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Natural Home Remedy For Asthma VitaLife Show Episode 182

Welcome to the vitalife show.I'm janine bowring and in this episode of the vitalifeshow we're talking about natural home remedies for asthma.So asthma is a common concern for so many children and adults across north america across the world and i think a lot of it has to do with the toxicity that we're dealing with now in your environment and other factors as well in in the diet so i'm gonna share some natural diet tips with you today be sure to stay tuned right to the end tutorial.

So you get all of our great information here on the vitalife show.So first and foremost one of the natural so a first aid remedy for asthma you're actually having an attack is to have some hot coffee so as soon as you can get some hot coffee fantastic for helping as a bronco dilator and that's what caffeine does helps to actually dilate your bronchial tubes and so this is you know a life saver for so many people so you know you may not have coffee around but if you happen to have some hot.

Coffee around a few sips of that will help to open up your airways now in terms of the diet i want you to avoid certain groups of foods that actually tend to make asthma and breathing difficulties worse one of them is bananas so for whatever reason there's certain compounds in the bananas attempt to make you know people that have a a weaker breathing system and lung system the bananas tend to make this worse so avoid bananas dairy products as well dairy products tend to form a lot of mucus some.

Soy products do as well so you want to limit the amount so i don't say you know don't ever not have it again but limit the amount to these foods that will really help your lungs peanuts as well are highly inflammatory and salt believe it or not can also make as well much worse now other inflammatory things things like sugars and the bad fat so the saturated fats these tend to make overall inflammation in the body worse and can really you know take a toll on your lungs and respiratory system.

So what can we do naturally will there are natural antiinflammatory so natural antiinflammatory fats especially the omega 3's which are really really helpful and we've actually formulated vitafish oil here at vitatree so do check it out at vitatree these are yummy delicious omega3 fatty acids that are your natural antiinflammatory so really really helpful for any type of allergic condition but also especially for that asthma is a great for kids so the kids will absolutely adore them little orange gel caps it tastes like candy so you'll really really love those soap.

Do check it out at vitatree as well as having enough the good guys your friendly flora this is your probiotic so here at vitatree we actually created vitatree probiotics really really important again for the immune system but also to make sure that your digesting your food appropriately what happens with allergies over time unfortunately is that we start to become sensitive because we're not breaking down and food efficiently we start to become sensitive to foods and other things in the environment probiotics have a lot to do with that in a modulating the immune system so that.

It's working properly for you so again not all probiotics are created equal please do check ours out at vitatree and you'll see why ours are so different the other thing is detox now we need to detoxify all the internal organs we should do this seasonally we created vitadetox this is really important for the loth so not too many detox is out there a comprehensive at detoxifying the liver the kidneys the lungs the digestive tract the blood the lymphatic system you've got it all here in the body detox oh that's really really important to.

Know this can be used for children as well so for the entire family especially asthma is the problem that you're dealing with so thanks for joining me today be sure to leave your questions and comments below subscribe to our channel please please please click here so they can always get our newest and latest uploads here on the vita live show free health tips and advice we talk about a lot of different topics here we have hundreds of tutorials out that are becoming very very popular so do check out our other tutorials.

One of them up here is by the vitadetox so all about detoxification why it's so important to detoxify in to do it in the right way not just for asthma but for all of the things that you may be suffering from in terms of what's going on in your physical body click here for our yoga facial exercises you absolutely love them they're super popular here on the vitalife show and you know these are natural ways to keep yourself young and beautiful as your aging and click down here for really famous.

Kids Health Asthma Natural Home Remedies For Asthma

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Natural Home Remedies For Asthma

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Natural Home Remedy For Asthma VitaLife Show Episode 182

Natural home remedy for asthma vitalife show episode 182,Natural home remedy for asthma vitalife show episode 182 asthma rates are increasing in adults and children all over the world this could have something. Asthma medications natural asthma remedies bronchial asthma treatment facts about asthma,Asthma medications natural asthma remedies bronchial asthma treatment facts about asthma stopwheezingstartbreathingcbwin1 how to treat. Natural asthma relief treatment is absolutely safe for adults and children,Get instant access to xvuasthmamistasthma natural asthma relief treatment is absolutely safe for adults and children asthmamist.

Home remedies for asthma part ii,Dont forget to check out our brand new website hmvdesc watch how natural remedies can help get relief from asthma here to subscribe. Effectively treat asthma with naturopathic medicine dr shannon sinsheimer nd,Thenaturalguide asthma can be effectively treated with naturopathic medicine a type of alternative medicine or natural medicine by improving. Asthma home remedy health care tips in hindi,Asthma from the greek sthma panting is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring symptoms.

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