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Delicious seeds reveals the secrets of their top strains at Spannabis 2016 2nd Part ENGBG SUBT

Super productive, short flowering, 25 thc wherever it participates, wins cup good afternoon everybody we are here again at spannabis 2016 how can you see we are finally about to finish it took us 3 days of hard work and again this year was like each time each year is better than the last one and it was awesome again to be honest it's the best exhibition in the world 2nd part of the interview with ruben cofounder of delicious seeds and autoflowering strain we also have an autoflowering strain.

For instance sugar black rose again this one yes we have an auto version of this one but i personally will recommend you the strain which i find really good when it comes to auto strain and is a result of hard work and this is critical nevil haze auto critical nevil haze auto yes this is a sativa strain which has metallic smell but is autoflowering it has longer flowering time than the indicas autoflowering indicas i mean how long for example it has 75 days of flowering after germination.

No you need three weeks for vegetation after the germination plus 75 days for flowering this is a sativa auto that could be grown under 20 hours of light and it starts flowering but because of nevil haze in it this is a sativa strain with 138 days of flowering and also because of ruderalis that we added in this way we cut down the flowering time and that's why it start flowering on the 28th day or maybe on the 30th day is it a tall plant yes it is.

We recommend it for outdoors and it can yield up to 1 kilo an auto plant autoflowering autoflowering plant up to 1 kilo yes,up to 1 kilo this sounds impossible to me check it out it's easy plant it in mother earth outdoors and you'll see how productive is from one plant, one kilo dried herbs yes.From one plant,a kilo dried herbs a kilo dried and what does its effect like it's sativas it's strong but it doesnt get you high yes it does but the effect is on your mind.

High 'up'' effect it's not on your body you wont get stoned and couch lock it makes you active and if i'm looking for a heavy stone strain for example then i will go for la diva what la diva it's an auto strain one of our first strains we launched to the market this actually is blue berry automatic and is the fastest strain in our seed bank this one is really fast from seed to harvest are 54 days in total do you mean 54 days in total yes and you cut it.

Than it produces less yes it does, but you harvest more frequently is it tall no this is a plant for people with balcony i have a balcony,i dont want anybody to see me.The size really matters we offer something for each taste but actually it's a blue berrys taste very identical.And how much does this plant produce outdoors this plant can yield its maximum is no more than 80 grams 80 grams but it produces all in all they are 54 days in total8 weeks but the quality is superior,isnt that so.

Yes, it is superior and a strain for indoor growing a strain for indoors which will get me heavy stoned for indoor a strain which gets you couch lock we launched a new strain we incorporated kush in our seed bank and created a hybrid between bay 11california and one unknown kush strain that i wont reveal i don't want to be known we want to start keeping in secret our stuff because there a lot of people after us and when we reveal our crosses they copy them and sell bulk seeds.

Which are not the same as ours but they believe that is possible to be and that's why i want to make it difficult for them from now on.Some of our individuals will be kept in a secret and this new strain how does it grow indoors growing this strain indoor this is a perfect 5050 hybrid between sativa and kush a huge resin producer with kush structure 70 days of flowering and it's perfect mix between kush taste and sativa's metallic one when is smoked it leaves incredible touch of mix of tastes.

And if you dont believe you just have to stay next to someone who is smoking this is a new kush taste but metallic do you understand and what does its effect like its effect is very couch lock and psychoactive very psychoactive.The truth is that it's such weed that if somebody is smoking it in the room you will figure out this right away it smells very specific and it has a high content of thc and the most is that it produces a lot of resin and some advice.

Can you give me some advice how do i have to grow my seeds how to germinate my seeds ive been using one method which many people dont trust but it is one glass of water osmosis reversed if is possible critical nevil haze auto sativa with metallic taste, but automatic time for harvest 96 days in total 21 days in vegetation 75 days in flowering outdoors production up to 1 kilo sativa effect.The effect is on the mind,not on the body la diva auto autoflowering blue berry with couch lock effect.

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