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Mimi guarneri hi.I'm Mimi guarneri, and today we are going to talk about the mindbodyspirit connection and how it relates to health.The objectives for today are to review the science of the mindbody connection.What is the link between how we respond to stressful events and illness, particularly cardiovascular disease we'll also spend some time today talking about how we can use techniques that can very easily impact the stress response on our bodies, and how we can take those techniques into our private practice immediately.The former surgeon general was very, very smart.He had this to say.He said, of the.

10 leading causes of death in the us, seven could greatly be reduced if we changed the way we lived our lives.This was his quote.We need to modify our alcohol intake, lack of exercise, poor diet, smoking, and, my personal favorite, unhealthy, maladaptive responses to stress and tension.If we can impact these, we can basically impact the health of the entire country.Julius b.Richmond now, hans selye is the individual we probably consider one of the fathers of stress.He really raised the level of consciousness of, how does stress affect the physical body.

This is how he defined stress.He said, stress can be defined as the state one experiences when there is a mismatch between perceived demands and our ability to cope.That's very important, because we all have demands, and we all have a certain level of resiliency.It's when our resiliency is tapped that we start to feel stressed.That resiliency may be different for everyone.Someone can have two things on their plate, someone else can have 15, before they start feeling like, i can't cope.It's this mismatch between perceived.

Demands and perceived is also an important word, because sometimes we don't have to accept all those demands and our ability to cope.How does this translate into health the american institute of stress tells us that 75 to 90 percent of all visits to healthcare providers result from stressrelated disorders.Now, that is an incredible statistic.We know, for physicians, that stress is running rampant.This is a survey from physician executive looking at 1,200 actively practicing physicians.6 out of 10 said they have considered leaving medicine.77 percent said they're fatigued.

67 percent they're burntout.33 percent have depression and some form of family discord, and, as everyone knows, a very high incidence of divorce.The way i teach it to my patients is this way.We are surrounded by events in our life.We can't control those events 10 out of 10 times, but what we can control is how we respond to those events and what our perception is.For example, if the dow goes down, we might say, hey, this is a great time to buy stock.That's one response.Or we might say, oh,.

My god.Doom and gloom.I've lost all this money, and we will start off a whole cascade of stress hormones.This is important, because two people can see the same exact thing and have totally different responses.This is personal.When we get into a cycle of feeling stressed, feeling like we can't cope, the body changes.We have over 1,400 chemical reactions.The ones that we see happening, manifesting, every day in our clinical practice are related to hormones like adrenalin, noradrenaline, aldosterone, and cortisol.These are just some of the key stress hormones that impact our health and.

Our wellbeing.Let's take a look at the stress cascade.This is just for the physical body.As a cardiologist, i was very intrigued to see that, as adrenalin and noradrenaline and cortisol and aldosterone go up, platelets become sticky.Renin and angiotensin goes up.Insulin resistance goes up.People put on weight in their midline.People have palpitations and skipped heartbeats.We also, of course, have hypertension.Even cholesterol goes up in the setting of stress.In the 1990s, i looked at this list and i said, wow, all of the drugs i'm giving are really hitting the stress hormones.For example,.

I'm giving aspirin and plavix that's affecting blood coagulation metformin for insulin resistance and diabetes, ace inhibitors for renin and angiotensin, statins for cholesterol, beta blockers for arrhythmia, and the list goes on and on.It got me to think, maybe, just maybe, we want to meditate and medicate, that we have to do something for this stress response.Now, we can have acute stress, and that can make us sick.We know in cardiology today, there's something called brokenheart syndrome.Bad news.Acute, stressful event.People come in with cardiomyopathy, many looking like.

They need a heart transplant.Fortunately, with supportive care and medications, this usually resolves and people get better.That's an extreme example, brokenheart syndrome, of the impact that stress can have on the human heart.In the journal of circulation in 1995, there was a study that looked at over 1,600 people coming to the emergency room with heart attack.They were asked, what were you doing two hours before your heart attack they concluded that an anger outburst increased the risk of a heart attack 230 percent.That is huge.Now, in california, we had the northridge.

Earthquake.Of course, that's a sudden shock to the entire northridge community.What the research showed was there was a fivetimes increase in cardiovascularrelated sudden death on the day of the northridge earthquake.We saw something similar after 911, where patients who had aicds in, a much higher incidence, in the month following 911, of malignant cardiac arrhythmias.What about a sports game this was from the british medical journal.There was a 25percent increase in heartattack admissions in london when england lost to argentina in the world cup soccer tournament in 1988.

It's an acute response that can quickly affect the physical body, but it's not only the physical body.It's the mentalemotional body as well.For example, we know that people under stress do not think clearly.They don't make their best decisions.I've had many patients come in and say to me, i can't recall anything.My memory is not like it used to be.We do an mri because we're concerned they may have a brain tumor.When you look at the stress spectrum, this is what you find.Loss of focus and mental.

Clarity.Inability to relax and sleep.Low selfesteem, because we feel like we can't get anything done right.We feel tired, because we can't sleep.Very frequently, if we have a lot of things that we can't cope with, our response is one of anger, and we just heard how bad anger is for the heart.What about chronic stress we talked about acute events the northridge earthquake, 911.What about people who are chronically stressed well, louis pasteur said this the microbe is nothing.The soil is everything..

To me, this translates into, how is your resiliency what do you have to stabilize your life, so that when life throws you a curve ball, you don't respond with the 1,400 chemical reactions and the stress hormones that we just talked about.A lot of research has been done on chronic stress. Janice kiecoltglaser has done enormous studies.For example, she took caregivers and compared them to wellmatched controls.She did a simple punch biopsy on their skin, and what she found was that caregivers took 24 percent longer to heal a simple punch biopsy.She also found that if she took medical students,.

During vacation time and during exams, that it took them 40 percent longer to heal the same simple punch biopsy during exam week.What does this translate to this translates to chronic stress, which is leading to increased cortisol, and immune suppression can affect wound healing.Same thing with the influenza vaccine.She look at caregivers below 71 years of age and above 71 years of age and compared them to wellmatched controls.What she found was caregivers, across the board, were less likely to produce the antibodies when they were given the flu vaccine again, demonstrating.

That chronic stress has an impact on the immune system.The ability to mount an antibody response, which also translates into the ability to fight an infection and fight a cancer, all of these are affected by stress.The body of research is enormous.As cortisol goes up, dhea goes down.What do we see in this situation we see accelerated aging, braincell death.Our ability to learn and our memory are greatly impaired.We see reduced bone density, osteoporosis, loss of muscle, reduced skin growth and repair.Our immune system, as we just said, is affected.Our blood sugar, as we discussed previously, goes.

Up, and we put weight on in our midline.Let's think about this for a second.If i have accelerated aging, and my memory is failing and i have osteoporosis and i have less muscle mass, and my skin is not as taut or tense as it could be and it's not regenerating appropriately, these are all the biological markers for aging.High cortisol leads to increased aging.Stress leads to increased aging.This has been confirmed in research, for example, by Elizabeth blackburn, who has demonstrated that people under chronic stress have a reduction in their.

Telomere length and their telomerase activity.This is phenomenal research because, for the first time, what it's telling us is chronic stress affects the age of our cells, which could be totally different than our biological age.The obvious question is, what do we do about it how do we turn stress into strength how do we transform the way we respond how do we change our perception because, remember, it's your response and your perception.For my patients, i give them a lot of choices.I say peace.Peace.Finding inner peace is like the center of a wagon wheel.Your path.

Could be very different for different people.For some people, it's exercising in nature.That may be one spoke of the wheel.For someone else, it may be repetitive prayer, like mantra repetition or saying the rosary.For some people, it may be meditation.For some people, it may be practicing appreciation, practicing gratefulness, changing one's perception.For others, it's learning how to breathe, simple breathing techniques.Meditation, yoga, tai chi, spirituality, spiritual practices.It's whatever it takes for an individual to find inner peace, and it's different for each and every one of us.

Remember that stress is almost always an emotional reaction to a situation.It's our perception.It's our response.It impacts our thinking.How many smart people do you know who've said some really silly things under stress we've all done it.We're under stress and we say something we regret five seconds later.It affects our ability to perform at our best.It affects our physical health, our mentalemotional wellbeing, and it even affects those around us.Because, quite frankly, no one wants to be around someone who's stressed and responding.

With anger.Mark twain said this.Mark twain said, i have suffered a great many misfortunes, most of which never happened.I really like that quote.Adyashanti said, suffering happens between the ears.Everything else is just a situation.This concept of perception and our imagination and our ability to worry, these are things that we can change immediately in our life, and there are simple tools to do that.Remember what we said about response and perception.I can't control the initiating event.We can't control everything our teenagers do or say,.

Can't control most of the events around us, can't control our spouses and significant others half the time.The only person we can change is us.We can change how we see the world, how we respond to the world, and what we're seeing is what's affecting our physical wellbeing, and how we're seeing it.Let's take a look at a beautiful study that illustrates this.Medical students were asked to watch a movie about mother teresa, and they were also asked to watch a neutral film.92 percent of these students had an improvement.

In their immune system watching mother teresa.When those students were questioned about the movie, they said, oh, i love mother teresa.She's terrific.They felt good watching the movie.They felt like they were doing service.They felt really good.Eight percent of the students said they hated the movie.They didn't like it at all.Those same students had a reduction in their immune system, their salivary iga, while they were watching the movie.Again, two people seeing the same exact thing, totally different response.I loved the movie, my immune system improves.I hated the movie, my immune system was suppressed.

When they looked at the health records of these students over the previous year, they found that those students who disliked the movie, who also responded negatively to photographs that were shown to them and when they generated a story, the story was not a nice one were the ones that were sickest the previous year.This concept of what do you see in the world, how do you see the world we use the expression, rosecolored glasses, right well, is your glass halffull or halfempty for those students with the.

Halfempty glasses, they had more illness the previous year.Now, when the economy changed a couple of years back, i was looking for ways to really help my patients.This was a quote i found that was quite helpful, by eric butterworth, in his book called spiritual economics.He said, you see things not as they are but as you are.Again, your perception.Your perception, how you see the world, is shaped by your previous experiences, your faith, and according to where you are in consciousness.Do you believe that everything works out for the best do you believe there's a reason.

For everything your faith and where you are in consciousness.More important than changing the things out there which is quite hard to do is changing the way you see them.Getting our patients to change the way they see things or to look at their lives through a new set of lenses is going to have a profound effect on their health.We say change your environment, get rid of the teenagers, the spouse, the boss, and so on.Unlikely, but change the way we react and the way we perceive.

Our environment.I just love this photo, because two people can look at this photo and one will say, i see angels, and someone else will look at it and say, i see devils.Every time i show this slide in one of my talks, i never have someone say, i see both simultaneously.Again, the concept of perception.Darwin said, it's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.If you're one of those people who don't like change, then you need to read the book, who moved my cheese because change is inevitable.

If we're not comfortable with change, we become stagnant, we get angry, we get frustrated, we want it our way, and then we end up getting sick.Just think about, in a day, all of the emotions that you go through.I have my patients make a little grid, and on the lefthand side, i have them write negative emotions.On the righthand side, i have them write positive emotions.Then i teach them that some emotions are highenergy, like our adrenalin is up, and some emotions are lowenergy, like our.

Parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated.This is from heartmath teaching, and it's very valuable.For example, we might have highenergy negative emotions during the day.That would be something like anger, hate, greed, jealousy.These are all highenergy negative emotions.We also might have lowenergy negative emotions.We might feel depressed.We might feel lonely.We might feel sad.We might have lowenergy positive emotions, where we feel empathetic or we feel compassionate.Then we can have highenergy positive emotions, like victory and joy and love.I always invite my patients to stop when they're feeling these emotions and to think about where they are.

In this quadrant and, if they find themselves in the negativeemotion quadrants, to immediately take a timeout.Take a timeout, and we'll look at a technique on how we can shift from the negative emotion to what we call a more neutral position.Then, from the neutral position, we shift to the positive side.Imagine this.I'm getting angry and i'm getting frustrated, right i recognize i'm on the lefthand side of the quadrants, and i'm going to take a timeout.That might mean leaving a room and walking around.It might mean excusing.

Myself from the conversation.Or it might mean just saying, i'm taking a timeout, and i'm going to start to breathe.I want you to learn some simple breathing techniques, because you can teach them to your patients immediately.We know that whenever the in breath is shorter than the out breath, the body goes into a state of relaxation.We can do a simple breathing technique four seconds in through the nose, hold it for two seconds, out through the mouth for seven seconds.Or we can just say, i'm going to start breathing five seconds in and five seconds out.Again, this is from.

The heartmath training.Five seconds in and five seconds out.As i'm doing this breathing technique, i'm going to just imagine that i'm breathing in and out through my heart.The minute we start the breath work, the minute we start to breathe, take the timeout and start to breathe, we start to shift ourselves to the neutral position.After we've been breathing for a few minutes, we then think of something we love or appreciate.We literally throw the switch from that negative event that we were responding to in a negative.

Way.We throw the switch to something positive, something that we love or appreciate.The minute we start thinking about positive emotions, the research tells us this.Our memory improves.Our cognitive flexibility improves.Our ability to solve problems improves.Our job performance improves.Decisionmaking improves.Longevity improves.Imagine, if you're in a stressful situation, you don't want to respond by saying something you're going to regret five seconds later.If you're getting angry, frustrated, take the timeout, even if you take it mentally.No one knows that you're doing your breathing,.

Five seconds in, five seconds out.Get your body to go from a completely stimulated, uprevved state to one that's more in balance, or coherences, as we say.Then make your decision, from that frame of reference, and you will have a totally different response.When we breathe in, inhalation increases the heart rate.Exhalation decreases the heart rate.What's more important than that is we start to develop a coherent pattern where our heartrate variability becomes very smooth.The signals we send from our brain to heart go up to our cortex and help us to make the best decision.

Why is heartrate variability pattern important because we know, if heartrate variability is low, meaning we don't have autonomic flexibility, if the heartrate variability is low, it's an independent predictor of heart attack and sudden death.Something as simple as breathing can impact heartrate variability.It's that beattobeat time, from rr interval to rr interval on the ekg, that we're looking at when we talk about heartrate variability.Now, let's go back to some of the heartmath research.On the top part of the screen, you see a heartrate variability pattern of someone who's experiencing.

Frustration and anger, and the heartrate variability pattern is completely chaotic.This individual is sending chaotic signals from his heart to his brain.The brain sees those chaotic signals as a threat.The brain doesn't know.It just knows there's chaos.There's a threat.I'm going to produce stress hormones.That same individual, when they're taken out of the stressful situation and asked to do the simple five seconds in, five seconds out breathing technique, develops a completely coherent heartrate variability pattern.Now this individual can send good signals to their brain to make a decision that comes from a more educated and heartfelt purpose.

Again, one of the paths to peace for our patients is heartfocused breath.Imagine you're breathing in and out through your heart.Remember something that you love, someone you love or appreciate my patients tell me it's their puppy, it's their grandchild, it was the birth of their baby, very rarely is it their spouse, definitely not their teenager, usually something that elicits that unconditionallove feeling.You have to feel this.When you're doing your breathing and you're teaching your patients to do the five seconds in and five seconds out, they have to relive that love feel, relive.

That appreciation feel, through every cell of their body not just think about it.This is not about thinking.This is about feeling.The result is, we live longer, we make better decisions, our memory is better, we're clearer, we become better communicators.Everything is improved.Now, there's another way you can impact your heartrate variability.Remember, we said it's important because it's associated with heart attacks and sudden death.This has been wellstudied.Repetitive prayer for example, the rosary or repetition of a sacred word, what's called a mantra, impacts heartrate variability patterns.

A mantra is a sacred word or a chant or a sound that's repeated.In the repeating, it promotes relaxation.It helps us to cultivate inner peace.You may pick one from a spiritual tradition you identify with, or you may pick another word.For example, you may pick shalom.You may pick hallelujah.You may pick rama, om namo narayani.Lots of different mantras, any spiritual tradition you want.What the research shows, from the british medical journal, is that mantra repetition decreases sympathetic tone and improves heartrate variability.Here's a sample list of mantras from jill.

Bormann's research in people with posttraumatic stress disorder.What she found was that teaching someone with posttraumatic stress disorder to pick a mantra and say their mantra throughout the day improves just about all of the symptoms related to ptsd.I actually give this list to my patients, and i say, find a word on the list that resonates with you.Instead of letting your brain operate like monkey minds you know how monkeys jump from branch to branch to branch that just leads to anxiety.Instead of worrying about the past or the future that just leads to anxiety, that just leads to stress.

put the mantra in your head.Let the mantra be your background music.I tell my patients that you should use their mantra when they're walking, when they're jogging.The minute they start feeling anxious, if you don't like to do public speaking, you do your mantra for five minutes and your mind is fine, before you get up and do your public presentation.If you can't sleep at night, you do your mantra, and you just keep doing it over and over.The mind's going to wander off.Bring it back.

To the mantra.Bring it back with the breath.Take a deep breath in and anchor back in to your mantra.I promise that your patients will say, if they do this, they feel more relaxed.They're calmer.They're sleeping better.They're less worried.Another path we can take, so we have mantra repetition.We have the breath, is of course, meditation.Meditation could be a formal practice or an informal practice.I like to think about meditation this way.A skillful, sustained, applied use of attention.So it may be the breath.In and out.I may just be focused on the breath.I may be focused.

On my mantra.Applied use of attention.Some people just like to just focus on the light of a candle.There are different traditions for meditation.You may do a formal practice, like transcendental meditation.You may do a practice of mindfulnessbased stress reduction, which comes out of the buddhist tradition.There are many, many options.Contemplative meditation, out of the christian tradition.It doesn't matter.What matters is finding that path to inner peace.So, it may be formal, or informal.Now, we have a yoga instructor at the integrative center at scripps, that teaches something called the minimoment.

Karen says, put a little green dot on your watch, or a little green dot on your cell phone, and every time you look at your watch or your cell phone, take a minimoment.Five seconds in with your breath, five seconds out.Because it stops us from rushing from thing to thing to thing.So, five seconds in, five seconds out.Every time you look at that watch, every time you look at that cell phone.That keeps us alive, it keeps us centered, and it helps us to keep at our peak performance,.

Because if we're doing that breath in and out, for five seconds, we put our heart back in that coherent rhythm, and we're sending signals to our brain that help us make our best decisions.Excellent research on mediation, this is just one example.This is a randomized control trial, looking at meditation in africanamericans with highblood pressure demonstrating that transcendental meditation, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, decreases systolic blood pressure by 10 points.That's as good as any prescription medication.Meditation, for me, is medicine.

Elizabeth blackburn's work has just demonstrated that people taught mindfulness meditation have improvement in their telomere length and their telomerase activity.Remember those agents of cellular aging telomerase improvement in telomerase activity.Mindfulness meditation and tm meditation can affect blood pressure.This is tm data showing reductions in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.Tm meditation showing decreased anxiety and decreased addictive behavior.This is really important, because addictive behaviors like cigarette smoking and alcohol use, all of which go down with meditation, are frequently the culprits to the illnesses we're seeing in our patients.Our patients are smoking cigarettes, drinking.

Too much alcohol, eating the wrong kinds of foods, and frequently that's driven by stress.But if we can get to that point of inner peace, with meditation or prayer or contemplation, whatever it is, we can impact those stress hormones.Many of our patients are suffering from what appears to be a spiritual crisis.You know, in a 10 minute appointment, it's frequently hard to ask our patients, are they isolated do they have three friends they can call who can drop everything and come to be with them.Do they feel hopeless.Many.

Of our patients don't have meaning and purpose in their life.Many feel stressed and many are suffering.Well, there's a proverb, that says, when you lose the rhythm of the drumbeat of god, you are lost from the peace and the rhythm of life.When you lose the rhythm of the drumbeat of god, so the concept of spirituality, anchoring us to meaning and purpose in our life, is something that i have found intrinsically important.It's the deepest well of all, for leading my patients out of spiritual crisis.

Florence nightingale said, the needs of the spirit are as crucial to health as those organs which make up the body.You can think of spirituality in a lot of different ways, but it's the ultimate connection.Where do i get my meaning how do i make sense of my life it can be connected to self, to others, to nature, to a higher power.We don't define it for our patients.Where do they go for their deep well of strength why is it important sir william osler said this the human heart has a hidden want which science cannot.

Supply.Our patients are looking for spirituality in their life, and the mayo clinic data shows exactly this.90 percent believe in a higher being.94 percent regard their spiritual and physical health as equally important.96 percent of family practice physicians believe that spiritual wellbeing is a factor in health.I feel we have to know where our patients are at spiritually before they're in crisis.Because when they're in crisis, we need to know the background to understand how can we best serve them.The mayo clinic's data tells us that people.

Who have spiritual practices, attend churches, for example, synagogues, have lower blood pressure.They're more compliant with their meds.They exercise more.They eat healthier.They don't smoke.Think of the seventhday adventist community.The only bluezone community in the entire united states where people live healthy to old age.In the seventh adventist community, people eat lots of nuts.A vegan diet.They exercise.They take a sabbath.They don't smoke cigarettes.It's a perfect illustration of one's spiritual practices leading to health.The mayo clinic data also showed that people who have spiritual.

Or religious belief systems are more accepting of death, have less depression and anxiety, and are more likely to not have addictive behaviors.Less alcohol abuse.Less drug abuse.And as we've seen, less tobacco use.A very interesting study was conducted looking at people after bypass, and they were asked two questions.Do you have a tribe do you participate in some form of group are you socially connected do you gain any comfort from your spiritual belief system they were followed for six months.Those people who were not socially connected, and had no comfort from their spiritual.

Or religious belief systems, had the highest death rate.I think about the secret ingredient is this.If i gained comfort from my belief system.If i believe there's a divine plan.If i believe everything happens for a reason, then there's a good chance that i'm going to be more optimistic.I have more hope in my life.I have more love.I have more contentment.What's the opposite of that i'm going to have less stress hormones.Less adrenaline.Less noradrenaline.Less cortisol.Because i'm believing that there's a reason for what's.

Happening right now, and that things are going to get better.Perhaps, it's divine will.So the native americans say, call your spirit back.Many of our patients have left their spirits and all the trauma of their life.Whether it's incest, a surgical procedure, a scary emergency room visit, an automobile accident, something that's happened to them.One of the greatest spiritual principles that allows us to call our spirit back, is that of forgiveness.Now, forgiveness is one of the most difficult spiritual practices.It's learning to forgive, is really essential to spiritual health.And it's not just forgiving.

Something that's happened to you, it's also about forgiving yourself.This has actually been studied by Fred luskin at stanford university.Forgivers have a feeling of peace that emerges.They take the hurt less personally.I teach my patients you can become a hero in this story instead of a victim.It's important for our patients to remember that this is not about the offender.This is about taking our power back.It's about our own healing.It's not about the person who hurt us.What did the research show the research showed.

That forgivers have decreased blood pressure.Decreased muscle tension.Decreased heart rate.Fewer chronic illness.In essence, forgivers are healthier because they've turned off the stress hormones.They have more optimism, less anger, and less stress.So, forgiveness is powerful, powerful medicine.The buddha reminds us about service.The buddha says, the man whose mind is shaped by selfless thoughts, gives joy when he speaks or acts.So the concept of service, i asked my patients what's your purpose in life people who help feel more energetic.They're less depressed.They have fewer aches and pains.Ms patients.

Who are trained to help other ms patients, just by talking to them on the phone, feel less depressed, more selfconfident, more selfesteem.They feel better.It's in giving, that we receive.The concept of forgiveness, the concept of service.The last being, to use our words impeccably.Miguel ruiz said, in the four agreements, be impeccable with your word.Because when we have negative, hateful thoughts, when we're thinking negative, we're creating negativity in our own body.Anger only makes us sick.I teach my patients, switch your thoughts to positive thoughts, positive emotions.

This decreases depression, relieves stress hormones, helps us with our coping.Makes us more optimistic.How we use our words.Switch from the negative again to the positive.This has a profound effect on our body.Last, just the concept of gratitude.Emmons has studied gratitude at u.C.Davis.People with gratitude feel better about their lives as a whole, and are much more optimistic.People have more life satisfaction, more positive emotions, less depression and less stress.So keep a gratitude journal.People have gratitude tend to be more generous, more helpful and more appreciative of others in their life.

10th Holistic Found Dead just in a few months

10th holistic found dead.Osteopath mary rene bovier from pennsylvania was on august 14 found dead with a stab wound.Police have heard a good friend of Bovier, but no arrests have yet been made. Jeff bradstreet was the first alternative' who was found dead this summer.Journalist erin elizabeth had an exclusive interview with his family, which has hired private investigators to get to the bottom of this.Bradstreet was very passionate about his work.He was known for his research into and treatment with the protein gcmaf.What is gcmaf it.

Is a human protein and it empowers your body to cure itself.Gcmaf is not allowed in some countries.Reason, because it will harm the pharmacy industry.Sick people is business.However, a few days before his death, a raid was done in his clinic, but contrary to what is claimed on the internet no gcmaf was found in the clinic at all.In the article you can find an amazing interview with erin elizabeth by collective evolution, let me play you the part where erin tells you about the death of the 10th mary.

Rene bovier.Again tutorial by collective evolution.The seventh who was found dead, Nicholas gonzales, he became known for curing actress suzanne somers from breast cancer.He treated the disease in a holistic manner.It is striking that gonzales during his last interview, which will be released soon, at least five times jokingly said he could end up sometimes under a bus because of his research.Shortly after that interview he died.Gcmaf has proven itself that cures people and that's bad news for the pharmacy industry.Something the main stream media is not talking about and there is a reason for this madness.

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Dr marianne styler holistic obgyn in nyc,Boonedogtutorial an introduction to marianne skyler and her holistic obgn practice in nyc produced by boonedog tutorial see our work at. The brand wellness center dr idelle brand new york ny,About our holistic dental practice. 11th nyc holistic found dead dr mithchell gaynor md,Apparently he was found behind his home in the woods after he allegedly walked away from a car accident his family and friends are posting their shock and.

The worlds best in brooklyn new york dr kokayi holistic the best i know,Dr kokayi a holistic in brooklyn uses these same methodologies in his practices check him out atmyhealthmattersnow. Holistic health nutrition new york,Dr frederick mindel is a holistic health and nutritionist his practice deals with medical issues such as muscle and joint pain allergies neck and back. Nyc hypnotist jeffrey rose on holistic healing show from 2015 integrative healthcare symposium,New york city hypnotist and nutritionist jeffrey rose tapes his holistic healing show on location at the 2015 integrative healthcare symposium jeffrey.

Holistic thyroid treatments nyc,Dr anthony salzarulo is new yorks holistic health in this tutorial dr salzarulo talks about the underlying causes of thyroid gland problems and disease. Holistic anxiety treatment nyc natural drug free programs,Dr anthony salzarulo is new yorks holistic health nyc in this tutorial dr salzarulo talks the importance of addressing the underlying cause of anxiety. Holistic chronic fatigue treatment nyc are your adrenal glands the cause,Dr anthony salzarulo is new yorks holistic health nyc in this tutorial dr salzarulo talks about the issue of chronic fatigue he explains how adrenal.

Autoimmune Treatment NYC Holistic Natural DrugFree Programs

Autoimmune treatment nyc holistic natural drugfree programs,Dr anthony salzarulo is new yorks holistic health nyc in this tutorial dr salzarulo talks about autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis lupus. Integrative holistic medicine the science of connection mimi guarneri md facc abihm 2011,Weaving together historical social and medical research dr mimi guarneris compelling presentation explains how we developed the disease driven medical. Acupuncture physical therapy holistic medical times square nyc new york,Thank you for your tutorial testimonial acupuncturephysicaltherapynyc acupuncture massage therapy back pain neck pain we accept most health.

Discussion on holistic pet care with randy klein of whiskers holistic pet care nyc li backstory,If you are new to whiskers holistic pet care a warm welcome if youre an old friend hello again and thank you for being here when we began in 1988. Whiskers holistic pet care nyc store,Welcome to the brave new world of alternatives in pet health care founded in 1988 our mission is to bring the benefits of holistic wellness concepts to the. 212 7581838 new york city holistic dentist manhattan new york queens ny dentistry,Ddsnewyork new york city center for advanced dentistry dr veselin shumantov dds holistic dentist new york city ny healthy and beautiful.

Dr john salerno holistic medicine heavy metals allergies 211,Dr john salerno comes on bulletproof radio today to discuss holistic versus western medicine heavy metal exposure ultra violet light and its benefits and. Holistic cancer pharmacist physician new york,Drlinrx tel 8668002873 for more information drlin is a cancer treatment centers of america recognized survivorship support care partner. Sunscreen controversy best holistic dermatologist new york,Are sunscreens unsafe perhaps for some people learn more in this tutorial you can clear acne psoriasis eczema and inflammatory conditions and finally.

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