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Home Remedy for Chronic WoundsGash II II

Welcome to healthcare at home one of our viewer is nisha arora she has emailed us, her maternal uncle is having a wound from the last 1015 years and he has done various type of multiple treatment for that wound but that wound is still not healed up so in case we have any remedy that she want to know ms.Nisha, we do have a home remedy that also a very effective home remedy in case any one is having any type of long lasting wound that can be cured with this remedy.

What you have to do its just a simple task take 12 kg of clarified cow's milk butter and add approximately 50 grams of margosa leaves into it and heat that butter till the time margosa leaves are completely black in colou moment the leaves turned black, take a wooden spoon and mix it very well mix it till that time butter reaches to frozen level once the butter is frozen your medicine is ready but how to use this medicine that i will tell you take almost two handfull of margosa leaves.

And boil it with 600700 ml of water for 15 minutes when the water is boiled for 15 minutes and water is reduced after that you have to strain the water and wait till the water is cool and the way we use to wipe our wounds with antiseptic lotions same way you have to wipe your wound though this water at least 45 times leave it to dry after that you have to apply that butter medicine you have to do this practice 34 times in a day and you will see.

How to Heal a Cut Fast

Hey, guys, Axe here.I want to show you how to heal a cut fast and this is something that pretty much everybody in their life is going to get a cut, a scrape, a burn somewhere.I know just recently actually i got a little paper cut opening something.And again, it can happen all the time, and so what you want to do immediately after you get a cut is clean the area so you can actually just rinse water over the area, clean it with a dry towel,.

Or if there's any sign of infection or dirt buried within there, you can actually use a little bit of hydrogen peroxide at the very, very beginning after you get a cut or, let's say, a scrape or burn of some sort.Now three key ingredients in helping you heal a cut fast, and the first one is tea tree oil, also know as melaleuca.Tea tree oil has powerful anti bacterial and antimicrobial benefits, so this is one of the things you'll definitely want to do in your homemade salve you're going to make.

The other thing you want to do is lavender essential oil.Lavender has powerful healing abilities.It's probably the number one thing you could use to naturally heal a burn.And last, but not least, is raw honey.And not just any honey, again, raw honey that contains pollen.Raw honey has powerful antibacterial properties.It also helps paste, kind of create the paste that stays over the area, because if you're just using essential oils by itself, a lot of times those will go into your skin and body immediately when you actually.

Want them to stay localized on that area.So, what you're going to do is you're going to clean the area like i said.You're going to take a mixture, and you can actually get a little tin and put about a tablespoon of raw honey along with about 1015 drops of lavender, 1015 drops of tea tree oil.Mix them together.Go ahead and take the salve.Put it right on the area wherever you've damaged or have that cut, and simply then put a bandaid over it or some sort of bandage over.


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Natural Remedies Cleanses How To Heal A Wound Fast Naturally With Honey

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7 Amazing Remedies To Cure Mouth Ulcers Treat Canker Sores Overnight

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