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Cancer is Not a Death Sentence Dr Rashid Buttar

Rashid buttar believe it or not the most significant is the emotional psychological component.I have had patients you know, the stories i've got a book that i've written that i haven't published, but the stories that i can tell you where we've actually taken patients in fact i'll tell you we've had two families that agreed to autopsies in patients that i treated and you know most of the time when you talk to family about getting an autopsy, why the question is why would we want to spend another $5,000.00 to do an.

Autopsy when we know they had cancer and they died of cancer, there's no reason.But one family in 1999 and another family in 2001 agreed to do an autopsy after the patient died, after we treated them because in my heart there was no way this person had cancer you want to take a wild guess what they found on autopsy ty no cancer. Rashid buttar none, at all not even a trace.What was interesting was both patients however died within a week or two of when they were going.

To die by their oncologist.The power of belief that's what they believed.Your s don't realize they're a so when somebody hear's well they're the , they know, so when the says something they just put the thought in the persons brain it's almost like a self fulfilling prophecy.Now interestingly enough that second patient that they did the autopsy on that's the nephew of that patient owned a funeral home and the patient was buried through that funeral home and he came back a couple months later telling his story.He said, listen.

I wanted you to know Buttar that when we got the autopsy, when we ordered the autopsy they sent the patient from the funeral home for the autopsy and they haven't started the process yet so they sent him for autopsy and the pathologist that was doing the autopsy contacted the funeral home and said, you sent me the wrong patient.They said, no we sent you the right patient, no you sent me the wrong patient', no and it went back and forth four or five times.And finally the funeral home.

Said, listen there were only four patients that came through our facility this week, three of them were women, one was a male.You're supposed to have the male we know the difference between male and female.You have the right patient.And the pathologist response was, well this patient had died supposedly cause of death was hepatocellular carcinoma liver cancer.The pathologist said, well one this man has no cancer in his liver.And secondly his liver is that of a 35 year old, the patient was 67 years old.Now i know there's no way.

This guy could have had a cancer in his liver anymore because what we were doing was rebuilding his liver and as you know the liver is a highly regeneratable organ and so anyway it was an interesting piece of history for me that as i was going through this because i stopped asking for autopsies after that.I believe that if i cannot address the emotional psychological issue of a cancer patient, i will, no matter what happens, i will lose that patient.But if i can address it, i don't care whether.

It's multiorgan system failure or the kidney is failing, the liver is failing, stage four, multiple metastasis, they will come through it.I have actual patients, you've seen some of these patients on tutorial that had cancer that went from breast, spread to the brain, the spine, the spleen, the lungs, the liver, the scalp and this is the same patient given gone through chemo and radiation actually she was an oncological nurse believe it or not.She'd been oncological nurse, a cancer nurse for 45 years and she was told that she had three months left to live and she lived.

Almost 10 years and we you've seen the tutorials right anybody can go to medical rewind and see some of these tutorials, but the point is it's the power of belief and that emotional psychological burden that a patient has.I have never seen a cancer patient yet in fact that did not have a deep seeded emotional trauma.And many times they may not even be cognizant of it.They may have suppressed it, but until that's released you will not see a complete and permanent resolution.My patients that have really done well and.

Some of those patients you will be talking to.I know you've got you've scheduled to talk to some of them, there's one recurring theme that i hear from them after they've gone through this challenge they relate to me how grateful they are that they had this disease.How it transformed them, how to change their life and a lot of them see a different perspective that had they not seen their lives wouldn't be where it is today, where their lives are today.And that gratitude, that appreciation for having gone through.

That experience, that's really the cancer is a wake up call.I believe that in 20 years nobody is going to be scared of cancers it will be like getting a cold.But it's a wake up call, when you get cancer you need to do something.God giving you the ultimate email, but it's like you know, it's something that takes the wind out of your sail as soon as hear it.It's not a death sentence it's only a death sentence if you believe it's a death sentence.

The Real Story Behind Actor Steve McQueens Death Dr Nicholas Gonzalez

Nicholas gonzalez the steve mcqueen story has never been properly told.That's another big thing.There are all kinds of biographies about steve mcqueen and they mention kelley the crazy guy.I've talked to some of these authors.They never really investigated it properly.I know the whole story.In fact, in this office about 25 feet from where we are sitting i have steve mcqueen's complete medical records even when he used assumed names.I have all of his records here.I got them from kelley.They are in this office.

I know the whole story.I know it like nobody else has because no one else has ever had his complete medical file.Mcqueen was kind of a reckless guy.Motorcycle racer, smoker, drinker and lived a hard life as he is famous for.He started getting sick in 19781979.Went to his fancy los angeles s and they kind of blew it off.You live too hardyou've got to cut down the smoking.No one took him seriously.Finally, he was so debilitated he went to his s and says you've got.

To do something.Finally the genius gets the idea let's do a chest xray.He's got tumors in both lungs.They work him up and he's got metastatic mesothelioma.Mesothelioma is associated with asbestos exposure.Well, he was a motorcycle fanatic and in those days the pipes of motorcycles were lined with asbestos and he would work on his own motorcycles.He was a great mechanic.He was exposed to a huge amount of asbestos and he ended up with mesothelioma.In those days, 35 years ago and today, mesothelioma is completely incurable once it spreads.The only hope is.

To get it early and do surgery.Well, his brilliant s had completely missed the diagnosis for a year so by the time it was diagnosed it was metastatic.Then the geniuses decided to give him immunotherapy.Well, i am trained as a classical immunologist under robert good.There has never been a study in the history of the world showing immunotherapy has any effect on mesothelioma.Talk about quackerybut they give it to him.It didn't work so then they decided to give him radiation.Maybe they gave him the radiation firsti have to pull out my notes.There.

Has never been a study in the history of the world showing radiation works with mesothelioma.Guess what it didn't work so he ends up with stage iv advancing cancer, weeks from death.He goes to see kelley.Kelley made one fatal mistake in the treatment of steve mcqueen.He took him on as a patient.He was too advanced and he was a reckless guy.He was still smoking, still drinking, but he pleaded and kelley was a very compassionate guy.He saidi will treat you but you are too weak.You can't.

Do this at home the way most of my patients do.There was a hospital in mexico at the time that was administering parts of kelley's therapy.He says go down to that hospital in mexico and i'll kind of direct them.And he did.He wasn't 100 compliant.He still had the haagen dazs ice cream kind of smuggled in from his friends and cigarettes, but he did enough of it so he started getting better and then one of the s in mexico gets the brilliant idealet's open him up, because they.

Think that the tumorhe had a tumor in his abdomen as well as in his chest.Let's take it outwe think it's a dead tumor.They do the surgery and the next day he dies of a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lungs.He did not die of mesothelioma and, in fact, the tumor was a dead tumor.Kelley used to have it in his office in formaldehyde a dead tumor that had shrunk down from a huge tumor down to nothing.It was dead.He didn't die fromthe way the media reports read, which i have, is like kelley.

Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence Dr Rashid Buttar

Cancer is not a death sentence dr rashid buttar,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthaboutcancer support our mission by. Explosive the real reason holistic s are being killed and vanishing,Please help to protect me as i am those who helped me with this explosive information share everywhere so it is less likely they will come for me like they have. Alternative medicine and the death of the wellness warrior,What do they call alternative medicine that has been proven to work medicine tim minchin storm jessica ainscough australias wellness warrior has.

Erin elizabeth strange deaths of holistic s hour 1,Erin elizabeth is a longtime activist with a passion for the healing arts working in the arena for 25 years her site healthnutnews is among the top 20. What do cancer statistics and survival rates mean,What do cancer statistics and survival rates meananoasisofhealinganoasisofhealingtutorialdisclaimer the question of what. Alternative medicine for cancer,Alternative medicine for cancer patients in the philippines alternative medicine for cancer in the philippines alternative medicine for cancer statistics alternative.

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Urine therapy alternative medicine health treatment say no to chemo radiation cancer tumors,Natalia describes her experience with urine therapy how she uses it and explains to others how it may help them natalia can be reached at. Ovarian cancer treatment testimonial alternative holistic health care,This is a testimonial from an ovarian cancer survivor patient at sanoviv medical insitute a holistic and complementary alternative health care facility.

The Quest For The CuresContinues Episode 1 Modern Medicine The Cancer Pandemic

The quest for the curescontinues episode 1 modern medicine the cancer pandemic,Please join our email list to be notified of the next free airing of one of our docuseries thetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans. Natural medicine the secrets of ancient medicine ts documentary,Mutation world abnormal people subscribe us like dislike share your ideas comment before christ the world is living healthy and natural marijuana. Basal cell carcinoma treatment with traditional and alternative remedies,Utahtexans on the link above for a free tutorial guide to dietary supplements and alternative medicine today im going to talk about basal cell.

The 2 best cancer treatments of all dr francisco contreras,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthabou support our mission by. Breast cancer treatment alternative testimonials breast cancer therapy option avoids surgery,Breast cancer treatment alternative testimonials breast cancer therapy option avoids surgery hyperthermia plus lowdoseradiation whenever you. The quest for the cures episode 1,Please join our email list to be notified of the next free airing of one of our docuseries thetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans.

Metastasized melanoma cancer treatment results after being treated with alternative complementary and holistic health care,This is a testimonial from metastasized melanoma cancer survivor patient at sanoviv medical insitute a holistic and complementary alternative health care. Alternative breast cancer treatmentbeauty breast cancer options survivor 14,Alternative breast cancer treatment beauty breast cancer options survivor part 14 breast cancer is not a death sentence and it doesnt have to be a. The quest for the curescontinues episode 2 your first line of defense,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthabou support our mission by.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Keladi Tikus

Alternative cancer treatment keladi tikus,Keladitikusubatkanser formulators wan wan hasan bin hadi hasnol biomedical research and chemical analysts cancer is the process of. Holistic s being killed gcmaf and nagalase vaccines and autism,Why are holistic mds being killed gcmaf nagalase s jeff bradstreet and nicholas gonzalez apparently were on to the biochemistry of what was. Romeo indi romeos alternative death au,Another au to show an alternative death of romeo storyline indi is told romeo has cancer she selfishly pushes him away though romeo begs her that he.

Why there can never be a cure for cancer bill henderson,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthabou support our mission by. Chris wark why i said no to chemo,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthabou support our mission by. Enzymes enzyme therapy and probiotics ty bollinger wade t lightheart,Learn more about wades enzymes here thetruthaboutcancerenzymes read an article about enzymes here.

Alternative ovarian cancer treatment at sanoviv medical insitute,Ovarian cancer treatments are available at sanoviv medical institute our facility has never had a single staph infection which is the 5th leading cause of death. What are natural cancer treatments,What are natural cancer treatmentsanoasisofhealinganoasisofhealingtutorialdisclaimer so what are natural cancer. Lung cancer cure alternative treatments survival rate chemotherapy,Encognitiveits been said that statistics is the only field where two people can draw different conclusions on the same set of data for example.

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