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Creating Crystal Medicine Bags For Chakra Healing More April 4 2012

I just wrote a great article about creating and using crystal medicine bags, and that's on my website.If you aren't familiar with that or don't know how to use that, really you're just filling the medicine pouch or medicine bag with things that you want to bring into your field energetically.These can be of course, crystals, but other things that you have some attraction to or connection with, things that are very important to you.It could even be a feather that you found in nature, or a little bit of dried herbs for healing,.

Whatever you might be needing energetically at that time.So all these things get combined into a crystal medicine bag or medicine pouch that you bring into your energy field, and they're a great reminder for personal healing.Not to mention you're absorbing the frequency of all the different things that you've included in your medicine bag to amplify your energy field, they can be used for protection, for physical healing, emotional balance, so many different things.So if you can't do a chakra layout for yourself, you can just place your chakra stones in a medicine pouch and have them.

In your field to keep your chakras clear and protected.If you want just seven crystals for each of the seven main chakras, i really think that you have to choose those crystals on an individual level because we all have different energetic resonance.We all have a different type of energy field.So what may work for me for a chakra set will be very different than what will work for you.In my ideal chakra set right now, and this sort of changes depending on where i'm at energetically,.

But i think that i would probably choose a ruby for the root chakra, a carnelian for my sacral chakra, an imperial topaz for my solar plexus, a watermelon tourmaline for my heart chakra that one never changes by the way that's just one of my favorite stones and that's usually what i want at my heart.For the throat chakra, i would probably choose right now, an aqua aura quartz.At my third eye chakra i would probably choose an azurite nodule.And at my crown chakra, right now i'm sort of feeling in a.

Sugilite mood.So i'd probably use sugilite there.But again, it varies from week to week, probably even daytoday if i really sat down to think about it each day.And i think it's just where you're at energetically.So being open with your intuition, to what crystals could be best to use for you at this time, or even using your hand to scan the energy of your stones, or a pendulum to scan the energy of your stones to find which ones would be appropriate for you would probably be your best bet.

Herbal Alternative Medicine Herbal Remedies for a Toothache

Are you often suffering from toothaches and wondering how you can use herbs to help with them no worries, i am here to help.I am isabelle simon your personal and workplace wellness consultant.Toothaches come usually from the inflammation of the tissues around the tooth.But also it may be a little bit of nerve damage there and something that you eat especially sweets usually will trigger that kind of thing but today we are going to learn how to use herbs and my favorite recipe is to use a concoction of a tea that.

Uses echinacea vitamin c and zinc and lucky for you they come already made at any supermarket that you shop at.So you can drink the tea, it will help ease the pain as you drink it but most importantly you can just take the tea bag that has the echinecea, the vitamin c and the zinc and just apply it directly where the ache is where the tooth is aching and leave it there for about ten to fifteen minutes and also to make hot tea you want to make sure it is not too hot so you don't burn yourself but that is something that is.

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Harvesting medical marijuana 2 drying curingmpg,This is the second part to the harvesting tutorial in the first tutorial we cover harvesting in this tutorial we show you how to dry your buds and cover the important. Natural cough remedy soar throat and fever antibiotic,All natural no side effects easy to take to work and defend yourself from germs flue and cough make a tea with ginger honey and lemon add any tea bag.

Shocking Ancient Medical Practices Ancient Medicine Documentary

Shocking ancient medical practices ancient medicine documentary,Violent ancient medicine ancient medicine documentary for our ancestors nature was the supermarket pharmacy and school by observing nature and. Health benefits of ashwagandha top ayurvedic rasayana herb,Ashwagandha root is one of the top most highly valued tonic herbs commonly utilized in ayurvedic herbalism known as indian ginseng for its energizing.

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Muslin Herb Bags For Spices And Herbs

Muslin herb bags for spices and herbs,100 cotton muslin drawstring bag created for filling with herbal blends for infusions and baths can be used for potpourri or for an impromptu sachet. Smell proof foil baggies for herbs,Buy these here wackybagsproductscat148 multiple sizes available approx 1 gram 4 gram 11 gram size sold individually perfect for.

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