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I am donald abrams the chief medical adviser of the medical cannabis clinic australia.After completing a fellowship in integrative medicine from dr andrew wiles program at the university of arizona i began a practice at the ucsf osher center for integrative medicine where i counsel cancer patients with regards to integrative oncology.What i mean by that is i'm not actually treating their cancer with chemotherapy that's being done by one of my colleagues i'm more discussing with the patient how to keep their body in a state that doesn't support growth and spread of cancer cells and i do that by.

Looking at how they fertilize their garden that is what they eat and what supplements they take i believe that the best diet for a person living with or without cancer is an organic plantbased antioxidant rich antiinflammatory foods diet i recommend that my patients consumed abundant amounts of cruciferous vegetables which contain very potent cancer reducing chemicals as well as green tea probably containing the second most potent cancer risk reducing chemicals are generally ask patients to shy away from processed meat, dairy products, sugar and other refined carbohydrates in addition.

To consuming or marine life deep cold water fish that are rich in omega3 fatty acids i also asked my patience to take usually and omega3 supplement in addition most people in this country are vitamin d deficient cancer patients in general are usually over 50 overweight to risk factors for vitamin d deficiency so i measure vitamin d and supplement with vitamin d as well i'm a big fan of work as an antiinflammatory agent and i think turmeric also has been demonstrated in the test two to be able to inhibit cancer cell growth and proliferation as well as invasive so.

Is something i often recommend to patients while they're receiving their conventional cancer there although mushrooms are not part of our western medical system they do have quite a basis in eastern medicine in chinese medicine and japanese medicine the way we realize that mushrooms may have some anticancer activity is when we noted that people living in the prefecture in japan that are involved in the production of enoki mushrooms the ones that we find in miso soup but tended to have lower rates of cancer than their neighbors and it was subsequently found that there's something in that mushroom.

Meet David Cohn MD Director of Ohio States Gynecologic Oncology

I'm david cohn.I'm the director of the division of gynecologic oncology at the james cancer hospital of the ohio state university.As a gynecologic oncologist we treat cancers of the female reproductive tract like cancers of the ovary, of the cervix and of the uterus as our three most common malignancies.These are cancers that are very often treated with surgery, hysterectomy and in certain circumstances may require chemotherapy and radiation therapy as well.I chose the specialty of gynecologic oncology because i really felt that i identified with the patients with whom i care.In my training as an obstetriciangynecologist i.

Realized that the breadth of obgyn was a little bit too big for me and i wanted to know something about a very specific field.And so i enjoyed the concept of taking care of a patient from a surgical standpoint, providing chemotherapy to her and also providing primary oncologic care to our patients.So i find that i'm able to identify with a lot of what the patients are going through and it's been a truly rewarding experience.When a patient comes to see me my goal is to treat the patient as if i'd like to be treated myself or like.

I'd like to see my family member being treated for her cancer.So we take a very personal touch and a very personal approach to patient care in our group.We think it's really critical that we look at the patient as an individual.We recognize that there's no cancers that are alike between patients and that every patient's different herself.So our care philosophy is making sure that we take holistic care of the patient in a very individualized fashion.The most rewarding thing for me as a gynecologic oncologist is being able to treat each patient.

Integrative Oncology

Integrative oncology,Dr donald abrams explains integrative oncology a holistic approach to treating cancer register as a legitimate patient. Integrative oncology presentation by dr daniel vicario november 10th 2015,Integrative oncology presentation by dr daniel vicario at ucsd on tuesday november 10 2015 organized by ucsd center of excellence for research and.

Holistic treatment vs western oncology for canine cancer,Tripawds tutorial interview with veterinary oncologist dr johnny chretin from vca west los angeles discussing how holistic treatment for canine cancer cannot.

Integrative oncology getting to the root cause of cancer interview with dr mitch gaynor,Elyn jacobs interviews dr mitch gaynor integrative oncologist via elynjacobs.

Dr Nimesh Nagarsheth On Holistic Gynelogic Oncology

Dr nimesh nagarsheth on holistic gynelogic oncology,Mount sinais dr nimesh nagarsheth discusses how a gynelogic oncologist are trained to assume complete care of the patient nagarsheth has performed. Breast cancer integrative oncology services,Breast cancer treatment side effects with signs and syptoms in recent years theres been an explosion of lifesaving treatment advances against breast.

Mitchell gaynor understanding integrative oncology,Gaynor talks about observing stress and relaxation and provides both mitchell gaynor integrative oncology is that aspect of oncology that is concerned with the. Is evolved oncology integrative,Goevomed we have this idea now that potentially there are these long term courses that are driving cancer and so we wanted to feature experts that. Lets talk about prostate cancer integrative oncology gary deng md phd,Many prostate cancer patients rely on complementary andor alternative treatments in this tutorial dr gary deng of the integrative oncology department at.

Dr thomas lodi holistic oncologist who says colonics are foundational to his treatment program,Dr lodi has been one of my most powerful interviews and will be featured on my next promo trailer about all the applications for colonics he discussed how. Heather dodd a thesis project on holistic design in pediatric oncology,This animated tutorial explains my thesis research and developing thesis project on holistic design in a pediatric oncology environment as modern medicine has. Dr arvind kulkarni senior oncologist shares his ideas about the holistic approach to cancer,Dr arvind kulkarni a senior radiation oncologist from pune shares his views about homoeopathy saying that it is a great science that requires talent study and.

Dr Suraj Agrawal Surgical Oncologist Talks About The Holistic Care At Wockhardt Hospitals

Dr suraj agrawal surgical oncologist talks about the holistic care at wockhardt hospitals,Dr suraj agrawal consultant oncosurgeon at wockhardt hospital nagpur talks about the excellent team available that provides the patients with complete. Integrative cancer care the power of being informed,For beyond 50s natural healing talks listen to an interview with dr adam mcleod he is back on the program internationally recognized as adam. Imdg integrative oncology with dr james sinclair md,Integrative oncology discussion with dr james sinclair md may 20 2011 pacific college of oriental medicine.

Iii artoi congress for integrative oncology therapy day 1 afternoon part 1 of 4,First part of the workshop in nutrition for cancer prevention during the iii international congress for integrative oncology therapy research rome 2011 all. Imdg integrative oncology with dr paul brenner md phd,Integrative oncology discussion with dr paul brenner md phd may 20 2011 pacific college of oriental medicine. Dr elizabeth cleary speaks on a model of integrative care,Dr elizabeth cleary of the simmsmannucla integrative oncology center speaks on how the agi hirshberg center for pancreatic diseases approaches care.

Integrative oncology building your support team,The allegiance health integrative oncology program will help you identify the right people to serve as your support team if you would like to learn more about. Dr rosy daniel back to health conference an integrative cancer healthcare event,Dr rosy daniel back to health conference an integrative cancer healthcare event 131415th april 2013 bristol uk rosy daniel integrative oncology and. Integrative medicine helps kids fight cancer,When a pediatric patient is fighting through cancer and receiving chemotherapy or radiation there is a pain and sickness component that is not always.

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