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During bad weather when thick sweaters and coats are the norm preventing people from seeing your belly fat is not too much of a problem. However as the weather improves and the holiday season draws closer keeping your belly tucked away become harder and harder.

There is no place to tuck your belly when you are in a tiny bikini or walking bare chested on holiday along the beach. It is at times like those that you begin to regret not taking care of your nody a little better in the past. There is no need to despair however as there is plenty you can do to rid yourself of belly fat fast.

The fastest way to build muscle mass and burn the fat is to take all of these tips on board:

1) Squat – Performing these is fantastic for reducing your gut for a number of reasons. . Firstly, it is a very tough exercise and will make you use up a lot of calories to do it properly.

Secondly, it aids you in building muscle mass which is fantastic news as muscle requires lots of calories to maintain itself adequately.

Thirdly, squatting is so tough on the body that it forces it to secrete fat loss promoting hormones in to the blood.

Fourthly it provides you with a training session for all of the muscle in your body including your abs. Literally all the muscle are required to work when you perform squats properly, they either work dynamically to move the body or statically to hold the body in place. Even if exercise is not enjoyable for you it is a huge step in making progress against belly fat.

2) Drink cups of coffee and green tea. These have both been proven to increase the rate of the bodies metabolism. The speed with which your body performs that chemical reactions in the body is known as the metabolic rate. Increase the rate of this and you will be burning through extra calories with absolutely zero extra effort required!.

3) Eat a nice big breakfast. Still too many people appear to think that if they skip breakfast they are helping their weight loss attempts. This couldn't be further from the truth. Skipping breakfast means your body has to wait all night and all morning for some more food. This will force the body to revert to its starvation mode.

This mode means the body tries to hold onto the calories that it does have because it thinks there is a shortage of food and wants to ensure its survival. It does this by dramatically reducing the metabolic rate of the body which is a terrible thing for belly fat burning!.So, to be frank eat a decent sized breakfast.

With those tips allied with hardwork there is no reason why you can't drop a few pounds and be strolling around the beach confidently.

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