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Welcome to health care at home today we will talk about jaundice with you all jaundice is a bile related disease in which the bile gets increase and liver gets very weak its symptoms are like, if you body is getting shatterd you have pain in your hands and feet, yellowish ness in your eyes and if your nails are turned to yellow, that means you are affected by the problem of jaundice now if you are affected by jaundice then what remedy you should do it is very simple remedy, if you got ficus religiosa nearby.

Then you have to take 45 stems of ficus religiosa and wash them with the clear water and with the clarified sugar, mix them and make their paste you have to make thick paste and dissolve it into one glass of water and once this syrup is ready, you have to consume this syrup in morning and evening and you will find that within 78 days you are getting relief in jaundice.Apart from that thrice a time in a day sugarcane juice, drink thrice a time in a day a glass full of sugarcane juice.

Juice of sugarcane is very helpful in jaundice one more remedy i will tell you, let the milk hot in a pan and squeeze one lemon into it after squeezing lemon milk will be separated, you have to stain this and that strained water, that you have to give it to the patient with this patient will get very much of relief along with this give him coconut water this is also very effective apart from that let the patient eat two oranges with eating of oranges will also help in the problem of jaundice.

Along with this do one more remedy take approximately 50 grams of milt leaves and grind it and turned to very fine paste after grinding put it into muslin cloth and squeeze it for getting the juice out of it in this juice either add sugar or glucose and give twice a time to the patient you will notice that he will get very much relief and that also very fast in the jaundice apart from that if you got leaves of bottlegourd then grind the bottleguard leaves and take out its juice.

And that juice, 30 ml of juice if you will give thrice a time in a day then you will get relief in jaundice apart from that juice of radish leaves juice of radish leaves are also very effective in jaundice take out the juice of radish leaves and give 50 ml of juice to drink to patient you will notice that he will get relief in jaundice if you are not getting radish leaves then radish juice is also very effective in jaundice apart from that i will tell you one more remedy, which is very effective remedy.

Take a white crystal clear bottle of glass and fill it up 34 of water and put it into under the sun and till the time sun is not falling let the bottle there only once the sun is falling and evening has begun, give this water to the patient to drink and you will notice that within 7 days patient will get relief from jaundice so.Isn't it all the remedies were very easy rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us.To meet us you have to subscribe this channel.

8 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Yellow Fever

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