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What Are Some Natural Remedies For Joint Pain


Welcome to health care at home we have one of our viewer mr.Raam naresh aggarwal from patna , bihar.He has emailed us that i am suffering from arthritis joint pain and asking for the remedy.Mr aggarwal first of all you must understand that what is arthritis joint pain why does it occurs.It is called arthritis joint pain in english.It can occur due to deficiency of calcium if your digestive system is not well.It can occur due to any trauma or any injury if your uric acid is increased then also arthritis joint pain can occur.

Eating chilled or hard food can be the reason of arthritis joint pain.Don't take sour food items you shouldn't take alcohol if your uric acid is increased.Take less tea if you smoke then also it lead to high uric acid.So, stop the smoking completely now, let me tell you what you shouldn't eat in arthritis joint pain your digestive system gets very week.So you shouldn't consume the food items rich in protein like pulses and milk also if you are suffering from arthritis joint pain.

Your digestive system gets week in arthritis joint pain.So, you shouldn't eat such items which is high in protein as they take too much time to get digest.Don't eat any type of non veg item like egg,fish completely stop the consumption of red meat, chicken.Stop smoking alcohol.Drink maximum of water.If your uric acid is increased then you can drink 35 litre of water.As uric acid flesh out as urine if you drink maximum water.Along with this do one more thing every morning drink 1 glass of carrot juice.

Do this remedy till the time you start getting relief in your pain.Within few weeks you will get relief in arthritis joint pain.Let me tell you some remedies if you are suffering from arthritis joint pain, as this will give you max.Relief.You must have heard about arjun kwath, so take 1 spoon of the arjun kwath.Add 12 spoon of cinammon powder take 300 ml of water and boil it till the time water is reduced to 100 ml.When the water is reduces to 100 ml, strain it , this will be almost 1 cup.

Consume this water at the time of nap this will not only relief you in arthritis joint pain but in heart problem too.Extract bottle gourd juice along with add 810 leaves of mint basil leaves in it.Mix it and extract almost 1 glass of juice consume this juice with an empty stomach in the morning.Do this remedy for 3 months you will start getting relief in arthritis joint pain.Now you must be thinking whether you should take carrot juice or bottle gourd juice with an empty stomach.

Take 10 mins break.First you take bottle gourd juice then take carrot juice.Or if you have taken carrot juice firs then take 10 mins break take bottle gourd juice.Let me tell you a remedy if your uric acid is increased.Baking soda is easily available at every house.Take 1 spoon baking soda mix it in a glass of water.Drink this 2 times in a day.Don't do this remedy if you have high blood pressure.You can drink this baking soda's water 34 times in a day.

If your age is more than years then don't use it more than 3 times a day.In fact i would recommend that you should consume this water 2 times in a day only and as i said if you have high blood pressure then don't do this remedy now why does arthritis joint pain occurs its due to the modern life style fast food.Don't consume any type of fast food of you are suffering from arthritis joint pain.Don't use any packaged food available in the market.

Say no to such items, in fact don't eat rice curd.Don't take milk in the night as i said don't use lentils and dry fruits.Since your digestive system is already week if you will use lentils and dry fruits then your digestive system will be more weaker.So due to this arthritis joint pain might get increased.If you have extreme pain then do one thing extract banyan tree's milk either apply or massage 23 times with the milk.So with this remedy you will get relief in arthritis joint pain.

Let me tell you another remedy, do this also take 1 kg raw green papaya.Wash it and cut it with its skin.Put the papaya into 3 litre water and get it boil on the low flame for almost 15 mins.Once its thoroughly boil, strain it you have the water ready with you.This will be almost 34 glass of water throughout the day you have to drink this water almost 12 to 212 cup.Do this remedy for 15 days then get your uric acid level checked.

If your uric acid began to normal then you must do this remedy once in a week.And you will notice that you will start getting relief in arthritis joint pain.China root, which is called chok chini available at every chinse herbs shop you wi1l get its powder packet at every chinese medicine store.Consume 12 of spoon of this powder with a glass of water in morning and in evening.This is also very beneficial in arthritis joint pain.Just follow these remedies and get rid of arthritis joint pain.

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