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How To Lower Blood Pressure Using Ginger Tea

Hi, my name is usuff.Actually, i'm usuff's voiceover guy but he likes my voice so much that i'm him for this tutorial.I like to share how i brought my high blood pressure down overnight in a natural way.I did it using fresh ginger root made into a tea that i drank shortly before sleeping.The next morning my blood pressure had dropped significantly.And i made this tutorial just in case it helps anyone else.By using fresh raw ginger as a tea, i was able to drop my blood pressure overnight from.

174104 to the less scary figure of 13282.Just as background information, my blood pressure has been creeping up these past couple of years.A couple of weeks ago it was as high as 167109.Just in case my trusty ol omron bp monitor wasn't working properly, i bought a second one from amazon, the series 10 model.Once it arrived i put it to quick use and measured my bp late at night.It was 174104.When i see figures like these, i get a sense of my own mortality.And that my time on this planet may not be.

As long as i'd hope.I tried to bring my bp down by slow breathing, but it only nudged down a few points.Then i remembered that at my last visit to my family she mentioned a chinese patient of hers many years ago recommending ginger.And having seen the use and benefits of ginger explained on the dr oz show recently, i kicked into action.I made a tea from freshly grated ginger root, adding lemon and honey.The lemon juice and honey is my own idea, by the way.I just added it to make it taste good.

It's how i make my ginger tea.It's quite simple, actually.First you take ginger root.Then you grate it finely with the grater.The grated ginger is then added to the teapot.Boiling hot water is then added.And it's set aside to infuse for a few minutes.During this time i squeezed some fresh lemon juice.And once the ginger has had time to infuse, i'll pour it into a cup.A little honey is then added.Here it says australian honey.There's nothing special about it, i just happen to live in.

Australia.The lemon juice is added at the very end.And voila, your fresh ginger tea is ready.I drank it shortly before sleeping.Cheers.It tastes quite good, actually.It tastes pretty good actually, very good.In the morning, when i woke up, my blood pressure was significantly lower.Here are the readings again from my new omron blood pressure monitor.It was 174104 shortly before midnight.I then resorted to ginger tea to see if that would help.And it did.The next morning, shortly after 8, it had.

Fallen to 13282.It was as if i was thrown a lifeline.As an afterthought, i can't discount the possibility my slow breathing helped lower my blood pressure overnight.I did some research into the subject.A study published in the year 2000 by weidner and sigwart found ginger extract did not lower the systolic blood pressure in rats.This study, as well as many others, didn't use real ginger root but a patented commercial ginger extract called ev.Ext 33.Another study conducted in 2005 by ghayar and gilani, and reported in the journal of.

Cardiovascular pharmacology, did use fresh ginger with rats.And found ginger did lower blood pressure.The report said .We report the bplowering effect of the crude extract of fresh ginger in anesthetized rats.The use of ginger in cardiovascular diseases has long been known.Ginger is known to have a diuretic and blood pressure lowering effect.In the traditional medicine practice of pakistan, herbalists prescribe ginger to hypertensive patients to be taken after dinner.So there is evidence in the literature to back me up here.Just a word of caution.Ginger may interact with blood thinning and.

Bp lowering drugs, so just be careful if you are on these medications.I think ginger is a small part of the overall solution to lowering high blood pressure by natural means.I look forward to exploring what the other herbs may have in store for me.Of course, i won't be ignoring the fundamentals of diet, stress management and exercise.And slow breathing exercises may also have a role.Finally, a word of thanks to Oz for informing and inspiring me.If you find ginger tea helps with high blood.

Welcome to Metabolic Research Center

At metabolic research center we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss.Our job is to make sure that as you go through this journey you have all the tools that you need to be the most successful.We want to make sure that you feel fully educated and that you know going through this process you're learning all the nutritional and lifestyle techniques and tips to make sure that this is your last wieght loss program ever.We also want to be here to support you.We'll walk through this program with you.

Every step of the way.We want to help you overcome the challenges we'll help to ensure that each day you get up you are motivated to truly commit to self also we're here to hold you accountable.It's better to have a guide as you go through this process, someone whose here to really tell you like it is sometimes but also holds your hand to make sure that you're giving yourself every opportunity to get where you want to be.At metabolic research center it's not just about the nutrition,.

It's about the whole approach to weight loss.We talk about physical activity we talk to you about hormone balancing.Making sure that your body is balanced to give you the most success.Along with that we offer dna testing we have herbal and vitamin supplementation.We want to make sure that your body gets what it needs.That your foundation is rebuilt so your body can lose 2 to 5 pounds per week very safely.We are here to work with you oneonone.When you come in for your weekly visit.

You'll sit down with a specialist.We'll figure out everything that you need and pair your needs with your lifestyle here's another great thing about metabolic, we're all about the transition to healthy living.Once you lose your weight you'll continue to transition to a lifestyle that ensures this is your last weight loss journey, that's your maintenance component.So when you call metabolic and come and visit with your special we ensure your success.Your success is what is most important to us.So call now, come in for a visit.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Eliminted Naturally By Boise

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