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POTATO SKIN CHIPS Crispy Savory Potato Skins

Hi i'm steve owens, welcome to steve's kitchen, today we're making potato skin chips not the soggy sort that you have served in a bowl these ones are crispy they are delicious and they stand alone with a wonderful dip let me show you how i'm going to make them now i have four large russet potatoes here and i'm just going to puncture them with a fork, now you could use any potato that's suitable for french fries just going to put a couple of holes in there to release the pressure as they cook.

I'm then going to take a paper towel wrap it around, now these are little bit larger potatoes so i'm gonna pop these in a thousand watt microwave on full power for about 10 minutes just to get the cooking process started now when they come out of the microwave they'll be very hot we're just going to take the paper towels off i'm now just going to pop these in an oven at 180 degrees celsius that's 350 fahrenheit for twenty minutes to finish off the cooking process now whilst our baked potatoes are cooking i'm just going to take about a cup.

Of sour cream i'm going to make a simple dip to go with our potatoes just pop that in the bowl and into that i'm going to add about a quarter cup of a nice sharp cheddar cheese which i've finely grated and then some chives fresh from the garden i'm just going to chop these chives up nice and fine we'll just pop those in there as well a little bit of seasoning with some pepper and salt and we'll just keep this a mix through give it a little taste and adjust the seasoning.

And then we'll just move this into a smaller bowl and set it aside ready to go with our potato skin chips now when those baked potatoes come out of the oven they going to have a nice little crispy skin on them but we need to leave them to cool down for about half an hour until they can be handled now our potatoes have cooled down they're not completely cool but i'm just going to cut these in half on the long edge like that and then what we going to do either using a.

Ice cream scoop i actually prefer to use a spoon we're just going to scoop out the flesh and try to get close to the skin without damaging it and try to keep this flesh in one piece because we're going to use this for another little recipe so i've scooped the flesh out now and don't forget we're going to use this to make a wonderful little potato salad once it's cooled down and with these halves now i'm going to cut these into quarters and then we're just going to take those potato skins and put them in a baking.

Tray you could also put these onto a cookie sheet and i should point out that we laid these skin side down flesh side up now we want to season this side of the potatoes i'm going to be putting pepper i'm also going to be putting salt on to these and i've got a little garlic salt and mixed herbs which i'm just going to sprinkle now you can put anything you like really on at this point if you want a little bit of red chili on there as well just to give it a hot.

Edge whatever are your favorite herbs and then i'm going to drizzle some olive oil little bit of extra virgin olive oil over the top of these now our oven should be still hot but we want it back up to 180 or 350 degrees fahrenheit we're going to pop these in there and let them roast off for 30 minutes now remember the potato flesh we're not going to waste this either i just want you to get the largest pieces out of here cut them up into little cubes and we'll pop those into a little mixing bowl.

So our potato pieces and diced up there i've got a little white onion here i'm just going to finely chop this up and pop that in there some finely chopped chives just to add some color and flavor i'm just going to drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over there as well couple of tablespoons of mayonnaise and now we have to season this with plenty of salt and black pepper and then gently fold that together try not to break the potato too much up and there we have it and there you have it we have a lovely course potato salad to.

Serve with our potato skin chips now will you look at those they've just come out of the oven and they are piping hot i need them to cool down now they'll look like they're cook after just 20 minutes but trust me to let them go the full way and the reason we haven't put cheese over these or anything is because we want them to crisp up we can cheese them up afterwards now serve these up with your sour cream dip and your potato salad you've got a.

Whole meal and look at these don't they look great and i can tell you they're not like a normal potato skin they're really crisp here i'll take a little bit of dip here you can see how strong that is listen to this my goodness they are fantastic absolutely delicious you could make these as spicy as you want you could even add a little sugar on there if you wanted to sweeten it up slightly they are great give them a try, please share the love, give this one a thumbsup.

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