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Learning how to heal open wounds faster may save you untold pain, embarrassment, lost revenue, missed appointments, job interviews, you name it. The list goes on.

First and most importantly, you need to take the homeopathic medicine Arnica orally. This has the potential of preventing infection, including tetanus, from occurring. It will also allay any pain. And it will speed up the healing dramatically.

The second most important step to take is to keep the wound open to the air. This may be difficult depending on the site of the wound, your occupation and whether it is bleeding. But uncover it as often and for as long as you reasonably can.

Third in importance is to use the topical spray Hypercal. This will keep the wound clean and speed up the healing. You'll probably only be able to purchase Hypercal from homeopathic clinics or pharmacies. And often it's only available in a cream. But the cream is not the best way to use it and is not suitable for burns. The liquid spray is the best.

If you want to know how to treat open wounds faster, you need to look to your overall health. If you're not generally healthy, how do you expect your body to work properly?

Your immune system needs to be in top working order to deal with anything efficiently and quickly.

Eat well – lots of real food, such as fresh fruit and veggies. Eliminate or limit junk, fast or processed food.

Take some exercise regularly, preferably in the open air. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as you enjoy it. This will ensure you take it regularly.

Eliminate or limit any suppressive drugs. They all take a toll on your body's coping mechanisms, preventing it from working the way it was intended.

With professional athletes turning to homeopathy for fast and efficient healing, you'll be in good company.

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