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Naturopathic medicine is a primary healthcare system emphasizing prevention, treatment, and the promotion of optimal health through the use of natural therapeutic methods and treatments.Our caring physician will listen to your concerns and spend the time with you needed to find a natural remedy.Our naturopaths use best practice methods and are current with the latest research and scientific evidence.In a society that is said to be overmedicated, visit our naturopath to learn natural methods for fighting disease and to restore optimal health.At legacies health centre, we've been.

DIYNatural Homemade Hair Shampoo II II

Welcome to health care at home we have received mails from lot of people.People often ask us that which shampoo they should use they even name some renounced companies that how this shampoo will go, this is aloe vera based now what if i say you that , till now you were washing your hair with detergent, or you were washing your head with surf, then you must be thinking that i am lying.But this is the truth.You pick any shampoo of any renounced company just turn the bottle look at its based material.

Then you gonna find it shampoo detergent based.Or shampoo surf based.So, basically till now you were using detergent or surf only now take aloe vera shampoo, but basically you are using detergent with aloe vera so,all these shampoo as much as they benefited your hair , more than of its they damages your hairs.Today i will make you teach , 100 natural shampoo where we will not use any type of chemical we will also not use any type of alcohol and we will also not used any type of detergent.

Which is almost found in the every shampoo's based material so we won't use that base material what all is required for , that i will tell you they are very simple ingredients, you have to do one thing for these ingredients.That you can do to near by grocery shop or near by mall, just go there demand for these 3 ingredients.They are available every where, if you will ask for these ingredients, then the shopkeeper will arrange it for you as they are not very popular, so that's why people are unable to search them.

For this firstly we need reetha which is also called soap nut.It is a very effective cleanser it will give you so much of surf when you will wash your head after this and its surf will not harm your hairs in any manner and what all natural pollution, dirt get into your hairs it will clean all of them.Along with this we will use shikakai acacia concinna, its a natural conditioner so, those who have rough hairs, it will bring shine back to your hairs those who have split ends it will be disppear with teh uage of shikakai.

So, this shikakai will conditioner your hairs along with this we wil use alma here i am using dry alma, as it is available through out the ear since fresh alma comes in particular season so that's why i am using dry amla, so that the shampoo we are making can be used for complete year what does amla do, it is a bliss for your hairs, those who have grey hairs will turn your hairs black those whose hairs are falling, it gives complete nutrition to your hairs your hairs will not fallen anymore.

And along with alma, all your hair related problem will solved so what we have to do, we have to soak all these 3 ingredients into water for overnight so these 3 ingredients, for normal hairs , you have to take 50 gm of reetha 50 gm shikakai 50 gm amla as well and soak all these 3 ingredients into 1 ltr water for overnight i have already soaked it in the iron vessel the benefit of soaking into iron vessel is that the iron is completely pulled by the alma.

So, due to this quality, those who have grey hairs with the regular and long lasting usage of this your grey hairs will turn to black hairs so, that's why i have soaked it for overnight and since these ingredients are basically very hard, but due to soaking procedure they become soft now as you can see, if we will press them like this so this reetha will become open completely and its seeds will come out, so you have to take its seed out and will put the reetha again in the vessel along with this shikakai.

Here also if you will open it , you will find the seeds , that you have take out and if your ingredients has not become soft then don't worry you can pressure cook and boil these whole some ingredients cook this for 23 whistles, then let is cool down.Mash them with your hands so that all the seeds will automatically come out i am taking the seeds out now what will we do after this after taking the seeds out, will transfer them to pressure cooker and will boil it nicely in the cooker.

If you don't have pressure cooker then you can increase the quantity of water at the place of 1 lts use 112 ltr of water for soaking and after that let this boil for at least 1520 minutes let is boil perfectly on the medium flame so that all the extract of these ingredients should come into the water after that we have strain this, smash it nicely take out is juice and that extract will be your 100 natural shampoo for normal hairs so, let us pressure cook this after taking its seeds out.

Now place the cooker and these soaked ingredients reetha , amla, shikakai these all will go inside the cooker and now close the cooker with its lid and after closing let is boil we have to cook it will till 2 whistles so, all of our ingredients are pressure cooked, will open the cooker now as you can see, its very hot we will mash it this time only as it is very hot now so, that the extra seeds, may get out you have to mash them nicely after that.

Let it cool down and after cooling down , mash it with the hands or you can blend them by putting them into blender and after that strain this and after straining , you natural shampoo is ready that also without any chemical preservative.So, let us strain this take the strainer and this way put it like this and take out seeds if any after straining, fill this in a bottle keep in the fridge you can use this shampoo for a month keep it in the fridge do make it hot little bit int he season of winters then use this.

And you will notice that your hairs will be strong from their roots shiny they won't fall there will be no dandruff.So, here we have the natural shampoo for all types of hair problem.So, isn't the remedy was easy rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.To meet us you have to subscribe the channel, tell your fiends relatives to subscribe this channel, get the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive, our motive is to maximum number of people.

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