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What causes, say, heroin addiction this is a really stupid question, right it's obvious we all know it heroin causes heroin addiction.Here's how it works if you use heroin for 20 days, by day 21, your body would physically crave the drug ferociously because there are chemical hooks in the drug.That's what addiction means.But there's a catch.Almost everything we think we know about addiction is wrong.If you, for example, break your hip, you'll be taken to a hospital and you'll be given loads of diamorphine for weeks or even months.

Diamorphine is heroin.It's, in fact, much stronger heroin than any addict can get on the street because it's not contaminated by all the stuff drug dealers dilute it with.There are people near you being given loads of deluxe heroin in hospitals right now.So at least some of them should become addicts but this has been closely studied it doesn't happen.Your grandmother wasn't turned into a junkie by her hip replacement.Why is that our current theory of addiction comes in part from a series of experiments that were carried out earlier in the 20th century.

The experiment is simple you take a rat and put it in a cage with two water bottles.One is just water, the other is water laced with heroin or cocaine.Almost every time you run this experiment, the rat will become obsessed with the drugged water and keep coming back for more and more, until it kills itself.But in the 1970s, bruce alexander, a professor of psychology, noticed something odd about this experiment the rat is put in the cage all alone.It has nothing to do but take the drugs.

What would happen, he wondered, if we tried this differently so he built rat park, which is basically heaven for rats it's a lush cage where the rats would have colored balls, tunnels to scamper down, plenty of friends to play with, and they could have loads of sex everything a rat about town could want.And they would have the drugged water and the normal water bottles.But here's the fascinating thing in rat park, rats hardly ever use the drugged water none of them ever use it compulsively none of them ever overdose.

But maybe this is a quirk of rats, right well, helpfully, there was a human experiment along the same lines the vietnam war.20 of american troops in vietnam were using a lot of heroin.People back home were really panicked, because they thought there would be hundreds of thousands of junkies on the streets of the united states when the war was over.But a study followed the soliders home and found something striking they didn't go to rehab they didn't even go into withdrawal 95 of them just stopped after they got home.

If you believe the old theory of addiction, that makes no sense.But if you believe prof.Alexander's theory, it makes perfect sense, because if you're put into a horrific jungle in a foreign country where you don't want to be, and you could be forced to kill or die at any moment, doing heroin is a great way to spend your time but if you go back to your nice home with your friends and your family, it's the equivalent of being taken out of that first cage and put into a human rat park.

It's not the chemicals, it's your cage.We need to think about addiction differently.Human beings have an innate need to bond and connect.When we are happy and healthy, we will bond with the people around us.But when we can't, because we're traumatized, isolated, or beaten down by life, we will bond with something that gives us some sense of relief.It might be endlessly checking a smartphone it might be pornography, tutorial games, reddit, gambling, or it might be cocaine.But we will bond with something, because that is our human nature.

The path out of unhealthy bonds is to form healthy bonds, to be connected to people you want to be present with.Addiction is just one symptom of the crisis of disconnection that's happening all around us.We all feel it.Since the 1950s, the average number of close friends an american has has been steadily declining.At the same time, the amount of floor space in their homes has been steadily increasing.To choose floor space over friends, to choose stuff over connection.The war on drugs we've been fighting for almost a century now.

Has made everything worse.Instead of helping people heal and getting their life together, we have cast them out from society, we have made it harder for them to get jobs and become stable, we take benefits and support away from them if we catch them with drugs, we throw them in prison cells, which are literally cages, we put people who are not well in a situation which makes them feel worse and hate them for not recovering.For too long, we've talked only about individual recovery from addiction.But we need now to talk about social recovery.

Because something has gone wrong with us as a group.We have to build a society that looks a lot more like rat park and a lot less like those isolated cages.We are going to have to change the unnatural way we live and rediscover each other.The opposite of addiction is not sobriety the opposite of addiction is connection.This tutorial is a collaboration with johann hari, the author of the book chasing the scream the first and last days of the war on drugs.He was very kind to work with us on this tutorial to spread the word.

Physician Contracting 101 Physicians Duties and Responsibilities by Paul Drey

Greetings, and welcome to part 2 of our sixpart series physician contracting 101.Again, my name is paul drey, and i am an attorney with the brick gentry law firm.As i indicated in part 1, much of my practice deals with working with physicians or physician groups in regard to their business contracting needs, part of that being the employment contract.In part 2 of this series we are going to look at what are some of the key provisions within your employment contract, and then we are going to begin looking in detail specifically.

Today, at what are the provisions, or what are the requirements within a provision dealing with a physician's duties and responsibilities.So let's begin by looking at some of the key provisions that occur and are identified within your employment agreement.First, we'll look at what are the duties and responsibilities of the physician.A second key provision deals with compensation and benefits.Sometimes this will be an actual provision within the contract, and sometimes it will be included as an exhibit, where the whole compensation policy or package is set forth.A third key negotiable provision deals.

With buyins.Another provision deals with professional liability insurance.We will also look at noncompete provisions as well as some of the other provisions within the contract, in particular the entire agreement provisions, wherein everything that is included within the contract itself, in the written contract, becomes the contract, and nothing else.And finally, we will look at termination, and the provisions involved in the termination provision.What we will look at today, is looking at the duties and responsibilities that are identified within your employment contract.These provisions sometimes seem quite innocuous, and not important, but in reality they are very important, as.

It really sets forth in great detail what you are going to be doing for the either the physician group, or the hospital itself.You need to read this carefully to determine what are the expectations do you have an hourly expectation set forth do you have a certain day provision set forth you are also going to have to look at what are your call provisions.How often are you going to be expected to participate in the call coverage is it divided equally among the number of physicians there, or, since you are going to be one of the newer.

Physicians, do you carry a heavier burden you should know this going into the contract, and make sure that you are comfortable with how this is going to be provided.You also need to take a look at in regard to whether you are going to be able to do anything outside of your employment arrangement.Many contracts have provisions that set forth your responsibilities and duties, and identify that if you anything medically inclusive, you will not be able to provide those services.For instance, if you are thinking about teaching,.

Or providing locum tenens coverage, you will need to make sure that you are able to do so under your contract.In many instances, a contract provides that if you do provide teaching coverage or teaching responsibilities, or you provide locum tenens coverage, that if you receive any compensation for those services, they will go to your employer rather than to you.If you want to make sure that this does not occur, you need to make sure that the language in your contract provides that the stipend or the compensation that.

Alternative Medicine Profession

Alternative medicine profession,A growing trend recognizes that people benefit from more than medication surgery and other traditional medical treatments to maintain positive health. Career outlook for naturopathic medicine dr louise edwards,National university of health sciences faculty member dr louise edwards has been an active force in the evolution of naturopathic medicine for over 25 years. Natural medicine career options,Natural medicine career options.

Career talk sundeep kapila mckinsey to swasth india,Career cell presents from a campus startup to mckinsey co building swasth india by sundeep kapila about life after iit why or why not. Careers in healthcare,Visituctvtv not since 1965 has there been a more significant overhaul of the american healthcare system with the patient protection and affordable. Starting a career as a naturopath,Naturopathycourse starting a career as a naturopath naturopathy courses po box 815 helensvale qld 4212 phone 1800 074 004 starting a.

Addiction,What causes addiction easy right drugs cause addiction but maybe it is not that simple this tutorial is adapted from johann haris new york times.

The world in 2030 by dr michio kaku,The world in 2030 how science will affect computers medicine jobs our lifestyles and the wealth of our nations wednesday october 28 2009 dr michio. Natural health careers pros and cons,This tutorial will educate the prospective students on the natural health career field as it exist in 2014 this is not a rant tutorial but an forecast on the return on.

The Cultural Legacy Of The LSD Movement Don Lattin

The cultural legacy of the lsd movement don lattin,Complete tutorial at foratv20100107donlattintheharvardpsychedelicclub timothy leary and richard alpert now known as ram dass began. How to beat cancer no chemono radiation alternative treatment,How to beat cancer without chemo or radiation alternative treatment after you watch this simply search for cancer treatment center in. How to become a naturopathic ,See more careers at howtobecometv see more of drvlahopoulos atkihcca intro what do you want to be when you grow up cv the word.

John stossel freedom 20 alternative media silk road wikipedia artificial intelligence 1313,Jan 3rd this tutorial may contain copyrighted material such material is made available for educational purposes only this constitutes a fair use of any such. Afroman because i got high positive remix,Watch the positive new take on the classic track because i got high by afroman in collaboration with weedmaps and norml keep an eye out for other ways. 2013 09 23 momondays halifax,Welcome to momondays halifax your host is ravi tangri the speakers include heather mosher john macdermott olga lucia torres sebastien latulippe

Not giving a fuck,A commercial by jon lajoiejonlajoie. College grads grow their own jobs,An experiment became reality for two graduating university of california students when they found it was possible to grow gourmet mushrooms in used coffee. How to get a pharmacy technician job are you really sure,Joinsteveandachieve how to get a pharmacy technician job are you really sure most pharmacy technicians that i have hired have either.

Careers In Holistic Health Holistic Health Careers

Careers in holistic health holistic health careers,Anhsschoolthere are many kinds of careers that people can choose to have but the truth is that the best kind of career is one that allows you to. Grand strand lumber company adding 56 jobs,Canfor southern pine a manufacturer of dimension lumber announced wednesday that it will expand its existing lumber production facility in horry county. Cardiovascular pharmaceuticals market in india 2012,For more information kindly visitbharatbookhealthcaremarketresearchreportscardiovascularpharmaceuticalsmarketinindia2012.

Imf releases world economic outlook,Shotlist 1 wide shot of international monetary fund panel 2 cameramen 3 soundbite english olivier blanchard director research department imf. Everglades university alternative renewable energy management,Aviationaerospace including a concentration provides the opportunity for employees and professionals of the aviation industry to gain a solid education. Closing bell stocks end slightly lower sanofi drops on weak outlook,Stocks ended the day lower in a quieter session of trading compared to wednesdays blowout rally the energy sector was the only sector in the green but just.

Iasmcon 2015 mumbai indian association of sports medicine conference 2015,Iasmcon 2015 mumbai with great pleasure we invite you for this exciting and very ambitious annual conference of indian association of sports medicine. Future earth 2016 documentary,Humanity is at a crossroads on this 2016 documentary we will try to predict what will happened in the future nearly half of the amazon rainforest has been. What can you do with marketing degree,Felixlie there are so many options of jobs you can do or get with a degree in marketing know exactly what you want in life and how you are going to.

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