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Why the Most Dangerous Thing You Can Have is Good Medical Insurance

Ty bollinger so robert, here's a couple quotes i want you to talk about.First one, i've heard you say that the most dangerous thing a person can have is good medical insurance.What do you mean by that Robert scott bell well, it's a funny thing to say and some people get offended when i say that because you know the biggest bulk of the american population, unfortunately, we've been clamoring for affordable health care or affordable health insurance, which really nothing about the system supports health.It is, as you said, medical insurance.It.

Is covering management of disease it's not preventive of disease and if we were to look at the appropriate role for insurance it would be dealing with catastrophic unexpected scenarios.That is a legitimate role for insurance.Not the way it is utilized today as a third party intervener in the , patient relationship.And going back to the monopoly of medicine and the flexner report, they limit your choice of s any kind you want as long as it's allopathic, right that's like old communist russia or east germany.You can have any color car you want as long as it's.

Black.It's not much of a choice, but we've been convinced that we have to have a choice within the no choice scenario.And so when we talk politically about whatever you want to call obamacare, and it could have been bushcare, it doesn't matter to me.That it embraces an exclusivity and a monopoly and mandates your participation, and it is a corruption to begin with.So, if i say the most dangerous thing you can have is good medical insurance, the reason is this.It's because it guarantees the s will order every invasive test.

Possible and give you access to every invasive medical procedure, drug.Anything.And these things are deadly, deadly.And when you find out what really cures cancer and heals cancer, i mean, heck, just read cancer step outside the box by this guy.Who is this guy oh ty, that's you.You'll see that the reality is more people die of the treatment of that form of monopoly medical oncological treatment.And that if you did nothing, if you did nothing you would at the very least survive the same amount of time, but with a much higher quality of.

Ron Pauls Health Insurance Alternative

We know that there's some elements in the crowds at these debates which is just uncomfortable man is a meanness at cruelty something distinctly unamerican establishing this about a which is really loathsome i think to a lesser extent re service last night but he did wolf blitzer at talking to ron paul he asks a question of rock paul asking ron paul don't favor though obama healthcare plant u what would you do he said that this hypothetical wolf does thirty year old guy good job good money doesn't want to pay to three hundred dollars a month for.

Health care by the way we left that much but two to three hundred dollars a month but he says ralph is one of paint and poses the question dot to ron paul ears clipped was going to pay for it if it goes into a coma well accepted insiders for that this society that you had several theories and socialism the expected government and take care of your life but what he should do is whatever he wants to do and assume responsibility for itself in my advice it would have a major medical policy but not because i.

Have that he doesn't have that that is thirty eight states intensive care for six months or take that's what freedom is all about taking your own receipts for india have unrealized at the core of freedom was that that is taking your own risk that freedom in this country meant a bungee jumping without a rope that that's what this country is really all about no it's not about taking risks that's not really why we fought the british are the wouldn't be able to go forward in life and not have health care but guess.

What we're not gonna let that guy guy youknowwhat because more america because we take down the door because we're great we don't let him dot coming up both repulsed at out and tries to get marijuana ron paul like a what does that really makers put it saying society should just let them die now what i practiced medicine that so they doing a very long but they are the words you use let not now unlike you know that at the debate in california there at least it wasn't.

Being here is a broad jamal audiences after i go around we kill no it was clearly some people want government some people in the plot at all but there was this notion of should we just let the guy guy here's the deal we should just let him go that was the reaction there but that's not even the part about this that alarmed me the most it was then ron paul's exploration this is what these guys are about they'd only government and this is what it's about so here's clip three with.

What ron paul says what happened he wouldn't i wouldn't bother people with step has quit i practiced medicine uh.Before we had medicaid nearly nineteen sixties when i got a medical school practice tests and reservoirs federal in san antonio in the churches to care about we never turned anybody away from the hospital has sales we might take care of urself simpson responsibility for ourselves our neighbors our friends are true just four do it that's what's happening right now but that's not level of the whole problem is it but yet he doesn't have.

Health care so he's going to go into a hospital and they're going to take care of it and someone's gonna have to put that bill because he can't afford it i'd that run home literally makes the argument of why we needed health care reform but he said notice with churchill the hospital they kathleen turner hospitals dot they kept them that's the issue the gap so then the ultimate point for libertarians and for these guys who will government ron paul finishes up we have a lack of competition there's no competition medicines everybody's.

Protected by by licensing we should actually legal fights alternative health care allow people to practice what licensing that's the problem here we need to stop listening people if you are practice alternative health care just do it say i'm a so guess what and the do you have a health care issue company by what the undercut everybody's cars out they're going to meet a gunshot out there jr stevensons s openly about we have a practice together whatever your problem is will fix it between fifty and other dollars that are taught cost.

But ultimately at a park ing business doesn't work out we're all lawyers winnie the american bar association i don't know either i'll give you a legal advice high above i have a computer until wikipedia you need to go to a lawyer ron paul we'd like to stop that matters you have to have training and you have to be license is not just let you see a good business works to make sure it's okay you can't just make drugs can be a pilot you can't be a lawyer you can be a.

Alternative Medicine Health Insurance Is Coming Soon

Alternative medicine health insurance is coming soon,Extremehealthradiofacebookextremehealthradio184 today kate and i spoke with kari gray from mygreensurance. Holistic health plans are here,If your ready for change in health plans greensurance is the way a nonprofit coop serving people with an alternative to health insurance our mission is to take.

Why health insurance cost so much wake up america 7,Be my friend myspacepsychtruth unaffordable insurance wake up america 7 why insurance health care cost are so high related. Green medicine a holistic approach to health with dr larry malerba,On this episode of healthytarian living host evita ochelevitaochel speaks with special guest dr larry malerba about his book green.

What makes loudoun holistic health s different,Loudounholistichealthpartners 703 7792801 dr david stewart md explains what makes the holistic s at loudoun holistic health.

A holistic pet health approach pets plus us,Pixvidmeholisticpet happy pets mean happy owners so pets plus us offers a multilayered approach to keep your pet healthy and happy pets plus us.

Why The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Have Is Good Medical Insurance

Why the most dangerous thing you can have is good medical insurance,Visit our websitethetruthaboutcancer join ttacs 500k fb fans sfacebookthetruthabou support our mission by. Best health plan ever includes alternative conventional medicine greensurance buying coop,Are you searching for something better than health insurance ever dreamed of a health plan that includes natural medicine iif so youre not alone today one. Krause holistic health spa tutorial redondo beach ca beauty spas,Krausespa krause holistic health spa redondo beach ca services offered are gentle chiropractic nutritional consulting herbal medicine iridology. Integrative medicine holistic health association provider network full overview explanation,Integrative medicine holistic health association provider network full overview explanation free to join no discounted rates receive free.

Swiss to recognize homeopathy as legitimate medicine with dr holly lucille and tye smith,The interior ministry has announced plans to give five complementary therapies including homeopathy the same status as conventional medicine dr holly. A bridge to better health,The puentes de salud clinic of south philadelphia administers holistic health to the community regardless of insurance or status. Acupuncture physical therapy holistic medical times square nyc new york,Thank you for your tutorial testimonial acupuncturephysicaltherapynyc acupuncture massage therapy back pain neck pain we accept most health.

Ron Pauls Health Insurance Alternative

Ron pauls health insurance alternative,The young turks guest host ben mankiewicz breaks down 2012 republican presidential candidate ron pauls response to question of how an insured. Alternative and holistic medicine altamonte springs 321 41361,Alternative and holistic medicine altamonte springs call us 321 41361 or visit our website elhuesero alternative and holistic medicine.

Is donald trump for singlepayer health care fox news republican debate,Republican presidential candidate id like to see a private system without artificial lines watch bret baier talk about cleveland debate elections presidential. Holistic complementary alternative medicine business,Earn 100000 per yearstartyourownbusinesstrainigorg start your own holistic complementary alternative medicine business open a health. Understanding health insurance what is a provider network,Health insurance explained the youtoons have it covered is a lighthearted treatment of a difficult and important topic breaking down insurance concepts.

Health kalon dr tsering wangchuk speaks at tms meetingworkshop december 07 2015,Tmstibetan medicare service is a non profit community based health insurance for tibetan refugees living in india run and finance by the central tibetan. Nicole carter herbal medicine holistic health and wellness expert,Nicole carter is a holistic health educator wellness program developer master herbalist and author. What are nutritionists dietitians or nutritional consultants how to become one,Naturalhealingcollegenutritionalconsultant what are nutritionists dietitians or nutritional consultants how to become your own health.

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