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Patients want to know what is the best treatment to fix peyronie's.Well we've done a lot of study and research here at the raleigh clinic for men and what we find the best procedure that has the most consistent results in helping fix peyronie's and is the least invasive is platelet bride plasma.Now you certainly can have your peyronie's fixed via surgery and if you don't have to cut then, we always like to say, then why should you.You can also use xiaflex.We don't use xiaflex simply because we find it very, very expensive.

And the better procedure that we like to use is the platelet rich plasma and again, that's where we draw out 60 ounces of you blood, we centrifuge it, we bring it down to anywhere between 6 to 9 ccs of a platelet rich plasma that has special growth factors.Those special growth factors, when they're injected back into your body and specifically back into you penis, will grow new blood vessels and new tissue and that tissue will help break up the scar tissue where the peyronie's is and reduce the bend.Plus you'll have tissue.

Growth around that scar tissue to help smooth out and straighten out the erection.One of the side effects of using this platelet rich plasma and injecting it back into your penis is you, a lot of our patients, in over 80 of our patients, they will see an increase in their length and their girth.I know that sounds funny that's a side effect but it is a side effect.You'll see anywhere between a 10 to 20 increase in your length and or girth as a potential side effect so yay for you because who can't get excited not only.

About fixing their peyronie's but a having a bigger and fuller and thicker erection.That's the treatment that we recommend, there are some other things that the asks you to do.Again, those are specific to your situation but it's not just the injection but there's also some ongoing maintenance that the will have you do and specific exercises with your penis is order to increase the blood flow to that penis on a consistent basis but again platelet rich plasma is what we recommend and we've seen great results.

Peyronies Disease Available Treatments Raleigh NC

Let's talk about the treatments that are available to fix your peyronie's.First and foremost you'll hear people talk about surgery.In the surgery what the will do is they will actually cut open your penis and they will remove the scar tissue and put a graft in place to help regrow new tissue.That is probably the far end of the spectrum of dealing with peyronie's.You'll usually see surgeries recommended for patients that have severe bends or it's really a last resort for them because no other procedures have worked.

The next procedure that is out there is, you'll hear people talk about putting pulleys and bands on the penis in order to straighten it up.This has varying degrees of success.It is not a protocol that we use or recommend simply because it can actually cause more trauma to the penis and may actually cause additional scarring.The two other procedures that are available, first are injections into the scar tissue.The first one is using a drug called xiaflex 000107.Xiaflex is injected into the scar tissue and over time what it does is it breaks up the scar tissue.

Xiaflex it can be a very expensive procedure, it can run anywhere between $6,000 to $8,000 up to $9,000 per procedure.You'll need at least three procedures in order to get the results that you're looking for using xiaflex.Now, xiaflex has been proven to work, it is a protocol that has some success, some consistent success, but the reality is that it's expensive.It will run you for three procedures, you're going to be looking between $15,000 to $20,000.This is questionable as to whether or not your insurance company will reimburse it.

Each insurance company is different, each plan is different, so, again, you'll have to check with your insurance provider.The procedure and the protocol that we like to use is what's known as platelet rich plasma.The nice thing about platelet rich plasma is it's your own blood.Really quickly what happens is that we draw out 16 ounces of your own blood and we centrifuge it down to anywhere between 6 to 9 ccs of a platelet rich plasma.This platelet rich plasma has specific growth factors and we inject that into the scar tissue.The penis has been numbed so you don't feel.

Anything.The injection into the scar tissue helps break up the scar tissue and then grows new tissue, new blood vessels around that scar tissue so that the blood can then flow freely around that scar tissue and then reduce the bend.Like other procedures, it is required that you.There's some other protocols and other things that you'll have to do, but you also will require to do three of those procedures in order to get the reduction in the bend.The good news is this, is that there are procedures available so that you can reduce the curvature.

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