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Benefits of Chia Seeds

Hey guys, Axe here, of natural medicine and founder of draxe.Today, i want to talk about chia seeds and the many health benefits of chia seeds and how you can use them in your daily life.Now, chia seeds were used by mayan and incan warriors.They were called warrior food.Now today, oftentimes runners call them runners' food.But again, before that they were called warriors food.And the reason is chia seeds are so high in nutrients, specifically they're high in omega3 fats, they're high in b vitamins and they're also high in certain minerals like selenium.

So we know that chia seeds have great benefits.And if you're looking for a boost of energy, i've got a great recipe i'll share with you at the end in using chia seeds.But again, the reason why chia is so good and is actually known as warriors' food, the warriors would carry a little pouch on their belt and they would say one tablespoon of chia is worth a day's energy.So when they were in battle having to fight they would use it.And this is proven today with medical studies.In fact, a recent study was published.

In the journal of strength and conditioning and they found that consuming chia seeds was as energizing as consuming gatorade or a popular sports drink.So we know that chia is great for energy levels because it contains a small amount of complex carbohydrates, but lots of healthy fat and protein.In fact, chia seeds are your highest plantbased source of protein along with another superfood called spirulina.Now, chia seeds are beneficial for a few other reasons.Number one, omega3 fats.We know omega3 fats reduce inflammation so that can help fight heart disease, it can help fight.

Joint pain or arthritis, anything that's inflammatory, any inflammatory condition, chia seeds can help with that.Chia seeds are also high in fiber so they can support fat loss.We know fiber helps keeps you full longer, it helps cleanse the colon.And chia seeds have a unique type of fiber called mucilaginous fiber which is why it sort of gels up.And so you can use chia seeds to detox the colon and so a great form of fiber.I put several tablespoons in a superfood smoothie.Also, it's a great natural mineral supplement.It's high in minerals, it's high.

In vitamins, using it that way as well.Now, some of my favorite recipes for chia.One is to do a chia seed super shake.I'll put in one cup of blueberries, two to three tablespoons of chia and go and do a superfood smoothie.Also, chia seed pudding.Because chia has mucilaginous properties, it will sort of get that gellike texture, which makes it great to add into a pudding.So you can make a vanilla pudding or a chocolate pudding using some natural protein powder.You can even search.

On my site or search Axe chia seed pudding or chia pudding and i've got recipes there on my website, you can check out as well.And a few other thoughts here with chia.I love using it as an energy boosting snack.In fact, i'll mix chia with coconut oil and a drop of peppermint oil.And that's something that i'll do if i'm going out and training for a triathlon.So again, chia seeds, coconut oil, peppermint oil, it is the ultimate energy boosting snack.And one other unique thing about chia seeds is they can be used to replace eggs.So if.

You have a recipe and you're wanting to go eggfree, because eggs are so often connected to food allergies and food sensitivities, do one tablespoon of chia to three tablespoons of water, mix that and it can replace an egg in any recipe.Hey guys, if you want to learn more about the benefits of chia seeds, check out my website draxe, that's draxe.Also, make sure to subscribe here to the youtube channel.I've got some great natural remedies and super foods, coming up with some more information on those.It's been me, Axe, talking about the many benefits of chia seeds.

Natural Therapy For Heart Disease

Natural therapy for heart disease,This tutorial shows you how to avoid angioplast or bypass surgery if you follow this simple natural therapy method to keep your heart healthy the ingredients. Garlic ginger lemon apple cider vinegar potion,Concoction to reduce cholesterol and clear blocked arteries. Cardiac arrhythmia treatment medications angioclearangioclear,Cardiac arrhythmia treatment medications angioclearangioclear what are cardiac arrhythmia natural treatments heart disease treatments.

11 natural cures for clogged arteries,Read more remedies hereayurvediccureidentifyinganaturalcureforcloggedarteries. Balloon angioplasty coronary angioplasty heart surgery preop patient education,Preop or preopfacebook or preoptwitter patient education patient education company your has. Heartshot the cure for heart disease by dr lundell,Contrary to popular belief heart disease is not caused by a buildup of cholesterol or plaque inside the arteries it is caused by inflammation within the arterial.

Wendy myers naturally reverse hardened arteries wendy myers,To order arginext call skip mathewson at 4063815351 dr siva arunasalam of the high desert heart institute talks about hardening of the arteries hardening.

How to lower blood pressure quickly,Controlyourbloodpressure hypertension can wreck havoc on many body organs its effects on the heart are especially damaging high blood.

Making Herbal MASTER TONIC How To Cure Anything Cold Cure

Making herbal master tonic how to cure anything cold cure,Shoppurecyclehappy i would like to invite you to also check out my other sitesshoppure where we have lots of. Angioplasty and stents complications angioclear ingredients to clear blocked arteries naturally,Angioplasty and stents complications angioclear ingredients to clear blocked arteries naturallyangioclear blocked arteries can occur.

Beat heart disease symptoms insider secrets revealed,Go tosavingmyheart discover how to beat deadly heart disease symptoms without drugs and get your free copy of saving your heart natural. Heart pain 6 hoaxes heart treatment,Anginarex heart disease scam exposed if youre looking for a natural treatment for heart pain or angina check out anginarex before you. Foods that lower blood pressure 5 foods that will help immediately,Lowermybptoday foods that lower blood pressure are key in the battle against hypertension if youre looking for a natural remedy that will help you.

Naturally reverse hardened arteries,Read more about how to naturally reverse hardened arteries at my siteliveto110naturallyreversehardenedarteries atherosclerosis also. A quick healthy salad of basil tofu carrots gardengrown lowcost highpleasure,Greenurbanislands a diet can be exotic with all the flavors of the world mikhoo freestyles these salads from the vegetables from my garden. These 4 things happen right before a heart attack,Get your heart disease prevention reversal kit at4heartattacksigns warning heart attacks do not happen out of the blue in fact your. Heart blocks removes by new method of angiography in india will become most advance by this,Heart blocks removes by new method of angiography in india will become most advance by this technology new method of angiography which directly.

Saaol dr bimal chhajer hre and yogasana for heart disease and blockage reversal,Saaol heart rejuvenation exercise and yoga asans for heart disease and blockage reversal and to avoid cabg angioplasty treatment medical disclaimer. Inflammation and heart disease a pbs production,Inflammation and heart disease a pbs production revolucions defense is a powerful antioxidant and antiinflamatory that can directly relate to the. Heart or high blood preshure ke liye vardan arjun ki chhal,Heart or high blood preshure ke liye vardan arjun ki chhal.

Heart disease ayurved by vaidyaraj jamadagni sir,Elustrive description about various factors responsible for heart diseases management of heart diseases by diet lifestyle management yoga pranayam. Heart care say no to unnecessary bypass surgery angioplasty and stent episode 1 of 5,Therapeutic life style change and intense medical treatment to reverse coronary arteriosclerosis to remove block in the coronary arteries without bypass. Oxidation dramatically improves heart disease in 2 sessions,Man with both prostate cancer and coronary heart disease describes the virtual total resolution of his heart symptoms angina and exercise intolerance in just.

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