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Emphysema COPD Symptoms Causes and Natural Remedies for COPD VitaLife Show Episode 198

Welcome to the vitalife show and Janine bowring and in this episode we're talking about emphysema or copd and what happens in this case is that the walls of the small air sacs in the lungs become damaged over time and you start to experience difficulty with breathing smoking is definitely a risk factor for emphysema but it is so so important that you do things naturally to treat this you may have a chronic cough and other symptoms include you know it's usually that cough is worse in the morning when you first wake up you may have a decreased.

Exercise tolerance which maybe some of you like that but you know that excuse that you can't do exercise unfortunately it's not good if you're not exercising for your overall health so that's something you know if we can clear up the lungs and get your your lungs breathing more properly then you can enjoy exercise and it should be something enjoyable which i always safe to do it for the long term for your overall health.Other you know the symptoms could be what's called a barrel chest so you your actual frame start the.

Change because of the difficulty in breathing in them in the body trying to get more air into the lungs now what are the natural treatments well the good news is that we can treat this naturally one of the things in terms of the diet is to really increase the carotenes beta carotenes things like carrots as we all know sweet potatoes anything that has but nice bright colors have those carotenes which is important especially that orange color decrease the dairy and fatty fried foods as much as as much as possible because these can unfortunately caused a lot of.

Mucus in the body and we don't we don't want that because of course that obstructs the breathing as well decrease air pollution if you can get a great you know air filter in your home and seek clean air on the weekends if you can't so if you're around trees and forests and things this is so much better for your lungs and you can actually perceive that different after being in a nice oxygen rich environment in nature which is always best losing weight is really important as well because you know access weight causes.

Your body to have to work harder to get that oxygen into the body and that's more of a stress on the lungs so in terms of my body but medicine grief is very much related to what's happening in the lungs so if you know maybe suffered a trauma or something has gone wrong throughout your lifetime and you suffer to grief will that can be then impacted in terms that emotional trauma and be sitting in the lungs and causing a lot of these physical symptoms so how do we.

Treat those naturally first and foremost detoxification this is really really key actually formulated vitadetox this is a full body detox helps detoxify the lungs so for really any type of lung condition super easy to take just two capsules twice a day completely natural will not have you running to the washrooms you don't have to worry about that in terms of you know doing a detox as well as probiotics and probiotics for the good healthy guys that we all need for immune system really important in treating emphysema and also natural.

Antiinflammatories so that is actually our vitafish oil so do check that out at vitatree this is a natural antiinflammatory delicious easy to take which allows slightly love but you can check out more information about that and why it's so great to take that on going no matter what you're going through with your health in terms of a natural painkiller natural antiinflammatory so thanks for joining me today please do you click subscribe to this channel so you always get our newest and latest uploads here on the vitalife show be sure to like us on facebook follow us on twitter vitatree.

And remember your health really is in your hands you have the ability to live a healthy life and to treat things naturally in your body i want you to check out our other tutorials as well here on the vitalife show so up here all about detoxification you'll get more information on why so important at least four times the years what we recommend to detoxify all of the internal organs right here really fun yoga facial exercises which are fantastic absolutely love them, there super popular here on youtube and down here a.

6 Easy Natural Cures For Wheezing

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7 top home remedies for infant cough,Read more about it here findhomeremedy7tophomeremediesforinfantcough. Emphysema copd symptoms causes and natural remedies for copd vitalife show episode 198,Emphysema and copd what is emphysema emphysema is an ailment which occurs most times as a result of indulging in smoking over a period of time that. 6 home remedies for wheezing,Read moresearchherbalremedyhomeremediesforwheezing.

7 Herbal Remedies For Wheezing

7 herbal remedies for wheezing,Read more at searchherbalremedy7effectiveherbalremediesforwheezing. Home remedies for asthma wheezing,Home remedies for asthma wheezing 000013 honey 000123 flax seeds 000149 garlic 000247 camphor and mustard 000351 coffee 000507 ginkgo. Natural remedies for asthma cure your asthma naturally with home remedies,Natural remedies for asthma lasdietassaludables natural remedies for asthma 3 best natural home remedies for asthma asthma disease or.

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How to cure wheezing,Looking for a educational resource on how to cure wheezing this extremely helpful instructional tutorial explains accurately how its done and will help you. Asthma treatment learn quick and easy asthma treatment hindi without medicine by sachin goyal,Asthma treatment i am sharing an easy and quick asthma treatment without medicines learn how to treat asthma at home. Buteyko breathing normalization stop wheezing naturally,Dr i packman states that wheezing is the bodys defensive response to hyperventilation if someone breathes too fast the carbon dioxide level in the lungs.

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