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An Interview With Deborah Banks ReConnection Through Bodywork Business and Shamanic Work

Hey, this is robert grossman, and i'm here today with deborah banks, massage therapist, healer, and owner of the elite muscular therapy body works studio in vancouver, washington.I asked deborah to interview with me today because of the special type of bodywork they do at her studio.The massage menu that she has goes way beyond the usual therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage.They also offer more exotic choices, like hawaiian lomilomi massage and barefoot ashiatsu.And deborah has a lot of very interesting things to say about the way she works.

The whole place has a very special energy.And today i'm going to be inviting deborah to share a little bit of that with us.So, deborah, thank you for being on the call with me today.Well, thank you, robert.Deborah, let's start by talking about how you first got into the bodywork business.Can you just think back and tell me about the moment when you first realized that you want to do bodywork for a living it started when i was very young.It started probably around fifth grade.My father had.

A friend that was a merchant seaman, and he would travel the world and get different types of bodywork.And he would come back and show me different techniques.So when i was very young i could make your headache go away or make your backaches disappear.So i waited until i was 18 and thought about going back to school to be a body worker.Life got in the way, and then i ended up going back to school when i was 34 and started as a massage therapist.That's amazing.So the seeds were planted when you were in fifth grade.This man brought.

You these techniques from all around the world yes, he did.I think i was just naturally hands on anyway.He just kind of pointed me in that direction.That's fabulous.My dad used to take me to like greek restaurants and vietnamese restaurants, and i thought that was like a cultural broadening, which actually eventually ended in me living overseas.And with you you had this merchant seaman who brought these techniques from his travels.It's amazing how these seeds get planted when we're very little, and they just sprout throughout the rest of our life.

Exactly, and i really appreciate what uncle ron did for me.What kind of techniques did he share with you do you remember a lot came from japan.He also married a japanese woman and brought her over here.So a lot of his techniques were from japan.One thing that i think is interesting about your story is that you actually bought into an existing business.Elite muscular therapy, correct me if i'm wrong, but i think they were around for about five years before you even got involved exactly.

Why did you decide to get started by purchasing an existing massage studio well, they were friends of mine that we went to school together.We knew once we graduated that we wanted to work together.I had other plans i wanted to kind of play for a year before i really got serious about buying a business.But once we graduated from school and received our license it just progressed to where the business was up for sale, and we kind of jumped on it and bought the business.It was a very.

Short time from graduating from school, receiving our licenses, and then buying the business.It was less than a month i guess.So we kind of just jumped right in without knowing what we were doing.I think that takes a lot of courage, because by actually buying the business you're really making a commitment to it aren't you i mean, you didn't start small working out of your spare room or something.Exactly.I was doing school.I was giving massages inside my home, and i thought i was just going to enjoy doing that for a year.But we bought the business, and the three.

Of us had no clue how to run a business.We just had to have faith in ourselves.It seemed to work, because we're still in business.So i don't know if it was just luck or the gods were looking after us.It's been almost 20 years since then hasn't it yes, 19 years and a few months now, so, yes, almost 20 years.So how long did it take before you knew you were going to make it my goodness, i just had faith.We really did.I mean, some weeks i worked six days a week,.

And i worked it to where now i work four days a week.So as the years progressed we brought in other people to help.It just seemed like everything lined up.I don't recall knowing in my head that this is going to work.It just seemed like it was the natural flow of things.So you went in kind of nave from a business point of view, but, obviously, you were trained as a massage therapist very nave as a business owner.But i really had a lot of confidence in myself as a body.

Worker.Let's talk about that business owner aspect for a minute.I'm going to come back to the body worker part.As a business owner what has been your biggest, ugliest, toughest challenge as a business owner i think you end up growing up.All of my weaknesses, if you want to call them that, show up as a business owner.You either work through them and your business thrives or you don't and it dies.Rivalries with your sister when you're growing up, you not being able to communicate with.

Your mom or your days, i mean, they show up in your business life through your client.It's been a learning experience and a growth personally for myself owning my business.So it's just recognizing your, i wouldn't call them faults, it's just something to grow through being a business owner.Let's talk about the bodywork.Let me just start with a really broad question.In your experience what is the healing process really about what's going on i believe that when people come in for massage it's being disconnected from your body.I.

Think going in and having good touch it helps to ground people so you can feel what's going on with your body so you can feel your feelings.I think a lot of times the way our society is that we're so running so fast and you want more and bigger, and people get disconnected from themselves.So it's taking, whether it's 15 minutes, and hour, an hour and a half, just some time for yourself and just getting back into your body, grounding yourself.I was very sick for many years, and my body was in so much pain i just wanted to do anything.

To not feel it.Right.I went into spiritual things, meditating where i would like float out of my body or forget that it existed.I was burying myself in intellectual stuff, studying books and equations, anything to not feel my body.Over the past few years my healing process has more and more been about getting back in touch with the body, not only through body work, but also different forms of exercise, mobility training, anything to feel the body has been so key for me.Well, i believe, robert, that because we don't want to feel people distract themselves by.

Being alcoholics or workaholics or doing for other people when you don't even take the time to do for yourself.I as a woman, as a body worker, as a sister, and a daughter, and a friend i can't take care of you if i'm not taking care of me.It's like being on the airplane and putting on that oxygen mask for the person next to you.You've got to put it on for yourself before you can help someone else.Massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga it gets you back in touch with yourself so you can be a better.

Person.Mind, body, spirit it's the whole package.One thing you and i have in common is we both worked with shaman as part of our personal healing process.What has that been like for you for me it just kind of opened myself up to being very conscious of taking care of myself.He's been teaching me how to move my own energy by telling me to let go of the things that don't matter, robert.Life is pretty simple, and we kind of complicate it sometimes.But i have found that it's very important that i move my energy, that i eat right, i sleep.

Well.I expose myself to likeminded people.And all the rest of the stuff will take care of itself.That's really true isn't it i mean, that's one of the unique gifts of the shamanic work is that it really reconnects us with the simplicity of life.Exactly.You compared to me living in the states it's so complicated here.I mean, it doesn't need to be.Life is too short, and we make things so complicated.When i was working with hilario he rarely talked very much.But one of the longest talks.

That he gave to the whole group before ceremonies, once in a while he would give a talk, but one of the longest talks he gave was about how important it is to clean the kitchen.Exactly.Clean the kitchen.My guy, justin, he doesn't talk a lot either.I mean, we started the class he never told us what to do.He just said, i just want you to sit here, and then he would play the drums.Then a few sessions later he goes, well i want you to stand up.I mean, you.

Can move if you want to.If you don't you just, you know.But as he played the drums you cannot not move.I used to feel very conscious about maybe what people were looking at at me and seeing me move in a certain way.I really dropped that pretty quickly.Now i just go and i just move.I just move with the energy.I always feel when i leave i feel better.I'm always grounded.I'm more calm.Things are more clear to me.So i do like that he doesn't speak.

A lot, because he wants you to move your own energy.That's what it's all about.It's not an intellectual approach no.If you have questions, a lot of times i think we make it a lot more complicated than it is.And so he's always willing to answer my questions or anyone else's.But it's the simplicity passed that i see.I agree.I have to say i do think there are intellectual concepts in the shamanic work that are actually incredibly useful.Very much so.But that's not what it's about.Those are supporting.

Well he gives us readings.I call it homework.He will give us something to read, and it's only three or four pages.Then he has us come back and speak about it, ask questions and stuff.So i think it's just because i'm at this very early and very young at it he's kind of slowly moving me to where i need to go.That sounds really nice.Well, robert, it's nice to know that you've had a similar experience.You're a little bit further into it than i am.But it's kind of nice that there's people out there that.

Are doing the same thing.It's one of the things that really helped me to turn my whole life around.Before i got into that i was very successful in business, but i was just empty inside.I was also extremely sick in my body.I had no idea that there was anything in the universe that could possibly guide me through life other than intellect and following the path that was mapped out for me by like my father and social expectations, this incredibly shallow world view.The simplicity of it itself is what just got me in touch with, i don't know, some sort inner voice.

That said, hey, there's a little bit more to life than this if you want there to be.That's what made my life worth living eventually.Well i think that's what moved us into that direction was that little voice telling you that you have one aspect of our lives that is moving along.But if you don't have the other components you feel empty, something's lost.So, i mean, it's just incorporating the mind, body, and the spirit, because i believe that i as a woman and as a body worker.

I can't be whole if all three of those are not connected together, if they're not balanced.The illness brings that out.You can't be balanced if only one part of your life is working and the other two are not.Or if two parts of your life is working and the third part is not.That mind, body, and spirit it's one unit.That's right.I've come to believe that all disease actually is a gift in disguise if we accept it that way.Because it's discomfort, right, and that discomfort forces us to find.

A cure for the discomfort.Exactly, yes.I believe that whatever disease that i've had has moved me in the direction that i've been going to heal myself, hopefully to help heal the planet and the people around me and my environment and my community.For all the listeners who have come this far listening to us talk how can they get in touch with you do you have a website yes, it's at elitemuscualtherapy.We also have a telephone number that you can call too, 3606933863.And we're open six days a week 900 to 600 on monday through friday.

HACC Massage Therapy Program

You cannot put money on what i learned at the hacc massage therapy program.Hacc massage therapy program.The teachers had a lot of experience, and they were very knowledgeable.And i fell in love at the first day of all the classes.I knew that i was gonna get a great educational experience but i had no idea the bonds of friendships that you would make and closeness that you would feel with everybody.The people i worked with were phenomenal, the teachers were very professional and taught me everything i think to prepare me for what i would experience.

In the real world.I think hacc gave me the tools and the knowledge to know how to begin starting my career as a massage therapist.The school had it all.It was spa and essential oils.We had swedish massage and we had sports massage.There was reflexology.And myofascial work, i really liked that.There was anatomy and physiology.And one of my favorites was when we did the connective tissue piece.Right out of school i felt like i was a very solid, knowledgable massage therapist.And i have since.

Opened up my own business in carlisle.I'm my own boss.I set my own hours.And it's so wonderful.I'm working at a physical therapist's office in carlisle, cardin miller physical therapy.I'm doing a healing art in my own studio at home.Right now i am working in my home.I have a very flexible schedule.For my life with four children, this is perfect for me.I know there are many people out there with bachelors degrees and some even masters degrees that are not earning the income that i am right now.

The Truth About Coffee Enemas Hidden From You by Big Pharma Dr Nicholas Gonzalez

The late Nicholas gonzalez so to answer your original question, the three components individualized diet, individualized supplements, large doses of pancreatic enzymes.The third component is detoxification, which is often the component of the therapy that elicits the most grins and mockery from conventional s.But it's really very simple.When kelly was treating himself he was taking the pancreatic enzymes and tumors were breaking down and that's when he got really sick almost life threateningly sick.First, they thought the enzymes weren't working anymore but then he realized the tumors.

Are shrinking.I'm getting sick.And then he realized i'm reacting to the tumor waste.And indeed conventional oncologists know today in 2014 that nothing is more toxic to the human than dead cancer.In fact, chemotherapy, though it doesn't work for most cancers, does work for some like hodgkin's and certain leukemias.And in a hodgkin's patient, if you break a tumor down too fast with chemo you'll kill the patient from the dead tumor.And they call it tumor lysis syndrome.It's recognized in the textbooks, all my textbooks, conventional textbooks, talk about it.Well,.

Kelly recognized that back in 1963 when he was trying to get over his own cancer.And he started going into the literature as he always did.He was a great scholar.He would go into the literature trying to find some technique that would help his liver and kidney work better.The liver and the kidney are the body's main detoxification organs.That's for environmental chemicals, our own metabolic waste, the dead cancer process neutralize and prepare for excretion.And he opens up the merck manual and lo and behold, there are coffee enemas.You know,.

The interesting thing or the sad thing is, the ironic thing, kelly was brutalized in the media for his use of coffee enemas and we get attacked about it today too.But they come right out of the conventional medical literature.He didn't learn about it from alien space beings, you know, injected into his brain through some mystic psychic experience.He didn't learn about them through some alternative throw away journals or something else.He learned about them from the conventional medical textbooks.The merck manual is a compendium of conventional therapies.And they were in the merck manual.Coffee enemas.

Were in the merck manual right up until the 1970s.And when i was doing my investigation of kelly, the trained investigative reporter that i was, i called up the editor of the merck manual then and had a talk with him.And he said the only reason they were taken out is we get kind of folksy and we had all this high tech stuff to use.And he had files on coffee enemas, which he sent me.And dozens of studies from the 20s and the 1930s and 40s at major institutions where they're using coffee enemas for a variety of things arthritis,.

Mental illness.I have a study from the new england journal of medicine, the preeminent medical journal in the us, 1932 from harvard medical school, a group of research psychiatrists successfully treated what we today call bipolar illness, in those days they called it manicdepressive, with enemas.And their hypothesis was that there were toxins from the intestinal track that were polluting the mind and that's what was causing the mental illness.And they put these people on enemas and colonics and they got well and they got them off medication and out of the.

Hospital.It was in the new england journal.I have a copy, 1932.I have a study from uruguay just because its uruguay doesn't mean they weren't serious scientists.And people downplay it if it's not from boston.It was a good study.Patients with septic shock.In those days septic shock occurs because gram negative bacteria produce a polysaccharide kind of a carbohydrate that's toxic to the human and people die from that.The death rate today is still in the range of 40 to 50 percent with septic shock.In those days, it was like 90 percent.Well, these people in uruguay at.

An intensive care, what we would call an intensive care unit today, had learned about coffee enemas from the conventional medical world, started treating their patients with coffee enemas and had great success.We published it in a peer review journal.We have a translation that was originally published in spanish.Almost like 90 percent reversal with septic shock.That should have changed the way hospitalists treat septic shock all over the world.It was ignored because it was folksy.It wasn't high tech, even then in 194142.So we have dozens of articles.Kelly collected them, dozens of articles from the mainstream, peer.

Holistic Learning Learn How To Learn More By Studying Less

Holistic learning learn how to learn more by studying less,Learn more study less the video course 1la6j7l a course for learning faster aimed for students professionals and selflearners. Your first massage teaching job,Massagenerdmassageproce i am the former owner of my own massage school and i have also traveled nationally to help other. Career advice on becoming a beauty therapy lecturer by diana d full version,Visit icouldtutorialsdianad for more careers info diane docwra is a beauty therapy lecturer at cambridge regional college she is a qualified.

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Part 5 Marketing For Therapists

Part 5 marketing for therapists,Countlesscoients are you a therapist coach or health practitioner this free 6 part course can help you improve your marketing and get more. Career advice on becoming a complementary therapist by jill m full version,Visit icouldtutorialsjillm for more careers info jill m is a reflexologist she switched from prizewinning photography with vogue to complementary. Helen demetriou angel worker,Helen demetriou is a cyprus based qualified metaphysical and complimentary therapist angel lightworker and the founder of angelcraft healing therapy.

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