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De Quervains Syndrome Stretches aka Blackberry Thumb Ask Jo

Oh girl, no he didn't! oo wee, ouch.Hey everybody, it's Jo.I've gotten two different emails recently, one from justin and one from cindy.Cindy was asking dequervain's syndrome and justin was actually asking about blackberry thumb.They are basically the same thing.Then tendons in your thumb get very irritated from an overuse injury.So texting is really going to irritate those tendons.So let's get started on some stretches and exercises, and hopefully get that feeling better for you.The first two exercises are going to be stretching the two tendons that go to your thumb all the way out to the wrist.What you.

Want to do is hold your hand up straight, and take your thumb and reach over to your pinky and come back.You can alternate fingers.Go all the way down and then go back the other way.You can do this in a continuous motion, but don't go fast.You want to get a little stretch while you are doing it.So this is not exactly what you want to do.You want to go nice and slow, get that stretch, get that movement, get those tendons moving back and forth to help increase the circulation to help the healing process.Then you can.

Actually go into a stretch.Just stretch those tendons.Bring your pinky down, and grab it with your thumb, and hold it there for about 30 seconds.After you do that for 30 seconds, relax, and do that 2 more times.So a total of 3 times stretching out that tendon.Now it's equally important to stretch your wrist because these tendons run through that wrist canal.So the next stretches are stretching your wrist.If you want to check out a whole bunch of wrist exercises, you can check that out on my hand and wrist stretches tutorial.

What you want to do now is just take your hand, don't push too hard into pain, just to a stretch.Hold that there for 30 seconds, and then reverse it and stretch that way.Again holding it for 30 seconds.You can do this against a wall, but you probably want to start off with just using your hand so it's not quite as much pressure.After you do each of those for 30 seconds, 3 times each, then you can start strengthening a little bit.I like to start off with some veggies or soup.Something light, this is about a.

Pound.Once it gets easier, you can start adding weight, but you really want to start something not too heavy because you don't want to irritate these tendons, you just want to work them out.You can start off with going down and up, and just alternating back and forth.Just start off with about 10 of these.You don't want to do a whole lot, and you don't want it to be painful.So if it's painful, just try it without it, going back and forth.You can rest your arm on something if you need to or you can just hold it up.After.

That, you want to switch, and your going to go up and down this way.This is probably, going down, is where you are really going to feel that stretch.So if you want to take your thumb and go this way or you can grip it on the side.Going up and down.10 of those, all directions.Just start off with one set, and when that becomes easy, then you can build up your sets.Next find some rubber bands.I've got two different kinds.You probably want to start off with a small rubber band just to give you a little bit of resistance.

Then you can move up to the bigger rubber bands.I'm going to start off with the small one.Put it around all of your fingers including your thumb.Almost like you are doing a little puppet show, and then take it and stretch it out and slowly come back in.It's just like those resistive bands, you don't want the rubber band to squeeze your fingers back in.You control the band.So you can go this way with the thumb or you can open up all your fingers going out and in.But again, just start with about 10 of them, and if that.

Doesn't cause any soreness or pain, then the next day you can start building up your reps and your sets.Last one, if you've got a ball, this is a racquet ball.You can use a tennis ball, you can use a big squishy foam ball, but all you're going to do is squeeze.Hold it for about 2 seconds, and then come back out.This is going to be a lot stronger than like maybe a nerf ball.So you might want to start off with something a little softer.

Than a racquet ball because this is pretty thick.So same thing, just start off with 10, and then work your way up.There you have it.So if you are a big texter, not like me, or if you do a lot of repetitive movements with your thumbs, these exercises should help.If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section.If you would like to check out some other tutorials, go to ask jo don't forget to follow me on facebook and twitter, and remember be safe, have fun, and i hope you feel better soon!.

KT Tape ITBS at Knee

This next applications for itb, or iliotibial band syndrome which is pain on the outside portion of the knee.This is due to iliotibial band friction over that area usually due to tightness the it band runs from above the hip to just below the knee and for the first portion of this application we're actually going to place that band of tissue in a little bit of a stretch so i'm actually allowing this leg to come into abduction so it's putting a little bit of a stretch over the hip and down the side of the.

Leg.In this position, just taking one piece of tape tearing the paper off to create the anchor point down near the logo and starting below the knee i'm going to lay this anchor down and simply remove the paper backing of the tape with no tension so, in this position the itb is actually on stretch by abducting or dropping the knee down, it's placing the tissue on stretch.For the second portion of this application we'll leave the knee bent though i'll have you roll to your back i'm going to tear one piece of tape.

And again tearing an anchor point near the logo we're going to place this on skin just behind the first piece of tape, and just above the knee and that has zero tension on it.I'm going to peel the paper backing off just for ease, and i'm going to split this into a ystrip now and putting tension on the skin, pulling towards the anchor point we're actually going to put fifty percent or medium tension on that piece as i lay that piece down towards the end of the tape there is no tension.

Dr Jonathan V Wright OsgoodSchlatter Disease

Dr jonathan v wright osgoodschlatter disease,Dr wright describes the symptoms and natural treatment for osgoodschlatter disease. The best treatment for osgood schlatters disease with lisa howell,Perfectformphysioau many young people get pain under the knee when they are doing a lot of sport or dancing osgood schlatters disease is. Osgood schlatter disease treatment 3 week cure the strickland protocol,Jenny stricklands 3 week cure for osgood schlatters diseasestricklandprotocol the strickland protocol proven in clinical trials to cure.

Osgood schlatters disease usa,Osgoodschlatterstreatment osgood schlatters disease is misunderstood osgood schlatters disease treatment can be simple and very effective. Osgood schlatter disease everything you need to know dr nabil ebraheim,Educational tutorial describing the condition of osgood schlatter disease become a friend on facebookfacebookdrebraheim follow me on. Osgoodschlatter disease,Dr neudles reviews a very common cause of knee pain in teenagers.

Graston technique treatment for knee injury sports medicine chiropractor in bozeman mt,Prochiromt bozeman mt chiropractic sports medicine specialist dr jonathan wilhelmdemonstrates graston technique instrument assisted.

Kt tape osgood schlatters,Check out the new version xudrig osgoodschlatters is a condition that often times shows up in young people who are growing very quickly. How to treat osgood schlatters disease without toxic drugs,Healthproductsbusinessbabyandchildrenconditionsosgoodschlatters new osgood schlatters disease treatment knee pain cure.

Stem Cell Therapy For Knees A Different Knee Surgery Alternative Repair Treat ACL MCL Meniscus Tears

Stem cell therapy for knees a different knee surgery alternative repair treat acl mcl meniscus tears,Anthony from australia talks about his recent stem cell therapy for his knee injury stem cells are an effective alternative to knee surgery and total knee. Treat neuralgia trigeminal treatment natural cures,Healthproductsbusinessheadconditionsneuralgia treatment for neuralgia and trigeminal neuralgia cures occipital and postherpetic pain. Volleyball taping for patellar tendonitis jumpers knee and osgoodschlatter volleyball injury,Volleyball1on1volleyballtrainingsportsinjuriesandprevention tips drills exercises and taping techniques for treating common volleyball.

Hd salud en equilibrio osgood schlatter,Programa hablemos desupercincococr. Curing osgood schlatters,Osgood schlatters disease help and support introducing the strickland protocol the worlds only proven cure for osgood schlatter severs and. Surgical removal of patellar tendon ossicle adult osgood schlatters disease 6,25 months after open excision of a small ossicle bone fragment from the patellar tendon.

How to use a foam roller to massage your quadriceps and itb,This is a great exercise to treat your quadriceps and iliotibial band itb when they are overly tight use the foam roller in the treatment of patellofemoral joint. Enfermedad de osgoodschlatter o crecederas signos radiolgicos,Visita fisioterapiaonline todo sobre fisioterapia muestro los signos radiologicos mas comunes en las radiografias de rodilla en el caso de. Osgood schlatter,Instrucciones de aplicacin de la cinta kinesiolgica tecnomed precortada para osgood schlatter por el fisioterapeuta juan camilo castao master en.


1 consulta osgood schlatteravi,La consulta del dr juan jos jimnez y del fisio andrs mrquez sobre el osgood schlatter para futbolcarrasco. How to treat oedema naturally,Healthproductsbusinesswomensconditionsoedema oedema anti edema natural treatment and ayurvedic remedy for swelling. The best treatment for patellofemoral pain syndrome,Perfectformphysioau so many people seek treatment for pain under the knee cap otherwise known as patellofemoral pain if you are getting.

Knee pain osgood schlatter by nomorevitamins com,Nomorevitamins dont let diets and hype distract you from the truth theres another way no one has told you about the holistic way to stop your knee. Knee pain stop blaming the patella,Physicaltherapyontrack physical therapy sfacebookontrackptandperformance like us on facebook. How to reduce stop knee pain during sleep,Do you suffer from knee painputnamscollectionssupportpillowsproductskneepillow we bring you the ultimate solution with our top selling.

Severs disease treatment for gymnasts,Severs disease can be very intense for young gymnasts this tutorial shows easy to do at home stretching and massage to combat this intense issue we use this. What are the causes of patellofemoral pain syndrome or runners knee manu kalia tutorial 89,Stop knee pain free tutorial trainingtridoshawellnesskneepaintutorialtraining subscribe 1yoj34a342 what is patellofemoral.

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