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Side Effects of Cholesterol Drugs Lipitor Safe Natural Alternatives

Hi.I'm chaudhry.I'm going to talk about the double jeopardy of high cholesterol and the side effects of cholesterol drugs.The cholesterol drugs which are being used to lower cholesterol are called statins.This group includes lipitor, which is probably the most popular drug all over the world.By the way, it produces approximately 12 to 14 billion dollars for pfizer every year.The next popular statin is crestor.There is the zocor, prevachol, and the very first statin called mevacor which was developed approximately 25 or 30 year ago.

So these drugs work by interfering with the synthesis or the production of cholesterol by the liver.And when they do that they do it threw a mechanism which interferes with the production of some essential proteins which we need.And because of that they cause side effects.The major side effects include myalgias, which is defined as muscle soreness, muscle weakness, pains, sometimes joint pains.They cause headache, constipation and other gi disorders.Some of which can be quite serious.And according to the recently published jupiter study, now they are known to cause mental.

Confusion, type 2 diabetes.And the gi disorders actually are reported to cause even death.And we know from the previous experience the statins can cause muscle damage which can lead to kidney failure which can also be fatal.So, the number of people who are experiencing significant side effects is increasing because the number of people who are using these statin drugs is also increasing gradually.Approximately 104 million of the american adult population is known to have high cholesterol.So you can think that even if 50 of them.

Are on drug therapy about 1015 of them are experiencing side effects.So what do we do so you're not alone frankly, if you are having side effects.Having high cholesterol is bad enough so why put up with the side effects fortunately there are natural alternatives available now which are effective to lower cholesterol.They are tocotrienols, which are natural, quite effective.Red yeast rice, which is also natural and very effective, can lower cholesterol anywhere from 3045.Then the other natural alternatives are plant based and the most effective among them is.

Beta sitosterol which works through the absorption mechanism of cholesterol.And the last one is the group of probiotics discovered to lower cholesterol.So these agents can be combined with each other and the first two actually their combination is as effective as any statin to lower cholesterol.So because these ingredients are available, they are based on research and scientific studies.So when you go to see your , ask him if he would like to use one of these natural remedies to help you get to your cholesterol goal.

Vaccines Are NOT Safe Vaccination Damages 4MonthOld Baby For Years

Hi my name is anas mughal.I got two children.We were provaccines and then one of my children got damaged by a vaccine when that child was four months old.We could not get answers from s.We had to turn to alternative medicine to seek treatment.Then we realized our other child was developing food allergies very rapidly.We realized he had a lot of toxins built up in his body.We could not get answers for that child and why he was building up allergies, eczema, and asthma, and all these other issues.

When we went to so many different s, we found out that he has a lot of toxic buildup in his body.One of the issues that we had.We started asking questions is.Was it attributed to these vaccines that we gave him when he was little when we saw the issue happen to our daughter, we realized that vaccines are not safe.They have a lot of side effects.We held off vaccinating from that day onwards.We had to do a lot of alternative medicine.We spent a lot of money on different remedies, therapies, and so forth.

It took us many years to get to a point where he's stable enough now that he can go into a public setting.In the past, he couldn't be in a room where there is even the slightest smell of wheat 000127 in the air.Now he has reached the stage, after we detoxed him, after we gave him a lot of green juicing, organic foods, and we make all his foods from scratch at home.He has reached a stage now where he can be in a public setting.He.

Can go to public school and be able to mingle with other kids.We were in new jersey when this whole issue started.At that point, the vaccine laws in new jersey were pretty strict.We could not get an exemption for him to be able to attend a regular school.We decided to move to california five years ago.We were able to make him attend school because were able to get the exemption.He is thriving at school.He is doing really well at school.His health has improved drastically.We do not vaccinate right now.One of the.

Main reasons is my kids, we want to maintain a toxic free environment in their body.Whenever the toxin level raises in my child, we start seeing all these manifestations of food allergies and so forth.We cannot vaccinate him for his safety.In terms of any other health illness that he faces or encounters, colds and sore throats and so forth, we're able to safely manage those using alternative medicine.Homeopathy, and other options that we have out there.We're not concerned about these illnesses because in the past he had severe coughing, he had severe throat infections, he had fevers.

That we were able to encounter and resolve using alternative therapies and he was able to recover safely.I oppose mandatory vaccinations because my son cannot tolerate the toxins and the chemicals that are in vaccines.We need to make sure that we keep his body clear of toxins.I also oppose mandatory vaccinations because there's no fear, or there's no outbreak out there that grants or warrants us having all these people given all these shots.I believe the immune system is strong enough to fight off the majority of these illnesses.I would encourage all parents to go and research.


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Holistic Alternative Medicine In New Jersey

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