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Constipation can cause a complete imbalance in people. A feeling of heaviness and irritability can be distractive and can result in loss of focus. Normal bowel movements can vary from person to person. You happen to notice constipation when your bowel movements are not satisfactory and causes you discomfort.

Constipation not only leaves a feeling of heaviness, it also disturbs you mentally by making you feel unhealthy resulting in irritability. It can result in formation of gas, pain and cramps. It can also take away your appetite. The other symptoms can be fatigue, body odor and nausea.

You need not, in fact, run to the nearest doctor when you realize you are having constipation unless it is chronic and associated with other serious illness. There are remedies available in your own kitchen that can cure constipation. Herbal remedies are the best since there are no chemical reactions involved which can be detrimental to some other tissues in the body. Chemical medicines could be fast in giving relief but it also has side effects which need not be always healthy. Hence it is always better to rely on natural ways to get rid of the problem.

Natural ingredients can be used to prevent, control and cure constipation. Obviously, nature has the best medicine for all ailments. Moreover, these natural remedies can cause positive side effects since they might be healthy and useful for your body.

Life style can be a culprit in promoting diseases like constipation. It is important for us to know the dos and don'ts in a particular life style that we adopt. There are adaptive methods for all life styles and all that you need is the information on what is required for the body and how the body works.

Good food, water, exercise and sleep are the key requirements for everyone. A lack of dietary fiber in your body can be the major cause of constipation and to avoid and to cure it, you need to know the kind of foods that can provide the required amount of fiber for your body. Once you know it, you can deal with it.

Also, changes in your diet, life style etc can cause constipation. It is important for the body to have enough exercise so that the internal organs function properly. Consumption of enough water is very important for the body so as to enable the elimination of toxin. Vegetables and fruits with more fibrous content can be helpful and healthy. Fatty, fried and spicy food should be avoided.

With a little bit of care and correction you can keep constipation away from bothering you. You can have control over it by knowing and nurturing the requirements of your body and adapting to a fibre rich diet and proper exercise.

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