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Chinese herbal medicines new life

Pingnan is a typical small town in south china.It is style is both traditional and modern.It is busy, lively and active.The local people are young but not conservative.Like any normal morning in pingnan many people do exercises on the street. Huang is one of them.He likes running before he start working and the fresh smell of morning, which fills him with energy.He always runs to the centre of the bridge he likes to watch the river going far.It is the third largest river in china.

He told me he has seen the town and that the river has changed, every thing is changing, including his business.As a respectable huang's pharmacy is usually full of patients in the morning.Like many s in chinese pharmacies, Huang provides the option of traditional or modern medicine to patients.This old woman chose to use chinese medicine.Why is it that some people prefer chinese medicine and the others choose modern drugs huangwhy do people wants to take modern medicine because it is convenient, you just take it with water,.

And the effect is quick.Some people prefer chinese herbs, it is usually the elderly, because it has fewer side effects.The young prefer not to take it, unless they are suffering from a particular condition a chinese herbal medicine prescription is made up of different kinds of herbs it needs time to be prepared.Then these herbs are boiled for 30 to 60 minutes in a boiler.Many people don't want to spend much time preparing a herbal remedy, especially young people.The appearance of the herbs doesn't look attractive.

And they taste strong and bitter.This is why people don't like it for Huang, purchasing herbs is one of the most troublesome chores he has to face in the past, but things are now changing.Now i purchase the herbs form a local medicinal agency.It is owned by a big herbal company.The government encourages us to use these agencies, so that traders like me do not go to the herbal market, especially for these s in pharmacy.This is because herbs in these agencies are check by government department.

Huang welcomes these new rules for medicine stock, because these rules allow him to save a lot of time.It only takes him 5 minutes by motorcycle to get to the local agency.In the past, it took 5 hours by car to get to the original herbal market, which is in another city.Huang said the change is due to the development of economy.Huang shows us how the appearance of the town was changed.He said these changes are good for the town.The pier has become the flood control embankment.

It is in progress now, once it is finished, the town will be safer huang and the manager are friends, due to huang's regular purchases from the store.What huang needs to do is give his shopping list to the manager, he only need to make sure that he gives some stock detail so that the manager will prepare everything well.Manager xia gu herb, what i can give you now is xia gu ball huang xia gu ball is fine for me as well, i need ball, i am using it now.

Huang this is chuang mu ga the manager you want to buy the hard one or the soft one huang you can make the choice for me the managerwith leaves or without leaves huang with leaves the managerthe one with leaves is a bit more expensive.Huang the hard one is cheaper the manager yes, it is cheaper.Ok, no problem.There are hundreds of herbal medicine on the shelves, the assistant ming told us that they are all come from different places.Ming these materials are from different places, every area has its own product.

It decided by the local environment who supervises the quality and safety of these medicines ming there are many department responsible for medicine sales and safety test.These include the medicine control department, medicine test centre and business management they all supervise these medicines huang takes some of the stock back to the pharmacy these are herbs he needs immediately.The manager will deliver the rest of them within 12 hours.Huang heard that the original herbal market will be closed at the end of this year.So at the following day, Huang decided to visit the market again,.

The market he has been visiting for 20 years.This may be the last time he visit the market, this market is the biggest herbal market in the south china, all pharmacies and hospitals purchase herbs from this market.I used to wake up at 6 am and take 5 hours bus journey to get there.I need to bargain with dealers check and deliver herbs by myself the whole processes would mean spending an entire day.It was hard huang hasn't been to the market for 2 years since the local agency was established.

Huang'assistant the market doesn't change too much, does it huangno, it doesn't.It will be changed soon this herbal market was built in 1988 it is the oldest herbal market in china, and it is also the biggest in the south.But now the government is going to demolish it and replace it with a modern herbal exhibition centre which will be built nearby.This is the trading network of the market.This network covers all over the country, including shangdong, fujian and xinjiang, far to tibet huanghey, how much is it.

Feyhow many do you want to buy huanghow much will it be if i want to buy 10 kilograms fey15 rmb per kg huangwhat about this feythis values 22 rmb.I offer you 22 rmb.Huangthat's expensive.Can you lower the price on this fey and her sister yun are from gansu, a north china province.It takes 4 days by train from their home to this city.They've run this store for 6 years.Huangyou plant mass herbs by yourself in your hometown , don't you feyyes, i plant herbs on a huge scale.

We don't plant wheat in my hometown, we plant herbs.Huangit is like a planting base feyyes, it is like a base.We make a living by planting herbs.These herbs are definitely cheaper than those from the agency.Because the agency will treat and pack the herbs, these herbs are original materials and without treatment and packaging, this is why they are cheaper,you have to treat them yourself, you have to check the quality yourself, if you think they are good enough, you can then use them.In order to control the safety of herbs,.

The new herbal centre will require companies to reregister with the medical department, and the herbs will have to be package well.But all the cost for these processes must be paid by the store owners.How will fey deal with new centre's policies will she stay or leave feiwe will go home, the cost is too high, you know, you need to employ more workersfor packing medicine.We will go home and then decide what we can do.I can't afford the cost in the past, huang was busy for buying stock.

But this is the last time Huang visits this market, so he decided to have a look in some of the stores which he had never been in before this is the highend medicine store.This store sells rare medicines, they are very very expensive.This is caterpillar fungus.It worths 3000 british pounds per kilograms this is a type of epiphyte.It is ascospore.In winter, it is an insect in summer, the herb will be born from the insect.The herb is leafy, has a seed in summer,.

It becomes insect in winter, it moves.This herb is very rare this is glossy ganoderma.This is quanchong.It is from the deep mountain this is dried placenta the market manager they all are rare medicine.The source of some medicine not clear, they may be from deep mountain, or from some underground channels, i don't know some of them.The government doesn't encourage selling them, but doesn't ban as well.Some of these medicines are difficult to reregister and package, what will the store owner do after the market close.

The owner doesn't have an answer. Huang is looking forward to the market's move.He is happy that he no longer has to travel so far, and will have worry less about the quality of the herbs, but he also feels nostalgic when he looks back at his hard work over the past 20 years.After leaving the market, huang goes to an herbal exhibit store nearby.This store is established as the model of herbal exhibition centre in it.There are hundreds of herbal medicines and healthcare products.All these products must be checked by medicine control department,.

Which means that they were need to go through strict production processes and packaging well.Look, here are the healthcare products, which are packed.They are little a bit more expensivethan in the market, but not too much, just a little bit.Because it was packed already, the quality is guaranteed.This is longan, my town's product it is from my home town. Huang decided to buy some packaged medicine, he says the patients like the herbal medicine which are packed well.It looks beautiful and safe.Some medicines can be used directly without prescription and here they are popular.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Hey guys, Axe here, of natural medicine and founder of draxe.In this tutorial i'm going to share with you the natural cures for psoriasis, as well as psoriasis remedies and psoriasis natural treatments.I can tell you this is very effective.In fact, you can see improvements in your psoriasis in as little as 24 hours if you follow the tips i lay out in this tutorial.I know this works because i've done it with thousands of patients.Even my own fatherinlaw had psoriasis and saw a 98 improvement in just 30 days by following this advice.In.

Fact, my fatherinlaw was on 4 medications for 20 plus years, diagnosed with psoriasis, said it could never be healed and we were able to heal it through following the tips you're going to learn in this tutorial.So we're going to talk about diet for psoriasis, supplements and other things here over the next few minutes.So the number one thing you've got to start doing when it comes to psoriasis is you've got to change your diet and you've got to add in these foods.Number one is probiotic.

Rich foods, whether that be yogurt or kefir or fermented vegetables.It's so important that you get to the root cause of psoriasis, which really starts in your gut health.It starts with a condition called leaky gut.By the way, if you want to learn more about that you can do a google search for Axe leaky gut and i have some great information there as well on that.But again, psoriasis starts in the gut so you've got to increase those beneficial bacteria in your gut.The best way to do that is fermented foods, especially things like goats milk yogurt.

Is one of my favorite, or goats milk kefir.You can find that at your health food store.You can also find it at your local farmers market, are the best places to find those fermented foods.So that is step number one.You also need to get more fiber in your diet.Soluble fiber feeds probiotics, so consume more berries, things like blueberries especially are probably the best.Along with that doing cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower and green leafy vegetables like spinach and then seeds, like flax or chia seeds.They're full of healthy soluble fiber which increases good.

Bacteria in your gut.The third type of food that you want to be doing are foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as wild caught fish like salmon, also mackerel is good, arctic char is good, sardines are good and tuna is good.But fatty fish that are full of omega 3 fatty acids and other foods that are high in omega 3 fats such as grass fed beef.You've got to get more of these in your diet if you want to start overcoming psoriasis.And then, just in general doing.

Fruits and vegetables are some of the best foods for helping you overcome psoriasis.And then herbs such as turmeric are very good at reducing inflammation, and well as dandelion is another great one.The second thing you've got to do if you want to get rid of psoriasis is get rid of the foods that cause inflammation that you're consuming.If you're consuming a diet that's very high in processed meats such as pork or conventional beef, that's very toxic to the liver.That's going to increase the symptoms of psoriasis that you are having.So eliminate.

Conventional meat products.Eliminate hydrogenated oils.Get rid of sugar, sugar is highly inflammatory.And even reduce your consumption of whole grains, especially when it comes to things like wheat bread and white bread or any sort of wheat and flour products.Get rid of those completely.That's essential to healing psoriasis.Jumping back, one more tip i forgot, another food you should absolutely consume if you want to overcome psoriasis is bone broth.Bone broth is high in collagen which actually helps heal the gut, which in turn helps you have healthy skin.And the best sort of broth.

To do is chicken broth because it's high in type two collagen which helps repair the gut lining and also helps in healing the skin.So again, i would get chicken broth for that.The next thing you want to do is take certain supplements.Here are the top supplements you should consume for psoriasis natural cures and treatments.Number one is going to be a probiotic supplement.Again probiotics help increase those beneficial bacteria.Don't buy a junk probiotic supplement.Make sure you buy a high quality probiotic supplement.Number two is experiment with taking hydrochloric acid, that's hcl with pepsin.Taking hcl with.

Pepsin helps you break down proteins and part of what causes psoriasis is poor protein digestion.So when you're consuming protein with psoriasis, you don't want to consume large amounts of meat.You want to consume moderate, about four to a maximum of six ounces at one serving, but typically four ounces of organic wild caught meat.And along with that you can take what's called hcl with pepsin.You only take those with protein though.You'll start with one tablet and if you feel any warming in your stomach you back it down next time in.

Terms of the capsules.But again that's hcl with pepsin.The third supplement you want to consider taking with psoriasis is fish oil.Taking 1000 mg a day of a high quality fish oil with epadha can really support the body.The fourth supplement for psoriasis is milk thistle.Milk thistle helps detoxify the liver.Part of what is happening in psoriasis is overburdening of the liver.So again by taking milk thistle and other herbs like dandelion those help cleanse the liver.Those also help reduce symptoms of psoriasis.Also vitamin d is a key nutrient in overcoming psoriasis.

I recommend 40005000 mg a day of a high quality vitamin d3 supplement.And one other thing you might consider as well are digestive enzymes.Sometimes those can also help with psoriasis.So if you can follow those tips, i guarantee you're going to see tremendous benefits in psoriasis.And from a topical solution standpoint, i recommend you make your own diy recipe for a skin cream.Basically you're going to buy something called shea butter online, that's shea, and mix certain essential oils, specifically my favorite is geranium oil.So again, you're.

Going to get a shea butter, maybe a little bit of coconut oil and then you're going to mix several drops of geranium oil in there, geranium essential oil, and then rub that on your skin.Also tea tree oil, chamomile oil and lavender essential oil are also very effective for naturally treating psoriasis and other skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis as well.But again, make a natural skin cream and get that on your skin.Make sure you're getting out in the sun when you can.You're getting more vitamin d that way.

I know that's a lot of tips.By the way if you want the written version of this, i have it written on my website, draxe.Just go to draxe and search psoriasis or google search me and search Axe psoriasis and you'll find my article going over the top supplements, where to get them, all online on my website.By the way, if you want more of these tips, make sure you subscribe here to the youtube channel.I've got some awesome stuff coming out on natural cures you'll enjoy.Guys this has been myself, Axe, talking.

Natural Treatments for COPD Symptoms

Hey, guys, Axe here, of natural medicine and founder of draxe.In this tutorial, i'm going to share with you steps to overcome copd symptoms and what copd is.These seven things, i know if you follow these steps from diet to supplements to super foods, i know you're going to see great results in decreasing your copd symptoms.Copd stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and it can sometimes be an umbrella term for other sort of respiratory issues, including chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema.All of those things can sometimes be lumped in that category, but it's really.

This difficulty that happens when breathing.The first step you want to take to overcome copd is to make dietary changes and really make dietary changes or get rid of foods that cause inflammation of the gut lining.Really hippocrates over 2,000 years ago said, all disease begins in the gut.Truthfully, even the health of your lungs begins in your gut.And oftentimes, if we get autoimmunelike issues or inflammatory reaction, that can start to affect the lungs over time, creating copd.So here are the foods you want to stay away from.

For starters, number one, it's sugar.Processed sugar causes inflammation and bad bacteria to build up in the gut lining causing that inflammation.Hydrogenated oils and fast foods, we know hydrogenated oils high in omega6 fats and partially hydrogenated oils will cause inflammation.Also, conventional grain products, such as wheat bread, wheat products and white products will cause that type of inflammation as well.And then genetically modified foods are another category.But stay away from processed foods.And in a minute, i'll talk about the exact foods you do want to eat.

The second step to overcoming copd is to do deep breathing exercises.You want to breathe in and out of your diaphragm.You don't want to be a chest breather.You want to take deep breaths downward.You can even sometimes take your fingers and just sort of feel there on your lower abdomen, and you should feel your stomach expanding when you're breathing.You can do this five minutes in the morning when you wake up, five minutes before bed.Practice some deep breathing in and out hope your diaphragm downward to where you're feeling it in your.

Lower abdomen.Deep breathing is great.Also, you could do this while walking.If you're out for a walk or do that a few times a day, practice that deep breathing technique.It's a great effective treatment for copd.The next thing is going to be to stop smoking.This is probably the biggest thing, but if you're a smoker, you've got to stop.We know smoking is a big thing that will affect copd and make it worse.The next thing would be exercise.If you have exerciseinduced asthma or an issue like that,.

You're going to want to be careful with exercise, but doing some form of weight training or light cardiovascular activity, which really helps increase and expand your lungs, is fantastic.So i recommend 20 minutes to an hour 3 to 5 days a week.So even if you just did 20 minutes 3 days a week, that's going to be a very, very effective way to expand your lungs.We know swimming is incredible and cycling especially.So consider adding some swimming or a spinning class into your daily regimen.It's a great way to expand and increase.

The health of your lungs and beat copd.The next thing you can do to beat copd is to add some essential oils into your daily routine.You can get a diffuser around your house and diffuse eucalyptus oil and peppermint essential oil.Both eucalyptus and peppermint have been shown to open up the airways.Now you don't want to overdo these oils.Typically having a diffuser on in your home for an hour, once to twice daily, is plenty.But again, doing some of those essential oils is great for cleaning the air and opening up your airways.

Now in terms supplementation, there are certain supplements that can definitely help you beat copd.Those include things like nacetylcysteine and fenugreek as well.But nacetylcysteine, fenugreek, and goldenseal are all very effective.But again, especially nacetylcysteine with vitamin c.Nacetylcysteine is a precursor to glutathione.So again, doing those two things together, so nacetylcysteine 500 to 600 milligrams daily with 1,000 milligrams of vitamin c, those are great for opening up the airways as is the phytonutrient called quercetin, which is found in higher levels of citrus fruits.And last but not least, if you want to overcome copd, follow a bone broth like diet.So consuming.

Bone broth soups throughout the day, and you might check out my new book or guide.It's called bone broth breakthrough.This bone broth breakthrough guide will have a lot of recipes that you can follow that can really help in nourishing the lungs and fighting copd.So again, check it out, the bone broth breakthrough.You can find it there on amazon.But again, copd, in order to beat it, you want to be getting a lot of amino acids, such as glutamine and proline, and things that really reduce inflammation in the body.So.

Your diet should be high in organic meat, fruits, vegetables, and bone broth.All those things together is really going to help you in naturally fighting copd.And if you want to learn more about fighting copd, i have a long article going through all of these steps and more on my website.Check out draxe.That's draxe.Also, if you want to learn more great natural remedies to support your body in the healing process, make sure you subscribe here to the youtube channel.Hey, guys, this has been Axe teaching you natural treatments for copd symptoms.

7 Natural Herbal Remedies Commonly Used Today Dailymotion 17776287 Mp4 H264 Aac Ld

7 natural herbal remedies commonly used today dailymotion 17776287 mp4 h264 aac ld,Meridiantouch. Chinese herbal medicines new life,The chinese traditional herbal medicines have been used for over 2000 years in china most of chinese are still using it now it is a billions business in china. Diabetes herbal treatments,Healthyojasdiabetesdiabetesherbs provides info on diabetes herbal treatments starttreating diabetes with herbs benefits of herbal treatment.

As a result of herbal medicine woman she used for skin cancer rotting face,As a result of herbal medicine woman she used for skin cancer rotting face as a result of herbal medicine woman she used for skin cancer rotting face as. 20 amish herbal remedies,The following twenty herbs are commonly used in amish herbal remedies 1 peppermint used to relieve pain from indigestion gallstones and stomach pain. Super antidiabetes plant most effective means to cure diabetes naturally,Sharing a small health tip for controlling abnormal high glucose levels naturally sharing this information after taking interviews with many people who used to.

Natural remedies cleanses ampalya extract used as herbal medicine for diabetes,Amplya extract is sometimes used as herbal medicine for diabetes because it helps aid digestive function which in turn helps the pancreas understand the.

Woman has half her nose cut off after herbal remedy she used for skin cancer rotted her face,What is black salve black salve is a paste is used on moles scars and skin cancer that was popular in the early 1900s it contains sanguinarine derived. Herbs i used for kidney disease herbal remedies i used to improve kidney function,Healkidneydisease is the herbs i used for kidney disease herbal remedies can improve kidney function if you know which ones to use herbs.

How To Cure A Yeast Infection Naturally At Home

How to cure a yeast infection naturally at home,Yeast infections are the worst am i right or what but heres some good news you can cure them naturally at home here are a few remedies that ive used. Herbs and plants used as medicine,Food and health herbs and plants used as medicine. Alternative medicine herbal remedies what is black cohosh root used for,Black cohosh root is typically used to support womens hormonal and reproductive systems it works to balance hormones relieve pms and menopause.

Trichomoniasis treatment 3 herbal remedies that can really help,Utahtexans on the link above for a free tutorial guide to dietary supplements and alternative medicine in this tutorial im going to share a few. Natural herbs for diabetes medicinal herbs,Medicinal plants are various plants used in herbalism and thought by some to have medicinal properties few plants or their phytochemical constituents have. How to treat kidney disease with natural remedies,Healthpappsblogshow25883044kidneydiseasesolutionbyduncancapicchiano dr duncan capicchiano is a second generation naturopath.

Arthritis treatment the best natural herbal arthritis treatment,Looking for arthritis treatment at home 3 most useful arthritis treatment to get permanent relief for arthritis treatment use ayurvedic vata nashak herbs which. Top 5 home remedies for scabies best health and beauty tips lifestyle,Remedies for scabies neem oil neem oil as a home remedy has long been used to kill scabies mites ability to grow and breed mites or any other pests and. How to kill yeast infection naturally,Dietwellnessplanitem19244finestnaturalteatreeoil disclaimer the information that is shared herein is intended for informational purposes.

Review Of The Most Common Natural Remedies For Constipation Jovanka Ciares

Review of the most common natural remedies for constipation jovanka ciares,Subscribe for new videos jovasubscribe weve all used over the counter remedies or natural supplements to relief constipation we are a. Home remedies for acne,Pimplesonfaceinfo home remedies that people have used to clear up there acne discover the best natural home remedy for acne imagine magneta. Home remedy for toenail fungus athletes foot natural fungus killer by nicoles heart,Natural remedy for killing toe nail fungus within 24 hours try my antifungal ointments.

Flu influenza natural ayurvedic home remedies,Dont forget to check out our brand new website hmvdesc flu influenza is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus that attacks the. How to get rid of sun spots on skin herbal remedies,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteradduserehowhealth watch more ehowhealth getting rid of sun spots. Home remedies for toothache immediate pain relief,Using these tried and tested home remedies for toothache you can get rid of your tooth pain instantly there are 7 more cures for tooth ache at.

How to lighten skin naturally immediate results before after,Dont forget to subscribe and show the love lets begin with the ingredients that are used for this fack mask here are all the ingredients. How to hallucinate naturally closed eye visuals,What is up today well be discovering a super safe easy fun activity that can induce natural hallucinations any time any where without the use of drugs. Bph and prostatitis natural remedies part 1,Balancedhealthtodaybalancedhealthtodayellagica in europe herbal remedies are widely used to treat prostate disorders.

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