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EDC Construction Manufacturing Engineering Courses tutorial East Durham College

Music gtgt adam my name's adam gait and i'm on a level 2 diploma in brickwork.In our lessons we learn how to lay bricks level and correct and learn how to build cavity walls, chimneys.The lecturers aren't bad like, they'e friendly, good to talk to and if you get stuck on a wall or you don't know what to do they'll come over, give you advice and help and that.Gtgt andy reynolds my name is andy reynolds and i'm a lecturer for the bricklaying department.A typical day is they come in for either a practical or a theory session.I think the.

Level of facilities is really good.It's a state of the art college.Gtgt kirsty my name's kirsty huntington and i'm level 2 diploma painting and decorating.We've done wallpapering ceilings, painting the ceilings, we've done marbling this year, pictures, we've done loads of things really! at the minute i'm doing this mural.The lecturers have helped really well really, they'll tell you if you're doing anything wrong, they're there to correct you so then it will help you in the future.I'm looking forward to doing more advanced things with wallpapering, doing patterned wallpaper, doing marbling, all things like.

That.Gtgt adrian my name is adrian nottiam and my position is i'm the programme leader for painting and decorating.A lot of the students go on and do an nvq which is a full qualification in painting and decorating we've had other students who have gone onto actually setting up their own business so at the moment i've probably got four students, recent students in the last two years who have their own business and some of them are even employing students who only left a year, maybe a year and a half.

Ago.Gareth my name is gareth sewell the diploma i am doing is diploma 2 site carpentry.On a day to day basis in our lessons we cover all aspects of site carpentry whether it be stud walling, first fix, second fix, boxing in, staircases and roofing.In the lecturers on the course are highly experienced, they're very thorough, they're always there should we require any help.Dominic my name's dominic hunt i'm programme leader for carpentry and joinery in the college.The faciliities here at this new build are fantastic.There's been millions of pounds.

The economics of enough Dan ONeill at TEDxOxbridge

Some of you may have had this experience.You see something or read something, and it changes your life.About ten years ago this happened to me.I was taking an economics course, and i read a paper.It was called if the gdp is up, why is america down i didn't realize it at the time, but i was beginning a journey from the madness of more to the wisdom of enough.When i read this paper, i learned that our main measure of economic progress, the gdp, doesn't distinguish between good and bad economic activity.

So, if i buy a beer, this adds to gdp.If the government invests in education, this adds to gdp.These are good things especially the first one.Laughter laughter but if there's an oil spill, and we have to clean this up, well, that adds to gdp too.If someone breaks into your house, steals your laptop, and you have to buy a new one and a new door, well, that adds to gdp as well.War, crime, environmental destruction all add to gdp.When i found this out, i felt like i was in the matrix, and i've just taken the red pill.

I began to question things around me, i began to question whether economic growth is really such a great idea in wealthy nations.This eventually led me to the alternative of a steady state economy.Questioning growth may seem radical, but there are a number of good reasons to do so.I'd like to tell you about three of them.The first reason is environmental.A few years ago, there was an influential study in which the authors tried to quantify the safe operating space for humanity on this planet.They discussed eight planetary boundaries related to key ecosystem processes.

And they discovered, alarmingly, that we're already exceeding three of these boundaries.The ones shown in red there, related to climate change, biodiversity loss, and the nitrogen cycle.And we're not so far off in some of the other ones.They issued a pretty dire warning.They said transgressing one or more of the planetary boundaries could lead to catastrophic change at the continental to global scale.And here we are, transgressing three of them.The second reason we might question growth is social.Data are now widely available from surveys of happiness and life satisfaction.

If we look at these data over time for countries like the us and the uk, what we see is that, while per capita gdp has more than tripled since 1950, people haven't become any happier.When we compare the data across a bunch of countries, the picture is more complicated.Happiness and life satisfaction do tend to increase with income, but only up to a point.Once people's basic needs are met, additional money doesn't seem to buy additional happiness.Importantly though, other things do like being in a strong personal relationship,.

Having good health, living in a safe community, having a secure job, and not watching too much tv.A third reason we might question growth is largely practical.Growth is the exception in the world history, not the norm.These data span 1,000 years, and what they show is that the periods of high growth in today's wealthy nations only lasted about 20 years, from just after the end of the world war ii to the early 1970s.This is the only time in history that these nations have had gdp growth rates above 2 per year.

It seems like inventions, such as mobile phones and facebook, aren't transforming our lives in the same way as historical inventions, like electricity, the automobile, indoor plumbing.This was a transformative invention.Laughter so what do we do what's the alternative how do we achieve a high quality of life for all people without economic growth the good news is that there are people all over the world working on this problem, and a solution is emerging.Some people call this the new economics, some people call it sustainable prosperity, degrowth, or a steady state economy.

Whatever you call it, it's an economy where resource use is stabilized and kept within ecological limits, and where the goal of increasing gdp is replaced by the goal of improving people's lives.Now, there's no one simple change that allows us to do this.A number of changes are needed to achieve a steady state economy, and i'd like to share three of them with you.They relate to jobs, equality, and the banking system.Let's start with jobs.When most people hear 'no growth, ' probably their biggest worry is 'no jobs.'.

But the relationship between growth and job creation is much weaker than you would expect, and it varies remarkably between countries.In the us, for example, if gdp goes up by 3, then the unemployment rate tends to fall by about 1.In france, the same amount of gdp growth gets you about half a percent of reduction in unemployment.In japan, there's no relationship whatsoever between these two things.Clearly it's possible to break the link between growth and employment, we just need the right policies.One of these policies is working time reduction.

Currently, we tend to use the benefits of technological progress to produce and consume more stuff.What do i mean by this let's say i work in a factory, and it takes me eight hours to produce one of these cups.But maybe, perhaps due to my university education, i come up with a better way of producing these cups, and do it twice as quickly.Does this mean i get to go home at noon well, no.It means i produce twice as many cups, then our marketing department has to go out and convince people.

To buy these cups with witty slogans like, one cup is never enough.Laughter because otherwise, i'm out of a job.But we can't just keep ramping up production simply to keep people employed.Remember the planetary boundaries.But what we can do is the blindingly obvious.We can use the benefits of technological progress to reduce our working hours.We can have the same salaries, but more leisure time.It certainly sounds good to me.The second thing i want to talk about is inequality.Growth is often used as an excuse to avoid dealing with inequality.

We're told that a rising tide lifts all boats, if you're lucky enough to have a boat.Henry wallich, who was a former governor of the federal reserve in the us, came right out and said this growth is a substitute for equality of income.So long as there is growth, there is hope, and that makes large income differentials tolerable.Now, hold on a second here.If growth is a substitute for equality, then equality is also a substitute for growth, and a much better choice for the environment and society.

As thomas piketty has shown in his recent book though, greater equality doesn't come easily to capitalist societies.We need strong interventions to make it happen.And one intervention we could use would be to have a minimum and a maximum income throughout society.By a minimum income i don't mean a minimum wage, conditional on working at mcdonalds, i mean a basic minimum entitlement, available to all people as a right of citizenship.You might say if we did this, everyone would just stay at home, lie on the couch, drink beer, and watch daytime tv.

Nothing would ever get done.I don't buy this argument.When you give people the opportunity, they do really interesting things with their time.They plant gardens, learn languages, play music, they take care of children and the elderly, all things which we as a society need.Plus, there's still only so many hours of eastenders you can watch.A recent study found that 74 of people in britain support the idea of a basic minimum income for all people.A maximum income might seem more controversial, particularly if you are a professional football player,.

But surely no more controversial than top ceos earning 250 times what people at the bottom earn.We need greater equality.The other thing we need, the third thing, is reform in the financial system.I was searching very hard for an image to really sum up the fractional reserve banking system that we have today, and why it's so bad.And i think i found it, courtesy of jeremy williams.Laughter fractional reserve banking makes cats sad seriously though, we have a problem.Have you ever wondered where money comes from.

Most people think it comes from the bank of england, or the royal mint, but they only produce about 3 of our money.The vast majority is produced by private banks when they make loans.How does this work let's say i go into my bank, and i want to take out a mortgage.They may look at me and say aha! he was just on a tedx talk.The sky's the limit.Let's loan him 1,000 pounds.Laughter 10,000 pounds, 100,000 pounds.You'd figure that, in order to do this,.

They would actually have to have the money.After all, if i want to borrow this money from you, you have to have it to loan it to me.But that's not how the system works.Banks are allowed to create this money out of thin air, by typing some numbers into a computer.And you wonder how we ended up in a global financial crisis.Of course, at some point i have to pay this money back.And not only do i have to pay 100,000 pounds back, i have to pay back interest on it as well.

If everyone in society is doing this taking out loans, having to pay them back with interest then the total money supply has to increase over time.And where does this additional money come from the same place all of our money comes from more loans.It's a bit like using your visa to pay off your mastercard.For the system to function, the total level of debt in society has to increase and increase, and increase, and increase.Clearly, this is not sustainable.If we want to avoid another global financial crisis,.

We need to prohibit banks from creating money out of thin air, and transfer this responsibility to an accountable public institution like the bank of england.If we did this, we'd still have banks, but they'd only be allowed to loan existing money, which is how most people think the system works anyways.Ok.We're nearing the end of our journey from the madness of more to the economics of enough, and i'd like to finish with a story about another journey.The apollo 13 mission was supposed to be the third landing on the moon.

You may have seen the excellent movie starring tom hanks, which was made about this story.There was an explosion in the oxygen tank which damaged the ship.The commander james lovell famously radioed back to earth houston, we have a problem.Interestingly, their biggest problem wasn't running out of oxygen, it was the gradual buildup of co2.My favourite scene is when all of the engineers back in houston pile out everything that is on the ship onto a table, and try and figure out what to do.They had a limited amount of time and limited materials.

To prevent the toxic buildup of co2 in the atmosphere.Not so different from our own problems with climate change.However, they found a solution using relatively simple materials, and the astronauts returned home safely.It's a story of creativity within limits, of what we can do in a resourceconstrained world, on our own spaceship, earth.At the moment, we're making decisions, based on whether they're good for growth or good for productivity, not whether they're good for people or the planet.We've forgotten that economic growth is just one means to an end,.

Yorkshire Holistic Therapy Centre

Yorkshire holistic therapy centre,Professional multidisciplined clinical and holistic therapists offering remedial and supportive treatments to help restore balance and harmony to mind body. Yorkshire holistic therapy centre mp4,Professional multidisciplined clinical and holistic therapists offering remedial and supportive treatments to help restore balance and harmony to mind body. Holistic therapist,33 kerver lane york north yorkshire yo19 5sl.

Welcome to ambient body and mind mindfulness and meditation courses in barnsley,Ambientbodyandmindaboutus im steph beever and a qualified holistic therapist working online and in barnsley south yorkshire as a stressed. The amatsu training school,Offering award winning training for amatsu therapy an effective complementary therapy schools based in hertfordshire and yorkshire affiliated to institute for.

Holistic therapy memorial sloan kettering,Learn more about our cancer treatments heremskccmorescience like us on facebookfacebooksloankettering follow us on.

Choice,Choice is a project for young people aged between 9 and 11 based in the pontefract knottingley and south east areas the programme is in its fourth year. Worst xfactor audition ever ariel burdett 2008,This is the worst xfactor audition ever 26 year old holistic vocal coach ariel burdett from west yorkshire week 3 2008.

Tamryn Brown Holistic Therapist

Tamryn brown holistic therapist,Friday is new years day a day where many people from around the world make new years resolutions the festive season is just about over and its that time. Holistic therapist,A holistic therapists view on the world starring peter davies and becky austin directed by michelle shortland written by michelle shortland and becky austin. Klinik herbs holistic therapy clinic sdn bhd,Klinik herbs director dato dr h shahnon cyril bhms mdhom homeopathic has established holistic therapy clinic sdn bhd 1048723m and.

The camomile rooms holistic therapy centre cheltenham,The camomile rooms holistic therapy centre cheltenham whether you need to rebalance your body and mind relieve stress or simply relax the camomile. Body clinic,Established since 1985the founder karen norton is pleased to be able to offer all her clients a wide variety of treatments all under one roof.

The benefits of aromatherapy by barnsley based holistic therapist steph beever,Ambientbodyandmindaromatherapy holistic therapist and aromatherapist steph beever of ambient body and mind barnsley explains the benefits of. Uk nutritional therapy courses studying nutritional therapy,Northern college of acupuncture student sarah tells us about why she is so passionate about nutritional therapy and what she is learning on the course.

Soul To Sole Holistic Therapy Centre

Soul to sole holistic therapy centre,430 kingstanding road birmingham west midlands b44 9sa. Uk nutritional therapy courses access course training and support,Northern college of acupuncture student lou talks about why she wanted to have a high level qualification in nutritional therapy and the support she received. Uk nutritional therapy courses study nutritional therapy in the uk,Northern college of acupuncture student james talks about why he decided to study nutritional therapy and what he is particularly enjoying about the course.

Acupuncture for pets,Leadin sick pets in hong kong are getting the needle their owners are convinced acupuncture and other chinese medical practices are the best way to. Holistic aromatherapy by chi yu wellness centre,Holistic aromatherapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses the essential oils to bring harmony to body and mind essential oils are the vital life essences. Introduction to clover house complementary therapy centre,Overview of the natural treatments provided for children.

Uk nutritional therapy courses nutritional therapy tutors,Northern college of acupuncture student vicky tell us why she is adding nutritional therapy to her mental health nursing qualification and talks about the tutors. Uk nutritional therapy courses career in nutritional therapy,Northern college of acupuncture student shakela talks about taking her career in nutrition to the next level with an msc qualification and what she is enjoying. Uk nutritional therapy courses career change and access course,Northern college of acupuncture student katie talks about why she decided upon her career change and how she found the access course visit the following.

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