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20 Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Happy christmas thats bitter, apple cider vinegar, today i'm going to talk to you and tell you about the 20 health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar or including it in your diet in some form, hippocrates the father of medicine thousands of years ago used vinegar as one of his key medicines, so that father of modern medicine was a herbalist, where are the herbs today in modern medicine this is the challenge facing me as a herbalist, tom obrien master herbalist at empowering medicine, trying to help people understand the healing and health beneifts of herbs and foods as medicine,.

Thats the real evidence based medicine so lets start with the 20 health benefits of apple cider vinegar, no.1 its rich in potassium which is a key nutrient to feed nerves and muscles and its nurtures the heart, an essential component of good health, no.2 apple cider vinegar, promotes an alkaline body, according, to charolette gerson cancer can't grow in an alkaline body, and one of the main things that apple cider vinegar does is it promotes alkalinity and neutralises aciditity that comes from too much processed foods, no.3, its anit fungal, and kills bacteria,.

And again this is one of the main ways it helps, promote health, bacteria in the mouth, in the blood, in the gut, bad bacteria that there, thats blocking digestion, and causing sluggish digestion, apple cider vinegar, kills that bacteria, and its one of the things, i have used myself, i have a cavity, and a little bit of pain, from a build up of pain, its a great mouth wash, its a great pain killer, i will have to get the tooth removed, but the apple cider vinegar, neutralizes the bacteria, neutralizes the pain eventually, and brings good health,.

We know that bacteria in the mouth is connected with heart disease, because the bacteria in the mouth, enters the blood stream, so again anti bacterial, apple cider vinegar, improves digestion and reduce acid reflux a key problem for a lot of people by balancing the acid, by reducing the acidity in the body, it neutralizes acid reflux, and calms and increases digestion and therefor a great treatment for acid reflux no.6, apple cider vinegar, is a good treatment for those with diabetes as it helps to balance blood sugar.

In the body of research backing up the use of apple cider vinegar, management and treatment of diabetes no.7 promotes heart health, apple cider vinegar, breaks the plaque and reduces the plaque that builds up in the arteries and reduces cholesterol and therefore helps to promote heart health with potassium as well strenghtening the heart muscle, number seven apple cider vinegar, promotes good skin, health and clear skin from the inside out from having a good digestion the best place to have good skin is on the inside, by having good digestion, and that promotes cleansing through the biggest organ in the body which is the skin,.

But it can also be rubbed on the skin to reduce blemishes and increase the skin health and vibrancy of the skin no.8 apple cider vinegar, can be used to treat warts, soaked on to a cotton pice of wool and placed over the wart, twice a day topically, it can help to reduce that wart over time, number nine in the hair apple cider vinegar can be rubbed into the hair, its a great conditioner and helps to strenghten the hair, and increase the shine, of your hair so apple cider vinegar, in your hair, it might smell, but you can wash it off later with shampoo.

No.10 apple cider vinegar can be used to reduce weight, and obesity it has an appetite suppressing effect, when you take apple cider vinegar, it has that bitter taste, it helps to improve digestion and reduce appetite, no.11 apple cider vinegar reduces sinus congestion, by breaking the mucus that gets clogged up in the system, apple cider vinegar helps to break it down, and give relief to the sinus pathways, no.12 helps when you have a soar throat, its that anti bacterial effect, it can be used as a mouth wash,.

Gargled and swallowed, its kills the bacteria, thats causing the throat infection no.13 apple cider vinegar, gives an energy boost the potassium and the enzymes, with in acv and within have to speed up the process of nutrients getting to the cells and cleansing the cells, and that leads to better health, better vitality and better energy, no.14, natural teeth whitener acv can be used as a mouthwash as i said earlier, and that can help to whiten the teeth over time, when practiced on a regular basis no.15 acv helps to fight seasonal alergies, it breaks down the mucus, improves lymphatic drainage, and has an over all health benefit on reducing the impact of allergies,.

No.16 apple cider vinegar, can be used to teat cold soars, because it is loaded with probiotics and vitamins helps to boost the immune system and boost the response to cold soars from within, no.17 helps to soothe sun burn, when acv is mixed with coconut oil and some lavender oil, mixed and rubbed on to the skin, is a great calming relief for sun burn, no.18 acv is a natural deodorant as acv kills the bad bacteria and the yeast that causes odours, acv can be applied topically to areas under the arm pits or around the toes, where there can be body odour,.

No.19 acv is a natural household cleanser, we know is great for cleaning windows but we know its that anti bacterial effect, acv can be used to kill bacteria, finally no.20 improves bone health, its that alkaline effect that improves our overall health and then improves our bone health, thats the 20 health benefits of acv, i will put all that information in the link below, if you like this tutorial, give it a thumbs, up, share and subscribe, for weekly content with me tom obrien master herbalist, helping you to understand the health benefits of herbs and food as medicine,.

How to Naturally Cure Acid Reflux

Hey guys, Axe here from draxe, of functional medicine and nutritionist.In this tutorial i'm going to talk about how to naturally cure acid reflux and acid reflux or heartburn or indigestion.These are issues that millions upon millions of people struggle with on a regular basis.In this tutorial i'll go through the exact acid reflux diet, the best supplements for acid reflux along with the lifestyle changes you need to make in order to help overcome acid reflux for good.This is something that i've helped thousands.

Of patients overcome in my years of practice.So step number one, let's talk about what causes and triggers acid reflux.Typically it's an enzyme deficiency, if you're not getting enough enzymes in your diet, that's a one big issue along with if your stomach.If the acid is imbalanced in your stomach.Typically it's caused from low stomach acid, so your stomach is not producing enough acid and not enough enzymes being produced in your body.So again, lack of acid, lack of enzymes, that's what's causing your acid reflux.So in order to address that, we need to do a few things.

Number one we got to change your diet and there are a few things that trigger acid reflux.Consuming citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate and carbonated beverages like soda, those can trigger acid reflux along with consuming too many grain products and hydrogenated oils.Those are the first foods you want to actually remove from your diet.Then what you want to do is start replacing those with foods that are high in enzymes and foods that are easy to digest.Doing vegetables, doing most forms of fruits, doing organic meats, doing.

Bone broth.Consuming foods that are easy to digest, that's where you want to start in terms of diet is getting those into your diet.So again, organic meat products, fruits and vegetables are a great place to start when you're replacing those foods in your diet.The next step to overcome acid reflux is you have to start using certain supplements.And the best supplements that can help you are taking a digestive enzyme supplement, two caps with meals of digestive enzymes along with taking something called hcl with pepsin.

That's hydrochloric acid with pepsin and what you'll do with hydrochloric acid is you'll take one capsule and you'll only take this when you consume meat or a form of protein and see if you get a warm feeling in your stomach.And then eventually you'll go to two caps into three, but hydrochloric acid is the acid your stomach produces that helps to break down food, so actually getting more of that acid will help you with digestion.But really digestive enzymes are the first place to start.If the enzymes help all the way, you don't need to do hydrochloric acid but if that still.

Isn't enough then you can add in those in as well.The third step is lifestyle you really need to eat less at your meals.So oftentimes, acid reflux is caused from stuffing yourself, eating too much, eating too fast.So eating too much, eating too fast is a major cause of acid reflux.And step number four to naturally cure acid reflux, is to start using apple cider vinegar.This is the number one natural cure or home remedy is apple cider vinegar and what you'll do is take one number tablespoon in a small amount of water and.

Drink that before your meal.About ten minutes before your meal and apple cider vinegar contains probiotics enzymes and certain acids like acidic acid which actually helps you digest your food.So this apple cider vinegar is the number one natural remedy for acid reflux that you'll want to start using.And you want to make sure that when you're buying apple cider vinegar that it has some of the cloudiness you can see there on the bottom.It's called the mother in it, you can see there it says organic, raw and filtered with the mother.This is.

What you'll want to start getting and of all the things, this is the most beneficial thing you can do to naturally overcome and heal acid reflux is start doing one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before your meals.With that and enzymes will make a big difference in turns of natural treatments.So remember this if you're looking at overcoming acid reflux.Number one, get some of those triggers out like doing too much citrus, tomato sauce, hydrogenated oils, sugar, grain products.Get those out and start consuming more fruits,.

More vegetables and organic meat products.Step number two hey get some of those good supplements like digestive enzymes as well as hydrochloric acid.Step number three, change your lifestyle, don't over eat and eat slowly.Try and chew about 20 to 30 times before you swallow and start using apple cider vinegar.If you follow those steps, you're going to find yourself well on your way to overcoming acid reflux for good.By the way, if you want to see a full guide on how to overcome acid reflux, i have a tutorial on my website, go to.

20 Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

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How to naturally cure acid reflux,Draxe in this tutorial im going to go over how to naturally cure acid reflux i will share my acid reflux diet the best supplements to take and the lifestyle. Homemade apple cider vinegar honey natural cure for arthritis many health benefits,Found a good homemade apple cider vinegar recipe by watching a lot of youtube tutorials by different ladies making it in their home thanks you guys for the.

16 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Junkie

16 ways to use apple cider vinegar beauty junkie,They say an apple a day keeps the away apple cider vinegar will keep you away from the and the dermatologist this ingredient is a cureall. How to do an acv rinse apple cider vinegar on natural hair biancareneetoday,Dandruff itchy scalp dry hair hair loss all things that can be cured by doing an acv rinse acv stands for apple cider vinegar which is a special vinegar. 3 healthy ways to use apple cider vinegar,After centuries of being used as a home remedy for everything from digestive issues to skincare apple cider vinegar is finally one of the hottest ingredients in.

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Health Benefits Of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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