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Ok i'm having headache this morning it's more on the side now uhuh she did something to me earlier, but still i needled her this morning all over so it's been 4 or 5 hours now, and then now i still have a headache on this side, so if i hold like this uhuh a bit better yeah, there's a deficiency issue yeah.Lie down.We're going directly to the point.Ok.Sometimes it's because the location why separate this one no no no.Socks up.

Just one side does it rotate does it happen to to anything like menstruation, or nothing uh.Almost done with menstruation.Almost done yeah, especially when after the first day i have headache.Maybe the blood dropped too much i don't know.Ok.Oh so this is the time when really you need to tonify yourself.Every time after the period, and then you have to take some good herbs from them.Some good guipi tang.Especially the first day when i have mens the next morning i wake up, woooh there's a headache right there.

Yeah.Headache.Okay let me just check your tongue to make sure that.I don't miss anything.Ok can you tell us what you're looking for in the tongue and sam can you pull in on the tongue okay this is a pale tongue.Ok.Pale tongue.Yeah.And and it's swollen.And the color..Is light.Yeah.It's light.So it's blood deficiency for sure, and the digestion is that strong.Uhuh.There is a thin layer of the coating.It is whitish and yellowish.So there's a yangming issue.Uhuh.

Yangming issue.Yangming channel issue.Yangming has so much relation with the liver.Yangming is the he core , right and combine with the liver jueyin and then this will affect the female uhuh one of the best gynecological.Yangshe tang bloodnourishing decoction from the.Chinese family.The yangshe tang from the guo family.Which one guo family guo family.The yangshe tang from the guo family.There's a good blood nourishing formula.From the guo family.Guo family.Yeah.Guo meifong.Guo meifong.He passed away.But his children are here.

Their formula is so beautiful.Uhuh.Theirs is the best.I like that not only the idea.It's the way they put it together put together the formula.So gentle.Guo meifong's yangshe fang.It's very famous.Of course i know the formula.Do you know the formula i'm gonna give you the needle.Can you tell us the formula that's the way i describe.But for today your tongue is also a little bit dry.This is.Yin and blood deficiency.The dryness is right there.So you probably a hard worker huh working hard.

Yes.She is working too hard.Yeah.Is she take this cotton.Lie down please.Ok.Can you help with the microphone in case she needs to say something of course of course.Right now when you touch it you still feel that's not right, right there's more on my left.Left side.Let's start with a point that's gonna go there.That's.Remember this morning i said ub 62 and 63 and the reason that i always try to find it.Tell me when you feel sens.

Sensitivity there nothing no.Time for me to give up this point.It's not there no.Sixty..Little bit.Oohhh! which one is that it's because my fingernail uh 62.This is 62 here.Go a little bit.This is 63.Say a and b a uh, not.A!.A.What's the point 62.Ub 62.Ohhh.Numb! any difference yet how's your head mhm less painful than before you know, i don't consider my insertion of needle..Now is quite successful.Because i hit the bone too fast.I'm too close to bone.

I actually find,.Want to, you know re.Change the po.Ok.Ahhhhh.Numb! mhmuh.Now it hit the spot.I changed it because i hit the bone.To fast, so.And i hope that it could go deeper so i changed the orintation..Angle, and be able to insert in more right now.Tell me how it is a little bit better.Yup.Now.Okay.Look at.Anyone want to test this point here you just feel it.It just come up here.This is already lumpy.

Ok.I can see that right there.Right it's already quite lumpy.Right here.Yeah.What does it mean, lumpy it has a stagnation.Feel this yourself, right a little bit, yeah.A little bit this is not that small.It's not small yeah.Oh i need one more needle.Thank you.Here here.So because this one i.The pain is less severe than before.Huh the pain is less severe the pain is less severe.Mhm.If there's no more pain then we don't need to needle more.My headache is not as bad as before.

Not as bad as before how much was your pain when you started not as bad as before.Better.You try here.Same thing.Liver 1 to 10 just now, about 7 or 8.It bothers you, like 7, 8.Spleen, spleen it's not even fixed yet.How about now that's why i i see a lot of hard worker having.Yeah.5 so this is both sides.There is a lump.There is a lump now not even up to six, already feel it not just here, here as well all.

Oh.Too many hands..To feel this.Don't know which one we should be stopping those hands.It is sore here which hand is the 's hand lady, it is sore here no.Not here mhm.Mhm it is a little bit ohhh! how is your headache i want one more here.A lot better.It seems like it's coming and going because.At first needle she said she's gone, but then it came back a little more.Much.Much better.So in is kind of case.

You keep going until it's gone or let it wait,.And then it will go away as as long as we know there's some stagnation here, we know this could be the issue, we need to deal with this.Now i don't need to press, you know.Just now, like, i don't need to press it now.Better.No need to press.Yes no need to press it, so it's better when you had it you have to press it a little bit to feel better.Now you feel better.

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