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I'm a californialicensed naturopathic , and i want to talk a little bit about what naturopathic s are because i think a lot of people don't know, and so i'd like to use this little bit of time where we can do some education around that.Naturopathic s, we are primary care s, so we attend fouryear medical programs.They are specific naturopathic medical programs.Each state has a different licensure scope.In california, we are allowed to order tests like an md or do can.And typically, all naturopathic s practice slightly differently, but typically, we use a lot of conventional diagnostic.

Tests, just like all standard blood work and imaging.And then also use a lot of what are called alternativetype tests, like sometimes things like functional stool tests or nutrient panels on blood to just help get a larger picture of a person's baseline health.Naturopathic s are very wellnessoriented in how they practice, so it's a little bit about how we practice.The designation nd is naturopathic , so when you see md or do medical , osteopathic nd is what naturopathic s' official designation is.So nds will typically integrate conventional medicine diagnostics with natural medicine.

Treatments.We do refer out to specialists we do sometimes prescribe pharmaceuticals if absolutely necessary, but our first intention is to always treat with the most noninvasive medicines possible.So a really important point about naturopathic training philosophically is we're always taught that the body really has the innate ability to heal so that our natural function is health and wellness.And so if something doesn't look like that that we really need to be asking why.The body should always be able to return to a state of health, and so these things that we're going to talk about tonight, we're going.

To talk about food and lifestyle practices first that help maintain that, and then these supplements are things that can really enhance that.But if the body is having difficulty healing or thriving, then we really want to ask why and what's going on because the body should be able to maintain health at all times.One of the reasons why not as many people know about naturopathic s is because we're really small.There are about 4,000 of us right now in the u.S., and there's about 400 in california.So we're definitely.

Growing, but we're a much smaller medical profession.So naturopathic medical programs are fouryear postgraduate, similar to an md or a do program.And in the first two years, we learn basic sciences and we take basic science board exams after that period.And then our third and fourth years, our clinical focus is on both conventional medicine and natural medicine practices.And then we take a set of clinical board exams and then we apply for licensure in whichever state we're interested in practicing in.Naturopathic medicine just really means study of natural medicine, and so there are lay naturopaths.

And there are naturopathic s, and we're all good and we have slightly different training.Because naturopathic means natural, a lot of people would really lump everything into natural.So acupuncture, which is a great typical chinese medicine ayurvedic medicine sometimes chiropractic because a lot of chiropractic s beyond just doing physical adjustments will also use a lot of nutraceutical types of things in their practice.So a lot of natural medicine practicing s, even mds, will get called naturopaths because they're practicing natural medicine.But there's a distinction with an nd, which is a specific designation.

In that they've gone to one of these accredited four schools and have passed certain licensing exams.And if you want to know if your specific naturopathic is a licensed naturopathic , the state of california has that information available, and that website is naturopathic.Ca.Gov.Natural medicine can be very effective not only for prevention, but also for chronic debilitating illnesses.Most of my practice is actually chronic illness.I think that we have kind of this generalization that happens or an assumption that happens that these types of things are really great for prevention, but when you get really sick, you need drugs.

And surgery and that's the only thing that's really going to take care of it.And sometimes there are cases where drugs and surgery are very appropriate, but a lot of the times, a lot of the diseases that we're struggling with in our society are really due to chronic lifestyle choices that are not promoting our health.And so i really just wanted to do the education piece about that because there's a lot of really great supplements to talk about, and i want to give you guys those tidbits in terms of which supplements really help.

To maintain wellness, but that's really the icing on the cake.The real cake, so to speak, is what you do every day in terms of your lifestyle practices.So what do i treat in my practice really, i do general medicine.I do lots of chronic illness because that's just kind of what naturopathic s do.We get trained in so many of the basic wellness principles that when people just aren't responding in other care settings, they just kind of naturally end up walking in our doors.So my first year off the bat, i ended up treating.

A lot of very serious autoimmune diseases.That's just what walked into my door, and so i said, okay.So i had a lot of rheumatoid arthritis cases, had some lupus cases, some hashimoto's thyroiditis is very common, lots of allergies, lots of fatigue.Fatigue's a really common one, and it's because so many of us are stressed, and stress really leads to fatigue in so many ways.And so fatigue's actually pretty easy to fix, but you've just got to figure out where it's coming from.Is it anemia is it stressrelated.

What's going on that's causing that fatigue is it adrenal burnout, which is really common lots of headaches, and headaches very typically are caused by hormone imbalance, tension and stress, and food intolerance.And so it's actually pretty easy to get to the bottom of headaches, but in order to solve headaches, again, you have to get to the root cause of why each person is having a headache.Hormone imbalance has been a really typical type of thing i've treated, so everything from pms to perimenopause, and then a lot of thyroid.

And adrenal issues in my practice.Insomnia, weight issues, and then just a lot of wellnessoriented work.I really like doing that kind of work.I do have probably about 25 percent of my practice are people who are just really in the know, really have done a lot of things to educate themselves on wellness practices, and then just kind of want my guidance to steer them a little bit more and just test their basic levels of blood work and things like that and see where they are.And then i've done some corporate wellness programs.

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Naturopathic phoenix there's a big shift happening in medicine right now there's there's it's almost like there's two different worlds you can get into on one side a medicine it's becoming very systematize in the focus is is not 100 percent on the patient the patient's health anymore it's it's moving into reimbursements regulations s are having to spend less and less time and as a result patients feel less and less heard and the the focus have treatment there is on alleviating the symptoms k with major paddock s.

Its it's a different perspective and like to share their new perspective with you if if symptoms are like a smoke alarm going off and treating the symptoms is like pulling the battery out at the smoke alarm naturopathic phoenix in our practice are new to pad the s want to take the time to listen to you to get to know you as a person and understand your complete whole case in and everything that's happening with you and i focus is on your health it's not on the disease it's on you.

As a person and your health it so we want to get to the underlying cause we wanna put the flames out at the base and as a result the smoke alarm stopped going us as we treat the cause and increase your health the symptoms go away because your body's healing itself from the inside out that's regenerative medicine thats how nature path that s provide health care that actually focused on your health if you're ready to make that shit you're a to take originated approach give us a call we'd love to work with you it is our passion.

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Naturopathic medicine is a primary healthcare system emphasizing prevention, treatment, and the promotion of optimal health through the use of natural therapeutic methods and treatments.Our caring physician will listen to your concerns and spend the time with you needed to find a natural remedy.Our naturopaths use best practice methods and are current with the latest research and scientific evidence.In a society that is said to be overmedicated, visit our naturopath to learn natural methods for fighting disease and to restore optimal health.At legacies health centre, we've been.

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