all citrus fruits we have, if you will consume you will ge relief in vomiting.And as you said , you stay in london then avocado is available there.

Although now a days its available in india but in london its excessively available ask your wife to consume avocado with that also she will get so much of relief in vomiting let me tell you 1 more remedy dry lemon, put the lemon into fridge or under sunlight for sometime since you are london, so in case you don't have sunlight proper then you can place them into fridge put them for sometime, 812 lemons when they are dried their skin is hard and yellow after that crush that lemon take its seeds out grind this lemon into a grinder.

After grinding it will be in powder form so whenever she have vomiting then put spoon of this powder into glass of water give her to drink this you will notice that she will have instant control in the vomiting along with this do walking, specially after your food do walking you will notice that you won't feel like vomiting drink lot of water.But be careful don't drink water immediately after or before your food let me tell you a remedy, or you can say a simple method.

Take 2 spoons of fennel and boil it into liter of water after boiling, strain this water and then and whenever you feel like having vomiting then have a sipsip of this water you will notice that you won't feel like having vomiting along with this let me tell you a very good remedy take almost inches of ginger piece, peel it grate it and add 4 5 cloves, a big piece of cinnamon.You have to boil all these ingredients into liter of water after that strain this water when the water is cool down or luke warm.

Then add 2 spoons of honey in it make this water whenever you have tendency of vomiting then you have to take 2 sips of this water you will notice that the problem of vomiting will be disappear along with this you can take carom seeds, you can chew the carom seeds as it works really wonders the morning sickness happens , immediately after wake up it works really wonders.If you are unable to chew the dry carom seeds then boil 2 spoon of carom seeds into 112 glass of water.

When the water is reduced to 1 glass strain the water keep it with you and if you will consume this water after wake up in morning then the problem of gastric constipation you will get relief in them ,also in morning sickness and you will also get relief in vomiting along with this do one thing ,eat at least 2 bananas in a day and most importantly , do anulomaviloma pranayam almost 15 minutes daily this will not only help you but will also help your child during pregnancy.

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