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Why Do People Think Bullsht is Profound

For those of you who don't know me very well.My previous job was actually as a point guard for the los angeles sparx.Julian i call shenanigans on that! you're way more of a power forward.Lhello peddlers of ideas, lissette jand julian l here for dnews.Bs is nearly everywhere, and now researchers are making sure it's got a place in science journals too.Scientists from the university of waterloo even put together a bullshit receptivity scale, designed to gauge how likely people are to fall for it.According to princeton philosopher harry frankfurt, though bs can take many forms, there is one.

Particular type of bullpatty statement that we seem to fall for the most pseudoprofoundbullshit.This is made up of statements that lack true meaning empty statements that are designed to impress, but don't really get at anything.J manure peddlers of the pseudotype variety may or may not be aware of the truth they may believe what they're saying even though they are totally clueless.This is different from liars in that liars are aware of the truth and intentionally manipulate it to deceive someone.Pseudo profound statements are also different from nonsense, because nonsense.

Statements, on their surface, are obviously not communicating anything they may lack proper syntax and structure.L whereas male bovine excrement seems on the surface to make sense.In their article published in the journal judgment and decision making, researchers give some examples of pseudoprofoundbullshit.I'm including one of them for you to test if you can sniff it out.Reaaaady.J yep, bring it on.L which one of these 3 statements is pseudoprofound 1 hidden meaning transforms unparalleled abstract beauty.2 beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

3 unparalleled transforms beholder meaning beauty j ok i think i know but why don't you go first.Y'know, so i can make sure you're right.L ok, so you may have immediately noticed that there is definitely something wrong with statement 3 it's easy to see that it's plain nonsense.It doesn't even have a proper sentence structure.Statement 2 is a cliche, but it conveys a fully formed idea.That leaves statement one.Hidden meaning transforms unparalleled abstract beauty.It sounds nice, but it's going in circles it means nothing.

But, if you didn't catch that statement one is the culprit right away you're not alone.Julian, did you get that j yeah, that's exactly what i got.L poppycock.J ok, you got me.But, detecting rubbish can be tricky especially when you're not being prompted to look for it like we just did right now.In the real world, people fall for drivel all the time some of us more than others.Surprisingly, one of the things that seems to be linked to our bull patty detector 5000.

Is our political views.I know all of you instantly thought you'd be better at detecting flim flam, but half of you aren't going to be happy.L in a study of 196 people published in the journal plos one, researchers used the bullshit receptivity scale to see how supporting democratic versus republican candidates relates to bs.They found that participants who supported this election cycle's republican candidates ted cruz, marco rubio, and donald trump were more likely to fall for baloney than those who supported the democratic candidates hillary clinton, martin o'malley, and bernie sanders.

J what's more, they also found that the participants who held more politically conservative views had a greater tendency to see meaning in moonshine compared to those who were more politically liberal.And to clarify these are conclusions that have been found in just one study.L another factor that makes people more susceptible to falling for flimflam is their default when receiving new information according to researchers like gilbert and spinoza some people have a bias towards rating new information as true as opposed to false.It's their fallback.

When we are mentally exhausted, we are more likely to resort to this default.So people who lean towards believing new information is true are more likely to fall for bs.J in a 2015 study titled on the reception and detection of pseudoprofound bullshit, researchers found that claptrap receptivity was positively correlated with believing in conspiracies, in paranormal activity, and the efficacy of alternative medicine.But all is not lost, researchers at the university of waterloo and sheridan college, note that there are certain things that can help you spot flapdoodle.

L one handy tool is looking for vagueness.If a statement is vague unclear or ambiguous in it's meaning you should probably probe deeper.They also note that certain mediums might be more prone to bs than others twitter, for example, which limits statements to 140 characters might be more likely to foster hogwash than something like a textbook.And, of course, it doesn't hurt to pay attention to the source.But why does it make you so angry when your relatives support candidates your hate check out my other episode here for more on why politics make us so angry.

BullshitAntiPsychiatry and AntiMedication Song

They tell me my problem's genetic, i'm born with a flaw in my brain they tell me i need medication, and force me to bury my pain bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles and miles bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles their pills make me shaky and sweaty, i fear that they're breaking my will they told me that this is quite normal, and added another new pill bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles and miles bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles.

They put me inside a straightjacket, they locked me inside of a cage they inject me with haldol to calm me, yet wonder why i'm full of rage bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles and miles bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles they give me a shrink i can talk to, but she is just spiritually dead she only repeats the same question, are you still taking your meds bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles and miles bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles.

They forcefed me e.Fuller torrey, but he is sadistic and gross i asked them about peter breggin, they replied by increasing my dose bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles and miles bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles their studies are so scientific, and based on assiduous work but they don't share their affiliations, with lilly and janssen and merck bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles and miles bullshit, bullshit, i've learned to smell bullshit from miles they absolve all of my traumatizers,.

Best Of Bullshit Season 1 Episode 2 Alternative Medicine

Best of bullshit season 1 episode 2 alternative medicine,Best of bullshit season 1 episode 2 alternative medicine. Penn teller bullshit new age medicine highlight,In this season six promo healer chantal talks about how she helps by dealing with their chakraspennandtellerbullshit. The alternative medicine racket how the feds fund quacks,Behind the dubious medical claims of dr mehmet oz and deepak chopra is a decadeslong strategy to promote alternative medicine to the american public.

Chiropractic pseudoscience,The medical profession of chiropractic was founded by a magnetic healer in davenport iowa in 1895 sounds legit right definitely subscribe to jaclyn if you. Are detox diets bullshit the truth about cleanses convention medicine,Circle us on google plus splusgooglepsychetruth are detox diets bullshit the truth about cleanses convention medicine referenced. Penn tellers bullshit vaccinations,Introduction from penn teller bullshit season 8 ep 10 vaccinations august 12 essentially the best take on the antivaccination issue out there. Richard dawkins deepak chopra snipe at each other,Spiritual guru and alternative medicine advocate deepak chopra attacked evolutionary biologist richard dawkins on twitter this week chopra directed a series. Penn and teller avoiding lawsuits with the show bullshit exclusive interview,Penn and teller explain how they avoided lawsuits with the show bullshit and how they got around using the word quack penn teller bullshit was hosted by.

Penn Point Gross Snail Facials Alternative Medicine On The s TV Show Penn Point

Penn point gross snail facials alternative medicine on the s tv show penn point,Looking for more tricks to show off check out scam school with brian brushwood vidioxoe in season 2 of bullshit penn and teller introduced a phony. 5 holistic s dead 5 missing after runin with feds,It doesnt take much digging to discover this story is complete bullshit msnopes20150721fiveholistic sdead my other channels less angry. The american dream would be a nightmare without prescription drugs,Prescription drugs allow people to deny reality and sustain the illusion that life is good thus the american dream would be a nightmare without them.

More holistic s found dead,And yes i made a video on this yesterday but this is another one these guys are being purged no doubt about it and anyone. Holistic medicine part 1,The da vinci holistic health center talks about chronic diseases and how the da vinci holistic health center in larnaca cyprus can help in identifying the.

Voices of reason penn jillette,The better half of the magical duo penn and teller along with his partner teller penn uses his experience in creating illusions to dispel modern day illusions.

Is Natural Medicine Just Quackery

Is natural medicine just quackery,Ihealthtube certainly the science behind allopathic medicine is solid so natural or herbal medicine must be nothing more than nonsense right. God science and the problem with nature scott clifton theoretical bullshit skepticon 7,Cliftonsnotes stheoreticalbullshit skepticon this talk was part of skepticon 7 november 2123 in springfield mo 100 of the ad. Chiropractic vs science based medicine 22,The truth about chiropractic as i see it chiropractic is based on a pseudoscientific belief in vitalism but within the field there are many diverse groups ranging.

The alternative medicine racket teaser,Watch the whole story here swatchvrwbkvcmuu5a behind the dubious medical claims of dr mehmet oz and deepak chopra is a. How i cured hypothyroid naturally,How i cured my hypothyroid naturally i know your intelligent probably told you it was impossible but guess what your is a moron healing.

Federal marijuana penn and teller bullshit,From penn teller bullshit s02e04 war on drugs. How to cure psoriasis naturally,I made this to help people cure their psoriasis if you have psoriasis or you know anyone who does you probably understand it is not a fun thing to deal with.

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